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Chapter 1125 - Bone Key

The expression Feng Xingtian’s face froze, mouth long opened. However, he already couldn’t say anything, droplets of blood continuously flowing out.

Moreover, all parts of his body began to break down, dark red blood splashing out. It was a shocking sight.


He no longer existed, turning into a pile of blood and bone, dying just like that.

Shi Hao was shocked. Six Dao Reincarnations Ancient Heavenly Art was powerful after all. This strike was incredibly domineering, killing a heaven warping genius.

Not far out, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun were shocked. A heavenly talent with three strands of immortal energy died just like that? It really was shocking.

This was not a small matter, definitely something that will shake up Immeasurable Heaven. The exceptionally talented Feng Xingtian withered away just like that!

A piece of golden bone flickered in the blood, about to rush into the sky and leave.


Shi Hao was shocked. He produced a streak of lightning that turned into a Suan Ni. It roared, throwing itself over, intercepting that golden bone piece.

Only, this bone piece was a bit strange, unexpectedly blasting through the Suan Ni, and then rushing up again, abou to escape the underground palace and leave this abyss.

Princess Yao Yue took action, producing a sphere of gentle moonlight, pouring it over that bone piece symbol, making it sluggish again.


Xuan Kun also took action, both hands forming an imprint, producing overflowing light and sealing up this symbol.

Shi Hao naturally understood what this was, definitely a life preserving symbol, the secret treasure granted by the heavenly deity institution. He never expected it to be different from that of the ordinary disciples’.

Shi Hao displayed the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art. Six black holes appeared, brandishing and tangling about, immediately locking down that bone symbol, and then crushing it into fine powder.

A faint miserable scream sounded, and thus, Feng Xingtian truly fell, forever unable to revive again.

Shi Hao stood in place without saying anything for a long time. A young supreme being who had three strands of immortal energy was killed by him just like that, it felt a bit unreal.

Was it because the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art was too powerful, or was it to say that Feng Xingtian was too weak?

This was the first time Shi Hao killed a heaven warping individual who had three strands of immortal energy. If news got out, this would stir up great waves, all sides would be greatly shocked.

“Too weak, could it be that Feng Xingtian is just some young talent nurtured through some strange method? Was the so-called three strands of immortal energy stripped off of another, not cultivated by himself?” Shi Hao said. 

When they heard him say this, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun were both speechless.

Then, the two separated from him, remaining on guard. It was because this was a dangerous individual. He killed Feng Xingtian, the effects of this long-lasting and great!

Of course, there was Wind Lord as well, even more powerful. This was someone who might very well become the supreme being of a generation, yet he died mysteriously here.

“How will we explain the events here?” Princess Yao Yue asked, staring at the two pools of blood on the ground. Those two’s origins were extremely great, if news got out, it would definitely raise a great storm.

“Even though Wind Lord died here, it’s not like anyone knows that he came here.” Xuan Kun said.

“Correct!” Shi Hao nodded, feeling extremely satisfied towards this explanation.

Wind Lord had a venerable position. He suffered this type of thing here, and if news got out, there would be great trouble. Even Princess Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and Shi Hao would be heavily investigated.

That was why they didn’t wish to leak out his matters.


Right now, that divine pond was breaking apart, releasing this sound, drawing the three individuals’ attention. 

“Yi, why is the ancient butterfly about to split apart?” Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed.

Symbols began to shine around that decaying butterfly’s body. Cracks appeared one after another, and then it almost broke apart into pieces.

Unfortunately, there were no dao books or immortal weapons, leaving them quite disappointed.

Shi Hao was the only one who was moved, because the Emperor Butterfly was changing. It was hiding inside, absorbing that rotting butterfly’s immortal dao aura, undergoing an astonishing change.

In reality, the reason why he was able to kill Wind Lord was all because of the Emperor Butterfly. It could interact with that ancient butterfly, understanding various things.

That ancient butterfly naturally died, but it still had battle instincts, terrifying beyond compare.

Meanwhile, the Emperor Butterfly was of the same type of species as it, so they could interact with each other, leading to what happened just now.

Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun both stared at the ancient butterfly that was cracking apart. In the end, they sighed. When they saw it gradually decay, spiritual essence scattering away, they resolutely turned around, quickly rushing into the underground palace depths.

It was because they knew that the so-called undying being’s flesh was finished, not leaving behind any opportunities. Instead of wasting time here, it might be better for them to just rush into the underground depths and search for other opportunities.

Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun moved together, disappearing from this place, clearly still feeling restraining fear towards Shi Hao, scared that he would attack them.

Shi Hao stood where he was without moving, calmly waiting for the Emperor Butterfly to return.

“Did those two discover the Emperor Butterfly?” Shi Hao frowned. He wasn’t certain.

When those two left, within that splitting precious pond, that ancient butterfly began to rot further and further, breaking down faster and faster. There were some places that turned into condensed blood and flying ashes.

The Emperor Butterfly sensed something, discovering that those two left, so its body began to flourish with radiance, shining like an immortal lamp, raging brilliantly.

The immortal dao aura contained within the pool surged out together with its body, the so-called secret force rushing out. This was especially the case with a sphere of golden true blood that even more so entered its body.

Of course, that wasn’t merging, but rather temporarily sealed within its flesh. Time was needed before it would truly be refined and absorbed.

Even Shi Hao was a bit stupefied. This was a type of tremendous natural luck.

Without a doubt, if the others were here, they would be jealous. This was blood left behind by a long life being, and now, it merged with that of a later generation.

“This is an inheritance that belongs to my Emperor Butterfly bloodline, passed down through blood.” The Emperor Butterfly transmitted sound to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao was a bit moved. The Emperor Butterfly would definitely become stronger because of this, its future accomplishments immeasurable.

“I absorbed the leftover immortal dao energy, so my body will undergo another transformation and change, have to sleep again.” The Emperor Butterfly said.

Shi Hao was shocked. This fella had just revived, yet was going to fall asleep. How long was it going to sleep now?

He had two fellas on him, one the Divine Striking Stone, the other precisely this Emperor Butterfly, both of them always sleeping, unknown just when they would finish their final transformation.

It was clear that once they revived, they would definitely undergo astonishing changes.

Shi Hao didn’t waste time here. He also rushed into the underground palace depths. There was at least a stalk of divine medicine here, and if he could find other dao books, immortal artifacts, and other things, then the opportunity would be even greater.

This place was cold and cheerless, silent without sound.

It was too secluded and cold without a bit of aura. Ancient trees filled this place, drowning out many buildings.

Shi Hao was like a specter as he wandered about here, entering and exiting ancient buildings one after another.

Unfortunately, all of the palaces were extremely empty. There were damaged artifacts and skeletal remains, but they had long decayed, not really anything of value.

It was clear that this place had previously been swept through, being cleaned out.

Immortal Battlefield, the battles that had been carried out here were just too shocked. The people from Immortal Ancient Great Era were defeated, all of their caves looted, most of the treasures brought away.

Shi Hao sighed, feeling a wave of powerlessness. There were definitely enemies who grasped Immortal Ancient secret methods in the other world. How were they supposed to win in the future?

One had to bear in mind that in the last great era, they seized an overwhelming victory that left those of this world in despair. If they were able to obtain all types of treasures from that great era afterwards, then it really was difficult to imagine how people on this side of the Desolate Border were going to resist.

No wonder the recordings in various remains were all so dejected, feeling like all hope was lost, too difficult for later generations to contend against!

This wasn’t without reason!

“Perhaps only by establishing a brand new cultivation system and transcend, walking a different path, can we win!” Shi Hao said.

While moving through these ancient buildings, he didn’t discover any valuable things. In the end, he arrived in the innermost depths, seeing the central palace.

This was an enormous palace that was like a great peak. It towered there, and even though a large half of it was covered by vines, it was still difficult to hide its grandness and magnificence.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao entered. There were unexpectedly wisps of chaotic energy here. One could see how unordinary this place was.

He heard Yao Yue and Xuan Kun’s shouts. The two people were here, unexpectedly chasing after a stalk of divine medicine.

That was a Flame Leaf Orchid, entirely scarlet-red, as if a flame was burning around it. It surged with auspicious light, releasing spiritual essence.

This was a stalk of divine medicine that had previously been recorded in bone books, extremely well-known. Only, after endless time had passed, it was never seen again. None of them expected to find a stalk here.

Even though divine medicines weren’t as unique as long life medicines, there still weren’t too many of them, every single type only having three or four stalks.

Flame Leaf Orchid was scarlet like jade, fiery light overflowing from it. From time to time, it entered the ground, speed extremely fast. Even though the two were extremely powerful, they still couldn’t capture this stalk of medicine.

Shi Hao walked forward, also wishing to capture it, but he had heard that as long as it was a divine medicine, once its roots landed on the ground, it could merge into the earth, difficult to capture.

It seemed like the rumors had a set amount of reasoning after all, or else why couldn’t the two capture it?

Shi Hao also took action. Sure enough, when it took root in the earth, it immediately seemed to have vanished, not being caught.

Then, it appeared again, as if it was purposely provoking them.

“En?” Shi Hao was shocked. He sensed a familiar aura from the palace. It belonged to that headless existence.

Could it be that the divine medicine was baiting them, hoping that they would stay here for a long time? It was because that headless creature was going to return, and when that time came, no one would be able to escape.

Shi Hao temporarily stopped his movements, gazing towards the depths that towered like mountains. There was an altar there, on it arranged fine precious cases and other things.

However, regardless of whether it was the precious case or other find objects, none of them were precious artifacts, only pretty decorations.

That eye-grabbing precious case seemed to have carried a rare object, but now, there was nothing inside.

Shi Hao walked over. After the precious case was opened, he saw a palm length groove. From its shape, it should be a key.

This made him feel a sense of absurdness. There was actually a key stored inside of the most beautiful case on this massive altar within the central palace.

Of course, that key had long been removed!

This altar’s surface was covered densely in cracks, in a bad state.

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, carefully searching about. However, he didn’t discover anything. This was just an abandoned ancient palace.

Those two were still chasing after the divine medicine. They had came here before Shi Hao, but at the time, the two lacked calmness.


Shi Hao wanted to move this cracked altar, see if there was anything below it. In the end, he discovered that it was incredibly sturdy.

He exhausted a tremendous amount of strength, and only then did he move it. The altar was moved to the side. During this process, more cracks appeared on the altar.

“En?!” Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. When he exhausted his strength to move aside the altar, through the gaps in the cracks, he discovered that there was a white bone key inside the altar, polished from sparkling white bone.

This left Shi Hao confused. Just now, he had examined this place with his Heavenly Eyes yet didn’t sense anything. Why could he see it now?

Soon after, he was pleasantly surprised. This should be the bone key that was originally consecrated on the altar, right?!

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