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Chapter 1128 - Cold Intent

The Heaven and Earth Pouch that was lost in the other side of the Desolate Border reappeared. Didn’t this indicate that those from the other side were about to cross over?

“Hurry, report this to the academy elders! The calamity is about to arrive!”

A few people ordered their followers to report everything that happened here to the elders on the golden warship.

The Heaven and Earth Pouch was quite simple looking, but it carried a barbaric aura. This pouch woven from ten thousand pieces of beast skins released chaotic energy, covering heaven and earth.

This was a supreme treasure. If it wasn’t the very best, then it at least ranked in the top ten, one of the most well-known weapons refined by long life beings.

It supported an area of space, forming a barrier of light. It was as if a small world was opened up here.

Great winds roared about. The Heaven and Earth Pouch rumbled about, continuously releasing gu dang sounds, slowly enlarging and eventually, it covered the entire great black peak.

Only then did it slightly stabilize.

Everyone saw that it was resisting this great earth’s natural laws, contending against the entire world without backing down!

What kind of power was this? Everyone was greatly shaken up!

One could see that the sun, moon, and stars were shaking in the skies, as if they were going to be sucked down. This type of divine dao might was unimaginable.

“It currently carries the will of an existence from another world, resisting this realm, about to open up a path here!” Lu Tuo said.

The disciples of long life families understood more details than others, able to see the root of the problem from a single glance.

When everyone heard this, their expression changed.

In the past, this was the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ great treasure, the unmatched precious artifact that protected an immortal’s home. Was it now going to be used to help the creatures of the other side cross over?

“This can’t be blamed on the artifact, because it has already been refined. Everything it is doing now should be against its will.” A three-headed six-armed creatures said with a sigh.

Right now, everyone only felt a bit of chilliness. This was the weapon of an immortal king, known as the world-shocking Heaven and Earth Pouch. When it appeared, it could collect all things, store the endless stars in the cosmos.

Even this type of powerful secret treasure ended up becoming someone else’s tool. One could imagine just how powerful the creatures on the other side were.

In just this short amount of time, everyone felt a huge pressure weighing down on their minds, a shadow looming over their hearts. This was a suffocating feeling. How were they supposed to stop those of the other side in the future?

When these thoughts were expressed, the others also raised their heads to look at the Heaven and Earth Pouch, that indistinct passage above the black peak, feeling momentarily stupefied.

Quite a few people thought of another problem. In the past, those from the other side had previously overwhelmed the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, leaving this ancient realm in a terrible state. Why did they then withdraw again?

Moreover, if it was now incredibly difficult for them to come back.

There was definitely something that happened. If they could find out what happened, then it might be extremely useful!

Otherwise, if they only had the current Nine Heavens Ten earths’ experts to rely on, there was a good chance that they might not be able to stop the enemies’ ferocious assault. This fact left many people feeling quite dejected.

Shi Hao’s eyes were deep as he stared at this black great peak, looking at the Heaven and Earth Pouch. A contemplative look appeared on his face. He had previously visited the other side of the Desolate Border.

This was also an incredibly large black mountain, extremely similar to Undying Mountain he saw in the past, of similar qualities, and there was similarly a passage at the mountain top.

Only, the passage back then could be traveled through, while here, it was restricted. It was difficult for the creatures on that side to cross over.

“Over there!”

Several elders appeared in the horizon, their great sleeves fluttering about. Powerful winds blew everywhere as they quickly arrived.

With a single step, they arrived from the distance. The expressions of these individuals were extremely unpleasant. They looked at the Heaven and Earth Pouch and the altar, their eyes carrying complex emotions.

“Has the day finally come?” One of them sighed, feeling a wave of dejectedness, worry, and even more so a powerful fighting intent.

On the black peak, the Heaven and Earth Pouch stopped moving, no longer releasing heavenly winds, but now instead glowing with a gentle radiance that made this entire mountain peak brilliant, incredibly pure and holy.

The wuwu sounds immediately disappeared, that place becoming still.


A clear sound rang out, as if bone pieces were striking against each other, appearing from that blurry passage.

Then, human figures swayed about; there were creatures coming out. 

“What, they… can already cross over realms?!” The people here were greatly alarmed.

They originally thought that it would still be an extremely long amount of time before the creatures on the other side crossed over. After all, they still had to overcome this world’s will and natural laws first.

None of them expected that there were already some from the other side who could come over. 

The figures were swaying, extremely unsteady as they walked through the path. However, in the end, only a single figure was able to make it over.

Everyone’s attention was focused on this figure, holding their breath as they stared at the blurry passage. They wanted to see what kind of powerful creature it was.

Holy light surged, seven-colored brilliance pervading the air, surrounding it. It looked divine and peaceful, giving off an indescribable aura.

“A skeleton!” Someone cried out in alarm.

It walked out from the passage, appearing at the top of the great black peak and looking down on everyone. There was a type of imposing feeling that was hard to explain exuding from its figure.

Everyone became shocked. They originally expected to run into a powerful creature, or an existence full of immortal dao energy, some type of divine existence.

However, they discovered that it was different from what they had anticipated. This was a skeleton without any flesh, not all that bold or powerful at all.

“Still so puny and weak!”

The very first sentence it spoke was this cold and indifferent, carrying a type of arrogance, treating the creatures of this world with contempt. Divine light swirled within its eye sockets.

It was human shaped, pure white like jade, not that large, even a bit more delicate than a normal person.

Was this a creature from the other side? Were they all skeletons?!

This place immediately became dead silent. Everyone stared at this skeleton, wishing to see what was going to happen now.

“Not the original body, only arriving by borrowing a skeleton. However, these bones’ origins aren’t ordinary, quite special.” An elder from heavenly deity institution said. 

“Haha, she was an exceptional beauty in the past, but now that only a skeleton remains, it’s nothing more than this.” The skeleton spoke, commenting on its own skeleton.

Of course, the so-called speaking was just a divine will transmitting sound. After all, the language between the two realms were different, and it didn’t have flesh, so it couldn’t really speak.

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked.

The eyes of a few people began to flicker about, displaying special symbols to observe that snow-white skeleton.

The elders from heavenly deity institution frowned, as if they recalled something. Their gaze became even more strange, eyes deep as they stared at it.

When one cultivated to a certain degree, they could view a beautiful woman as a skeleton, directly seeing the bones and other things, but the other way around could also be done, able to see what the flesh looked like from a skeleton.

Right now, Shi Hao also tried to see her ‘real appearance’. After all, the other party seemed to be implying quite a few things.

A moment later, Shi Hao succeeded. He seemed to have witnessed flesh reconstruct, turning into a perfect body. She really was an exceptional beauty!

There were a few others who succeeded, and all of them couldn’t help but become moved. This woman really was too beautiful, her appearance enough to topple cities. When she calmly stood there, there was a type of indescribable aura.

Grief, melancholy, and regret. Her appearance when she was still alive made them gasp in surprise, stirring up wild and fanciful thoughts.

Everyone frowned. There was no way they could recognize her, and thus felt that they overthought things.

However, a moment later, an elder from heavenly deity institution suddenly released a roar, revealing a furious expression. Divine force surged, truly wishing he could immediately slaughter his way over.

“Elder, what’s wrong?” The others were confused, quietly asking.

“That is one of my clan’s ancestors!” The elder said.

Everyone became stunned. This elder lived for an incomparably long time, difficult to say what era he was from. He already went into seclusion endless years ago, only when heavenly deity institution was constructed did he come out to help out.

However, there were some who were aware that he came from a certain ancient long life family.

The so-called long life family was a place where undying experts emerged from, a great family that had survived from the last great era.

“What does this count as? We still have still skeletons that are more formidable, more talented. I’m just borrowing this one.” That skeleton spoke.

Everyone began to think to themselves. This skeleton at least exceeded sect master level figures when it was alive, ridiculously powerful, possibly possessing immortal dao.

Shi Hao gave Wang Xi a look, saying softly, “The appearance of this female skeleton isn’t inferior to yours, yet after the calamity of that great era, she ended up in this type of state. You should just let it go too.”

“What are you randomly spouting?!” Wang Xi almost activated the diamond band to clamp down on his head and primordial spirit.

“Wu, back then, there were some who forcefully broke through while isolated in a ten zhang stone room. In the end, they left behind flesh shells, their primordial spirits disappearing. Now, we are able to restore their skeletons, waiting for them to return.” The skeleton said.

Everyone became stupefied. What was it saying? They didn’t understand at all.

Only Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. He immediately thought of some situations. He widened his eyes, truly shocked by its words.

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