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Chapter 1124 - Beheading Wind

Shi Hao really wanted to curse. Did this person even want any face?

This was clearly a big shot, moreover an extremely profound super expert who had the chance to become a supreme being, yet he came to harm the younger generation.

“Ha, not going to talk? This young one seems to be quite stubborn. However, I am quite fond of remodeling, in the future, your flesh will become the paramount figure of a generation.” Feng Zhao said, carrying a faint smile.

RIght now, he truly did treat Shi Hao like goods, not scared of anything unexpected happening. With someone as powerful as him here, who could go against him?

“You are extremely despicable!” Shi Hao said.

“Is that so? No one has said that to me before, all of them calling me Wind Lord.” A faint smile hung on Feng Zhao’s face, calm and unruffled, not in a rush to take action.

“Hypocrite, shameful!” Shi Hao cursed.

“Wind sixth uncle, this isn’t too good, right?” Yao Yue spoke, trying to advise against this. It wasn’t really for Shi Hao’s sake, but rather that she knew that after Shi Hao became the first, she and Xuan Kun would become the second and third.

It was to the extent where her end might be even more lamentable. She knew how rarely seen her own appearance was. Just now, this expert from the Wind Clan’s eyes were red-hot, making her uneasy.

“What is not good? I really do cherish talent.” Feng Zhao said with a smile.

“We have cultivated three strands of immortal energy, not many to be found even throughout the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. If we disappeared at the same time, there will definitely be a great disturbance.” Xuan Kun said. 

“Oh? But what does that have to do with me? Who would even know that I came here?” Feng Zhao didn’t seem to mind, and then he looked towards Feng Xingtian, saying, “Perhaps I should erase this nephew of mine’s memories too, just to be a bit safer.”

Feng Xingtian was stunned. This clan uncle really was quite careful.

“The world is about to become chaotic. Doing things like this, aren’t you scared of provoking public anger? You have to understand that we have to fight a desperate struggle in the Desolate Border, fight against true enemies. If we died so tragically under your hands, do you have any conscience?” Yao Yue berated.

“This world will become chaotic anyway, no one can stop it. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths will all be overturned, great families all becoming dust, still unable to escape Immortal Ancient Great Era’s fate.” Feng Zhao said, incredibly cold, eyes deep as he said, “You all don’t need to worry, I will make sure to make use of you all to create several exceptional experts. There is no need to go to the Desolate Border, just protecting me and some clansmen and it’s enough.”

“You are too despicable, acting so selfishly with no regard for the general situation, do you not fear the wrath of heaven?!” Yao Yue berated.

While everyone was talking with each other, Shi Hao’s consciousness entered the cauldron, communicating with the Emperor Butterfly. It told him a piece of astonishing information!

“Wu, let’s just end things here. I don’t have the patience to speak too much to you all. This is already the last phase of this world, almost all creatures wiped out, not many left over. What dealing with the creatures of the other side? Completely useless. We will still be defeated in the end, blood dyeing abandoned earth.” Feng Zhao turned around, walking towards Shi Hao again, saying, “In this type of cruel world, still thinking about righteousness, really is a bit laughable. Humans are selfish, only survival is real.”

“You will suffer the wrath of heaven.” Shi Hao stared at him.

“Wrath of heaven? That is just a joke. What can it do?” Feng Zhao laughed loudly, his face carrying an expression of disdain.

“The wrath of heaven I am talking about is not that so-called sky, but rather a method that destroys you, a power that can frighten you.” Shi Hao said.

At this critical juncture, he wasn’t rushed or impatient, instead looking at the other party with an ice-cold expression, extremely calm.

“Ha, then come and destroy me! Please invite out this so-called wrath of heaven. Right now, submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish. Nothing a younger generation like you can say is of any use!” Feng Zhao spoke extremely domineeringly.


A cool breeze appeared not far out. Auspicious multicolored specks of light appeared from that spiritual pool, mists spreading outwards.

“Yi, don’t tell me this rotting immortal butterfly still has some abnormalities?” Feng Zhao said to himself, staring there. Then, he looked towards Shi Hao, saying, “You, go take a look.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he gave him a look, and then walked over.

“Carry out that ancient butterfly.” Feng Zhao ordered.

That was an unmatched expert, within it possibly dao books, immortal artifacts, and other things. Feng Zhao had already been looking forward to it for a long time, hoping to obtain something.

Shi Hao didn’t reply, and then stood by that ancient pond.

“Even though you cultivated three strands of immortal energy, have exceptional talents, you are nothing more than a hatchling, too weak to even stand up to the wind, yet you dare defy my will? Just a foolish thing who doesn’t understand the difference between life and death!” Feng Zhao’s face fell.

He raised his hand, grabbing towards Shi Hao. If he was carried out, there would definitely be no lack of humiliation and torture.

However, right at that time, clouds and mists surged from within that pool, carrying a decaying aura. An ancient butterfly rose, surrounded by primal chaos. It rushed towards that hand.

It was too fast, impossible to react to!


An enormous noise sounded. Immortal mists surged. That hand exploded, smashed into by that ancient butterfly, turning into a blast of bloody mist.

This change was too astonishing. The people present were all stupefied.

As for Feng Zhao, his complexion was deathly pale, blood flowing out from his broken wrist. He quickly withdrew, simply unable to believe what was happening.

After all these years, his cultivation advanced by the day, now known as Wind Lord, his status becoming extremely revered. How many people could injure him like that?

A decaying butterfly actually broke his right hand.


At Feng Zhao’s broken wrist, the bones regrew, flesh regenerating. When one cultivated to his extent, the body could be quickly restored. The right hand was about to be reformed.

Moreover, Feng Zhao was quickly backing up, searching for favorable terrain, trying to pull open the distance between himself and the ancient butterfly. This sudden change truly gave him quite the fright.

Even Yao Yue and Xuan Kun were shocked. Things were happening too quickly.

“Just a rotting ancient butterfly, I thought it was some type of magical artifact. Do you think you can defeat me now? Not knowing the height of the sky or the depth of the earth!” Feng Zhao’s face was overcast. Being injured just now was completely unexpected.

“Then feel free to come at me all you want.” Shi Hao said.

“Idiot, you will never understand just how great the difference between us is. Just a dead thing, won’t be able to display any uncanny effects!” Feng Zhao spoke. He took action again.

However, shocking changes happened again. That decaying butterfly was incredibly quick-witted, immediately moving through the void, rushing over to smash into him.

Feng Zhao was alarmed. Even someone as powerful as him backed up, feeling uneasy.

However, that ancient butterfly that had originally passed away for many years, at this time, seemed to have developed life. It gently spread its wings, and then the world immediately split open!

“Not good!” Feng Zhao cried out.

This type of thing was too terrifying, too mysterious and strange.

When that ancient butterfly flapped its wings, strand after strand of immortal energy was released. That type of power was incomparable, making even someone as powerful as him shiver inwardly.

Only, he didn’t really understand how a decaying corpse could display the brilliance of when it was alive, still have a consciousness. Could it be that it was still alive?


When this decaying ancient butterfly moved its wings, heaven and earth split apart, making Feng Zhao cough out large mouthfuls of blood, his face turning pale.

Of course, the most frightening thing was that this butterfly’s speed was too fast. It threw itself over, covering Feng Zhao beneath.


The two made contact, smashing together. Feng Zhao released a miserable scream. This was originally an ultra powerful individual, strong to an alarming degree, yet now, he was in such a miserable and helpless situation.


After the ancient butterfly threw itself at him, he immediately began to break apart. He couldn’t handle that type of pressure, unable to endure that frightening swoop.

The ancient butterfly looked like it was rotten, decaying, but it had immortal dao energy. It was previously an undying creature, but even though it died, its body still exuded immortal dao power. As a result, no creatures in this world could endure its might!

“How could it be like this?!” This was Feng Zhao’s final unwilling angry roar.

Then, his body began to split apart, continuously crumbling. After being struck by the decaying butterfly, Feng Zhao’s entire body rotted, exploding with a hong sound.

Not even his primordial spirit was able to escape, blasted apart by that ancient butterfly, dying here.

The remaining people were petrified. This was all unimaginable. Feng Zhao who was acting so domineeringly just now died in the blink of an eye, becoming a corpse. It was just too bizarre.

At the same time, they broke out into a cold sweat. Someone who was that powerful withered away so quickly, unable to take a single blow before the undying power.

After killing Feng Zhao, the ancient butterfly returned to the pool, falling inside, going dormant again.

What was going on? Yao Yue and Xuan Kun were both stunned.

Soon after, they knew that this would inevitably stir up a great storm. Wind Lord died, if news of this got out, it would definitely be explosive, shaking up all of Immeasurable Heaven.

It was because this person’s status in Wind Clan was extremely high, having the qualifications to inherit the sect!

“Sixth Uncle!” Feng Xingtian cried out.

For him, this was simply a nightmare. A rotting butterfly directly killed an ultra powerful figure, causing him to explode. It was just too unrealistic.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao took action with all of his strength, rushing murderously at Feng Xingtian.

During this time, apart from Shi Hao, no one noticed a tiny golden butterfly enter that pond, approaching the ancient butterfly.

Neither Yao Yue nor Xuan Kun took action, both of them watching from the side. It was because they found it too hard to calm down. Wind Lord died in too strange of a manner, actually exploding on the spot.

Feng Xingtian was extremely strong, but he suffered from serious injuries. Now that he saw his own clan uncle fall, his mind was long in chaos. He was at a disadvantage in all aspects during this battle, losing the initiative.


Finally, Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art was used. Feng Xingtian was seriously injured. A fist smashed through his body, a large bloody hole that went straight through his body appeared, front and back shining.

His body then began to break apart, ultimately crumbling!

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