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Chapter 1093 - Comprehending the Method

The scripture sounds were like a song, gentle as it floated over. Specks of light flew about, as if they were going to scatter onto one's soul.

Shi Hao was completely engrossed. His wishes were fulfilled, hearing the Six Dao Reincarnations here, an unmatched scripture currently ringing through his mind.

All of his concentration was poured into this, studying every sentence meticulously, comprehending every segment. He would think a long time about every passage, silently comprehending it.

The space between his brows shone, a mysterious imprint swirling with auspicious multicolored light, resonating with that peerless expert. Endless divine light was released from both sides' eyes, multicolored light shining brilliantly.

A tremendous wave of energy pervaded the air, the result of an exchange between individuals of the same bloodline, rumbling here!

Unfortunately, that unmatched expert had long passed away, unable to remain before. No matter how Shi Hao struggled, he couldn't sense his spiritual will and other things.

Shi Hao tossed these thoughts aside, no longer thinking and bickering over this. He only focused on the Six Dao Reincarnations Scripture, silently analyzing true meaning, trying to understand the most fundamental profound mysteries. 

It had to be said that this ancient heavenly art was profound and deep. Even for a cultivation genius like Shi Hao, he continuously frowned, thinking over many things.

He had no choice but to forcefully remember the scriptures, there were some areas just too difficult to understand, impossible to comprehend through in a short amount of time. He could only leave it for the future.

Shi Hao was stumped, the more he comprehended the more he felt that this was complicated and difficult to fathom, endlessly profound, as if grasping it would allow him to move the stars in the sky, all living things in the universe.

This was Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, just the beginning stage already giving Shi Hao a headache.

As the scripture sounds rang out, reaching the late stage, it was as if he saw the prosperity and decline of all things, the changes of the universe, great eras passing one after the next.

This type of scene left him terrified. Just what kind of power was this, for even the heaven and earth to decline, go back and forth? It truly made one's blood run cold.

In this world, nothing was everlasting, including this one. There will always be an end!

Then, how was he supposed to free himself, avoid this? Was there only reincarnation?

When he reached this step, Shi Hao felt a deep coldness run down his back, his soul turning cold. This was different from what he acknowledged, different from what he had previously thought.

Was there really reincarnation? He didn't believe it. He believed that one could only continue existing by not dying.

But now that he came into contact with this type of legendary ancient heavenly art, it clearly clashed with his previous beliefs. Could this even be cultivated?

The two clashed. He really didn't know if he should continue cultivating it.

Shi Hao frowned, feeling a bit lost, a bit distracted. Continuing like this wouldn't do. If he missed out on this opportunity, it was unknown if there'd be a next time.

"I have to cultivate it. What contradiction? Let me see for myself if there are any mysteries, the root of what disagrees with my own will. I want to see its true meaning!"

Shi Hao set his resolution, eyes now shining with radiance again. He treated this comprehension like a battle, comparing this with his own believes, wishing to understand its various parts.

Only by understanding could he compare, truly see through this technique.

Scripture sounds continued unendingly. Shi Hao's pupils became more and more deep. He stood here, listening to the sounds of the source, comprehending this type of unmatched great technique.

At this moment, he couldn't feel the flow of time any longer, everything seemingly freezing.

He was like a stone sculpture, resonating with heaven and earth. He harmonized with the ancient times, as if he had existed in the mortal world for thousands of eras.

Eventually, time seemed to have become chaotic. Meanwhile, Shi Hao also developed a stranger feeling. His body gradually revived, as if he was comprehending the dao. In that instant, he experienced endless years, watched the world's prosperity and decline. In a daze, he felt as if he had only now obtained the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, only now starting his comprehension.

It was a strange feeling, one that was quite contradicting as well.

He felt as if he arrived from the ancient times, forgetting everything, but then soon afterwards, after just a momentary distractedness, he then seemed to be peering into the future.

He seemed to have become lost, unexpectedly forgetting his self.

Only after a long time did Shi Hao suddenly tremble. When he opened his mouth, a large mouthful of blood was sprayed out. Only then did he free himself from that strange state!

"How formidable!" Shi Hao sighed. Was this the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art?

This wasn't the end, just the beginning. The more he comprehended, the more vast Shi Hao felt this method was. No wonder it was regarded as a 'heavenly art'!

Since the ancient times, there weren't many things called heavenly art, the methods with these titles things that could be counted. There were a few inheritances who added the title heavenly art themselves, while in reality, they didn't really deserve it.

In this Origin Ancient Mine, Shi Hao calmed down, preparing to cultivate here until he fully comprehended everything.

Shi Hao's hands formed imprints. He began to imitate the six great experts, because every single one of them displayed a type of stance, these stances incredibly mysterious, unable to see through.

Previously, when he hadn't obtained the scriptures, when Shi Hao studied these stances, his head was going to split from pain. Everything became blurry, he couldn't comprehend them at all.

Now, Shi Hao understood, as if he gained a moment of enlightenment. He carefully observed the six great experts' bodies, analyzing the unmatched profound mysteries stored within.

"These are only hand seals!"

Shi Hao said with a sigh. The hand seals of these six individuals were already so formidable, making him feel more and more engrossed the more he observed them, unable to free himself.


The first hand seal was already completed by Shi Hao. In that instant, heaven and earth split apart, a boundless spiritual world seemed to have appeared, blasting him in the face.

This was extremely strange, immediately making Shi Hao jump, his dao heart unstable. That hand seal immediately scattered, and then the scene naturally disappeared.

"Isn't it a method for supporting precious techniques? Why is there this type of incarnation?" He felt a wave of doubt.

He slowly calmed down, taking a deep breath to calm himself down. He formed the seal again, displaying the first type of hand seal.


Sure enough, space ruptured again, as if a world was being opened!

The mountains and valleys were bright and graceful, immortal mists pervading the air. Everything was pure and holy, hazy and indistinct.

"This hand seal is extremely unusual, full of heavenly dao aura. The so-called Six Dao Reincarnations, could it be just like this?" Shi Hao seemed to have realized something.

Soon after, he gave up on this hand seal, changing to another person's magical imprint.

Immediately afterwards, heaven and earth shook.

Moreover, silver winds roared angrily, black mists surging, releasing a wave of sinister energy. It was as if an endless hell was descending onto the mortal world, turning this place into a land of terror.

This time, Shi Hao also understood. This was occult dao!

Shi Hao laughed. Did the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art point at this kind of six dao? A faint smile appeared at the corners of his lips, not feeling too much intimidation.

Then, he tried to support precious techniques, employing six great divine abilities, discovering that he seemed to be lacking something.

"En, my comprehension is mistaken?" Shi Hao revealed a look of doubt. The so-called six dao,  didn't it simply point at the heavenly dao, occult dao, and others?

His expression became serious. He began to study the hand seals again, and this time, he became extremely serious from beginning to end, analyzing all six great experts' hand seals once.

"Fortunately, it is only hand seals, able to be quickly understood!" Shi Hao said to himself. Ever since he heard the unmatched scriptures, he was able to verify the two, able to fully understand them.

Six great experts, their hand seals contained unmatched great dao profound mysteries. Even though they were extremely complex, Shi Hao still displayed them.

"Yi, there is another explanation!"

Suddenly, Shi Hao became shocked. When he changed a bit, those six hand seals unexpectedly displayed a completely different type of power.

In that instant, earth, flame, wind, water… six types of life and death, six types of scenes took from here, and then they were displayed. 

"How could it be like this?" Six Dao Reincarnations didn't necessarily mean six dao, it was different from his previous understanding.

Was this also a type of Six Dao Reincarnations?

Then, Shi Hao continued to study it, observing and copying the six hand seals, displaying them one by one. He carefully analyzed it, developing a new experience and result.

This time, it was completely different. Shi Hao seemed to have seen a supreme being wither between heaven and earth, flesh and spirit turning into fertile land, even the most powerful existence eventually reaching the end of its life.

However, the fertile land it turned into was quickly absorbed by a great tree, some of the nutrients turning into emerald-green leaves, starting a new cycle of life reincarnation.

The leaves were eaten by a creature, becoming a part of it, and after endless years, this creature grew into an unmatched supreme being.

During this time, the life matter wandered about, appearing rather illusory.

Shi Hao became absent-minded, entering a state of silence. Could this also be considered Six Dao Reincarnations?

Slowly, he began to delve into this method, acquiring new experiences and discoveries. The Six Dao Reincarnations wasn't limited to a single form, but rather diverse and multivariant.

Only now did he understand how important the records of predecessors were. It was completely different from his imaginations!

The so-called Six Dao Reincarnations might not clash with what he believed. The Six Dao Reincarnations had all types of incarnations, each different type extremely stunning.

Then, Shi Hao devoted himself wholeheartedly to this!

No wonder this method needed six great experts' corpses to display. It was because there was nothing in this world that was more suitable. This type of method was too profound, ordinary people unable to display it.

If an ordinary cultivator tried to adopt these stances, they would be seriously injured.

Then, Shi Hao cultivated the six great hand seals, everything going smoothly. One could imagine just how great their power was!


An enormous sound rang through the air, stirring up an unusual type of energy.

Just like that, Shi Hao comprehended the six types of hand seals, his strength exceeding the past, now truly exceptional.

In the end, he successfully cultivated it!

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