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Chapter 1091 - Six Great Experts

Inside the black palace, six figures towered, every one of them incredibly tall. They were like mountain peaks as they stood there, the pressure they gave others too great.

Shi Hao's gaze was deep as he stared at them. The pressure he was facing right now was too great, as if he was a small boat in a stormy sea, ready to capsize at anytime!

"Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art?" He stared at these six individuals, looking at their postures, comprehending their aura. What kind of unmatched inheritance was this really?

In that instant, Shi Hao was completely immersed, unable to free himself.

The dark palace was extremely vast and spacious. Only these six figures towered majestically like mountains, the aura they exerted suffocating. There was nothing else.

When one carefully examined them, they would discover that these individuals all possessed a forcefulness that was difficult to describe. That was the embodiment of dao, even more so the ruthless release of natural laws, able to wipe out everything in this world.

For a cultivation addict, these six figures were undoubtedly great treasures, heavenly books, the highest inheritances!

Ever since Shi Hao entered this ancient palace, he had already forgotten about everything else, concentrating all of his attention here, staring at them, carefully analyzing and comprehending.

Only, this type of heavenly art was too difficult, making one's mind wish to split apart, difficult to comprehend. Shi Hao's primordial spirit almost dimmed.

After who knew how much time had passed, he sensed a wave of chilliness, freeing himself from this state of almost losing himself, discovering that his mouth continuously coughed out blood.

Shi Hao became clear-headed. His expression was serious. Just now, he almost died here from comprehending this heavenly art!

"Right, if I cultivate purely through the gestures, the six figures, without any scripture, cultivating recklessly like this really might be throwing my life away!"

Shi Hao became clear-headed, his eyes becoming bright again, no longer panicking, completely calming down.

Right now, there were no scripture sounds that rang through the air, no true inheritance. If he only relied on these six positions, it would be difficult for him to completely comprehend it. This heavenly art was wide-ranging and profound, incredibly complex.

When he fully calmed down, Shi Hao recovering a calm heart, he examined everything here with the most cool-headed state, searching for the enlightenment he needed to find.

The six figures ranged from young to middle-aged, then to the later years, every single stage present, all of them possessing matchless heroic spirit. This was what they all had in common.

These weren't statues, but rather six great figures. Endless time had passed, but their flesh was still present, bodies not decaying. There was still a boundless wave of energy that shot out.

This aura was too powerful. Shi Hao even began to suspect that there might be endless blood essence inside of their bodies, carrying a sea of divine force. Otherwise, how could they do this?

The six of them looked like they were still alive, the aura they released enough to make a heavenly deity explode, not even a sect master able to endure the power here. It was too frightening.

Shi Hao silently thought to himself. If not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in his hands, there was no way he would have been able to make his way inside, would have exploded the moment he pushed open the doors.

Just what kind of existences were these six creatures? It was simply unimaginable!

If they were still alive, they would definitely be matchless experts, unmatched in the world. This type of presence broke down one's will, impossible to compare to.

Meanwhile, there were six of them that appeared here at once!

Shi Hao silently looked around. These six individuals' clothing and personal adornment were different, should be people from different eras. Otherwise, there was no way six of these individuals could appear in one world.

Without a doubt, experts like these were the leaders of their respective generations, drawing attention from everyone, their might oppressing an entire era.

Their auras were too extraordinary. Even though they died without falling, their eyes were still deep, as if divine stones were shining, overlooking the heavens below. That type of boldness was unmatched!

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. This type of heroic spirit, just the appearance of a single one was already enough, enough to shock heaven and earth, throw the universe into chaos!

He sized them up one by one. There was a young man, heroic appearance flourishing, eyes releasing sharp radiance, as if a True Dragon had reincarnated. There was a type of might that shattered the Nine Heavens, omnipotent.

A middle-aged man, body tall and big, hair black like ink, figure imposing, overlooking the nine great heavens. There was a type of aura that devoured mountains and rivers, the entire world in the palm of his hands type of feeling.

An elder, back perfectly straight, hair white like snow, eyes carrying wisdom. There was a feeling of understanding everything in the world, able to see the reincarnation of life and death.

Six individuals, six unmatched experts, six exceptional heavenly talents, just the appearance of a single one of them would be enough to make this heaven and earth tremble in alarm.

Time moved on, the years like water, everything fading away. These six experts who stood at the peak of their eras had already passed away for too many years, their souls no longer in existence.

However, just the flesh exterior they left behind was enough to shock the world!

Shi Hao sighed. After looking for a long time, he felt a sense of sorrow inside. Even those as powerful as these died, who in this world could still be said to be undying?

He had a type of feeling that these individuals were ridiculously powerful, not the slightest bit weaker than immortals!

"Are these long life beings? Peerless figures of the immortal dao?" Shi Hao asked himself.

These six individuals left him too shocked, their styles too shocking, all of them rarely seen creatures through endless years!

"Could they be six great emperors?" This thought suddenly appeared in Shi Hao's mind.

The most powerful individual of a clan had the qualification of being called a great emperor. These six individuals had this type of boldness, definitely possessing this type of status. Only their origins were unknown, their clans unclear.

"To use six great emperor's bodies to illustrate the heavenly art, just what kind of great display is this?" Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. If it really was like this, it would make one's scalp go numb, feeling that it was inconceivable.

Shi Hao began to think to himself. Just how difficult was it to collect the remains of these six great experts? It might be too hard to find a single one even after searching for endless years.

"Why is there no scripture sounds anymore?"

He revealed a look of doubt. When he previously clashed with the Nine Phoenix Furnace, he had heard scripture sounds from this direction. He had sensed something back then, wishing to comprehend the dao.

However now, there was none to be heard. He wanted to comprehend the dao, wished to comprehend the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, but there seemed to be layers upon layers of difficulties before him.

There were no true scriptures. If he rashly tried to comprehend it, a single mistake would result in losing himself, his soul scattering.

"How did these six individuals die back then?"

Shi Hao still had questions. He resisted the boundless pressure, walking over with difficulty. The blood within his body surged, bones releasing pi pa sounds. He endured tremendous pain.

With the six unmatched experts here, any creature that barged in would face the dangers of having their body and bones crushed!

The Lightning Emperor armor shone, Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram flickering with strange bone texts, finally making him feel considerably better. Otherwise, he really was worried that he might explode with a pu sound.

He discovered that one of them was injured. At the back of the young man's head was an arrow hole. There was half of an arrow left there, pitch-black like ink, as if it came from the underworld!

Shi Hao felt his body go ice cold. Just looking at this black broken arrow made one feel as if one's soul would be sucked in, strange and terrifying beyond belief.

"He actually died like this, the back of his head penetrated by an arrow, his primordial spirit penetrated!"

Then, he saw the second figure, the middle-aged man. There were spider web crack-like marks on the space between his brows. Even though the flesh closed together, Shi Hao knew that it had previously been penetrated.

It was to the extent where the forehead bone had previously even been shattered, only, later on, the flesh instinctively healed.

"What a miserable great battle, even creatures as powerful as these dying while fighting, having the day when they would fall. It is just too cruel." Shi Hao said to himself.

Even this type of unmatched existences would be killed, just how chaotic was the world back then?

Shi Hao felt that these individuals were the leaders of their generation, the commanding figures of their era. However, their ends were so tragic, ruthlessly killed.

"What era's existences are they exactly?" Shi Hao stared at them, wishing to distinguish them from their clothing, but he was left in despair, unable to discern anything.

Only one set of clothing felt like they belonged to the final days of Immortal Ancient Great Era, because he had previously seen them in the dream back to Immortal Ancient.

As for the others, he had no idea.

It was to the extent where one of them wore clothes that seemed to have been grinded from a strange stone, linked up with Immortal Gold Rope into an armor, extremely primitive.

Shi Hao's eyes burned with passion, but his mind was extremely serious. This was an exceptionally powerful armor. If it was worn on his body, its defensive strength would definitely be astonishing.

Forget about everything else, just the rope made from Immortal Gold alone already proved this fact.

"The last great era, and eras that were even more ancient, already had the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art?" Shi Hao thought.

Perhaps there was one other possibility, and that was that even though the six great creatures were ancient individuals, they were discovered by later descendents, arranged into six different stances to produce the unmatched great method.

"This person?" Suddenly, Shi Hao discovered that the sixth person's forehead was a bit strange. Even though a great era had already passed, the space between his brows still released a flash of light.

"Sinner's blood imprint?" Shi Hao was shocked. This was the sinner's bloodline's ancestor? There was actually that type of symbol between his brows!

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