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Chapter 1119 - Great Confrontation

When this blade descended, not only were three of Feng Xingtian's followers killed, there were even two official disciples who cultivated immortal energy that fell.

However, before Shi Hao's anger, they were just that helpless, unable to take a single blow!

Under the others' cries of alarm and anger, Shi Hao walked over, the pressure he gave off flourishing even greater. The golden war blade enlarged, brandishing and sweeping out again.

The blade was extremely long, as if a waterfall poured down, rushing outwards. It was just too brilliant.


Even more people were killed. This attack was accompanied by lightning radiance, the two that were a bit further out were blasted into coal.

"You dare?!" In the distance, Feng Xingtian's berating voice sounded. He raised his hand, releasing a streak of divine rainbow light towards this direction, firing it from his palm.

Shi Hao moved, directly avoiding it. A bottomless hole immediately appeared in his original location. The reddish-brown earth was blasted through, darkness covering the underground world.

Who was he?

The cultivators of the three thousand provinces were alarmed, not recognizing Shi Hao, because right now, he was different from before, using the Seventy-Two Transformations, not only changing his appearance, but even reconstructing his bones and flesh.

This type of bone remoulding and flesh condensing was painful, but it could hide his identity to a great degree, others unable to see through him.

Not even the Heavenly Eyes could see through it, because it was a true flesh reconstruction, and not just an illusion technique.

"Who are you? You dare take the Wind Clan as your enemy?" One of Feng Xingtian's followers put on a brave front despite feeling weak inside, loudly berating. It was because he really had no choice, this demon god like existence was currently advancing towards them.

"Seems like he doesn't lack followers." Shi Hao said coldly, carrying a type of ridicule.

It was because the remaining followers were actually disciples of the academy, seven or eight of them originally geniuses of an area, yet they were willing to help Feng Xingtian.

When he learned that it was the Wind Clan who wanted to suppress him, Shi Hao felt a wave of anger within him, one that raged greatly. If it wasn't for his fate being great, he might have died in Origin Ancient Mine.

Strictly speaking, Yuan Qing was only an accomplice, the true instigator was the Wind Clan!

This was especially the case when there were still ulterior motives behind this, involving the grudge between Wind Clan's old ancestor and Desolate Border's seven kings' Stone Clan ancestor, making his emotions surge with even greater intensity.

"Already things of the distant past, yet you all can't forget it. Unable to defeat my bloodline's ancestor, yet coming to suppress me in spite of your own statuses."

Shi Hao said to himself, rage surging, fists clenched. Suppressing him for ten years was the same as robbing him of all natural luck from the Academy, cutting off his path.

Everyone knew that heavenly deity institution did everything it could, using dragon blood and even immortal dao scriptures to cultivate two or three most powerful young supreme beings, doing everything they could to support them.

They gathered the best things of the Nine Heavens, these treasures impossible to collect by other sects. This could be said to be an unimaginable opportunity.

It was precisely under this type of situation that the Wind Clan took action, suppressing Shi Hao, not allowing him to participate, and even sending him into a dangerous land where he almost died.


Shi Hao raised his hand. Five streaks of divine light immediately shot out from his fingers, blasting towards the individuals before him.


Sounds of precious artifacts shattering rang out. Those individuals cried out loudly.


The sound of bone texts being erased rang out. It was extremely gentle and soft, but it was quite shocking. One had to bear in mind that this time, these individuals ignited their potential, using the most powerful divine abilities they had, yet everything was blown through with a single attack.


The sound of blood splashing out could be heard. They carried expressions of unwillingness as the space between their brows was blasted through. They then collapsed into a pool of blood.

He was just that powerful, his advance unstoppable, obliterating several great experts with a raise of his hand, leaving the cultivators from the three thousand provinces who were captured stupefied.

"How daring!"

Feng Xingtian was angry. He didn't wish to let Xuan Kun go, so he attacked with everything he had, wishing to kill his opponent, but he never expected his own men to be killed so quickly.


Shi Hao revealed a strange expression, because some of them were official disciples. When they died, their life saving bone symbols remained, currently absorbing essence blood, wishing to escape.


Shi Hao released a shout, forming a fist imprint, and then smashing out, blasting them all apart!

These were originally the divine symbols bestowed by the academy's elders, possessing life-saving miraculous effects. However, none of those people were able to escape.


Immediately afterwards, dark light surged, vast and boundless, completely submerging Shi Hao within. Feng Xingtian took action, wanting to suppress and kill him.

This was dark attribute energy, originating from an ancient heavenly art.

Shi Hao didn't try to face it. A pair of lightning divine wings appeared on his back, and with a light shake, the skies were shattered, quickly avoiding this strike.

He didn't wish to join the battle yet, hoping for the two to continue fighting. He didn't feel any obligation to help Xuan Kun out from his predicament, nor did he want to fight a life and death battle with Feng Xingtian right now.

Everything could wait until those two's intense battle concluded!

Shi Hao chose to watch as a bystander, standing there just like that.

Of course, Feng Xingtian wouldn't permit this type of situation. Even if he was still dealing with the powerful Xuan Kun, he still took action again, displaying a type of darkness precious technique that was incredibly powerful. Black mists overflowed into the sky, attacking Shi Hao.

Right at this time, the void trembled. A bright moon soared, scattering the darkness, blossoming at Feng Xingtian's side. He suffered an attack.

Princes Yao Yue came to assist Xuan Kun, taking action decisively.

She was also injured, but right now, she pursued justice without second thoughts, releasing a world shocking attack. It was because if Xuan Kun fell, with herself already seriously injured, once she was found by Feng Xingtian here, she would likely be in danger as well.

At the same time, she had always maintained a relationship of alliance with Xuan Kun, so helping the other party out would result in gratitude.

Shi Hao laughed. Things actually developed like this, becoming a muddled battle.

"Crucifix divine dao!" Feng Xingtian shouted coldly.

His arms moved, producing two streaks of light, one black, one white. They intersected, forming an enormous cross. Great dao symbols surged, incredibly terrifying, slaughtering its way over towards Yao Yue.


It was as if a divine drum was rumbling in the void, the sounds heavy, shaking up everyone's souls.

Immortal energy immediately surged. This was a clash between the most powerful individuals!

Unfortunately, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun were both already seriously injured, not at their best. Otherwise, with the two joining hands, Feng Xingtian would definitely be nursing a grievance.


Yao Yue and Xuan Kun coughed out blood. However, Feng Xingtian wasn't all that well off, complexion flushed red, blood appearing at the corners of his lips.


Feng Xingtian released a grunt. He displayed a type of darkness ancient heavenly art. Demonic clouds surged. His entire body vanished, only darkness covering the great earth.

Yao Yue and Xuan Kun shouted, both of them also doing everything they could to take action, using the heavenly arts they inherited. People like them naturally had the most powerful methods.


The sun and moon became without light, heaven and earth losing color. A violent explosion erupted here, producing an irregular scene between heaven and earth, everything seemingly disappearing from existence, heading towards an end.

The heavenly dome exploded!

Chaotic energy ravaged this place.

Even though this was Immortal Battlefield, the great earth sturdy, right now, it continuously collapsed, revealing a massive underground palace.

Everyone here became stunned. They actually ended up blasting open an underground palace.

The darkness scattered, primal chaos disappearing. The massive underground palace revealed an indistinct scene, hiding in an abyss.

A faint fragrance wafted outwards, that was… divine medicine!

Shi Hao's mind jumped. He immediately knew that the headless creature likely came from this place!

The others also understood, quickly rushing down.

Cries of alarm sounded. There was a stalk of divine medicine in the abyss after all. It rushed into the earth, moving quickly, fleeing into the underground palace.

At this time, Shi Hao couldn't stay uninvolved any longer. He quickly rushed over, about to enter the underground palace.

It was clear that this was an ancient cave.


Princess Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and Feng Xingtian fought again, this time even more intense, all of them using the most powerful divine abilities, bone texts surging, the void being blasted open.


When things slightly calmed down, they all coughed out blood. However, Feng Xingtian's state was clearly much better. He released a large shout, moreover producing terrifying magical imprints, wishing to activate the final unmatched heavenly art.


Right at this moment, Shi Hao took action. He also formed imprints, diving down from above. In that instant, he seemed to have turned into six individuals, producing six types of magical imprints.

In reality, there was still only one true body, just that he was too fast, giving others a type of illusion.

He was borrowing the magical imprints to display an ancient heavenly art -- Six Dao Reincarnations!

When this heavenly art appeared, the sky and earth lost color, the atmosphere immediately changing, making others feel suffocated.

Shi Hao formed imprints, attacking Feng Xingtian.

Everyone in the battlefield was shocked, as if they realized something.

Princess Yao Yue's eyes surged with radiance, staring at Shi Hao. However, she didn't hesitate, coordinating with him, also attacking towards Feng Xingtian.

As for Xuan Kun, there was even less of a need to say anything. He hated Feng Xingtian bitterly, similarly taking action.


This place exploded, primal chaos appearing, countless symbols surging. The most terrifying great collision erupted. 

Feng Xingtian's darkness heavenly art was no match. He was blasted out, blood coughed out from his mouth.

Despite this, he still clenched his teeth, forcefully rushing towards the underground palace.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Shi Hao shouted, forming the Six Dao Reincarnations imprint again, displaying the ancient heavenly art, suppressing towards him!

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