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Chapter 1120 - Fierce Battle in the Abyss

Shi Hao formed an imprint, Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art reappearing, blasting outwards!


This abyss moved back and forth, space around him rumbling. It was as if several True Dragons released a great roar. The heavenly art displayed its might, boundless power smashing down, as if the stars of the heavens came crashing down.

Streak after streak of light surged, carrying time fragments and smashing outwards. This was the power of the domain created by the heavenly art!

Of course, this was just the most basic level. There were still six precious techniques overlaying, right now completely merged, impossible to distinguish which types there were as they flooded out.

A tremendous rumbling sounded, shaking one up until they felt as if their souls were shattering. 

Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun widened their eyes with shock. That person was too unusual, the methods he displayed truly astonishing.

Six types of light interweaved, becoming the most fundamental bone texts, crashing out wave after wave, one stronger than the next, exceeding the most powerful precious techniques.

Six types of bone texts overlaid on top of each other, forming unmatched symbols, the destructive force astonishing!

One could clearly see Feng Xingtian cough out blood again. Even though he displayed the darkness heavenly art again, he was still injured, body greatly shaken, black mists surging, blood flowing out from his mouth and nose.

Then, his entire body flew out even faster, smashing towards the abyss like a meteor, rushing towards that palace.

"What a formidable youth!" Princess Yao Yue's beautiful eyes blinked, astonishing colors flying out as she stared at Shi Hao, watching him display the ancient heavenly technique.

Her origins were unordinary, coming from a top level long life family in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, so her knowledge was naturally extensive, immediately ascertaining that this was the Six Dao Reincarnations Technique.

Her beautiful eyes immediately began to burn. She had heard about this type of method for a long time already!

"You won't be able to escape!" Shi Hao shouted. Like a Peng, his body unfolded, arms moving, heavenly wind rushing about, stellar energy surging all around him as he rushed over.

"Where did this kind of crazy youngster come from? Even someone like you dares to boast shamelessly before me? If not for all three of you working together, I would kill you all one after the another!" Feng Xingtian berated.

Even though he was injured, he still didn't become dejected, believing that he didn't lose to one person, but the ancient heavenly arts three people displayed at the same time.

Feng Xingtian was a confident person, as well as a powerful individual. He really did have the backing to overlook the crowd, a giant among men. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he released a great roar. This abyss began to surge, black haze surrounding it.

"Whoever dares come, then whoever it is I will kill, send you on your way!" He shouted.

Darkness surrounded the world below, the palace no longer visible, covered by Feng Xingtian's dark power. The remains were now pitch-black.

Feng Xingtian had this type of arrogance. Whoever dared to compete against him for immortal karma, he would kill them without exception!

When one dared to speak like this, they had to have powerful strength. He was extremely self-confident, and at the same time, this dark abyss perfectly matched the source of his strength.

"Already coughing out blood, even the defeated dares to utter such delirious words. Even if I come, what can you do about it?!" Shi Hao didn't stop, immediately rushing over murderously.


A large hand slapped over in the darkness, carrying a wave of cold energy and thick black haze, absorbing the darkness power here.

Feng Xingtian took action, hoping to kill Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn't even think before acting, using the most domineering, yang bone texts. Lightning interweaved, forming a great river, blasting this place apart.

The instant the darkness was hacked through, Shi Hao saw that large hand. He pressed forward without any hesitation, sending his fist smashing over, colliding with that large black hand.

An enormous sound rang through the air. It was like muffled lightning, blasting apart the surrounding layer of this abyss. An even more vast underground space was immediately blasted apart.

Only the underground palace remained intact, not receiving damage.

The two individuals' attacks shook heaven and earth. This was Immortal Battlefield, yet the earth was destroyed to this degree, as if a demon ancestor struggled free from his restrictions, destroying the netherworld and then breaking apart the earth surface.

Feng Xingtian withdrew. The first attack resulted in failure, making his expression change. His palm felt a bit numb, unexpectedly forcefully stopped by that individual.

He had quite the confidence in his own flesh. He had soaked in all types of spiritual liquid since his youth, refining an unbreaking body, previously even using all types of wondrous medicines and secret recipes to refine his body.

When he reached adulthood, the power of his flesh was already great to an inconceivable level. When facing attacks from those of the same cultivation realm, he didn't suffer any damage, difficult to be harmed in the slightest.

If he only attacked with his physical body without using any precious techniques, just martial arts alone would be enough to kill those powerful exceptional talents.

He was the Wind Clan's disciple, someone who made the heavens proud, his cultivation among his peers glorious and world-shattering, rarely encountering his match, his physical prowess even more so undefeated. However, after trading blows just now, he couldn't do anything to the other party, both of them sharing the limelight.

Feng Xingtian really found it a bit hard to believe that this person could match him in physical strength. He originally thought that only Lu Tuo and a few others could do this.

Where did this fella crawl out from? This was his greatest question.

A completely unknown person, how could he be this strong? It really was a bit ridiculous.

Feng Xingtian silently moved again, taking action in the darkness, using Dark Demon Fist, an ancient and frightening great method from the darkness heavenly art.

This attack was without wind and waves, smashing over without the slightest bit of sound. One fist aimed at the middle of Shi Hao's back, one at the back of his head.

This type of attack, if it landed, would directly blow one apart, body and spirit obliterated, nothing left behind.

However, in the dark, Shi Hao suddenly turned around, similarly forming fist imprints, facing the other party with both his fists.


Sparks flew in all directions, metallic sounds ringing through this place.

This didn't seem like fists smashing together at all, but rather like a collision of divine gold, metal sounds ear-splitting. It made one's soul couldn't help but shake as well.

Dark Demon Fist clashed with Shi Hao's ancient heavenly art, but it didn't achieve much result, unable to injure his body.

It wasn't that Dark Demon Fist wasn't strong, but rather it proved that it was ridiculously powerful, actually able to stop Shi Hao's unmatched heavenly art.

This demon fist was extremely special. It silently merged with the void, blasting through the heavens, only releasing sound after it made contact with Shi Hao's fist.

The darkness was extremely thick, not a bit of light to be seen. The surrounding space had long been blown into tatters.

The abyss was was blown apart!

Apart from the palace, everything else was completely leveled.

Dark Demon Fist obliterated everything, completely silent as it annihilated all.

"This strong?" Feng Xingtian felt great pain from his fists. A great power spread, causing his arm to jerk about slightly, trembling a bit.

For Feng Xingtian, in a clash of physical strength, if he couldn't dominate the other party, then that was already a type of defeat for him.

Especially this year after he bathed in phoenix blood, baptising his flesh, undergoing an astonishing transformation, his body becoming even stronger.

Yet who was this youth who suddenly came out of nowhere? Why could this person fight against him, being equally matched in physical strength?

He was confident that heavenly deity institution's True Phoenix Pool wasn't opened to this stranger, so what was there that was comparable to phoenix blood in refining one's body?

Even though the phoenix blood wasn't pure, after it merged with the divine spring, it was still something extremely rarely seen under the sky.


Shi Hao took action. He surged with battle intent as he charged murderously at Feng Xingtian in the darkness.

Brilliant light surged between the two again, an eruption of bone texts, release of divine force, even more so an all-out struggle between their powerful physical bodies.

In that instant, natural laws interweaved, divine chains of order moving through the air. A brilliant streak of light illuminated the darkness, criss-crossing into a web here.

This was produced from dao laws, condensed from natural order!

An enormous sound rang out, as if an immortal drum was being struck. The world exploded, this place becoming completely chaotic, everything blurry.

It was clear that the two carried out another great collision. It was extremely fierce, exceeding their imagination.

Bright red blood scattered about in the air.


Right at this moment, Princess Yao Yue also appeared, charging murderously. A divine rainbow shot out with a raise of her hand, attacking Feng Xingtian.

Then, Xuan Kun also appeared, standing near the underground palace, powerfully taking action against Feng Xingtian. Even though he was injured, his current power was still astonishing.


Feng Xingtian released a wa sound, coughing out large amounts of blood. He felt quite sullen. He originally came to kill Lu Tuo, Yao Yue and the others, yet now, he was injured himself.

He turned around, rushing towards the underground palace.

Now, there were many people on the surface, because this situation created too much of a disturbance, the blast waves shocking people from all directions.

The ones who rushed here first all revealed an expression of shock, because they saw some of the battlefield situation just now.

"Who is that person, daring to fight against Feng Xingtian? Why have we never seen him before?"

"I seemed to have seen that person made Feng Xingtian cough out blood!"

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