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Chapter 1114 - Killing Yuan Feng

Dragons streaked across the skies, irregular scenes brilliant and varied!

Shi Hao's fist blasted through the heavens, the divine symbols around him burning like flames, raging resplendently, this strike incredibly domineering.

Yuan Feng's expression immediately changed. He quickly activated a magical artifact to protect himself.

This was a spear that was overflowing with brilliant colors. It illuminated the heavens, making the void collapse with a single strike, the cracks extending out several li, power extremely great.


Shi Hao's fist directly smashed down on the spearpoint, smashing together with the golden spear point. There was no blood that flowed, but rather blinding radiance that erupted.

Under keng qiang sounds, his fist smashed apart the golden spear point. Several hundred fragments shot out in all directions.

In that instant, it was as if a meteor shower filled the skies, smashing down into the great earth, beautiful and astonishing. The scene was a bit too grand, filling the reddish-brown earth with holes.


Immediately afterwards, the entire golden spear exploded. Not only the spear point, but the long shaft also broke apart, this place extremely brilliant.

Shi Hao's iron-blooded fist possessed exceptional power, stirring up terrifying blood energy that spread outwards. The void trembled, leaving everyone in the surroundings in shock.


Yuan Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood. His arm contorted, feeling incomparable pain. Just now, the power that passed through the spear from that fist made his complexion pale.

If he didn't have the golden spear, he might have died there and then.

This was a secret treasure made from rare divine materials, yet in the end, it couldn't even take a single hit from this person's fist, forcibly blasted apart.

Yuan Feng was extremely decisive, quickly withdrawing. He was like a dark blue Peng that spreads its wings, fierce and imposing, about to run.

He knew that he couldn't fight this person head on. If he stayed behind, he would undoubtedly die.

The surrounding people were shocked. Yuan Feng's strength spoke for itself, yet in front of this person, he was shaken up until he coughed out blood, not daring to clash head on, directly running.

Who was this? They couldn't see clearly, because right now, Shi Hao was surrounded by divine symbols, too brilliant. Golden flames blazed around his body.

With him at the center, it was as if there was a huge ball of fire, divine flames overflowing into the heavens, raging flames boundless, no one able to see this humanoid figure's true appearance.

Yuan Feng guessed at the truth, because in that instant, he saw those eyes. They were like the ones he saw that day in heavenly deity institution, calm, extremely confident, too easy-going.

Moreover, there was a type of ridicule in those eyes, even more so contempt, not treating him like anything significant at all.

"Could it really be him?!" He trembled inwardly. How did he suddenly become so strong? This far exceeded his imagination.

He ran quickly, but the pursuer was even faster, arriving in the blink of an eye. He could feel the berserkness of that fist as it roared over.

This already wasn't just a simple fist, but rather like a tsunami. The noise shattered the skies, raging waves beating against the shore, smashing over.

Before the fist arrived, that wave of heat, boundless fist winds already reached him, sending him flying, coughing blood out in large mouthfuls!

This person was just too frightening! Yuan Feng simply didn't believe that just a servant could suppress someone with two strands of immortal energy so easily, that he wasn't the other party's match.

Who exactly was he? He definitely had another identity, likely not much inferior to Lu Tuo or Wang Xi by much, right? He was shocked by this type of speculation.

An expert mysteriously appeared, someone who was willing to keep a low profile and infiltrate heavenly deity institution.

He suspected that this person likely cultivated three strands of immortal energy, or else there was no way he could be this powerful.

However, those who could cultivate three strands of immortal energy were like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, too rare. Where did this person jump out from, why was it so abrupt?

It had to be said that Yuan Feng's reactions were sharp, immediately thinking of a name -- Huang!

Could it be that cultivator from the three thousand provinces? When he thought of this possibility, his entire body became ice-cold, immediately becoming scared.

That person had previously been banished to Origin Ancient Mine by his grandfather, leaving without coming back, rumored to be dead. An exceptionally powerful genius died an untimely death, unexpectedly falling.

Yuan Feng broke out into a cold shiver, fine hairs standing on end, already coming to this conclusion. Did that person come back alive?

He went cold from head to toe, finally knowing why this person came for him, wishing to powerfully suppress and kill him. This was a disaster created by his grandfather, and now, he was here for revenge.

Moreover, just now, he humiliated the cultivators of the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, looking down on them, perfectly seen now by this person, so he was likely going to settle both things at the same time.


The wind stirred by that fist sent him flying out like a leaf, large amounts of blood coughed out.

Yuan Feng was greatly alarmed, wishing to run. He decisively shifted sideways, turning around. He opened his mouth, spitting out a speck of light towards Shi Hao.

That speck of light quickly enlarged, unexpectedly a tortoiseshell, snow-white like jade. It increased in size to several zhang in height, forming a shield to protect him, stop that fist wind.


He released a great shout. He had no other choice, had to use the most powerful precious artifact he had on him. This was a magical artifact with tremendous origins, material shocking, rumored to be a tortoiseshell fragment that came from a supreme being.

As Yuan Qing's descendant, how could he not have good stuff? This wondrous object, if it was traded in the outside world, would trigger great bloody battles.

When Shi Hao saw this, he released a cold laugh. He produced the Everlasting Immortal Sword, and then with a light stroke, the white tortoiseshell was blasted away. It made the cracks that were already on its surface shine, widening greater.


This noise sounded. Yuan Feng's expression changed.

This was the fragment of a former supreme treasure! Even though its essence had flowed away, already damaged, it was definitely enough to stop cultivators at the heavenly deity level, impossible to blast through.

Yet now, this type of thing happened. The other party clearly also had extremely heaven defying things.


Another loud and clear sound rang out. Shi Hao held the sword core, piercing through the tortoiseshell, this place erupting with dazzling radiance. He slashed forward.

Yuan Feng cried out loudly, greatly alarmed inside. This type of brilliant sword made him feel the threat of death. He couldn't stop it at all.


Before the sword made contact, the sword energy already swept over. He activated all of the precious techniques he grasped, producing large amounts of dao symbols. However, bloody light flashed, his palm still pierced by the sword energy.

When they faced each other again, Shi Hao had already put away the Everlasting Immortal Sword, so fast Yuan Feng couldn't even see what the sword looked like.

Yuan Feng wanted to scream, ask others for assistance, but he discovered that apart from red-furred beasts, there weren't any other creatures. While running, he had long separated from the others.

He was hoping that Lu Tuo and the others would be nearby, but he was disappointed.

"Don't kill me!" He cried out.

"Give me a reason!"

"I am Yuan Qing's youngest grandson!" He screamed, his mind in complete chaos as he shouted out. It was because this was his greatest backing normally.

However, immediately afterwards, it was as if thunder crashed down on his head, because he suddenly remembered that this person might be Huang, someone banished by his grandfather.

"You can go on your way!" Shi Hao said, a fist smashing forward.

"Save me!" Yuan Feng cried out loudly, doing everything he could to resist, screaming as he ran into the distance.

There were people who came, but it was people from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. Those people followed along, watching from the distance, wishing to see his fall.


Shi Hao's fist smashed out, the golden multicolored light and mists in front of his face scattering. He faced Yuan Feng.

"It's you!" Yuan Feng's face became completely white. After enduring the power of this strike, his entire body trembled, his symbols blasted through, entire body surrounded by the fist strength.

Moreover, at this time, he saw Shi Hao's real appearance. His previous suspicions proved to be true.

He had previously seen Huang's portrait. It was just like this.

At the same time, he also saw his appearance change again, becoming Wang Xi's follower.

"No, my grandfather will kill you!" With despair imminent, he had no choice, could only release this trembling voice.

Only, no matter how he expressed his fear, it was useless. His body split apart, because the radiance of a fist smashed into his body.


Yuan Feng's entire body exploded, turning into a rain of blood.

Shi Hao rushed past, blasting through everything with his fist. Golden symbols covered him densely, turning into divine flame like radiance, surging and jumping around his body.

In the distance, those who followed perfectly saw this scene. When they saw his rear figure, their bodies could only shiver, completely stupefied.

War god!

This was the feeling Shi Hao's powerful rear figure gave them, blasting Yuan Feng apart with a single fist, just how frightening was this? How could it not make their bodies tremble?

"En?" Shi Hao was shocked. He saw a bone symbol that was currently quietly absorbing blood essence.

Shi Hao remembered that this was the life symbol heavenly deity institution's elders gave the official disciples. Could it be that it really had great uses?

He quickly rushed over, picking up the symbol. He unexpectedly discovered that Yuan Feng's primordial spirit was hiding inside, still not dying. After absorbing the blood essence, he might still be able to reconstruct his body.


Shi Hao directly crushed this symbol, the primordial spirit within erased as well!

Otherwise, after absorbing enough blood essence, this symbol would escape, returning to heavenly deity institution's elders, and then possibly be reborn.

Yuan Feng died just like that, blown apart by Shi Hao.

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