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Chapter 1092 - Six Dao Reincarnations

It was just like his. That symbol was strange, bright, illuminating the sky. It could scatter the clouds!

Of course, there was no way the space between that person's brows would be that brilliant, after all, he already died, only occasionally flickering and shining.

"My ancestor?!" Shi Hao found it hard to calm himself down. This left him extremely shocked. There was actually a sinner's blood individual among the six great experts.

Of course, the so-called sinner's blood wasn't something he acknowledged, but something claimed by some of the three thousand provinces' people. Shi Hao firmly believed that it was a type of unsurpassed glory.

He remembered clearly that there were seven kings in the Desolate border, their strength matchless. They defended the border area, accomplishments world shocking.

Meanwhile, every single one of these six individuals were peerless talents. One of them had a mysterious symbol on his forehead, this individual with this type of bloodline being able to stand together with the other five already explaining everything.

"How did he die?" Shi Hao wanted to know.

He circled around this individual, emotions rising and falling within him. It was because he felt a wave of great changes, as well as a bloody aura.

This person didn't have any injuries on his body, as if he was completely unharmed.

However, after Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, he saw many injuries beneath the skin, bones broken, muscles torn, the injuries just too severe.

This was even more so the case with his skull that was covered in endless cracks, the crown of his head previously shattering.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. In the past, just how many battles did this person experience? Why did he meet such a tragic end, this scene so miserable?

Then, he observed a step further with the Heavenly Eyes, learning quite a few things. WIthin his flesh, there were many broken arrows, snapped spear points, shattered sword tips and other things.

Shi Hao was stupefied, feeling a wave of sullenness. This was just too sad.

In that instant, he seemed to have heard shouts of war shake the skies, as if he was watching that scene, that ancient battlefield. Experts were like clouds, stars continuously blasted down from the sky, the great battle reaching its climax.

A peerless expert was surrounded, attacked from all sides. He weaved and warped about, charging forward, but within the flickering light and immortal energy, he was continuously intercepted.

There were weapons sticking from all parts of his body, incredibly bloody, but there was nothing he could do. The battle still continued, lasting all the way until all of his blood flowed out, ultimately dying in battle.

Meanwhile, behind him, was an ancient and dilapidated city, as if it would be flattened at any time.

However, because of his final blood-drenched struggle, this city was still protected in the end,, still towering there, lonely and desolate under the cold winds and remaining illumination.

Shi Hao was shocked. He immediately recognized that this was the Desolate Border!

That city was the exact same as the one he saw on the black ancient ship's altar, actually this place.

"Could it be that this person was one of the seven kings who defended the Desolate Border?" Shi Hao was shocked. He stared at this body, emotions surging within him, difficult to suppress.

He didn't know if it was sorrow or joy. He now encountered a legendary figure, but it as only a corpse.

Shi Hao knew without even thinking too much that the battle back then was extremely bitter. Sun, moon, and stars fell from the skies. He resisted the enemies with his own power, moreover forcing them back.

However, in the end, this person still died. After all, the other side's immortal energy was dense, supreme treasures dancing about. There were just too many unimaginable great experts.

After watching for a long time, Shi Hao gave this ancient corpse a deep bow of respect. He sighed softly. Even this type of powerful hero ended up passing away.

He tried to surmise which era the seven great kings who guarded the Desolate Border were from. How many of them were left now?

How did this person arrive in Origin Ancient Mine? Was there someone who brought him here?

These were all complete unknowns, difficult to guess at right now.

Shi Hao adjusted his mind, having himself calm down, no longer thinking about these things. Instead, he began to think about how to comprehend this dao, how he could acquire the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art.

This was Supreme Hall's inheritance, its might previously dominating the world. He had to obtain it!

However, no matter how he activated bone texts, no matter how many times he tried, this place still remained completely quiet. The scripture sounds from before didn't sound again.

"Maybe that thing can trigger it?" Shi Hao said.

He thought of a beast skin ancient scroll. Of course, it wasn't a tangible thing, but rather something produced from spiritual will imprints, originating from the Void God Realm.

In the battle back then, he obtained a beast skin from the Void God Realm, on its surface the sword intent of a stalk of grass. It was sealed within a small space, within it recorded 'Six Dao' and a few other characters.

Later on, when his cultivation had became sufficiently high, he had opened this beast skin to observe its contents.

However, his expectations resulted in disappointment.

It was because inside the sealed beast skin, there was only a few damaged characters, not complete at all.

He suspected that it might be a ruined piece of the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art!

Only, that piece was too scattered and fragmented, impossible to cultivate, so he could only abandon it.

Now, when Shi Hao thought of this item, he began to engrave characters in the void one after another, trying to make the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art reappear.

Sure enough, there were some changes and reaction. As he carved those damaged symbols, the black ancient palace began to rumble, releasing great vibrations.

This type of sound shook up Shi Hao's blood and qi, as if his body was going to explode.

The entire ancient palace was resonating. Then, the six great experts' bodies shone, the light spreading like ripples, producing scripture sounds.

"En, it really was useful!" Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised, expression incredibly dazzling. He was stirred up, a type of ancient method about to display itself before him.

However, soon afterwards, he frowned again. Even though the scripture sounds were great, it was hard to comprehend, a bit blurry.

This startled Shi Hao, making him feel regret. Why was it like this? He could hear some of the scripture sounds, but everything else wasn't clear, only a great dao rumbling that made one's flesh and spirit feel like splitting apart.

The damaged symbols he brought over couldn't truly guide the perfect ancient scriptures!

Shi Hao sighed. He truly felt rather unresigned. Finding this place wasn't easy at all! If it weren't for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, he would have definitely died, but in the end, he still ended up not obtaining anything.

Because the scripture sounds could be heard again, heavenly deity institution's geniuses felt desire and envy. In their opinions, an extraordinary heavenly book was definitely going to emerge.

However, none of this would have anything to do with them.

Meanwhile, the other powers' eyes were also full of desire, only, they didn't dare enter the ancient mine, no way of obtaining it.

"What is so special about it? Senior brother Lu Tuo and the others, which one of them haven't grasped an unmatched heavenly art? Those are true unmatched methods, while Origin Ancient Mine's scripture might not necessarily be comparable to it!"

"Correct, this world doesn't lack scriptures, this so-called ancient scripture might not necessarily be comparable to those most terrifying methods."

"You're right, there are several types of heavenly arts in this world that haven't been lost in inheritance. Even though there is an ancient scripture that appeared here, it might not necessarily be comparable!"

In the outside world, a group of geniuses were speaking quietly. Their statuses were unordinary, naturally understanding many secrets, especially in regards to methods and other things, they understood a lot more.

From what they had heard, these peerless talents grasped ancient heavenly arts.

Inside Origin Ancient Mine, Shi Hao was still having a headache.

In the end, with an incredibly gloomy expression, he stared at that 'sinner's blood ancestor'.

He clenched his teeth, and then said, "Can only take a risk!"

Immediately afterwards, the space between his brows shone. He activated 'sinner's blood', operating the most powerful blood energy, making that symbol between his brows appear, engraving itself in the void.

In that instant, light shone endlessly, divine radiance breaking through the skies. This place became incomparably resplendent.

He seemed to be using this symbol to connect with the symbol between that peerless expert's brows, trying to find an opportunity this way.


Sure enough, even though that unmatched expert died, the imprint in his frontal bone still remained, not disappearing. At this moment, it also revived, resonating here.

It was as if mountains were moved and seas shifted, massive fluctuations rippling outwards, covering heaven and earth, engulfing the entire ancient palace.

The space between that corpse's brows was resplendent, an ancient symbol appearing.

One man one corpse, these two creatures confronted each other, the two symbols looking like they immediately encountered another close one. They displayed themselves, resonating and rumbling with noise.


The symbol between that peerless expert's brows turned into water ripples, pouring down in torrents, surrounding this place, immediately becoming incomparably brilliant.

Then, that symbol divided again and again, eventually fluttering through the air like a rain of light, submerging the corpse. That character looked divine and extraordinary.

Those symbols were everywhere!

The symbol between Shi Hao's brows was the same as his. Shi Hao felt like he was being drawn by a strange type of power, as if he was going to merge with the other individual.


It was even more frightening than collapsing mountains and roaring seas.

The space between Shi Hao's brows released a streak of light, as if linking up with the other party's imprint symbol. Everything changed!

In that instant, it was as if a hundred worlds of reincarnations passed, as if a rosy dawn was emerging!

An expanse of gorgeous colors rushed out, divine sound ringing out.

Shi Hao's ears rumbled with noise, the resonant voice so clear it was as if a bell was ringing, sounding within his heart. A dao method, as if made by heaven, rushed into his sea of consciousness, absolutely deafening. These were unmatched profound mysteries. 

In that instant, everything changed. Shi Hao and that exceptional expert exchanged emotions, he heard the scripture sounds.

This time, the scripture sounds were extremely clear in his ears, extremely real. He heard it all, leaving him completely intoxicated.

Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, it was currently being broken down for a single young man to hear!

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