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Chapter 1113 - Red Tide

Starlight flickered about, the reddish-brown great earth was full of a somber and desolate feeling.

This place was extremely dangerous, beyond everyone's imaginations. It was just the beginning, yet there were already those who lost their lives.

Everyone shivered inwardly, not daring to act recklessly at all. All of them revealed serious expression, preparing to enter the depths of this great earth.

Wang Xi's clothes fluttered about, three strands of immortal energy surrounding her as her lotus-like figure moved. She treated this place seriously, looking like a fairy moving under the moonlight.

Shi Hao didn't stand too far away, also on guard, walking into the boundless battlefield.

The others were like this as well. These official disciples' expression became serious, as if they were facing a great enemy. There were opportunities to be had, but also tremendous danger.

Everyone spread out in a circular manner into the ice-cold remains. All of the official disciples brought their followers, protecting them at their sides. Comparatively speaking, Wang Xi brought the fewest, only Shi Hao alone.

Even Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, and the others had more than five or six, all of them great experts.

In the distance, a slim and graceful woman moved, surrounded by moonlight, spotless and pure, exceptional. This was precisely Princess Yao Yue. She gave Wang Xi a faint smile and said, "Older sis, I heard that this is your 'dao friend' and not a servant, really is interesting. The two of your are walking together like daoist immortal companions."

Her words naturally drew attention. Even though they had all scattered, now quite far from each other, there were still some with great cultivations who had sharp ears, hearing these words clearly.

Was this a type of provocation? They had just entered the battlefield, yet a dispute was already going to start.

Heavenly deity institution's elders had hinted that battles were allowed here if appropriate, that they wouldn't investigate too deeply. This was also one of the reasons why the many official disciples treated this trip seriously.

"Wu, your eyes are quite good, able to tell from a single look." Shi Hao said. Before Wang Xi replied, he muttered smugly, considering himself to be a member of daoist immortal companions.

A few people became shocked. This fella really was good at boasting shamelessly, actually daring to speak like this. Wasn't he scared that Wang Xi would become hostile and deal with him?

Sure enough, Wang Xi's expression became rigid, her beautiful face snow-white and sparkling from the moonlight. Her eyes were like cold stars as they stared at him, a chilly aura spreading.

"I'm just joking around!" Shi Hao spread his arms, hurriedly explaining.

Princess Yao Yue laughed gently from the distance. She was beautiful beyond compare. Fine black hair fluttered about, looking incredibly bright and pure under the moonlight as she said, "Really must offer my congratulations for dao friends, jade couples moving together, will definitely make many envious."

While speaking, she glanced over at some others. Sure enough, many people revealed strange looks. What kind of person was Wang Xi? She was a long life family's pearl, an exceptional beauty! Being able to walk by her side was something too many people yearned for day and night!

"Wang Xi young miss is intelligent and sacred, like a reincarnated immortal, I am nothing more than an ordinary person fortunate enough to be journeying together." Shi Hao said, and then he looked towards Princess Yao Yue, "Actually, I think young miss and myself might be more fated to walk together, an ideal combination of pearl and jade, there isn't a need to feel ashamed of inferiority."

"Unbridled!" A young man beside Princess Yao Yue berated.

Princess Yao Yue was stunned. This fella actually dared to speak to her like this, was he trying to raise up Wang Xi and demote her? They were originally equally famous, yet she was now lowered like this.

After a moment of surprise, she then laughed and waved her hand, saying, "Since dao friend believes this to be the case, then how about you abandon Wang Xi and travel together with me?"

"Then I must ask fairy to first disband those irksome individuals at your side first." Shi Hao said, targeting those individuals who were sneering and glaring angrily at him.

When Princess Yao Yue's followers heard this, their bodies all surged with killing intent.

Everyone became shocked. Was there going to be a great battle after they had just set off?

This competition might greatly affect their rise or fall. If they won, not only would they obtain opportunities from the ancient battlefield, they would also obtain the academy's approval and full support.

If they lost, then many things would come to nothing.

They had previously heard that for the sake of tempering the students, their methods wouldn't be too soft. Otherwise, they wouldn't have sent them to such a dangerous place.

There were always rumors that because it was going to be extremely cruel in the future, they might be forced to fight each other, leaving behind only the most powerful few individuals.

Even though it was still early, there were already signs pointing in this direction.

"Let's go." Wang Xi said. She definitely wasn't going to fight Princess Yao Yue in front of so many people. Otherwise, it would definitely only benefit Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun and the others.

Princess Yao Yue laughed, her appearance sweet, not becoming angry at all. She waved towards Shi Hao, and then brought her people with her into the distance.


Soon afterwards, the earth quaked and mountains shook. In the depths of this reddish-brown great earth, a cry of alarm sounded. It was as if a great flood was crashing down.

What kind of sound was this, what exactly happened? Everyone was shocked.

It finally approached. A red tide surged, beast figures everywhere, rushing towards this direction.

Everyone's scalps went numb. This was just too frightening! That was a horde of red-furred beasts, filling the horizon, roaring as they charged murderously at them.

Every single one of them were large like water buffalos, looking like rats, bodies covered in red fur. They released mournful sounds, scarlet eyes wide open. They rushed over with extreme speed, the teeth in their large bloody mouths a deep white.

How were they even supposed to fight this? Everyone felt their blood run cold.

One had to bear in mind that this wasn't an ordinary vicious beast, but rather one produced by the battlefield's ominous energy, to the extent where there was no lack of immortal energy. This type of frightening ancient beast was the worst to provoke.

"It's an illusion, there aren't that many of them! They can be withstood!" Someone shouted.

If they backed off now, withdrawing towards the golden warship, the academy elders' opinions of them would definitely plummet. If they couldn't even enter the depths of an ancient land, what rising up and contending for supremacy was there to speak of?

A few people realized that even though these vicious beasts looked powerful, there weren't as many as they imagined. There were some that were only scarlet multicolored light and mists, not forming any tangible bodies.


Large amounts of lightning erupted. A green-haired individual who was handsome and tall released a dao sound, the sound erupting like heavenly thunder, the first one to rush forward and attack.

He was Lu Tuo, already taking action!

Following a shout, several of the strange vicious beasts ahead were destroyed. He then entered like a tiger into a flock of sheep, unleashing a great slaughter, several followers behind him.

It had to be said that Lu Tuo was too fierce. He was like a sharp blade as he rushed through the massive army, hacking apart in the battle, forging ahead courageously, none of the beasts able to stop him.

The rat-like red-furred beast, despite being formed from terrifying ominous energy, couldn't stop him at all, all of them killed.

He unleashed a great slaughter, his assault unstoppable!

When the others saw this, their morale was greatly boosted. Under the lead of official disciples, they were all powerful like dragons as they charged murderously.

Shouts of war shook the battlefield. Even though the red-furred beasts were vicious, pouring over like a flood, they still didn't scare everyone off. They fought intensely, charging forward.

No one expected to run into the legendary, most terrifying beast tide immediately after entering the ancient land!

Roar… Behind the red-furred beasts were a few giants, for example, golden monsters, blood-colored giants, and others, every one of them extremely sinister in appearance.

"Wu, if we make it past this place, it should be more peaceful. Let's charge forward with full strength!" Feng Xingtian said. He came from the Wind Clan, so he naturally knew many secrets, knowing what this signified.

Everyone charged forward, fighting a bloody battle.

An hour later, Shi Hao separated from Wang Xi. He slaughtered towards a group of old friends, fearing that something unexpected might happen to them.


A golden tiger rushed over, ten zhang in height, sent flying by Shi Hao's fist. It exploded in the air, turning into a blast of golden mist.

Everyone here was shocked. This type of methods was only seen from Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others, too vicious and domineering.

One had to understand that the golden tiger carried immortal dao ominous energy. It was difficult for even the formal disciples to deal with, yet he blasted them away with a single palm, just how valiant was this?

"Thanks!" Feng Wu said.

It was because Shi Hao came to help out the three thousand provinces' cultivators. They were a bit weaker comparatively.

When the disciples were chosen previously, because there weren't many individuals who cultivated immortal energy in the three thousand provinces, the requirements were lowered a bit. Feng Wu, Zhen Gu, and the others also entered Immeasurable Heaven.

They didn't cultivate immortal energy, but they still had an important opportunity, which was that of the peak of heavenly deity level, to see whether or not they could carry out the ultimate transformation.


Shi Hao slaughtered his way into the distance again. He saw a few others from the three thousand provinces. His ten fingers were like rainbows, firing divine radiance streak after streak, killing those ancient beasts.

"Wu, the Three Thousand Dao Provinces' people really are weak!"

Even from far away, he heard this voice, cold and full of disdain. He quickly slaughtered his way over.

Yuan Feng!

Yuan Feng cultivated two strands of immortal energy. Apart from Lu Tuo and the others, this was definitely a top level person, having the qualifications to speak with arrogance. Only, in the ears of the three thousand provinces' cultivators, it was just too ear-piercing, injuring their pride.

"Wu, so lacking, no immortal energy yet can still come here, truly a group of trash!" He said extremely ruthlessly.

Due to various reasons, his bloodline didn't have a good impression of the Three Thousand Dao Provinces' people, both Yuan Qing and him both like this. Otherwise, Yuan Qing wouldn't have taken the initiative to suppress Shi Hao for ten years.

"If you all can't handle it, then just get lost, don't get in my way!" Yuan Feng spoke coldly, extremely ruthless, making the three thousand provinces' cultivators look extremely bad.

Shi Hao gave him a look. They weren't the old friends he was familiar with, because those individuals were all quite strong. If they were here, it wouldn't be this bad.

"Who are you trying to humiliate?" Blazing radiance surged around Shi Hao's body as he walked over with large steps. He was like a war god, symbols surging like fiery light.

"I am speaking to those from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, did I end up poking a sore spot of yours?" Yuan Feng laughed coldly.

"All trash!" Yuan Feng's followers said.

"Saying their cultivation is inferior right now is one thing, but humiliating like this, if this is how we are doing things, then in my eyes, you all are nothing more than trash as well!" Shi Hao said.

A hong sound rang out. His fist smashed outwards, and then even the heavenly dome was collapsed!


Blood splashed out in large amounts. Yuan Feng's followers immediately exploded.

Bloody light flashed, some of the blood landing on Yuan Feng's body, leaving him shocked, as if this was the first time he met Shi Hao, staring at him with astonishment.

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