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Chapter 1104 - Clear Light Secluded Woods

Clear Light Secluded Woods, this was the cave Wang Xi resided in.

The mountain forest was deep, light drizzled about, extremely peaceful and auspicious, a rare dao earth.

It looked a bit overgrown at first glance from the greenery covering the mountains and plains. If one didn't look carefully, one might mistaken this place for being covered in weeds.

In reality, there were many ancient medicines growing in this forest ground, within mountain cracks, accompanied by rising purple multicolored light. They looked extremely peaceful and holy.

Heavenly deity institution occupied a vast area, the various spiritual mountains too numerous to count, every single disciple having their own pure land, belonging to someone.

Meanwhile, someone like Wang Xi who cultivated three strands of immortal energy had a place that far exceeded the others, having ten times the amount of dao land as others.

Meanwhile, in this region, there were ten great peaks, every single one towering into the clouds, either shining with glowing green light, surrounded by draconic energy, or surging with purple energy… a myriad of different scenes.

Clear Light Secluded Woods was precisely between these ten divine cliffs, truly a peaceful and divine place. Ten underground divine earth veins nourished this place, turning the ordinary into the elegant and refined.

Shi Hao drew many eyes along the way here, sizing him up. It was because Wang Xi had extraordinary status, so the person she chose naturally deserved to be paid attention to.

Fortunately, he had already changed his appearance before coming here, not displaying his true appearance when coming here, or else he would definitely be recognized. He encountered people from the three thousand provinces along the way. If there was no Yuan Qing, then that was that, but after learning that Yuan Qing could depart without being troubled much, there was definitely a need for Shi Hao to remain on guard.

Shi Hao felt that he couldn't contact his old friends yet to avoid letting side issues continue growing.

Clear Light Secluded Woods had a few thatched cottages that looked simple and ordinary, blending into this natural type of setting.

Meanwhile, not far out was a cave cut from a stone wall. It released a peaceful light, wisps of chaotic energy accompanying this place. One could tell from a single glance that this was a cultivation pure land.

Shi Hao and the two other chosen individuals were brought into the cave. When they entered the stone wall, they immediately felt a blast of heaven and earth essence, so rich it was like water.

This was the result of the nourishment of ten divine mountains' ancestral veins, all of the heaven and earth essence nurturing this cave.

Inside the cave, colors shone brilliantly, multicolored light pouring out like water, surging from the stone walls and beneath the earth. This original essence would enter one's body even without cultivating.

"You all can go inside to cultivate." Wang Xi said. Even though her expression was quiet and content, she didn't reveal a smile, yet it still gave others a gentle feeling.

Aside from the male and female that followed at her side before, she chose another pair of man and woman this time. When the two that came later heard this, they were overjoyed. Cultivating in this type of precious land would definitely result in twice the result with half the effort.

They didn't expect Wang Xi to be this generous, allowing them to cultivate here instead of building a house outside the cave.

Suddenly, a dao child riding on a magic cloud arrived, informing Wang Xi that an elder in the academy was looking for her.

"Chen Nuo, you can bring them around to familiarize themselves with the nearby scenery, I will accompany the elder for a bit." Wang Xi ordered before leaving.

Chen Nuo was the male who always followed behind Wang Xi, heroic and energetic. He was a follower selected before, strength extremely great, long reaching the peak stage of the heavenly deity level.

He only cultivated for a few decades, yet already had this type of cultivation, astonishing even in the Nine Heavens above. Only, it was a pity that he couldn't cultivate immortal energy, or else his prospects would be limitless.

Of course, it wasn't like he was without opportunities, because all of the great sects had secret methods. Everyone knew that the heavenly deity level was extremely important, that there was another chance to turn from a fish into a dragon.

Moreover, this chance was extremely important. If one grasped it, then they might even surpass the exceptional geniuses who shot up before.

That was why Chen Nuo was always waiting for a chance, never feeling too dejected, believing that he would one day be on equal footing with the most powerful individuals.

The reason why Wang Xi chose him was also precisely because she saw his potential, keeping him at her side. Chen Nuo understood this well, and as such felt an even greater surge of motivation, carrying a passionate ambition as well. 

When Wang Xi left, Chen Nuo brought Shi Hao and the others around the ten divine cliffs to familiarize themselves with the surroundings and other things. It had to be mentioned that this region was extremely vast.

Every single mountain occupied an extremely large amount of land, surrounded by hazy mists, releasing strand after strand of multicolored light.

"Even though we can cultivate inside the cave, we have our own places to stay. Everyone can choose a divine cliff." Chen Nuo said.

He pointed towards ten great peaks. There were those that were entirely black, those with sparkling purple light, another with scarlet multicolored light that rushed into the heavens, all of them magical and extraordinary.

Both him and the other lady had long entered, making their choice, occupying two peaks.

From what they said, normally, it was still best to cultivate in their own divine cliffs and not go into the cave to disturb Wang Xi, even though she permitted them to go there. Right, it was still better for them to understand propriety.

It was because even true disciples only had a single divine cliff.

When he saw that the two others who came with him already chose their divine cliffs, Shi Hao didn't want to make things difficult for Chen Nuo and the others either. Even though he wasn't a follower, it was still best not to go too far.

"Why aren't there that many birds and beasts here?" Shi Hao looked around.

"There are more in that direction." The young lady named Su Lan next to Chen Nuo pointed. Back then, she was chosen together with Chen Nuo, also already long reaching the peak of the Heavenly Deity Realm, her strength exceptional.

If one eliminated the element of immortal energy, Chen Nuo and Su Lan weren't any bit inferior to the official disciples.

Shi Hao faced the sky, seeing a few vicious beasts roaming about and some divine birds spreading their wings. The area that mountain occupied was the largest.

"Can the wild animals here be eaten?" Shi Hao asked.

Su Lan was a bit stupefied, Chen Nuo also somewhat petrified.

As for the man and woman who came with Shi Hao, they were a bit speechless, looking at him, this scene truly a bit cold.

"You can, but some are reserved as mounts…" Chen Nuo said. As a result, he was cut off by Shi Hao. "Got it."

Those four looked at each other in dismay, having a bad feeling. They looked at Shi Hao, and then at that mountain region.

"In a bit, I'll invite you guys to eat roasted Silver Sky Centipede casserole." Shi Hao said. He saw a few zhang long silver centipedes.

The four of them raised their heads at the same time. This appetite was just too great.

"Let's just do roasted Golden Winged Peng casserole then." Shi Hao then saw a golden divine bird that flew about in the sky.

"Don't, that's not our region, don't eat randomly! It'll be bad if the other geniuses come knocking on our door. Those are likely their mounts."

These people really were given a fright. This person really left them worried. How could he say this kind of thing after just entering?

"Forget it, I'll go down into the cold pool to catch a Flood Dragon and then grab a Green Luan from the stone cliffs, just fix together something randomly." Shi Hao said.

When Su Lan heard this, she almost stumbled. Just what kind of freak did they end up inviting? Those people were all a bit speechless.

"That Green Luan has True Phoenix blood inside, Fairy Wang Xi sometimes uses it to travel." Chen Nuo said with a wooden expression.

"Truly dull!" Shi Hao said while shaking his head.

It was unknown whether he was talking about this place not having anything to eat, or if he was saying they didn't know how to laugh at jokes. These people couldn't really understand his intentions.

Soon after, after selecting their respective divine cliffs, they then returned to the cave in the stone cliff, the origin of the ten earth veins. There was immortal dao origin essence from the underground ancestral veins.

They wanted to wait for Wang Xi here. She definitely had orders when she returned.

"You all do not need to feel reserved, can select a precious land in this cave to sit down first." Su Lan said, having them feel more at ease.

Of course, this was spoken to the male and female, definitely not to Shi Hao. It was because this fella already strolled around on his own after entering, not worrying about much at all.

Chen Nuo's expression was a bit ugly. If not for Shi Hao's identity being a bit special, not being chosen as a follower, he would have opened his mouth to berate him a long time ago.

Right now, both him and Su Lan had one eye opened, one eye closed.

"Ei? He disappeared?" An hour later, Chen Nuo and Su Lan were both shocked. It was because when they woke up from their meditation, they could no longer detect Shi Hao's whereabouts, unable to sense his aura.

The other two were quite speechless as well. This person was just too easygoing, did he wander off and get lost?

"Not good, don't tell me he went into the young miss' place of rest…" Cheng Nuo's expression changed, rising to his feet.

Su Lan was also shocked, quickly heading towards a direction.

There were some areas in this cave they naturally couldn't enter, the small area where Wang Xi cultivated alone, only able to enter when making reports.

"Is this fella a formation master? He really broke through this sealed door, able to enter?!"

When they entered the cavern depths, they were a bit shocked. A stone door was opened, overflowing with color. Great dao divine lights swirled about inside, incredibly divine.

In reality, Shi Hao didn't enter by breaking the formation, but used his own immortal energy to push open the stone door.

"You… are quite daring, actually daring to use the young miss' bed?!" Chen Nuo cried out, his face falling, eyes flickering with cold light as he looked at the person inside.

Su Lan was also a bit stupefied as she looked at Shi Hao, not knowing what to say.

"Stop speaking randomly. Isn't this just a wondrous rock?" Shi Hao opened his eyes, entire body feeling rather comfortable.

This was a stone room, inside a zhang long rock that was sparkling and translucent. When he sat here, he could actually harmonize with heaven and earth, quickly entering a dao comprehension state. It was extremely astonishing.

"That is the young miss' bed, a place no one else has ever used. This was brought from the Wang Family!" Su Lan said.

"Oh, I thought it was just a dao comprehension platform, so there was this type of story." Shi Hao got up, walking off the stone platform.

"You actually did this type of thing, going onto the young miss' bed, this matter isn't finished!" Chen Nuo said angrily.

"Just a bit of misunderstanding." Shi Hao said.

Right at this moment, a cry of alarm sounded from outside the immortal cave. "Someone went on Fairy Wang Xi's bed?"

"Hey, stop speaking randomly!" Shi Hao was alarmed, releasing a shout.

Even now, Chen Nuo and Su Lan felt like something was wrong, rushing out.

"Heavens, someone went onto Wang Xi's bed!" A woman outside shouted loudly, voice transmitting into the sky, fearing that others didn't hear her before.

"Who is this girl?!" Shi Hao asked.

"She is Princess Yao Yue's best friend, as well as a powerful official disciple." Su Lan said.

Princess Yao Yue and Wang Xi normally always had a relationship of competitors, extremely fierce. This good friend of Princess Yao Yue was clearly doing this on purpose.

"What? Who is it? Who dares enter Fairy Wang Xi's bed?!" A response sounded from the distance.

At the entrance of the cave, those individuals knew that there was great trouble. Now that this type of thing spread, how was Wang Xi going to react?

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