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Chapter 1126 - Wind Arise

He didn’t find anything after searching everywhere, but when he turned around, he just happened to see it stuck in the cracks.

This really was unexpected. Shi Hao was both shocked and extremely happy. This thing was definitely not ordinary, and he actually discovered it just like that.

The altar was definitely not simple, a faint purple color, the stone material thick and heavy, giving off a majestic type of feeling. The bone key was resting in the cracks that had just opened up.

It was obvious that many people came here in the past, searched around, but didn’t find anything in the end and left. Only this empty case was left behind.

Shi Hao changed locations. He opened his Heavenly Eyes to examine this place, but it was the same result; he still didn’t see that bone key. His eyes peered through the altar, not detecting anything.

“Really is strange!” It was just as he suspected. This bone key was formidable, clearly there, yet the symbols released by the Heavenly Eyes couldn't see through it.

He didn’t waste any time, returning to his original position. He reached his hand out to remove this key. It was shining and smooth, snow-white like jade. This really was a key!

What kind of place did this ancient key open?

Shi Hao tried to activate it, and as a result, wisps of chaotic energy rose. It was shocking to the extreme, as if a supreme treasure covered in dust was waiting to revive.

However, when he continued to use divine force, this key didn’t display any changes. It was sparkling and translucent, white like ivory, moreover carrying a type of great dao aura.

The endless symbols and terrifying fluctuations he was expecting didn’t appear. It really was just a key, just that its materials were special, tough like Immortal Gold.

Shi Hao’s mind was moved. He produced the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, comparing the two side by side. He discovered that their pure white color and smoothness were shockingly similar.

“The same type of material?” He was startled, eyes immediately starting to burn fiercely.

Shi Hao exerted force, this time not activating it, but instead trying to break it. Divine might overflowed, sweeping out like ocean waves, the power enough to kill several dozen heavenly deities.

However, this key was not moved in the slightest, not even displaying a single crack, completely enduring it.

Was this thing related to the True Primordial Record? It might very well have been polished by the same type of bone, truly strange!

Shi Hao couldn’t remain calm, his mind rising and falling violently.

He quickly put it away to prevent the other two from noticing. This thing was too important. Once news got out, it would trigger a huge commotion, the hidden experts from heavenly deity institution would definitely take action.

Shi Hao continued to study this altar, lifting it up, from time to time striking it fiercely, producing even more cracks. He examined its contents to see if there was anything else.

This thing really was quite heavy. Shi Hao even began to suspect that it might have been refined from a star.

The two were still shouting in the distance, trying to catch the divine medicine, now really annoyed. They were heavenly talents, yet here, they were provoked again and again by a stalk of divine medicine, unable to catch it.

Of course, the two would also divert some of their attention towards Shi Hao from time to time, see if he obtained anything. However, they didn’t realize that Shi Hao already obtained a bone key.

“Need help?”

Finally, Shi Hao gave up on the altar, because he didn’t find anything else even when the entire altar was pretty much broken by him.

“Alright, we will join hands to force this divine medicine out. When the time comes, we’ll split it!” Princess Yao Yue said with a smiling expression.

Even though they said it like this, they knew that the chances of it happening weren’t high. That headless creature might return at any time, so if they were truly stopped here, they would undoubtedly die.

Flame Leaf Orchid was intelligent, able to flee. It could merge with the earth and move between the intangible.

This thing really was provoking them, appearing from time to time.

An expanse of moonlight scattered down, surrounding it. Princess Yao Yue took action.

Shi Hao stamped down on the ground, secretly using Willow Deity’s method. Strand after strand of golden divine chains extended from the sole of his feet into the ground to imprison this stalk of divine medicine.

Willow Deity’s technique, against plant type creatures, had a type of overwhelming superiority.

However, he still failed. When the golden divine chains of order reached into the ground, he discovered that there were many complex ancient formations tangling about.


Suddenly, a tremendous noise sounded. It was as if the heavens collapsed and earth caved in, extending towards this place from the distance.

Shi Hao turned around and immediately ran, not even taking the time to think. He immediately shot out several tens of thousands of zhang, leaving the underground palace and escaping the abyss, rushing into the distance.

Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun acted similarly, raising their speed to the limit as they left. They were extremely sullen; not only were they unable to obtain anything, they even had to flee for their lives in such a sorry state.

Along the way, Shi Hao used a Realm Shattering Symbol, crossing through the void!

He discovered with shock that the Realm Shattering Symbol’s power had weakened considerably, being greatly inhibited here. However, it still displayed some effect.


A large black hand entered the void, striking towards him.

Shi Hao was shocked, quickly changing directions. At the same time, he activated the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram to protect himself.

Boundless divine force surged. The void was shattered, this place like a painting that fell into a raging flame. Blinding light surged, burning fiercely, but soon after, it went out again.

“So dangerous!” Shi Hao wiped off a handful of sweat, appearing in a ruined mountain region.

That creature operated more on instinct than will. It didn’t even have a head, so what part of its former self could it even retain? If it was any other creature, they would have long returned to dust and earth.

However, this ancient corpse that fell in this Immortal Battlefield and was buried next to a divine medicine couldn’t be assessed with normal reasoning.

“That hand slapped towards me… weren’t the other two let off too easily?” Shi Hao said to himself.

However, he couldn’t complain too much, because his gains from this trip were tremendous. Just the fact that the key was of the same material as the True Primordial Record meant that it wasn’t an ordinary item.

Perhaps one day, a heaven shocking opportunity might even appear before him.

Apart from this, the Emperor Butterfly could be said to be one of the biggest winners. Shi Hao was looking forward to the day it woke up.

Around the abyss, everyone shivered inwardly, keeping quiet out of fear. That headless creature was too powerful, that palm flipping the sky and earth when it descended. Ghosts cried and deities howled, the irregular scenes astonishing.

The most shocking thing was that a top level figure from heavenly deity academy appeared, fighting against it, yet was actually at a disadvantage.

Everyone ran, not daring to approach this area. Only after who knew how much time had passed was peace returned to this place.

“What? Feng Xingtian died, killed by someone in the abyss?!”

Soon after, explosive news was released, shocking this entire ancient land, leaving the geniuses from all different powers stupefied.

That was someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, yet he died just like that, killed by someone. It was a bit unreal.

“It has to just be a rumor. How did you all hear about this, who told you this?”

“The soul lamp on the golden warship went out, are you still going to tell me this information is fake? An elder immediately flipped the table he was at, this elder rumored to be related to the Wind Clan.”

“Heavens! Feng Xingtian died, this really is shocking news! Someone who has three strands of immortal energy met this type of end!”

The masses were speechless. Then, they began to discuss among themselves. Everyone felt like this happened just too suddenly. This was a heavenly talent that was being fostered as a seed, yet he died just like that.

“Which vicious individual did this?” Everyone felt a great curiosity, wishing to know just who exactly it was that killed Feng Xingtian.

One could just imagine Wind Clan’s reaction to this. The child they used endless heavenly treasures on, who soaked in divine medicine elixirs since he was young was killed just like that, how could they be willing to let things go? 

All types of rumors flew about, some people saying that it was Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun who killed him.

As a result, these two immediately rejected the rumors, firmly denying it out of fear of bringing disaster onto themselves. It was because Wind Clan’s anger definitely wouldn’t be small, and if they wanted revenge, even a long life family would feel apprehensive.

“Who is that vicious person?! Could it really be that person we saw before?” There were some who began to have second thoughts.

Quite a few people previously saw that there was someone who fought against Feng Xingtian while they entering the abyss’ underground palace. This was just too frightening. He was actually able to kill the Wind Clan’s young supreme being, what kind of origins did he have?

“We should stop making random guesses, it is definitely one of those geniuses in the academy who normally keeps a low profile, but have cultivated three strands of immortal energy!” Someone made this speculation.

Shi Hao found Wang Xi. This exceptional beauty was in quite the miserable state, half her body covered in blood, even the ancient war-chariot damaged, as if it had suffered a vicious attack.

“Yi, fairy, what happened to you?” Shi Hao was shocked. At the same time, he suppressed an urge to smile. This heavenly talent actually ended up having this type of thing happen to her.

Wang Xi didn’t say anything. It was clear that she was attacked again, only able to escape again after running for a long time.

“Feng Xingtian died?” She asked.

“Correct, I personally saw it!” Shi Hao replied, and then he walked forward, saying, “Actually, I was about to personally get rid of him, but in the end, someone else ended up interfering. Sigh, it was such a great opportunity, but it was taken by that person just like that!”

He had a vexed look on his face, fiercely waving his fists.

Wang Xi curled her lips. This fella was just too arrogant.

“Fairy, the war-chariot is damaged, so do you need me to carry you on my back?” Shi Hao asked.


Several thousand li out, there was a giant black mountain that surged with smoke and blood energy, the scene incredibly abnormal.

On the black cliff was an altar, strange and sinister, releasing an aura that made one’s heart beat faster. Right now, bloody light flickered about, currently opening up on its own, forming an indistinct passage.

The inside was noisy with men and mounts, the sounds like thunder, as if it sounded from the other end of the world. They seemed like they were ready to rush out at any time.

A wave of crazy winds swept about, sweeping towards the entire great earth!

At this moment, everyone on Immortal Battlefield felt strange, a chill running through their bodies. They sensed a bad feeling. An evil wind swept through the battlefield, making everyone feel scared.

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