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Chapter 1122 - Butterfly

It was a shabby-looking pool, walls formed from a gray diamond stone, diameter less than five feet, extremely small, yet there was a type of time mottled aura.

This wasn't just a pool, but even more so like a witness of history, a tangible embodiment of time.

The diamond rock had long become damaged, eroding over time. However, under the influence of the spiritual essence, the nourishment of wisps of immortal energy, it still didn't collapse.

The four great experts were fighting, continuously attacking and ambushing each other. From time to time, muffled grunts sounded. Even though they said they were attacking Feng Xingtian, no one could trust anyone else here, so they were all on guard.

At this time, they all made the same decision, rushing towards that pool. Not a single one of them dared lag behind out of fear of missing out on a tremendous opportunity.

It was because regardless of what it was, as long as there were wisps of immortal energy ascending, it would definitely be priceless, impossible to measure.

They felt that there was a supreme treasure in the pool, very likely a damaged immortal artifact left behind from the battlefield back then. Once it appeared, it would definitely shock the Nine Heavens.

This type of thing was like the Nine Phoenix Furnace, an unmatched magical artifact left behind by a long life being. There weren't many that could be found in this world.

One had to bear in mind that back then, not even every single long life being had one, because the materials were just too hard to find.

As long as the artifact at the bottom of the pool wasn't too damaged, it would become an exceptional killing weapon. If it was a bit more complete than the Nine Phoenix Furnace, then it would undoubtedly become Immeasurable Heaven's number one magical artifact.


Xuan Kun took action, clenching his teeth as he traded attacks with Shi Hao. it was because Shi Hao was moving next to him at first, but then quickly passed him, approaching the damaged ancient pool.

Even though they were allied just now, now that it concerned an ancient supreme treasure, the so-called alliance became incredibly weak.

Xuan Kun was originally extremely powerful and tyrannical. If not for the fact that he was seriously injured, his foundation damaged, no one would look down on him, not even Feng Xingtian would dare attack him.

Dao injuries, this was the most terrifying type of injuries. If it was a different cultivator, they would undoubtedly be dead,something even a sect master would find it hard to survive from. However, he had three strands of immortal energy, thus able to preserve his life.

Only, this affected his fighting strength. After releasing this attack, his expression became pale.


Shi Hao directly released another fist. Six Dao Reincarnations power shot out, turning into six black waves, rushing out from the six black holes, blasting Xuan Kun until he cried out, large mouthfuls of blood coughed out.

On the other side, moonlight filled the palace. It was incredibly gentle in this palace. Princess Yao Yue was extremely special, surrounded by pure moonlight, just like her name[1].

Right now, she was clashing intensely against Feng Xingtian as well. Lightning erupted between the two, dark heavenly wind and moonlight surging violently, tangling about each other. Bone texts burned brilliantly.

Now that there was an ancient immortal pond before them, no one could remain calm, all of them risking life and limb, wishing to obtain it for themselves.


Another loud sound rang out. The four of them were too close, and as a result, even though they were fighting two different battles, the symbols between them still made contact, creating an intense explosion.

This was power that just destroyed ordinary matter, but split the heavenly dome!

Above the abyss, everyone was stupefied, difficult for them to imagine just what kind of battle was being carried out below. It was because there were four symbol lights rushing into the heavens, illuminating the dark night sky, splitting open the sky.

One could imagine that once something was hit by this type of power, there would definitely be nothing left, body and dao erased.

Were these people who cultivated three strands of immortal energy? Too terrifying, high above everyone else. They weren't even in the same world as the rest of them, difficult to fight.

"Previously, the gap between us and those with three strands of immortal energy wasn't that overwhelming, but once they begin producing great dao flowers, it is as if a heavenly moat exists between us, one that is just too difficult to cross…" 

Someone sighed, describing a fact.

In the palace, the buildings that carried ancient imprints weren't damaged, still intact after suffering this type of tremendous power.

Being able to exist from the past until now, there had to be a reason for it. There were great dao patterns within the buildings, preventing them from being destroyed.

After Shi Hao, Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and Feng Xingtian clashed, they rushed towards the ancient pool, all of them reaching their hands into the mist-filled water.

However, they immediately shivered inwardly, as if there was a terrifying weapon pressed against their throats, their body covered in a layer of goosebumps.

It had to be said that all of them decisively withdrew, the expressions on their faces incomparably pale.

Even Princess Yao Yue was no exception. Even though she was naturally beautiful, skin like fine jade, right now, goosebumps covered her body, ruining a bit of her beauty.

That type of feeling was too powerful, simply as if they made a trip through the underworld, their souls almost frozen and left behind.

"What kind of thing is that?" This was the same question all four of them thought. It wasn't like an immortal artifact, but more as if there was a creature slumbering within.

When they thought of this possibility, they broke out into a cold shiver, minds immediately feeling cold, developing an ominous feeling.

After a momentary silence, while on guard towards each other, they carefully walked forward again, opening their Heavenly Eyes to see what was going on.

Even though they felt uneasy, after closely inspecting this pool, they discovered that this… might very well be a tremendous opportunity that could not be passed up!

They confronted each other, but didn't rashly take action. After arriving here, the four of them only stared at that ancient pond, examining what exactly there was inside.

It was extremely indistinct, the true scene difficult to see even with Heavenly Eyes. They could vaguely see divine spring liquid inside, but there already wasn't much.

All types of spiritual light and multicolored mists surged, as if water was boiling in a world of ice and snow.

The reason why they couldn't see clearly was because that thing was surrounded by chaotic mist wisps, hazy and indistinct.

"It seems to be… a butterfly?" Princess Yao Yue was shocked, because that type of form, the vague shadow, looked extremely similar to a three foot long ancient butterfly.

Shi Hao frowned, because at this time, he felt as if a cauldron he was carrying was becoming a bit strange.

Emperor Butterfly!

It was reviving.

Recently, the Emperor Butterfly had always remained asleep inside of a bone cauldron he carried, not displaying any activity. He never expected that it would wake up here.

Shi Hao was shocked. He was sure that it was a divine butterfly in the pool, lying dormant there. Moreover, there was a huge possibility that it was related to the Emperor Butterfly within him.

It might even be of the same clan.

Emperor Butterflies were too rare, rarely did more than one appear at a time since the ancient times. Some suspected that there was only a single one since the archaic times, that it was herself that underwent continuous rebirth.


Inside Shi Hao's body, that cauldron surged with a multicolored haze. The Emperor Butterfly fully awoke. It sensed the aura outside, as if it realized something.

At this time, the mists scattered a bit, the bottom of the primal chaos becoming lighter in color.

"It was an ancient butterfly after all!" Yao Yue was shocked.

The other three all stared blankly, temporarily not taking action.

This butterfly was three foot long. If one only got a hurried glance, the wings even carried an indescribable type of beauty, as if it was this world's most beautiful work of art.

Unfortunately, it suffered from the jealousy of heaven. When one looked carefully through the mist, they would find that it should have already died, the originally brilliant colored wings mostly dim, to the extent where even its body had rotted away.

Only a small portion of golden patterns and colored patterns were left on it, not fading away.

One could imagine that if it was still undamaged, it would definitely be beautiful and stunning. Despite this, there were still waves of immortal light that rose from within the decaying aura.

Those wisps of immortal energy came precisely from the rotting body.

They were all shocked. The so-called 'immortal artifact' hidden in the ancient pond was actually a butterfly that had already died for many years, soaked in spiritual liquid.

"This… was originally a long life being, an unmatched expert!" They were shocked.

It was because there was still immortal energy released after its death, mottled immortal light rising from its body, likely already became an immortal a long time ago.

However, even this type of powerful creature died in the past, clearly fallen in battle, suffering an unimaginable injury, leaving its body in tatters. This all happened in Immortal Ancient Great Era.

A terrifying secret force was corroding its body, left behind by the enemy. After an endless amount of time had passed, it still remained, truly not simple.

"A long life being!"

Regardless of whether it was Xuan Kun, Feng Xingtian, or Yao Yue, their eyes were burning, looking like they were ready to take action to seize it at any moment.

It was because this was an ancient undying immortal, a paramount being that couldn't be produced in this world. Even though it began to decay, its body damaged, it was still priceless.

There might be some artifacts inside the butterfly's body!

There weren't many creatures of this caliber even in Immortal Ancient Great Era, the most terrifying lords of heaven and earth, dominators of this world. Anything they left behind was unimaginably valuable.

If they found dao books, weapons, or other things, then that would be even more astonishing, these things would shake up the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Specks of multicolored light shone within Shi Hao's body. The Emperor Butterfly moved quite slowly, wishing to crawl out from the bone cauldron.

1. Yao = inviting, Yue = moon

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