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Chapter 1089 - Group of Captives

Shi Hao was completely bewildered. This mine was too ancient, dating back to a time that was impossible to trace, rumored to be even older than Immortal Ancient Great Era!

There was the Six Dao Reincarnations Art, who was it that left this behind? There were just mysteries upon mysteries.

In the outside world, everyone was shocked.

It was because they were even more alarmed than Shi Hao, feeling even more shaken up. It was because that Nine Phoenix Furnace struggled free in the end, breaking out from the surface, returning alone.

It was burning right now, releasing loud and clear phoenix sounds. Nine True Phoenixes spread their wings, carrying blazing fiery light that burned the heavenly dome.

This divine furnace was rumbling, reviving, as if there was an artifact spirit that reappeared!

"There seems to be some type of scripture sound inside the ancient mine, do you all hear it?" Someone spoke out, eyes carrying a wave of shock.

"You're correct, there is an indistinct scripture sound that is spreading over!"

This triggered an uproar. No one could calm down. They all knew how mysterious this place was, that there were too many creatures buried here, even the Nine Phoenix Furnace discovered here endless years ago.

At this moment, mists appeared layer after layer. There were too many things unknown, making their thoughts run wild.

Ancient scriptures sounded right now, which one of them weren't shocked? Many of them felt desire, wishing they could enter to obtain it.

"What about those geniuses? Why haven't they returned yet, only the Nine Phoenix Furnace coming back alone?" Finally there was someone who became clear-headed, temporarily not worrying about the ancient scriptures, mentioning this question. 

The others looked at each other in dismay. They couldn't help but feel shocked. This was Origin Ancient Mine after all, those individuals unable to protect themselves even while possessing the Nine Phoenix Furnace. Were their lives going to be thrown away here? 

The expressions of the two elders from heavenly deity institution weren't that pleasant. They already brought over the supreme treasure divine furnace, yet it didn't display its effects, unexpected events still happening to the five disciples.

"Not dead yet!"

Suddenly, an elder released a strange expression. There were five copper lamps in his sleeves. Right now, there were fiery lights flickering within. These were soul flames, and right now, they hadn't gone out yet.

"Yi, what exactly happened? They didn't die yet. However, only the Nine Phoenix Furnace returned alone, while they disappeared without a trace. Were they trapped by something?"

When the others heard this, they all revealed looks of alarm.

Those people weren't dead yet? All types of scenarios appeared in their minds.

"This scripture sound shouldn't have been because of them right?" Someone asked like this.

Quite a few people revealed doubtful looks. This might really be the case. When they thought of this possibility, many of their eyes began to burn fervently, staring at the ancient mine's entrance.

This was especially the case with heavenly deity institution's geniuses, every one of them eager to give it a try!

Not a single thing that came from Origin Ancient Mine was ordinary, all of them strange treasures of this world!

For example, Life Stone, this was something that could extend life, change fate, its effects heaven defying.

For example, the Nine Phoenix Furnace, Immeasurable Heaven's number one magical artifact!

There were other examples, all the divine objects that came from this place were unimaginable.

Now, an ancient scripture was about to see the light again, so how could they not be moved? A few experts' hearts moved, truly wishing to rush over and seize it.

"Elders, we are also willing to go inside. The first reason is to rescue our companions, the second is to seize natural luck and opportunities!" Someone said, extremely direct.

If one wanted to advance further, they had to borrow the Nine Phoenix Furnace. Otherwise, there was no need to enter at all, as they would die immediately upon entering.

Now that someone spoke up like this, others became stirred up as well, because they knew that this scripture's value was likely not below the Nine Phoenix Furnace. If they could obtain it, that would be an unimaginable dao fruit.

In that instant, heavenly deity institution's geniuses were moved. Many of them wished to enter the ancient mine.

From the side, the eyes of the men from the other powers were burning as well. If not for the restraining fear they felt towards the heavenly deity institution, they would have fought over the Nine Phoenix Furnace a long time ago, using it to enter the ancient mine.

"Fine, since the five's soul flames are still there, it means that they are still alive, so we have to rescue them no matter what. If there is an ancient scripture, we'll count it as your natural luck. Advance with caution!" An elder agreed.

The other elder added, "The numbers still cannot exceed five!"

It was because these geniuses were too precious, cannot be lost for no reason. If these people could rise up, they would display great uses in the future.

The Nine Phoenix Furnace rose and fell in the void, only calming down after a long time.

An elder moved his hand, summoning it over, handing it to the five that were selected just now, warning them to be careful.

At this time, Shi Hao calmed down, quietly listening to the great dao divine sound, silently comprehending and carefully thinking about it. He was studying this scripture.

However, it was too blurry, the scripture sounds faintly discernible. He couldn't hear all of it. Unknowingly, he walked forward step by step, currently approaching the source of the sound.

Suddenly, a type of incomparably frightening feeling suddenly rose from his mind, exceeding the past, surpassing all dangerous situations he had encountered up until now!

Shi Hao broke out into a cold shiver, immediately snapping out of it. He looked forward, seeing a dark black area, no light visible inside.

He stopped. Even though the scripture was enticing, his intuition told him that it was extremely dangerous, a single mistake resulting in the death of body and spirit.


He made a decision. He was going to completely absorb the long life medicinal liquid first, allowing himself to undergo rebirth, strengthen his flesh and spirit, waiting for an opportunity to look for the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art.

However, right at this moment, the sounds of footsteps sounded from the distance, and he sensed the aura of the Nine Phoenix Furnace again.

Shi Hao frowned. Heavenly deity institution sent more geniuses inside. This was going to affect his cultivation.

"Isn't this Moon Rhinoceros Clan's female talent? Why was she left behind here?!"

Those people walked over, seeing the purple-clothed young lady on the ground, feeling extremely shocked. It was because even the bone on her forehead shattered, the scene quite miserable.

"Hehe, older sis and the others, what kind of troubles did you all encounter, what dangers? Please don't tell me that you encountered that lower realm's Huang and were beaten up so miserably!" A young lady mocked.

She naturally didn't believe this, feeling that there was danger in this place, only wishing to understand a bit from the Moon Rhinoceros Clan's young lady. She definitely didn't think that this was done by Huang, speaking like this just to stir up this young lady.

"Something's wrong, there are others here!" Of the five that reached this place, there was a white-haired individual whose eyes were like cold lightning. He saw geniuses that were covered in blood in a corner.

"Who was it that did this?" The young lady who spoke up before asked.

"Huang!" That person replied.

None of these people could move, all of them seriously injured, even immortal energy scattered, temporarily unable to gather it. They were all incredibly weak.

The people on the ground were all discovered, all of them in miserable states.

"Tch, who are you trying to fool? Already falling to this state, yet you still want to scheme against us?" That young lady didn't believe these words, believing that the other party was purposely stirring them on, wishing for them to take risks. "Like that Huang alone could stir up trouble in the Nine Heavens above."

"Speak, what exactly happened, how did you all get injured? Just now, there were scripture sounds, so why did you all end up in such weak states?" That white-haired young man also spoke.

They didn't believe that this was done by Huang, their faces carrying arrogance, incredibly overconfident.

This made those individuals laugh bitterly. Even the truth wasn't believed by others, this really was a type of grief.

However, they also felt it beneath themselves to explain, looking forward to seeing these people captured as well. They didn't get along anyway, all of them competitors.

"Hey, why aren't you all speaking? What exactly is going on? Just a small Huang can even continue living, stir up such great disorder?"

"In my opinion, he should have died a long time ago!"

The second group of creatures was still five-membered, none of them believing that this was done by Shi Hao, their voices not all that polite.

Footsteps suddenly sounded, calm and forceful, startling these people. They suddenly turned around, staring at the delicate and pretty, but cold expressioned young man.

"Who are you?!"


"Heavens, it really is you, not dead yet!" That young lady held her forehead, putting on a rather shocked appearance.

They knew that there was great trouble. The people on the ground didn't lie, while these people didn't treat their words with respect, looking down on Huang just now. Now, there was a great issue.

"I don't feel like wasting my breath. I am going to cultivate in seclusion, so all of you seal yourselves so that we can coexist here." Shi Hao spoke domineeringly.

It really was quite strange. When the Nine Phoenix Furnace reached the depths of the ancient mine, it died out on its own, light growing dim.

"Do you really treat us as pushovers, that we'll seal ourselves just because you told us to?" That white-haired young man said coldly.

"The rude words you spoke before against me, I'll just let it go, won't pursue it further. However, you all are still putting on an appearance like you wish to fight, so I'll satisfy your wishes!" Shi Hao said.

He took action again, rising up. A hundred willow branches rushed out from behind him, turning into golden chains. Hualala sounds rang out, piercing towards the five individuals.

The white-haired young man roared endlessly during this battle, using the most powerful extreme art of his life, activating the most powerful precious techniques. However, in the end, he was struck by a few of Shi Hao's fists until half his body was in tatters, entire body covered in blood.

As for that young lady, Shi Hao directly took action, releasing a finger. He was still holding back a bit, but it pierced through her palm, creating a large bloody hole.

This battle didn't hold any suspense. Even though one of them cultivated two strands of immortal energy, he was just like the other four, still forcefully suppressed by Shi Hao.

In the blink of an eye, there were now ten captives on the ground.

Shi Hao was conflicted as to how he should deal with them. If he didn't kill them, it felt somewhat inappropriate. If he did kill them, then he felt a bit sorry for their reckless mouths.

Just like that, there were now five more individuals on the ground. Shi Hao left them behind, not worried about them anymore. Meanwhile, he himself also walked towards the long life pool, starting to cultivate.

Soon afterwards, the Nine Phoenix Furnace escaped, carrying fiery light as it rushed towards the earth surface.

This triggered a huge uproar. Auspicious multicolored light surged again. What exactly was happening in the ancient mine?

The two groups that were sent out went missing, but their soul flames were still burning, not going out.

Now, it was as if there was a vicious cycle. After finding out they didn't die, heavenly deity institution's geniuses couldn't sit still any longer. There were still people who believed that these people began to comprehend the ancient scripture after entering.

"This won't do, we cannot permit anyone else to enter and take risks. There are already two groups of people who have gone missing!" An elder shouted.

"There won't be an issue if they are a bit more careful!" The other elder spoke.

Thus, the third group of people moved!

Unfortunately, it was still the same silent conclusion, disappearing again.

This time, forget about the heavenly deity institution's geniuses, even the surrounding people felt that it was a bit strange. Origin Ancient Mine was like an abyss, devouring creatures, more than ten geniuses disappearing just like that.

This was definitely a big deal, but they couldn't do anything about it.

"Not good, we definitely cannot let more people in. There is something extremely frightening inside!" One of heavenly deity institution's elders spoke, expression fierce.

With things already like this, they had to cut their losses. Otherwise, if they allowed more people to go missing inside, it truly would drive them mad. Those were all precious geniuses we were talking about!

Inside the ancient mine, Shi Hao looked at the group of captives. He didn't deal the killing blow, only beating them up.

This group of people were shocked and angry, unexpectedly defeated just like that. Not a single person from their three batches could fight a great battle against that youngster, all of them unable to display any fighting spirit.

"Heavenly deity institution's people truly are annoying. I can't afford to offend you all, so can I not even hide for a bit?" Shi Hao grumbled. Then, he frantically beat those dozen or so individuals, all of them beaten until their faces swelled regardless of whether they were male or female, their mouths becoming crooked and eyes slanted.

Then, he went on his way, directly collecting the long life medicine pool into a magical artifact, not wasting the divine liquid resources.

"Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, I'm coming for you!" Regardless, he had to take a look. He couldn't hold himself back anymore.

The dozen or so geniuses who couldn't move felt incomparably depressed. They were actually thrown here by someone like that, truly shameful to the extreme.

Only, if they wanted to escape, they likely still had to rely on that youngster.

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