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Chapter 1123 - Wind Lord

The Emperor Butterfly revived here, startling Shi Hao, and then he became pleasantly surprised. There was a butterfly in the ancient pond as well, vaguely waiting for something!

"If there is an immortal treasure, how will we divide it?" Xuan Kun's voice was coarse. He was heavily injured, not wishing to fight any longer.

Princess Yao Yue looked at Shi Hao, and while smiling sweetly, said, "What does dao friend think?"

Feng Xingtian was moved. He feared that the three would join hands to defeat him first, because not long ago, the three had tried to eliminate him.

"Dividing between the three of us isn't a problem." Shi Hao nodded.

"Good!" Princess Yao Yue laughed, large eyes bright and beautiful like the radiance of spring, smile enough to topple a city. Holy radiance shone down on her snow-white skin, her head of beautiful hair sparkling. 


Feng Xingtian took action, not hesitating at all, immediately attacking. It was because those three excluded him, definitely going to try to eliminate him.

He had to strike first and gain the upper hand, rushing to attack. Darkness power surged, strong winds stirred about, as if it was going to blow down the stars in the cosmos, incomparably terrifying.

Unfortunately, the three of them also immediately took action, all of them using ancient heavenly arts, power exceptional, blasting through his heavenly wind, sending him flying.

Even with his great divine abilities, he still couldn't face the three great experts. They were all people who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, all fully aware of how frightening the others were.

Heavenly arts clashed, precious techniques overlaying on top of each other. Shi Hao's Six Dao Reincarnations was the most astonishing, six black holes moving about, time flowing chaotically, the years changing, reincarnation going full circle, astonishing to the extreme!


This time, they wanted to eliminate the other party as quickly as possible. Shi Hao's group of three used their most powerful methods, wishing to kill him here, thus, another round of attacks arrived.

True Dragon sounds and phoenix cries immediately tore through the sky!

Dark heavenly wind roared about. Feng Xingtian struggled, doing everything he could to quickly retreat, avoid the attacks.

Only, no matter how fast he ran, he was still struck. He cried out, blood spraying out of his mouth.


Suddenly, a cold laughter sounded, making them shiver inwardly. Shi Hao. Yao Yue, and Xuan Kun's bodies went rigid, as if they fell into an icehouse, their bodies freezing.

A powerful creature appeared, locking onto them from not far away.

Right now, every fine hair on their bodies stood on end, feeling a chill run through their bodies from head to toe. It was as if they were locked onto by a prehistoric beast, unable to move at all.

What kind of creature was this? Where did it come from? They didn't know.

It was clear that this creature was just much too stronger than them. It arrived silently, only when it was close did they detect it.

"Is it that ancient butterfly?" Yao Yue's voice was shaking, extremely unnatural. Apart from that rotting butterfly, was there anything else?

"Didn't the ancient butterfly die in the last great era?" Xuan Kun backed up, staring forward.

The mists scattered. A humanoid figure walked out, arriving in the underground palace.

For some reason, Yao Yue and Xuan Kun both released a breath of air. Regardless, something from the outside world was much easier to deal with than that rotting butterfly corpse.

However, Shi Hao didn't feel like that. That person stared at him as soon as it entered, an extremely cold intent released from its body.

"A bit interesting, Six Dao Reincarnations Ancient Heavenly Art appeared in this world again, truly eventful times." It said quietly.

After entering, the mists scattered. It revealed its true appearance.

This was a middle-aged man with a medium stature, extremely sturdy, but not all that tall. He looked like he was cast from brass, golden radiance flowing through his skin.

His eyes were extremely sharp, as if there were two small suns shining!

He couldn't be called handsome, can only be considered ordinary. However, there was a type of imposingness being exerted, as if he was the only sovereign of this world. His pupils carried coldness, as well as a type of contempt as he swept them through the people here.

It was clear that he didn't take any of these people seriously, not caring much at all about Shi Hao, Yao Yue, these types of younger generation.

This was an embodiment of strength. With his long and profound cultivation, he could naturally easily kill these people.

"Sixth Uncle!" Feng Xingtian was pleasantly surprised, calling out.

He never expected to see his clan's uncle here, a powerful individual who rose up during the Heavenly Deity Realm, an extremely stunning figure from the Wind Clan.

Feng Zhao wasn't all that stunning in his early years, never cultivating immortal energy, but he finally leapt out in the Heavenly Deity Realm. After undergoing a great rebirth, exchanging his flesh and bones, he exceeded his peers.

This was someone who had prepared for a long time, only obtaining some accomplishments after cultivating for five hundred years. Then, he shot up unstoppably, rising triumphantly.

Now, he was deep and immeasurable, one foot already stepped into an extremely mysterious domain, an unimaginably powerful existence. His status in Wind Clan was extremely important.

Now, he was known as Wind Lord!

One had to understand that Wind Clan was a long life family. They had previously produced people who were undying, their backing deep, terrifying beyond compare.

To have the title Wind Lord in this type of family, his status in the family was clear and easy to see. This was an extremely formidable individual, one who was hard to deal with.

In the past, when  Wind Clan's old ancestor learned that a youth with the surname Shi from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces was coming to Immeasurable Heaven, after only a few sentences, Wind Lord left to make arrangements.

It was precisely him who found Yuan Qing, having him take action.

"Sixth uncle, why did you come here?" Feng Xingtian was shocked, not knowing how this individual from his clan who was given this lord title came here.

"Wu, decided to walk around after a long period of meditation. Turned into a small cultivator to ride on your academy's warship, coming here to take a look." Feng Zhao said.

When they heard this, Yao Yue and Xuan Kun's expressions turned pale, having a feeling that things were about to become extremely bad. Wind Lord was just too strong, unexpectedly avoiding those elders, not being discovered.

If he didn't come, Feng Xingtian would most likely be in danger, likely be killed here. However, now that Wind Lord suddenly appeared, it immediately changed the situation.

This was just too sudden, no one expecting this type of result.

"Xuan Kun, you're not bad, quite courageous, talent exceptional. If you were given another few hundred years of time, you would definitely turn into a dragon and soar into the sky." Wind Lord commented.

Then, he looked towards Princess Yao Yue, eyes carrying admiration. "Yao Yue, it has been a few years since we last met, you are becoming more and more beautiful. With immortal energy, you really are a beauty in this world."

For some reason, being complemented like this made Princess Yao Yue feel extremely uncomfortable. She saw a bit of strangeness in the depths of the other party's gaze that made her uneasy. She revealed a forced smile and said, "Feng Sixth Uncle and I have previously met."

They were both from long life families, but there was definitely a competitive relationship.

"Senior Feng, what are your intentions?" Xuan Kun asked.

"You all are all exceptional geniuses who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, the fall of any one of you would be a great loss. After all, this world is about to become chaotic, so there are still hopes placed on you all to calm the chaos." Feng Zhao said.

Xuan Kun didn't say anything. He couldn't help but feel a bit stifled.

Yao Yue took two steps back, feeling extremely uneasy this entire time. It was because the other party's eyes carried a type of unruliness, as well as a type of passion when looking at her body. Even though she was a heavenly talent, she still hadn't risen up yet, unable to look down on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. She currently felt extremely worried.

"Only, it isn't too good for too many people to know about my existence here. Interfering isn't too good." Feng Zhao said.

Feng Xingtian knew that this sixth uncle came to protect him, but also to see what heavenly deity institution's true intentions were. That was why he turned into an ordinary person and mixed within.

"What do you want?" Regardless of whether it was Xuan Kun or Princess Yao Yue, their expressions changed, having a bad feeling inside.

"Hate to have to kill you all, should just follow me." Feng Zhao said.

Their expressions immediately changed. The most terrible thing happened after all. The other party desired their bodies with three strands of immortal energy, as well as to research their heavenly arts, secret methods, and other things.

"Don't worry, you all won't disappear from this world. I do not wish to become a sinner in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths…" He said while laughing.

Shi Hao sighed. He saw clearly from the side that this person was extremely sinister, coming with great malice. There was definitely no way for them to interact kindly at this point.

When he thought of this, he prepared to use the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, Lightning Emperor Armor and others to protect himself.

Suddenly, Feng Zhao turned around towards Shi Hao, saying, "I loathe those who use the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art!"

Shi Hao didn't say anything, only coldly staring at him.

"Then it'll just start from you. Your flesh shell is quite strong, worth stripping off. If it is carefully refined, perhaps an exceptional expert can be molded."

Feng Zhao walked a circle around Shi Hao, as if he was looking at a commodity. Killing and seizing, this choice was entirely in his hands.

Yao Yue and Xuan Kun's expressions changed. Was this their end as well? They came from great clans, so they previously heard a few strange rumors. Just the thought alone made their scalps become numb.

It was to the extent where they knew that there were cultivators who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, backgrounds mysterious, origins unclear, related to some ancient evil inheritances.

They might be witnesses soon. Feng Zhao knew these methods, possibly seizing their dao fruit, using their flesh shells to nurture others.

"Wu, it'll start from you. Are you going to do it voluntarily, or will you wait for me to take action?" Feng Zhao stared at Shi Hao.

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