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Chapter 1088 - Overwhelming Power

"Moon Controlling Rhinoceros Horn!" The Moon Rhinoceros Clan beauty shouted, the inch long sparkling horn between her brows shining. A divine moon immediately appeared.

The ancient mine was gloomy, but now that this divine moon suddenly appeared, it became incomparably resplendent, releasing ripples outwards.

Shi Hao carried a trace of a cold smile at his lips. Forget about a divine moon created from symbols, even if a true star smashed down, he still wouldn't fear it.


Shi Hao's right palm hacked outwards, still Kun Peng force, as if it possessed dominating power, offensive power unmatched, magical force vast like a sea!


The space here trembled. Forget about the Moon Rhinoceros Clan inheritor that was facing this attack, even the bodies of the other four trembled, continuously coughing out large amounts of blood.

"Burst!" Moon Rhinoceros Clan's beauty suddenly shouted. When her hands formed an imprint, her purple sleeve exploded. At the same time, the divine moon before her also shattered.

"En?" Shi Hao sensed that something was off. He felt a great pain between his brows. It was because when the divine moon exploded, turning into an endless rain of light, it drowned out this place.

He underestimated this girl. This wasn't a condensation purely of magical force, but a precious technique that contained divine will. It aimed at his primordial spirit, wishing to wipe out his will.

If it was a normal person, it would have definitely bore fruit, because this mental attack was wrapped within a strand of immortal energy, power increased multiple times!

This was a secret type of attack, as well as an unexpected blow, impossible to defend effectively against.

How could Shi Hao allow this Moon Rhinoceros Clan beauty to accomplish her goal? A great dao flower appeared above his head. It swayed gently, releasing a rain of light that was sparkling and translucent, immediately completely wiping out the other party's immortal energy, scattering that precious technique.

"You have three strands of immortal energy, and one of them became a great dao flower?!"

Those people felt despair. Even though they had heard about how powerful Huang was, they didn't feel any respect for him. Only now, when they truly met, did they really understand.

Against someone like this, there was absolutely no chance of winning to speak of!

However, the Moon Rhinoceros' attack bought them some time, and it made Shi Hao's figure momentarily freeze, his movements obstructed somewhat.

The five of them quickly withdrew, stabilizing the situation, standing on the other side of Shi Hao, all of them alert.

They frantically summoned the Nine Phoenix Furnace, wishing to activate it again. However, after suffering the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram's strike, something unexpected happened to that furnace, unexpectedly stopping its movements.

It was also precisely because of this that Shi Hao obtained the chance to carefully size up the fiery red divine furnace. It actually had a hole, which meant that its own spiritual essence was leaking out.

"This supreme treasure is truly pitiable!" Shi Hao said with a sigh. He could only imagine what kind of power it was that damaged this immortal furnace back then, the methods too terrifying.

"Huang, I heard that you wish to join the heavenly deity institution. We are fellow students." One of them spoke, suffering from Shi Hao's pressure, now feeling a bit panicked, wishing to improve their relationship.

Shi Hao revealed a cold smile filled with disdain. This person was now admitting defeat, but just now, what kind of arrogance did he display? They had originally thought that the divine furnace alone was enough to suppress him.


This time, Shi Hao didn't say anything, directly brandishing his leg. Like a Dragon Snake, it lashed outwards, carrying dazzling bone texts and releasing rumbling sounds. It was extremely shocking.

No one doubted the power of this leg. It could sweep through mountains, shatter stars!

"No!" That person cried out loudly, activating all types of secret treasures to defend himself. There was a strand of immortal energy that surged as well, winding towards that leg of Shi Hao's.

This level of genius had long cultivated a strand of immortal energy for himself, naturally a genius fostered through tremendous effort by a holy land, strength powerful. The magical artifacts the clan bestowed onto him were naturally numerous and powerful.


At this moment, the sounds of magical artifacts exploding continuously sounded. It was as if fireworks were released, all rare secret treasures, but they were all destroyed as a result.


Shi Hao's leg lashed out on his body, smashing his precious armor into a mess. Meanwhile, he himself flew outwards, body completely defeated.

Someone as powerful as this unexpectedly couldn't evade, one could see just how great the difference in strength between the two was.

This time, if not for those secret treasures of his, as well as the strand of immortal energy that was released at the crucial moment, he would have undoubtedly died.

At the critical moment, that strand of immortal energy stopped Shi Hao's leg. If not for this, how could his flesh stop this attack? Even stars would be smashed with the kick!

It was clear that this person lost all combat strength on the spot. Half of his body was ragged, his entire body overwhelmed by a wave of powerful bone texts, on the verge of dying.

As for that strand of immortal energy, it was almost scattered and destroyed by Shi Hao, leaving the others shocked.

During this entire process, Shi Hao didn't even use his great dao flower. Otherwise, the power would have been even greater!

It was this quick and efficient, crippling one of them just like that, making the other four experts' faces pale. This cultivator from the lower ancient land was just too frightening.

Only now did they understand why Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan and others think so highly of him.

When they thought of the Lunar Jade Rabbit's words, they felt extremely ashamed. They really did end up running into Huang, moreover possibly being killed by him. It was even worse than being beaten until their parents wouldn't be able to recognize them anymore.

Shi Hao forced his way forward. The other four continuously moved backwards.

This made the others feel completely humiliated, unable to show their faces!

It was because they weren't ordinary cultivators, but rather world shocking geniuses who already cultivated immortal energy, representing the highest accomplishment among their peers.

Some of these individuals were present world individuals, some kings that have laid dormant since ancient times, yet now, they lost all dignity.

Someone like them was forced to continuously retreat by a single person, just how sad was this, even more so a type of humiliation!

"Risk it all!"

The Moon Rhinoceros beauty shouted. Her hand formed imprints, taking action again, wishing to fight a decisive battle against Shi Hao.

However, this time, the so-called rhinoceros horn divine ability was completely useless, unable to do anything to Shi Hao's primordial spirit, unable to display any use.

In addition, Shi Hao reached out a finger. This was Lightning Emperor Finger, something he recently derived, acquired after comprehending the lightning dao a step further.


A finger reached out. A clap of thunder erupted between heaven and earth, simply enough to blast large expanses of mountain peaks into pieces.

When this finger struck out, heaven and earth lost color, the ancient mine swaying back and forth. This entire region became blinding!

If not for the ancient mine's formations and others, it would have long collapsed.

Despite this being the case, the ground, stone walls, and others didn't explode. The space around them had already split apart, incomparably terrifying, dense like a spider web as they stretched in all directions.

Moon Rhinoceros Clan's beauty felt a tremendous pain that was difficult to bear. She rubbed the space between her brows, and then released a sharp cry, face becoming snow-white and losing color.

It was because that jade horn had broken off, crushed by Shi Hao's finger!

She staggered backwards, body feeling a wave of weakness. Her eyes were full of hatred and bitterness. This person was too decisive, even more so possessing a type of domineeringness, not caring that she was a beauty at all.


Shi Hao pointed out again. Thunder shot in all directions. Moon Rhinoceros Clan's beauty jumped into the air, but a miserable cry still sounded. Every hair stood on end, and then her entire body smashed back down.

Moon Rhinoceros Clan's girl cried out miserably, body scorched black. When she fell onto the ground, regardless of whether it was precious techniques or armor, they were all destroyed just now.

The second person was ruined, making the remaining people feel even more fear.

Shi Hao didn't say anything, pressing forward. When his feet landed on the ground, the sound was forceful and clearly audible.

"Hand over your life!" Someone cried out loudly, rushing over, about to fight an intense battle against him.

Unfortunately, this time, it was even more straightforward. Shi Hao didn't even walk out that far, not that interested in him, but in the end, he was completely trapped, not let go of.


It was just a single fist of Reincarnation, this action alone proving his self-confidence. He was setting an example here for the others.

This time, when the third person was brushed by the fist, his body continuously aged, so fast it left others shocked. The skin and other parts began to crack apart, wrinkles layering on top of each other.

Then, Shi Hao added an attack, sending him flying towards the stone wall. Another person lost his ability to move. 


Shi Hao flew outwards. He took a step in midair, tramping space until it cracked apart, and then rushed towards the other two.

Pu! Two people coughed out blood, unable to resist.

This type of battle didn't have any suspense, ending in an instant. Shi Hao looked coldly at these individuals.

The five of them were completely suppressed without exception!

Only, Shi Hao didn't feel too much joy inside, nor was there any deep hatred and great bitterness. He only stared at these people with coldness and contempt.

"Is this the so-called Immeasurable Heaven's experts? Nothing more than this!" Shi Hao said.

Then, he suddenly acted out, moving like a streak of lightning, disappearing in a flash, continuously taking action, giving the five of them a vicious beating, completely uninterested if there was a beauty among them.

The five of them felt incomparable shame. Right now, their faces were swollen like pig heads. None of them could tolerate being humiliated like this.

"Truly nothing special, is this Immeasurable Heaven's experts? I am starting to seriously doubt if the so-called heavenly deity institution has an undeserved reputation, perhaps not really worth going!"

Shi Hao acted fiercely, worsening these individuals' injuries. Every single one of them had bloody noses and swollen faces, their conditions incredibly miserable.

"Do you think you're unmatched just because you defeated us? If senior brother Lu Tuo came, he can suppress you with just a raise of his hand!" One of them shouted, feeling extremely unconvinced.

The five of them released a sigh. Was this basically verification of what was said before? When they thought of the Lunar Jade Rabbit's words, they felt a deep humiliation.


Right at this time, the Nine Phoenix Furnace finally activated. It didn't protect the five of them, but quickly moved towards the entrance, turning into a streak of scarlet multicolored light and shooting upwards.

The faces of the five of them were like ashes, dispirited and ashamed. The battle today, for them, was like a nightmare.

Shi Hao was hesitating. Should he kill these people or not?

If the five of them were killed, then it was likely that he couldn't enter the heavenly deity institution.


At Origin Ancient Mine's entrance, when that Nine Phoenix Furnace was about to completely break out, it suddenly trembled, as if it was interacting with this ancient mine, carrying out a resonance.

Only then did it rush into the sky, triggering cries of alarm from those outside.

It was precisely at this time that Shi Hao seemed to have heard a type of great dao divine sound, as if an ancient scripture that had been sealed for endless years was opened today, starting to be chanted.

What was going on? Shi Hao turned pale with fright.

Within the depths of the ancient cave, there was a strange power that spread outwards. It opposed the Nine Phoenix Furnace with just as much power, reviving at this time.

"Yi, what happened?" Everyone frowned. This wasn't Shi Hao not giving them face, but rather a strange and bizarre phenomenon.

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, vaguely hearing the name of this scripture. He was immediately shaken up, his body trembling, not out of fear, but incomparable excitement.

"Six Dao Reincarnations great method, Supreme Hall's great art, why does it exist here as well?"

He listened to it. The scripture sounds contained everything, not scattering away.

Shi Hao immediately became incredibly nervous, a bit worried now. Could he obtain the Six Dao Reincarnations unmatched heavenly art?

At the same time, he had endless question. Why was this Origin Ancient Mine so mysterious? Why did it even have this heavenly art? What exactly was buried here?

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