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Chapter 1117 - No End

Princess Yao Yue was escaping towards the distance, snow-white dress becoming bright red, the color coming from her own true blood. Moonlight surrounded her body, her pure white ivory body trembling slightly, injuries extremely serious.


From the rear, Lu Tuo and Wang Xi also quickly separated, not further pursuing Yao Yue. Meanwhile, the two also ran in different directions.

This battle concluded just like that, truly unexpected.

The four young supreme beings were injured, moreover all so seriously, all of them feeling apprehension towards the others, not daring to continue fighting. They all chose to retreat.

Shi Hao's eyes were deep, light flickering about. He was contemplating who to kill. In that instant, he made his decision, deciding to go kill Lu Tuo!

However, he had only begun to move when a terrifying fluctuation transmitted from the horizon, boundless and immeasurable, as if a sea of stars were falling into this world, smashing into the great earth.

One could see the the reddish-brown great earth was rumbling, continuously splitting apart.

A powerful divine will swept out, engulfing the mountains and rivers, all things moving, the scenery astonishing, many mountain peaks splitting apart.

Shi Hao was shocked, coming to a stop. Who was that? The mysterious aura was actually this terrifying, too shocking! Who could fight against that? How were they supposed to resist?

He hid behind a giant rock, not moving, calmly observing the situation.

Silently, a figure appeared on the tallest giant mountain. That area was extremely indistinct under the dusky lightning. The shadow was heroic, figure tall and straight, releasing a stifling pressure.

Shi Hao didn't dare use his Heavenly Eyes out of fear of drawing attention. This person's aura was too frightening, as if a turn of his hands could strike down the sun, moon, and stars.

This was a headless corpse!

Shi Hao was shocked. Even though he didn't use his Heavenly Eyes, he still saw clearly that this person didn't have a head. His back was turned to this direction, neck bloody, as if its head wasn't severed too long ago.

Those battle clothes, the ruined armor, everything was saying that he was someone from the ancient times.

"It most likely lost its head many years ago. His body carries an ancient aura, even that scarlet blood is like this."

Shi Hao was startled by his own conclusion. Was this headless creature still alive? His movements didn't seem to be affected at all.

He was like a paramount battle immortal, his skin suffused with remaining immortal energy, even more a type of terrifying demonic nature.

As he stood there alone, it was as if he could cut down the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

Suddenly, he disappeared.

However, this place immediately collapsed. Following a honglong sound, many mountain peaks exploded. Countless large black cracks split on the surface, extending for who knew how many li.

Shi Hao saw his indistinct rear figure rush towards the golden warship they came on. The ground was a mess, the red-furred beasts nearby and other vicious creatures all disintegrating under that violent fluctuation, bodies and spirits erased, no longer existing.

This type of strength was too frightening, making one shiver inwardly.

Fortunately, the others weren't here. Otherwise, the losses would be tragic.

Only now did Shi Hao get up. He discovered Wang Xi several li away, currently gesturing towards him. Turns out she didn't leave either, hiding in the dark.

At this time, her injuries became even worse, because the sudden fluctuations just now had affected her quite a bit. She was hiding right beneath the peak that headless corpse was standing on.

"What is that thing?" Shi Hao asked. He believed that Wang Xi who came from a long life family definitely knew much more than him.

"Someone who previously died in this battlefield. After having been beheaded, the body still possesses vigor. After being buried in places with divine medicine, it continued to exist until now." Wang Xi explained.

She knew after all. Based on what she said, that thing developed intelligence, now able to leave the divine medicine area. Because of some of the power that remained in its flesh until now, it was still extremely terrifying.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. The headless creature just now could be said to be extremely terrifying, his strength unimaginable. Meanwhile, this was just some leftover strength of the past?

"Don't forget what kind of place this is, Immortal Battlefield. Those who could participate in this battle all exceed sect master level, impossible to measure, even immortal kings and others included among these!" Wang Xi rolled her eyes at him.

"How is your condition? Need me to carry you?" Shi Hao spread his arms.

Wang Xi glared at him. Was this person really stupid or was he faking, looking deadly earnest, speaking so casually and normally.

"Even if I am injured, there is still no need for you to butt in. Even if you were trying to help me, it should still be on the back, right?" Wang Xi said.

"Then I'll carry you on my back." Shi Hao said.

"No need!" Wang Xi wiped off the trace of blood from the corners of her lips. Even though her complexion was a bit pale, her exceptional style wasn't diminished, still an exceptional fairy no matter how one looked at her, making many holy children feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Only, after she walked a set distance, she couldn't support herself anymore, body staggering a bit.

When the four great young experts clashed, it could be said that all four were defeated, all of their foundations injured. If it was an ordinary person, they would have died. Injuries from ancient heavenly arts were great dao injuries, extremely difficult to recover from.

Fortunately, none of them were ordinary. They cultivated three strands of immortal energy, which was why they could continue living, able to recover after some time.

Of course, the reason why Wang Xi's injuries were mainly still was because of that headless creature. He trampled the great peak with a single stamp of his feet, making the surrounding great earth explode. At that time, Wang Xi was at the base of the mountain, too close, which was why she suffered so greatly.

Shi Hao moved beside her, seemingly oblivious to these changes, not offering support.

Wang Xi coughed out a bit of blood, extremely discontent. She turned around, giving him a look, saying, "Why are you so oblivious?"

"Didn't you say you don't need my help?" Shi Hao said, speaking while supporting her, asking, "Seeing how weak you are now, the other three are not much better. If I bring you to kill them, it should be quite easy right?"

"Forget it, after cultivating three strands of immortal energy and producing great dao flowers, their fighting strength will undergo a fundamental change, you are far from being their opponent." Wang Xi shook her head.

Shi Hao curled his lips. He wasn't worried at all. Even though he didn't reach the Heavenly Deity Realm yet, he already cultivated two great dao flowers, so he had confidence in taking action.

"Dao to one, one to two, two to three, three to all things. When three flowers gather at the crown, it will be far greater than your imaginations, greater than people who have two dao flowers. You should not be too self-confident." Wang Xi said.

Shi Hao didn't continue arguing, changing the topic and saying, "Just now, that headless creature headed towards our warship, nothing bad will happen as a result, right? Will those elders be able to hold on?" 

"The academy's number two expert came, and with the Nine Phoenix Furnace, there is definitely no problem. Heavenly deity institution is far more powerful than your imagination, built by a group of ancient existences hidden within the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, deep and immeasurable." Wang Xi said.

"Then that's good, our path of return won't be cut off then." Shi Hao nodded.

After walking for a bit, Wang Xi couldn't really hold on anymore. She took another divine pill, but was still extremely weak. The main reason was because her foundation was wounded, receiving great dao injuries.

"Need my back?" Shi Hao asked.

When Wang Xi heard this, she first gave him a look, and then her palm shone, producing a carriage that released seven-colored flowing light.

They got on the war chariot together. Shi Hao was in charge of operating it. Even though there were no divine beasts pulling it, they could still move through the air, speed extremely fast.

"This carriage exhausts too much divine force…" Shi Hao grumbled.

"If you try anything else with me, I'll chant an incantation to shrink the diamond band on your head, tighten your primordial spirit." Wang Xi's beautiful eyes blinked as she spoke gently.

"Young miss, you're thinking too much, I just don't want to waste too much divine force. Do you think I want to carry you on my back?" Shi Hao said.

Finally, they left this place. Meanwhile, the beast tide also scattered at this time, the red-furred beasts becoming fewer. They descended in a quiet place.

Based on Wang Xi's suspicions, there was definitely a precious land nearby with divine medicines planted, that headless corpse's place of residence. There might even be immortal dao inheritances.

They prepared to look around, to unearth the secret land covered in dust.

The headless creature could exist all this time, flesh possessing vitality, so based on her speculations, there was definitely a place with divine medicines.

The two were hoping to discover an immortal cave that hadn't been investigated yet. If that was the case, then their harvest would be too great.

"You treat your own injuries, I'm going to look around for that ancient land. If I encounter Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun or the others, I'll conveniently get rid of them along the way." Shi Hao said.

"Can you be a bit more humble?" Wang Xi rolled her eyes.

"I am the most humble person, always speaking the truth, why don't you believe me?" Shi Hao put on a sincere look.

"Since you have such great skill, then kill Yao Yue for me." It was clear that Wang Xi felt great resentment towards Yao Yue. It was because in the joint attack not long ago, Yao Yue released the most vicious attacks against her, over half of her dao injuries created by Yao Yue's ancient heavenly art.

"Oh, then I'll just catch her to warm the bed." Shi Hao said.

"Get out of my sight! Don't speak nonsense here and disturb my peace!" Wang Xi didn't want to say anything else to him out of fear of having her ears dirtied. She felt like this fella was becoming more and more unreliable.


Shi Hao disappeared. He moved about in this ancient region in search of the divine medicine secret land, at the same time searching for Yao Yue, Lu Tuo and others.

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