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Chapter 1118 - Wind Clan's Appearance

He rushed forward like the wind, shooting through the sky like a streak of lightning. Shi Hao's speed was too fast. He moved through this reddish-brown great earth, not restraining his powerful divine senses at all.

He was searching for divine medicines, but of course, if there really were immortal caves, then that would be even better, achieving the greatest objective of this journey.

Wasn't the reason they came to Immortal Battlefield precisely for dao books, immortal artifacts? If he wanted to obtain any of this, then it'll definitely come from those caves sealed until now.

The red-furred beasts withdrew, peace restored to the mountain region. There was only wind whistling past, a desolate wuwu murmuring sounding in this place.

Shi Hao left behind streak after streak of afterimages. He didn't hold back, fully displaying his divine abilities and cultivation to move quickly. He already examined this entire region, but didn't discover anything.

"Be careful, even though those people are all injured, they are still formidable. We can't disturb them."

Suddenly, Shi Hao heard voices. There were people approaching him. Those were a few extremely powerful individuals, roaming about like ghosts on this earth, just like him, searching for something.

It was clear to see that news of Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, Yao Yu, and Xuan Kun's great battles had spread out, stirring up some thoughts. There were terrifying individuals who came.

Who was this person? After learning of Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and the others' competition, actually still dared to come explore? There definitely weren't many people like this, the number countable.

Shi Hao followed behind them, secretly observing for a bit. He was then quite shocked. The bone mirrors and other things in their hands were quite unordinary, actually able to explore underground.

They were looking for an underground secret treasury!

"Wu, I wonder if master will kill the young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy. If that happens, it will definitely affect many things." Someone said softly.

When Shi Hao heard this, his expression couldn't help but change. There was a terrifying figure who came after all, from the look of things already moving out alone to kill competitors.

In Immortal Battlefield, those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy were all competitors who were thinking of ways to defeat the other party, from this receive the academy's full support.

At that time, they might even get True Dragon blood, and all of it will be used on those few individuals!

Shi Hao looked about nearby, not discovering these people's master. He quickly returned. If that fella encountered Wang Xi, things might turn out very bad for her.

Wang Xi's injuries were more serious than the other three's. If she encountered someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, she would definitely not be a match.

When Shi Hao returned, the mountain region was quiet. Wang Xi disappeared, her whereabouts unknown.

"Not good!" He frowned. Did that person really come and capture Wang Xi? Or did they kill her?

There was no corpse or bloodstains, things worth rejoicing over.

Shi Hao released his divine senses, carefully searching through this region.

"I am here!" Suddenly, he heard a message, and then he saw a pale-faced Wang Xi stand up from behind a giant boulder.

Shi Hao rushed over, carefully examining her. She didn't fight an intense battle against anyone.

"Someone came just now, but fortunately, I hid in time. That was an extremely terrifying individual." Wang Xi said, even now feeling some lingering fear.

It was because that person was too powerful, definitely cultivated three strands of immortal energy. Darkness surrounded him as soon as he appeared, as if he was a king of sovereigns.

Wang Xi had a secret treasure from her clan that allowed her to restrain all aura. Even though that darkness covered the mountain land, it still couldn't find her, unable to discover her existence.

"Is it the Wind Clan?" Shi Hao asked. After following those people for a bit, he began to suspect that the so-called master might be Feng Xingtian.

"It is him. I never expected Feng Clan's young supreme being to not only cultivate his own family's inheritance to an astonishing level, he even ended up obtaining a type of ancient darkness heavenly art." Wang Xi said.

She had previously heard that Feng Xingtian was someone with great luck, receiving the protection of heaven, obtaining various types of opportunities. He had even discovered an ancient historical remain, obtaining a type of heavenly art partial towards darkness.

"Hey, remove the diamond band on my head." Shi Hao pointed at the band on his head. He didn't think this thing could restrict him, nor could it injure him.

However, it was too hard for him to take it off himself unless he cut it apart with the Everlasting Immortal Sword. However, he feared that this artifact would self destruct, thus injuring his primordial spirit.

"What are you trying to do?" Wang Xi asked.

"There are people that need to die, but this diamond band is too conspicuous. Even with my long hair covering it, if someone looks carefully, they will still be able to see some clues." Shi Hao said.

Wang Xi hesitated a bit, but she still helped him remove the diamond band. "Don't act recklessly."

"Don't worry, if I can encounter Lu Tuo or Feng Xingtian, if there is a chance, I will definitely kill them in your place." Shi Hao said.

Then, he asked if she would be safe here alone.

"You don't have to worry, I have a secret treasure here that can withdraw all of my aura. You don't need to think about me." Wang Xi said directly. In her opinion, keeping this unreliable fella at her side might bring even more trouble.

Shi Hao left, this time free from worry, no longer feeling restraining fear. His divine senses became even sharper, spreading in all directions and searching about.

"Xuan Kun!"

Shi Hao sensed his aura, never expecting to find him so quickly, unexpectedly discovering his traces.

Xuan Kun was injured, speeding along on his own as if he was running. Someone was chasing after him.

Then, a great darkness surged, quickly approaching. A world shaking collision erupted between the two, the mountain peaks in all directions collapsing.

That was a confrontation of heavenly arts, a life and death struggle.

Shi Hao didn't move, instead observing from the distance. He couldn't help but frown, deeply understanding how difficult it was to kill one with three strands of immortal energy. Xuan Kun was even seriously injured, yet he could still defend himself.

In reality, in the confrontation just now, Xuan Kun's injuries became even worse. His body was clearly contorting, but he still didn't die.

Shi Hao didn't take action, watching carefully from the distance.

"Is that really Feng Xingtian?" Shi Hao took precautions. He had no choice but to view this person as a dangerous individual, his evaluation of the other party raised a level.

It was because this person really was extremely powerful, strength terrifying.

He didn't display his true body, instead shrouded in darkness, only shadows emerging, surrounding Xuan Kun, trading attacks, suppressing him.

The battle continued. The battlefield changed. Shi Hao followed behind, ready to take action at any time.

Soon afterwards, when he was a thousand li from the battlefield, Shi Hao was shocked. It was because he heard a few voices that sounded familiar.

"Three thousand provinces' cultivators!" He was shocked.

When he moved, temporarily leaving that battlefield, he saw some familiar people like Zhen Gu and Teng Yi. The former grasped the congealed blood spear that was impossible to defend against, the latter Firegold Clan's inheritor who had exceptional strength.

However, this extraordinariness was still only among exceptional talents. They didn't cultivate immortal energy, so they were chased to this place by some individuals.

Wind Clan's people were forcing them to search about this region!

"These people are just too weak, not even cultivating immortal energy, yet they can still enter the academy? Really are living up to their reputation of being three thousand provinces' trash!" Some laughed coldly.

"The three thousand provinces are pretty much a joke already. If not because there are a few people whose origins are unordinary, suspected to be the disciples of sects established by the Nine Heavens' secluded experts, the others really are lacking. Apart from those few individuals, there's not a single individual worth looking at."

"Wu, you definitely can't speak like that. Who knows, they might leap out like fish and turn into dragons in the Heavenly Deity Realm, haha…" Someone on the side laughed in an unbridled manner, the contempt undisguised.

However, there really were experts among them, because some of them were official disciples of the academy. It was because the Wind Clan was powerful enough, one of the most frightening long life clans, a power they could rely on.

This time, they moved together with Feng Xingtian's followers, searching through this region.

They heard that the four great young supreme beings were all seriously injured, and that there might be an immortal cave here. As such, they immediately rushed over to investigate.

At the same time, out of fear that they might not have enough people, they forced the three thousand provinces' people to search this place too.

"I heard that it was Wind Clan elders' personal order to suppress the Three Thousand Dao Provinces' Huang for ten years."

"There was this rumor, it should be like this. It is rumored the the Wind Clan's old ancestor didn't get along with one of the so-called Desolate Border's seven kings. That unmatched expert belonged to the Stone Clan."

When Shi Hao heard this from the distance, he was greatly alarmed.

There was still this type of thing? It actually involved the Desolate Border, related to one of the seven great kings!

"The Three Thousand Dao Provinces really have declined, only producing trash, where is the glory of the past? These people aren't worthy of coming here, can only be ordered around." One of them said.

"Shh, lower your voice. After all, the other party have had their noble times, being geniuses in that lower realm, haha." Someone ridiculed.

Shi Hao silently appeared from the distance, walking towards this direction.


With a raise of his hand, brilliant light shone. A golden war blade condensed from lightning appeared, exceptionally sharp. With a ferocious sweep, blood splashed several dozen feet into the air.

"Ah…" Someone cried out loudly.

There were many people hacked at the waist, blood splashing out in all directions.

"Who are you?!" Someone indignantly rebuked.

In addition, the distant Feng Xingtian also heard this, a terrifying aura engulfing in this direction.

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