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Chapter 1115 - Young Supreme Being Battle

“Too weak.” Shi Hao stood there. He looked at the ruined bones on the reddish-brown earth, saying softly like this.

There were some who saw this scene from the distance. When they approached and heard his words, they were all stupefied. Who was this person?

Even Yuan Feng was too weak, how were others even supposed to live? One had to understand that Yuan Feng cultivated two strands of immortal energy, strength exceptional, dominating his area.

Shi Hao’s entire body was surrounded by symbols, not revealing his true body. He didn’t wish to expose himself yet!

However, he also didn’t want Yuan Qing to have it easy either. As a result, he carved on the ground, leaving behind a line of blood, using Yuan Feng’s blood to write the words.

The general meaning was that Yuan Qing was without morals, colluding with others to send his own grandson into heavenly deity institution, but in the end Yuan Feng was so weak, unable to endure a single blow.

Needless to say, if Yuan Qing learned of this, his hair will definitely stand up in anger, his mind full of resentment.

Yuan Feng was the grandson he doted on the most, a child blessed by heaven, great expectations placed on him. He had soaked in all types of precious liquid since he was young to refine his divine body, his strength great.

He used a secret method to assist this grandson, tempering his foundation, and then immortal energy was finally cultivated, this truly could be considered a grand occasion. There were still hopes placed on him to rise up above the Nine Heavens.

However, this person was killed so easily, blasted apart by a single fist!

Many people saw this, witnessing this scene. News will definitely spread. If he found out, he will definitely feel shock and fury.

The grandson he had exhausted so much to nurture couldn’t even take a single fist from someone else, just how lamentable was this, even more so a type of humiliation.

Of course, if he knew that it was Huang who personally did this, that this was the result of him wishing to suppress this youth for ten years, ultimately ‘banished to death’, he would be even more angry.

The day would come when truth came to light. If Yuan Qing learned about everything, he will definitely go insane.

Shi Hao left. Soon after, many people came, seeing the paragraph written in blood, all of them extremely shocked.

“Wu, Yuan Qing great one will definitely be furious, even his most beloved grandson dying in battle, and now even having his actions exposed with such cutting remarks.”

“I wonder how Yuan Qing great one will feel when he learns of this. He brought his own grandson in with such thick skin, yet he was killed by someone after just a few days had passed.”

Everyone was discussing among themselves, some of them partial towards Yuan Qing, but of course, there were those who sneered.


The great earth trembled, the swarm of red-furred beasts going mad as they attacked.

The most frightening part was that there were still a few giant beasts behind them who were even more powerful, for example, golden ancient deities, six winged demonic birds, and others.


Shi Hao blasted a golden ancient deity to death with a single fist. When he saw its ten zhang tall body collapse, turning into ominous energy again, his brows frowned. Just how long would they have to continue fighting for.

He slaughtered his way through the chaos, returning to Wang Xi’s side.

This place’s atmosphere was unexpectedly extremely nervous. Wang Xi encountered Lu Tuo, confronting each other. Princess Yao Yue was standing against Xuan Kun.

There were a few followers in their surroundings, all of them preparing to take action.

Of course, there were even more red-furred beasts who threw themselves over, as well as other powerful deities and devil monsters.

“Your timing is good, there will be a fight soon. Pay attention to their followers’ formation arrangement.” Wang Xi transmitted sound.

Shi Hao stood on a giant boulder, thus stopping, looking like he was ready to take action at any time. Regardless, right now, he stood together with the Wang Family’s young miss.

Right now, the battlefield was extremely nervous. Even though there was no great battle, it was still incredibly stifling.

Currently, even those red-furred beasts stopped their attacks, intimidated by their powerful auras, every one of them releasing low roars, not daring to approach.

Lu Tuo’s hair scattered about. He stood there, just him alone seemingly enough to suppress the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. His figure was refined as well, but the aura he released was terrifying. A formless domain spread out, making the great earth collapse, the heavenly dome warp!

Wang Xi was beautiful to a dreamlike degree, her perfect face carrying a serious expression. Her eyes were clear like autumn limpid waters as she stared at Lu Tuo on the other side.

Three strands of immortal energy appeared on Wang Xi’s body, forming flowers, blossoming and closing there. The scene was terrifying, heaven and earth trembling intensely.

This left Shi Hao shocked. Wang Xi normally looked pure and aloof like an immortal, bright and otherworldly, untainted by vulgarity, yet now, when she displayed might, she was this frightening.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun were also like this. In their area, chaotic energy appeared, surging between the two, and then erupting and exploding.

In the surroundings, the blood of red-furred beasts splashed out, completely dying.


At this moment, a great battle erupted. Regardless of whether it was Lu Tuo and Wang Xi, or Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun, they all moved.

Lu Tuo was incomparably bold and powerful. When his foot trampled down, this ancient land known as an immortal battlefield, the sturdiest battlefield, also collapsed, large black cracks extending into the distance.

He stepped outwards, stars moving and time flying, as if he was traveling between space-time, slaughtering his way forward.

His target was Shi Hao!

When Lu Tuo arrived, the void directly exploded. The main reason was because his strength was too great, incomparable, like a ruler who was going to obliterate the world.


Wang Xi took action, blocking before Shi Hao. Her hands formed imprints, a precious pitcher appearing in her hands, completely formed from magical imprints. Auspicious multicolored light surged, blasting towards Lu Tuo.

A battle between two young supreme beings erupted.

On the other side, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun also started fighting, an extremely intense, life and death struggle. Great dao flowers faded in and out of existence above their heads, chaotic light spilling in all directions like sky reaching sword energy.


A laughter sounded not far away, a bit cold, also carrying a bit of amusement and ridicule.

Lu Tuo’s followers came, Six of them in total. They directly rushed at Shi Hao, revealing strong killing intent.

“Kill!” One of them shouted. His arms moved, spreading like great Peng wings, bringing him through the air. Blinding radiance was released, throwing himself at Shi Hao.

“Yi?” Shi Hao was shocked. This person was a follower, but unexpectedly had a strand of immortal energy. There was also a great dao flower above his head that blazed brilliantly!

At the same time, the other five produced formation banners and other things, wishing to trap Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s speed was extremely fast, using the Earth to Inches great divine ability, avoiding the formations and facing the main attacker.

When he was about to approach, he was a bit startled. These individuals’ formations were quite strange, possessing great power, definitely something Lu Tuo granted them. It was a wondrous formation!

“Others might have been defeated one after another after you challenged them, but I do not fear you. Just accept death!” The one attacking at the front shouted loudly, laughing coldly endlessly.


Shi Hao activated a strand of immortal energy, condensing it with his fist, immediately destroying their formation.

The formation couldn’t close. Shi Hao was like an illusory devil as he warped and weaved about, destroying their formation banners.


At the same time, Shi Hao released a loud shout, right fist pervaded with immortal mists, erupting with the most brilliant radiance, blasting towards the main attacker.

A light pu sounded. That person flew outwards, blasted until he was badly mangled, blood flying everywhere, exploding on the spot into a bloody paste.

It was a one hit kill, killing that person.


Lu Tuo released a cold snort, as if thunder crashed down on this place, even space shattering. He used dao sound, wishing to blast Shi Hao to death.

In the time it took for sparks to fly, Shi Hao contemplated whether he should feign injuries, wait for a chance to defeat Lu Tuo in one strike, or if he should face it head on.

Wang Xi also released a dao sound, extremely soft and gentle, immediately erasing Lu Tuo’s dao sound. In addition, she moved her body to stop Lu Tuo’s path, not allowing him to kill Shi Hao.

“You should withdraw first, do not approach out battlefield.” Wang Xi transmitted sound.

She didn’t wish for Shi Hao to die for no reason, because even if he had two strands of immortal energy, strength exceptional, it would still be too difficult for him to stop Lu Tuo. Unless one cultivated three strands of immortal energy, there was not even a chance of trading blows with Lu Tuo, only be instantly killed.

In her opinion, the fact that Shi Hao could cultivate two strands of immortal energy was already not easy, worth her doing many things for him. She couldn’t let him die just like this.

Shi Hao silently withdrew, waiting for a chance!

In the distance, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun fought intensely, the battle reaching its climax. The two fought a life and death struggle, precious techniques moving the nine heavens, shattering the sky, too terrifying.

They turned into two streaks of light that tangled together, warping and weaving about as they attacked each other.


Weren’t these two fighting a life and death battle? They tangled about, rushing over with extreme speed, charging towards this battlefield, using the most powerful methods to attack this place.

Shi Hao was stunned. Weren’t these two fighting with their lives on the line? They actually suddenly joined hands, rushing at Lu Tuo and Wang Xi!

“Something’s wrong, there are three of them secretly joining up, wishing to get rid of one of them! Who is going to fall?!” Light flashed past Shi Hao’s eyes, never expecting the situation to develop like this.

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