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Chapter 1105 - Disturbance

Clear Light Secluded Woods, a place with rich woods, mists pervading the air, multicolored clouds brilliant.

That woman's voice transmitted far into the distance. One had to bear in mind that this was heavenly deity institution, everyone's hearing exceptionally sharp. Who wouldn't be able to hear this?

Even though this place was extremely large, mountain region vast, there were still people who heard her voice from the distance, immediately becoming petrified.

Is this an illusion, what am I hearing? This was what everyone was thinking. It was too shocking, not daring to believe this!

Going on Wang Xi's bed, was there any news more shocking than this? It was earth-shattering. Wang Family's young miss cultivated three strands of immortal energy, aloof and beyond reach. In everyone's eyes, she was too extraordinary, high above, the goddess of many geniuses.

In the end, there was this type of information. It definitely had a great toppling effect.

"This woman is crazy!" Su Lan stamped her feet. She knew that things were bad. The other person was definitely doing this on purpose, to cause misunderstandings.

Regardless of whether others believed or not, once news of this got out, it would tarnish the Wang Family young miss' reputation. This made Chen Nuo and Su Lan panic a bit.

"Young lady Qi Lin, doesn't your distinguished self feel that this is going a bit too far?" Su Lan spoke.

"I am merely declaring a fact, could it be that I'm wrong? I personally heard it." Qi Lin said with a smile from the distance.

In Su Lan and Chen Nuo's opinion, that smile was extremely fake, extremely despicable. Only, as followers of an official disciple, they weren't Qi Lin's opponent.

"If Princess Yao Yue knew about this, she might not necessarily approve of your distinguished self's actions." Su Lan did her best to lower her tone.

Qi Lin laughed. Like a fairy walking on ripples, she disappeared from that place.

She left, but this place couldn't remain calm. There were immediately official disciples who rushed over to ask what exactly happened.

"What happened? Was what Qi Lin said just now true?"

Four or five young men rushed over, their eyes penetrating, extremely fierce. They stared at those people, loudly asking.

"Of course it's false. You even believe that woman's words?" Shi Hao spoke decisively. He didn't want to be caught up into trouble for no reason.

This was especially when he was being framed by others. Even though she didn't direct this at him, but wanted to deal with Wang Xi, he still didn't want to get involved in this type of thing.

"You, speak!" Right at this time, one of them shouted, pointing at the young lady that Wang Xi had just taken as a follower, his eyes releasing strange light, intimidating as he said, "Was what Qi Lin said true?"

He was displaying a great divine ability. When the other party was caught off guard, it could control one's mind, making them speak the truth.

"Yes, he went on Fairy Wang Xi's bed." That woman's eyes looked sluggish, expressionlessly pointing towards Shi Hao.

"What?!" Those young men cried out in alarm, truly unable to believe what they were hearing. Just now, they were just casually testing, yet there really was this absurd 'truth'.

They couldn't accept this. There was actually this type of thing that happened to the most stunning woman of a long life family.

It really was a bit unreal!

They opened their mouths, not knowing what to say.

"This fella went onto young miss Wang Xi's bed?" Someone shouted, expression going rigid. Then, he became furious, feeling that this was too much of a joke.

Just this kind of ant, just a follower, what qualifications did he have to obtain a long life family's fairy's invitation? This was too laughable.

"It isn't like that!" Su Lan hurriedly explained. If this type of thing was leaked out, then it really would only make things worse.

However, that young man's voice was extremely loud, ringing through the mountain region. The individuals who were currently hurrying over heard it.

Pu tong!

Not far out, someone found it hard to accept, directly falling from midair.

The expressions of those who rushed over all went sluggish one after another. This type of news… was too terrifying, absolutely crazy, leaving them in a daze.

"I don't believe it!" Someone shouted loudly.

"Regardless, it's already all true. You all heard it just now." Qi Lin said from the distance.

"It's not like that at all." Chen Nuo hurriedly tried to explain the situation to the nearby people.

Only, the angry shouts had long spread far into the distance, stirring up great waves. There were a few overly sensitive men who were extremely dejected.

The news smashed into the great sea like a meteor, triggering heaven reaching waves!

Chen Nuo and Su Lan explained, easing the tension here. They released a breath. However, when they looked at Shi Hao, their eyes were still forceful.

Unfortunately, the people in the distance didn't understand the situation because of Qi Lin and the others' earlier misunderstanding. Together with the anger of the others, the rumors were spreading.

This was a bit preposterous, but it really was happening, all because it involved someone like Wang Xi, this exceptional fairy. It was difficult even if they didn't want to draw attention.

Regardless of whether it was true or false, once the news spread, it would spread like a tide, surging outwards.

"It's false, we already heard the explanation." In front of Clear Light Secluded Woods, a few young geniuses explained. However, the people who rushed over ignored them, news spreading quickly.

Soon after, there were some who said this was a farce, but some who solemnly vowed that they heard the truth, that someone went onto Wang Xi's bed.

There was immediately a huge uproar, quite a few people coming, all of them official disciples, coming here for verification.

"Just a servant, yet you dare speak randomly, tarnishing the young miss' reputation, an ugly toad trying to eat swan meat."

"No, it's true, not nonsense."

The rumors got more and more distorted the more they were spread, triggering a huge commotion.

"Where is that servant? I'm going to slaughter him!"

"Shh, that person isn't a servant, but a dao friend Fairy Wang Xi personally invited."

"No wonder, didn't I say before? How could a normal person get on Fairy Wang Xi's bed?!"

It was clear that there were people trying to add fuel to the flames, purposely spreading rumors to obscure the facts.

Chen Nuo and Su Lan were simply about to go crazy. Clear Light Secluded Woods ended up being surrounded like this for no good reason, so many people coming, all of them seeking verification from them. Meanwhile, there were many people speaking randomly nearby.

This was simply an absurd disaster, just too much injustice.

It was clear that this was originally a misunderstanding, with just someone who spread it maliciously, but it now completely changed, a bit hard to explain, things getting worse the more they tried to fix it.

The people who came before believed their explanation, but later on, others stirred up a disorder, their goals impure, causing this place to become extremely noisy.

"We already said that it's fake, why don't you all believe us? Are you purposely trying to splash dirty water? When our clan's young miss returns, she will definitely pay all of you a visit!" Su Lan said angrily.

"Hey, youngster, you seem quite carefree, as if it has nothing to do with you. What exactly is going on?" Someone began to provoke Shi Hao.

Shi Hao gave them a glance, knowing these people were purposely stirring up trouble. No matter what he said, it would be distorted and turned against them.

That was why he directly ignored them.

"Heh, quite the temper we have here. Regardless, you seem to have quite the guts, going on Wang Xi's bed, haha…" Someone laughed loudly.

"Good for nothing!" Shi Hao only had these words, simple and direct.

This place immediately became a bit cold, killing intent pervading the air. Many people were shocked, looking towards him.

Su Lan immediately felt her scalp turning numb. These were a group of people who cultivated immortal energy, every one of them powerful. If Wang Xi wasn't here, who could stop them?

She felt that the young miss' decision to bring this fella was truly a mistake, about to stir up great trouble.

"Even a loser dares to provoke us like this? Just a thing who doesn't know the difference between life and death!" Someone shouted coldly.

Suddenly, multicolored light scattered down from the sky, ripples moving out, carrying a holy and pure aura.

Wang Xi returned, clothes fluttering about, snow-white skin smooth and glowing, descending into the secluded forest.

She heard the news, knowing what happened. She looked at Shi Hao, expression strange. Even she was a bit speechless. This fella… really was good at stirring things up, already creating such a disturbance after just arriving.

Wang Xi was naturally embarrassed. When news arrived, she really wanted to give Shi Hao a beating, and then fiercely torment him. However, she finally calmed down a bit along the way.

When she came here, what was shocking was that Wang Xi took a deep breath, not saying anything and looking towards Shi Hao.

"Fairy Wang Xi, this person is slandering your purity, this person needs to be eliminated!"

"Exactly! It was proved just now that he really did do this type of thing." Someone echoed.

Shi Hao watched with the cool eye of a bystander, feeling a wave of malice. The ones who were speaking out were one thing, the ones stirring things up in the dark were even more despicable. Such a small thing was made into such a big deal.

"If you good-for-nothings don't back off, all of you will be slapped to death one by one!" Shi Hao said, extremely domineering.

This place immediately became quiet. Then, those people roared with laughter.

"Don't even have the qualifications to enter heavenly deity institution, yet you dare boast shamelessly in front of us?"

"This really is cute, pitifully stupid, actually daring to say this type of thing?!"

A few people laughed loudly.

Wang Xi didn't say anything, watching from the side.

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