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Chapter 1103 - Entering the Academy

Inside the mountain gate, great peaks towered one after the other. There were flowing colorful and white mists sweeping about, hazy and indistinct, truly like an immortal dwelling.

At this time, even the figure of someone as powerful as Yuan Qing trembled, as if he suffered some type of energy attack. His dao robes fluttered about. Then, he released endless golden light to resist.

"Enough, Yuan Qing, come back for now."

Within the depths of the academy, there were jade palaces, divine islands floating in midair, surrounded by chaotic energy. Right now, an aged voice sounded, calling him over.

From the voice, it should be the one who was partial towards Yuan Qing.


Blazing multicolored light flashed. He disappeared from this place, entering that island.

Outside the mountain gate, everyone saw this scene clearly, all of them shocked. There was actually this type of thing that happened.

There were some people who knew who Yuan Qing was. This person was well-known, strength extremely great, a formidable figure in Immeasurable Heaven.

There were others who knew what he did recently. It was rumored that he helped Wind Clan suppress the lower realm genius Huang for ten years. This was something that went against the academy's will.

Normally, who would dare do something like this? However, he did it, moreover extremely calmly, exiling Huang to Origin Ancient Mine, not returning to this day, life or death unknown.

It was to the extent where almost no one believed Huang was still alive. He was forced into Origin Ancient Mine, not returning after going inside. Now that so many days passed, they all believed that he was undoubtedly dead.

From a certain perspective, Yuan Qing's confidence and power made others intimidated. He was just this domineering, forcing a youth with endless potential to death. Moreover, after the matter, he didn't pay any price because of this, still dominating an area.

Of course, knowing was knowing, hearing was hearing. Before this scene, no one dared say anything to avoid provoking Yuan Qing.

Shi Hao thought silently to himself, not saying anything.

"Yuan Qing stopped a genius, he really is something. It doesn't even seem like he will receive too severe of a punishment."

Wang Xi said, her beautiful eyes moving back and forth, looking through the crowd. This immediately gave the surrounding people some confidence, sticking out their chests to express themselves.

Soon after, a sky shattering sound could be heard from the air. Yuan Qing appeared again, face a bit pale. However, he wasn't suppressed and punished, only emerging.

Moreover, the disciple he brought over was left behind, not being chased out.

Shi Hao was seething with anger, there was actually this kind of result!

Yuan Qing acted against him, causing him to lose his way. Now, everyone already thinks that he died, yet Yuan Qing didn't receive any punishment, the disciple he brought over instead being accepted into the academy.

The former and latter were just too different.

Shi Hao, the victim, was still outside the mountain gate, yet the perpetrator sent the descendant into the academy, occupying a precious quota.

Moreover, it was already passed around that all those who were late would be refused, meaning that Shi Hao had no chance of entering.

For him, this was simply a joke, a type of irony.

Shi Hao really wanted to just leave, this heavenly deity institution couldn't be joined, so there was no need to force it. He felt a wave of sullenness that was difficult to endure.

Only, when he heard everyone's discussion, that the one sent inside was the descendant Yuan Qing doted on the most, he then stopped.

Since it was his enemy, then he had to take some action. Since he couldn't kill Yuan Qing or the ones who incited him, then he'll just start with dealing with their descendant.

Regardless, these people wanted to suppress him for ten years, all for the sake of paving the way for this descendant, so he'll crush their hopes.

He might not necessarily join the heavenly deity institution, but he could stay here for a period of time. If he could obtain the immortal dao resources here, then it wouldn't be that bad.

"Alright, I'll take a step back and invite you to discuss the dao and not as a follower. What do you think?"

When Shi Hao remained silent, Fairy Wang Xi said this, unexpectedly taking a step back.

Everyone became shocked. They couldn't help but raise a commotion. These conditions were just too good right? Actually treating him as an equal, not requesting him to become a follower, let alone a servant.

Wang Xi was a well-known fairy, born from a long life family, the descendant of a true immortal, status incredibly noble. However now, she actually lowered her stance, inviting this youngster like this. It truly left others shocked.

Many people's eyes swept over, expressing tremendous hostility towards Shi Hao. They weren't the only ones, even heavenly deity institution's official disciples were shocked, extremely jealous.

It was because Wang Xi was intelligent and pure, reputation too great, the most important being that she was a world toppling beauty, someone with immortal lineage, many people's ideal goddess.

"This stupid brat doesn't even have the qualifications to enter the academy, not even cultivating immortal energy, for what reason should he be treated like this?!"

The crowd found this hard to accept. The formal disciples inside the academy all released cold radiance.

"Even with his type of aptitudes he can discuss the dao with young miss Wang Xi? Will he even be able to understand those great dao sutras?" Someone said sarcastically, carrying contempt.

Of course, there was even more so a type of jealousy. They just couldn't understand how someone without the qualifications to enter deserved Wang Xi's attention.

"Haha…" Someone laughed, shaking his head and saying, "You all really are stubborn. If you change your perspective, everything will make sense."

"What do you mean?" Someone asked.

"This person's talents aren't enough, so young miss Wang Xi only wants to keep him at her side to slowly deal with him. As the most esteemed long life family's young miss, how can she tolerate someone refusing her? Just wait for a bit and see, there will be quite the play to watch." That person said with a smile.

When he explained like this, the others understood in a flash, nodding their heads one after another, realizing what was going on.

As a result, the official disciples within the mountain gate all calmed down, no longer displaying hostility from their eyes, only pity remaining, feeling that this person was quite pitiful.

Outside the mountain gate, Shi Hao thought for a bit, and then agreed.

"Heavens, it truly is unfair. Look at his reluctant look, too shameless, clearly all faked, putting on too much of an act!" The people nearby were furious.

However, soon after, the official disciples' conversations transmitted over, so the people over here understood as well. They revealed looks of surprise as they looked at Shi Hao.

When Shi Hao heard their discussions, he couldn't help but raise his head towards Wang Xi. This Wang Family's young miss wanted to torment him?

Wang Xi revealed a faint smile, the meaning unclear.

Shi Hao looked at her, and then thought for a bit. Perhaps the other party did this for the diamond band on his head, also perhaps because of his refusal. Regardless, there was still a bit of curiosity towards him, so she wasn't going to let him go, wanting to take him as a follower.

Wouldn't it just be a fight? Or maybe some other type of battle. He wasn't scared of anything, not fearing that he would be tormented or anything.

"Let's go then." Shi Hao said.

This made the handsome and vigorous young man behind Wang Xi frown. Who exactly was the master and who was the servant? This attitude was just a bit too high.

As for the young lady behind Wang Xi, she was a bit curious as well, feeling like there was a good play to watch. If this young man joined, there'd definitely be many things stirred up.

As for the others, they were speechless, jealousy and hatred already not enough to describe their expressions.

"I will choose two more followers." Wang Xi said, her voice gentle, extremely pleasant to listen to. It was always like this, even when she was indifferent, her voice still gentle.

The people nearby were moved. There was actually still more chances.

Soon after, Wang Xi pointed out a male and female, both of them surpassing the others, people who long reached the level of those in heavenly deity institution. Aside from not having immortal energy, these two exceptional talents could overlook all of their peers.

"Done?" Shi Hao asked.

This left even Wang Xi a bit speechless. This fella actually put on airs with her, was he treating her as someone of equal footing? She was just being a bit more polite, while he really took this to heart!

"Done!" Wang Xi nodded, a bit cold, because few people rushed her like this.

Ancient pine trees stood one after another like ancient beasts, living here in seclusion, the branches about to reach the ground, growing at both sides of heavenly deity institution's mountain gate.

Every one of these ancient trees were several tens of thousands of years old, but what was strange was that they didn't develop sentience, still just trees.

Some said that because of a great battle before, due to the falling stars and ancient experts' blood being mixed in, it suppressed these ancient trees, preventing them from developing a soul.

"Younger sis Wang Xi, you chose two followers and invited a dao friend?" A gentle laughter sounded from the distance. Princess Yao Yue appeared, surrounded by moonlight, exceptional and brilliant, skin soft and moist like ivory, carrying a sweet smile.

She looked towards Shi Hao, laughed, and then said to Wang Xi, "I will have to invite this dao friend to discuss the dao another day as well."

"Sure." Wang Xi nodded.

It was clear that as young ladies from long life families, the two were always in fierce competition. They had to compare even when the other party chose a follower.

Then, Shi Hao saw Lu Tuo. This person was extremely frightening. Just a faint look he swept over was already like crashing thunder, shaking the void!

Shi Hao didn't mind it much, feeling quite carefree. He looked towards the distant Feng Xingtian. That was the Wind Clan's stunning inheritor. If this clan really wanted to deal with him, Shi Hao didn't mind fighting a great life and death decisive battle against him.

Even though everyone was talking about how frightening he was, difficult to find similar level opponents in the Nine Heavens, Shi Hao was still without fear.

Great peaks rested one after another, some entirely pitch black, some releasing scarlet light, others releasing purple energy, all of them different. However, there was one point in which they were the same, and that was that they were rich with heaven and earth spiritual essence.

This was the most ideal cultivation pure land!

Shi Hao never expected he would enter heavenly deity institution in this type of manner. Wind and clouds were stirring, major events about to happen.

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