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Chapter 1121 - Underground Palace

The abyss was enormous. After experiencing a battle, the earth around it collapsed even further, becoming more and more grand. 

The underground palace was vast, unexpectedly an expanse of underground buildings. It was unknown just how many years had passed, but they still stood tall.

Feng Xingtian was the first to rush inside, entering the underground palace.

To their surprise, there weren't any terrifying symbols, entering quite smoothly, no unexpected dangers happening.

A green ancient tree grew here, as if carved from green jade. Regardless of whether it was leaves, trunk, or roots, everything was like this, green and lush, full of vitality.

Ever since coming to this ancient battlefield, everything he saw was reddish-brown, the earth dry and ice-cold, lacking vitality. He never expected to see this type of plant in the underground world.

"Yi?" Shi Hao had just entered the underground palace when he felt that something was wrong. It was because the plants were flourishing, a bit strange.

This was a world of its own!

This was a small world, far from being as simple as the overcast underground palace from before. The scene inside completely changed.

There were many trees, strong and vigorous.

The underground palace's ancient structures they saw before were hidden within these lush and luxuriant plants, some of them inside of forests.


Black energy overflowed. Feng Xingtian took action. Another Dark Demon Fist smashed outwards, attacking at Shi Hao to stop him.

However, it was clearly too hard for him to kill his opponent. If people of this level began fighting, there was no way a conclusion could be reached in a short amount of time.

"I am unwilling to accept this! Do you dare fight me alone?" Feng Xingtian said.

"Even if I fought you alone, you still aren't my opponent!" Shi Hao said.

"What a joke. If I fought you alone, killing you won't even take much effort!" Feng Xingtian remained extremely arrogant.

The corners of Shi Hao's lips curled slightly. He released a cold laugh and said, "Then perfect, there's only the two of us here, so feel free to give it a try."

A pleasant sounding laughter sounded. Princess Yao Yue nodded and said, "You two can fight all you want, the two of us definitely won't interfere!"

While speaking, she rushed into the underground palace depths, entering the lush ancient trees to carefully search about.

Xuan Kun also left, entering the palace in search of immortal karma.

Feng Xingtian raised his hand, forming a mysterious magical imprint. It was no longer surging dark energy, but instead a type of crazy wind. His clan wasn't called the Wind Clan for no reason.

Earth, fire, wind, water, the four primary elements, the wind attribute making up the basis of their clan. Not only was the precious technique world shocking, there was also a corresponding ancient heavenly art!

In that instant, wind roared about the underground palace. It was as if heavenly thunder exploded, the scene astonishing. When watching from the distance, large amounts of stars appeared, blown down by the great wind, smashing down towards Shi Hao.

This was an irregular scene!

Feng Xingtian naturally couldn't blow down the stars in the sky, but that type of irregular scene wasn't completely unfounded. Their old ancestor did accomplish this in the past, the stars in the sky falling down with the wind from a single thought.

This was enough to speak of how frightening this clan's powerful individual was!


Suddenly, a streak of moonlight shone down from the distance, sweeping towards Feng Xingtian. Yao Yue took action.

At the same time, Xuan Kun also released a grunt, displaying a great method. Earthen energy pervaded the air. A tremendous wave of power smashed over, attacking Feng Xingtian.

The two said they would stay out of it, yet it was all fake. 

They wanted to immediately eliminate Feng Xingtian!

"I knew you all wouldn't keep to your promises." Feng Xingtian said coldly.

"What promise is there to speak of with you?" Xuan Kun said coldly. He was attacked from the back when he was recuperating, almost dying, so he naturally carried a great hatred inside.

As for Yao Yue, it was only because she felt that Feng Xingtian posed too great of a threat, because he not only grasped the Wind Clan's inheritance, he also obtained some type of darkness ancient heavenly art, an extremely dangerous individual.

"I'm going to kill you all!" Feng Xingtian roared. In the crazy winds, black haze covered the sun and earth, surrounding this place.

His figure went into hiding, disappearing from this place.

This place immediately became dark, nothing visible anymore.

The other three opened their Heavenly Eyes, carefully searching about. Those with exceptional talent like them, cultivating three strands of immortal energy, normally speaking, naturally could open Heavenly Eyes.

However, even though they opened their Heavenly Eyes, it was still a bit difficult for them to see through the darkness, to the extent where even their divine senses were seriously affected.

The darkness heavenly art and Wind Clan's foundational force worked together, the effects astonishingly great. The two types of ancient methods complimented each other, becoming more and more frightening and powerful.


In that instant, a black war spear swept out, almost cutting open a terrifying wound across Xuan Kun's waist. It was smashed aside by his palm, avoiding this disaster.


Within the wind sounds, a vibrating noise rang out. The black shadow within was too fast, rushing murderously at Princess Yao Yue. The two clashed fiercely, fighting a life and death battle. Immediately afterwards, they separated. The chest of princess Yao Yue, who previously suffered injuries from the battle between four great experts, rose and fell, clearly feeling quite the pressure. She received more serious injuries.


An enormous sound rang out, exploding by Shi Hao's ears. The darkness was everywhere. Feng Xingtian was already taking action against him, attacking him from the darkness.

Only, Shi Hao's reaction was too fast, immediately supporting his single heavenly passage, locking down everything. He then attacked in a berserk manner, tangling with that figure, unleashing the most intense blows.

There were naturally quite a few people who arrived above the abyss, already seeing the indistinct palace.

Right now, a few people couldn't hold back, rushing down. They also wanted to explore this place, wishing to obtain the immortal dao inheritance.

Only, as soon as these geniuses descended and entered this palace's small world, they immediately felt a wave of shock, as well as a great pressure.


The geniuses who approached had just opened their mouths, and then silently turned into bloody paste, unable to even release a cry, scattering away along with that terrifying wind.

One had to bear in mind that they were all official disciples, yet when they entered the underground palace's small world, they were all erased by Feng Xingtian's domain.

One could imagine how intense the struggle between the great experts was. Outsiders had just entered their battlefield, yet already suffered such tragic ends.

Then, several more people came, similarly unable to escape disaster, disintegrating under the precious techniques of several great experts.

Fortunately, their life saving symbols displayed their use, absorbing the essence blood, and then all of the bone symbols rushed into the sky, fleeing this place.

This time, the people above the abyss saw this, every single one of them turning pale with fright. Those bone symbols were given to them by the elders, used to protect their lives. They never thought that unexpected things would happen to the ones who went down so quickly.

If they didn't have the bone symbol, those people would definitely be dead, completely dying.

"Heavens, what is going on? Even the official disciples of the academy will die instantly after going down? Too terrifying!"

"Listen, there's wind sounds below, it's most likely Wind Clan's heavenly talent displaying might!"

"Wu, but who is the one he is fighting? To actually be able to injure him, I wonder what the situation is like now."

Above the abyss, everyone was discussing among themselves, full of expectation, wishing to know who exactly was stronger and who was weaker.

In the underground palace, this small world wasn't that small, lush green and full of life, ancient trees reaching into the heavens.

Currently, the battle in the darkness was extremely intense. Shi Hao and the others clashed from time to time, but they didn't tangle about each other while fighting, instead carrying out a type of hunting, all of them searching for each other.

This was even more dangerous, because the slightest carelessness would result in being taken out by another.

Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, Shi Hao, Feng Xingtian, all of their minds were extremely taut, not daring to show the slightest bit of carelessness.

Shi Hao took action, forming the Six Dao Reincarnations imprint, this time producing another type of unusual profound mystery. Six black holes appeared before him, as if they were the entrances to six worlds.

Wind sounds roared about, able to blast gods and devils to pieces, hack down the sun and moon. However, this time, it was a bit ineffective. The great method Feng Xingtian activated didn't display any effects.

It was because the endless great wind was completely absorbed by the six black holes.


At this time, Shi Hao rushed forward as well, sending his fist smashing down, making the earth quake. This fist was too ferocious, smashing Feng Xingtian's arm until it was in great pain, body staggering, blood flowing out from his mouth.

Six Dao Reincarnations, producing six black holes, as if they were the gates into six worlds. They rotated about, tangling together, mysterious and unfathomable.

They fought while rushing into the underground palace depths, witnessing many scenes along the way.

Blood splashed outwards. They continuously fought against each other, not a single person uttering a sound, fighting in the darkness like that, continuously receiving injuries as they approached their destination.

A streak of divine light flickered about. That was unexpectedly a divine medicine. It quickly rushed into the earth, escaping.

Then, they saw a pool surging with spiritual essence. Could it be that the headless creature was buried right here?

"Kill Feng Xingtian first!" Princess Yao Yue suggested.

"Fine!" Shi Hao nodded, speaking as if this was something that was inevitable.

Xuan Kun also joined, surrounding Feng Xingtian, wishing to finally kill him this time.

"Yi, why is there immortal energy rising from this pond?"

Suddenly, they were all shocked. The pool beside them was extremely shabby, yet there were bits of immortal energy in the spiritual essence. It left them pleasantly surprised, full of expectations.

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