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Chapter 1106 - Annoying to the Extreme

The group of people looked at each other in dismay. This fella really was something, even having the nerve to say something like this?

What qualifications did he have? He couldn't even enter heavenly deity institution, yet he dared to put on this kind of display!

"Official disciples inside heavenly deity institution are not permitted to kill each other." Wang Xi said in an extremely calm voice.

Shi Hao nodded, expressing that he understood. "I am not an official disciple, so killing one or two shouldn't be too big of a problem right?"

Forget about others, even Wang Xi was a bit speechless. She wanted to tell this fella that he couldn't unleash a slaughter, yet in the end was misunderstood this way.

Of course, she still believed that this fella was purposely feigning stupidity.

As for the others, they didn't understand that much. Quite a few of their faces fell, sneering endlessly, truly angered by Shi Hao.

In their eyes, he was nothing more than trash, not even immortal energy cultivated, yet he dared to boast shamelessly before them?

"Moron, you couldn't even make it into heavenly deity institution, what qualifications do you have to shout at us like this?"

"Do you think you can get great fame by acting like this? You have to learn this thing called consequence! When the time comes, you will pay a tremendous price, losing your life!"

These people were naturally discontent. If they were looked down on by Lu Tuo, Feng Xingtian or others like this, then that was still understandable, but even this loser dared to show them despise, leaving them beyond furious.

"Let me deal with him. Not knowing how to behave himself after entering heavenly deity institution, someone has to teach him a few things, teach him a lesson." Someone spoke, walking over.

"Archaic Demonic Bear's descendant, can it be eaten?" Shi Hao stared at the one who came, seeing his original body, and then asked Wang Xi like this.

The group of people were stunned, unable to react to this.

This demonic bear was first stunned, and then he became furious. This fella wanted to kill and eat him? He really knew how to draw hatred!

Many people laughed, feeling that this fella was a bit strange. However, quite a few of their faces were cold, waiting for Shi Hao to be defeated.

"You really cannot kill." Wang Xi said to him, shaking her head. Only she knew that he was not simple, likely having two strands of immortal energy.

"Really is boring. That bear paw really is good meat. Only being able to watch without eating really is a waste." Shi Hao expressed regret.


Did he really not know, or was he pretending? When faced with this demonic bear who cultivated immortal energy, he dared to act so rude, truly a young calf who didn't fear tigers.

The demonic bear felt great resentment, incredibly stifled, feeling quite repressed. Instead of speaking to this young man, he would rather just tear him into two.

"I'm going to kill you!" The demonic bear pounced over.

Shi Hao moved to the side, saying, "It's not like I can't eat you, this place not allowing killing, truly uninteresting!"

No one knew what was good to say. This fella was just too bursting with self-confidence, daring to act so arrogant before official disciples.

The demonic bear closed in again, body releasing purple light. Even though he was still in human form, a beast-like aura was released, wild, domineering, and cruel.

"Who is supervising this place? Hurry and get this crazy bear out of here." Shi Hao said.

"Acting so cowardly, are you scared? Not even willing to fight?" The bystanders shouted, ridiculing him.

"Is there any point in being scared of flies like you all?" Shi Hao replied.

This immediately made them furious. The faces of the people who stood against him fell, releasing killing intent.

Shi Hao didn't pay them any attention, turning around and walking straight towards Wang Xi's cave where multicolored light surged and chaotic mists seeped out, this region's pure land.

Wang Xi shot him a sidelong glance. This fella really was acting overly familiar. He ran inside even when the owner was right here, not acting politely at all.

"You… get back here!" The demonic bear shouted. He was extremely angry, but he didn't dare enter Wang Xi's cave, because that was a restricted area. For them, this was an expert comparable to Lu Tuo.

"And I should go back just because you told me to? What benefit is there in fighting you? There is no feeling of accomplishment from beating you at all, just a waste of time." Shi Hao's words were hard for everyone to bear.

Regardless of how they looked at it, he didn't have the qualifications to compare himself to people who cultivated immortal energy. However, in the end, he was still so impudent, mocking them again and again.

"This is your fight, yet you want to extort others?!" The demonic bear's eyes were cold, expression dark.

"If you have satisfactory treasures to bring out, then I can fight against you. Otherwise, just go stay off to the side." Shi Hao said.

The group of people were simply angered badly. One had to offer up a reward if they wanted to fight against him, actually speaking about conditions. How could this be endured!

"I have two heavenly deity secret treasures here." The demonic bear said.

"My fist can even blast apart heavenly deity secret treasures, why do I need those? Aren't you a fella who cultivated immortal energy? So poor, no heavenly materials?" Shi Hao asked.

While looking at his face of astonishment, the demonic bear really wanted to give him a slap to the face, smack him until his face swelled. He really lacked a beating.

"Are you all that poor? No True Phoenix Blood, Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill, ancient heavenly art secret texts and others?" Shi Hao asked.

With things already reaching this stage, everyone knew that this fella did all of this on purpose. He was just too shameless, too hateful.

"I have a furnace of Purple Palace Elixir!"

Purple Palace Elixir, this was heaven and earth essence, difficult to find, rumored to have all types of wondrous uses.

Only, Shi Hao still curled his lips. "I'm already a Holy Sacrifice Realm expert, even though Purple Palace Elixir is valuable, it's not that useful for me."

"There are many types of Purple Palace Elixir, the ones you've seen might just be those with bits of purple multicolored specks, the normal type. In reality, there are many higher levels of Purple Palace Elixir." The demonic bear said.

While speaking, he produced a pill furnace. It flowed with multicolored light, truly brilliant. The inside of that pill furnace was actually full of Purple Palace Elixir, but it was a bit special. The purple liquid had waves of five-colored mists surging from it.

"Purple palace immortal mist?" Shi Hao was shocked.

According to records of theory, there were some rare Purple Palace Elixir that had immortal energy, these things definitely rarely seen.

Even though the demonic bear's Purple Palace Elixir was extraordinary, it still didn't reach the legendary grade, still a bit off.

"Alright, this'll do then. Since you are gifting this Purple Palace Elixir to me in such sincerity, then I won't make things too difficult for you." Shi Hao nodded his head and said, putting on an extremely pleased look.

Shi Hao directly rushed out from the cave, taking the initiative to attack the opponent, fight against the demonic bear.

"Acting this recklessly, purely seeking death!"

"So noisy, but won't accomplish anything."

These people couldn't help but look down on Shi Hao, all of them looking down on him.

However, Shi Hao really was too fast. An expanse of symbols appeared when he raised his hand, looking like he was going to display a great method.

After a moment of interaction, Shi Hao sighed inwardly. This person's speed was faster, too difficult for him to display a secret technique against.


They fought intensely in close quarters, radiance shining like that of ascension, bone texts interweaving, the two becoming extremely brilliant.

Just a single encounter left the demonic bear almost coughing out blood, but he forcefully endured it. If others found out, would he have any face left?

Everyone became shocked. Who was this? Did he really not have the qualifications to enter heavenly deity institution?

"He can actually fight against the demonic bear, injure him?" A few people cried out in alarm. This was just too unexpected.


The demonic bear brandished his arm, still not displaying its original body. The energy around him was intense and powerful, surging like great waves, divine force surging.

Moreover, at this time, he activated a strand of immortal energy, because he was furious.

Shi Hao dodged out of the way. The immortal energy that rushed over released wuwu sounds, extremely frightening. If it was a normal person, they would have been restrained a long time ago.

This was a strange scene. The two of them moved about each other, the battle looking a lot simpler than what it actually was like. They rarely made contact, but the divine force was astonishing, moreover disappearing in an instant, too fast.


Suddenly, Shi Hao's ten fingers moved, extremely vicious, moving past the strand of immortal energy, extremely fast, simply about to disappear from this space!


Suddenly, Shi Hao moved around the demonic bear with extreme speed, avoiding the immortal energy, striking his body, sending him flying several dozen zhang away. His body smashed into the ground, coughing out large amounts of blood.

In that instant, everyone became petrified!

Was there still heavenly reason? Someone who hadn't cultivated immortal energy actually defeated the Archaic Demonic Bear, what kind of battle accomplishment was this? It was too astonishing and glorious!

Even Wang Xi felt her mind jump. An official disciple was defeated just like that? This fella even fought bare-handedly, not using immortal dao energy to support himself, yet won. It was too astonishing!

"There's still this type of person, defeating someone who has immortal energy…" Someone muttered.

This was a great feat. Everyone felt that this was inconceivable!

Countless pairs of eyes landed on Shi Hao. Everyone immediately began to think many things. Since there was still a chance for a fish to become a dragon in the Heavenly Deity Realm, this fella might very well become heaven defying, rush up one day.

"This Purple Palace Elixir is mine then." After saying this, he directly took the pill furnace.

"Anyone else want to give it a try?" He asked.

"Right here!" Someone shouted.

"Then bring over heavenly treasures, or else I don't have time to waste!" Shi Hao said directly.

Immediately afterwards, this place became quiet again. Was he a genius with astonishing talent or a rarely seen extremely annoying person? Everyone felt a bit stunned.

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