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Chapter 1087 - Monster

"There's a person here, still alive!"

"Who are you?!" 

The minds of the five of them jumped intensely. They actually ran into a person in this place, it was just too unexpected!

Soon afterwards, they noticed the precious pool behind Shi Hao. That place was full of immortal light, translucent five-colored liquid, a rain of light rising, carrying an intoxicating sweet scent.

Even though Shi Hao sealed up the precious pond, using formation banners to stop the medicinal fragrance from leaking outwards, a long life medicine had dissolved here after all, so they could still smell it.

The five individuals' eyes became sharp, breathing hurried, minds tense, incredibly stirred up. They immediately guessed that this was a true immortal medicine pond!

There were legends from the past to now that undying medicines would transform, leaving behind the old skin, roots, and other things, dissolving into a spiritual pond, producing a world shocking immortal elixir.

However, these were only stories, legends, the true situation never seen before.

Yet it appeared before them right now, not an illusion, but real. They actually had the luck of seeing a long life medicine's remains! This was tremendous natural luck!

They were stirred up inside, hot blood rushing forth. Their eyes carried greed, desire, hope, truly wishing to immediately throw themselves into the immortal pond. This was just too important for them.

Just how many types of long life medicine were there in this world?

This was a small number that could be counted. Even if one searched from Immortal Ancient until this present age, they were practically non-existent, becoming fewer and fewer, impossible to find even if the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths were scoured.

This pool of precious liquid could definitely allow one to undergo transformation, truly exchange blood, refine bones, reforge inner organs, a full transformation. The uses were great to an unimaginable level.

"This won't be inferior to the phoenix blood, able to allow one to undergo rebirth!"

One of them was almost delirious as he looked at the immortal pond, his eyes burning like a torch. At this moment, this tremendous joy even made them ignore Shi Hao.

Perhaps it wasn't ignoring, because in their eyes, that was already a dead person!

With them here, how could this young man continue to occupy the immortal medicine pool alone? They were naturally going to kill him. They didn't think this was too difficult, regardless of who he was.

It was because they had the Nine Phoenix Furnace!

This alone was already enough. This individual didn't seem to be over the Heavenly Deity Realm, so there was no way he could stop its might. If he retaliated, he would undoubtedly die.

"Haha…" One of them howled with laughter, as if he had gone mad, losing himself. This type of unexpected discovery truly was unexpected, believing it to be the heavens' greatest grace!

"There is a long life medicine residing in this ancient mine!" The Moon Rhinoceros Clan's beauty was the first to snap back, purple clothes fluttering about, style moving. Her eyes were fervent with passion.

The others also felt their heart rates speed up. When they heard this, they were all overjoyed, because that was something that went without saying.

Apart from the medicinal liquid in the precious pool, they knew that there was definitely a true undying medicine that took root within a secret land in this immortal mine.

If they truly obtained it, then they would be imperishable, undying, live eternally!

"Have you all woken up from your daydreams?"

Right at this moment, the individual in front of them coldly spoke, cutting off their fanciful thoughts. Their thoughts were easily guessed at.

This type of cold sneer made these individuals' faces fall, their gaze deep, killing intent surging.

This was someone who was already dead before their eyes, yet he still dared to take the initiative to provoke them. Needless to say, they wanted to immediately suppress him.

"You are that person who came from the lower realm?" One of them spoke. Even though they knew Shi Hao wasn't ordinary, perhaps extremely formidable, they still had a type of arrogance, speaking with the attitude of looking down on the other party.

Shi Hao was astonished. Even the Three Thousand Dao Provinces had a day when they would be looked down on like this, treated as a lower realm. He really found this hard to get used to.

"After coming to the Nine Heavens, you should have already sensed the difference. In your barbaric land, you might be someone, but in Immeasurable Heaven, you dare provoke us like this, nothing more than overestimating your capabilities." Another person spoke in a cold and indifferent tone.

It was clear that they were from the Nine Heavens' Immeasurable Heaven, feeling the deepest level of arrogance, looking down on the Ten Earths' Three Thousand Dao Provinces, feeling like they were above them.

"Immeasurable Heaven's heroic individuals are well known, indeed surpassing the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, but if they are all like you all, it doesn't seem to be all that!" Shi Hao said, responding coldly.

Moreover, he was like a cheetah that had locked onto prey, about to take action. He swept his eyes over every single one of them, eyes carrying killing intent, incredibly oppressive.

"I'm certain that you are Huang!"

"Capture him, what nonsense is there to say to him? Have him understand that his so-called stunning strength is nothing but a joke in Immeasurable Heaven, directly crush him!"

These people spoke coldly, about to take action.

In reality, Shi Hao already moved a step earlier, eyes carrying a ruthlessness. His hair flew about chaotically as he pounced over.

It was because his divine senses were extremely powerful, long realizing that the scarlet red furnace was extremely terrifying, likely a formidable supreme treasure. As a result, he wanted to strike first to gain the upper hand.

Shi Hao turned into a streak of transient light, quickly rushing towards them. He was as fast as lightning, extremely fierce, taking action instantly.

"Not good!"

Those individuals' fine hairs stood on end, all of them horrified. This was just too fast!

One had to bear in mind that they all had immortal energy, outstanding individuals who were incredibly powerful. Regardless of whether it was speed, strength, or reactions, there were few who could match them among their generation.

However, now, they discovered that they couldn't keep up with this person's speed, unable to keep up.


Shi Hao's foot kicked out. It turned into a dragon shadow, too fast, as if a True Dragon was going out to sea, carrying forceful and boundless energy, shaking up this place.

One of them was quite unlucky. Even though he did everything he could to withstand this attack, it was still too late. That foot slammed over, and then he released a loud cry, mouth spraying out blood, tumbling backwards.

"This is?" The other four individuals were truly alarmed. This was just too frightening!

What they were thankful for was that at the crucial time, the Nine Phoenix Furnace shone, nine scarlet blood phoenixes dancing about, producing a screen of light, stopping Shi Hao's attack, neutralizing a large half of the power.

Otherwise, Shi Hao's kick would have definitely taken that person's life, no suspense at all.

As soon as his leg made contact with that person, he was stopped by a wave of soft force, moreover dissolving his force, bone texts growing dim.

Shi Hao didn't take any risks, quickly withdrawing. It was because he felt great restraining fear towards that three foot tall dark red divine furnace, fearing that it would suddenly revive and erupt with power.

He was extremely cautious. Even though he was quite strong, he still didn't take action recklessly.


Shi Hao shifted sideways, leaving behind a string of afterimages. When his figure stabilized, he stood before that precious pond again, as if he never moved.

The expressions of those individuals behind changed. This Huang from the lower realm brought them tremendous pressure. If they didn't have the Nine Phoenix Furnace, they would undoubtedly be in danger!

"We admit that you are quite strong, talent formidable, but sometimes, no matter how strong one is, it won't change anything!"

While speaking, those people still displayed a type of arrogance. However, they felt extremely bitter inside. They were all the most powerful inheritors of a clan, yet right now, they had to admit that they were inferior.

However, vanity and pride prevented them from admitting their feeling of defeat, instead about to use the Nine Phoenix Furnace to suppress the youngster before them who still carried some tenderness.

Shi Hao's expression was serious. In that instant, he put on the Lightning Emperor's battle clothes, left hand holding the Defying Dragon Scale, right hand holding the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, confronting them like this.

It was because the longer he observed them, the more he felt that the scarlet-red divine furnace wasn't simple. It might be a heaven defying great killing weapon like the little pagoda!


Sure enough, those people moved, activating the immortal furnace together, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

Nine True Phoenixes rushed upwards, roaring and stirring forth large amounts of fiery light, releasing magmlike matter and carrying destructive energy as they threw themselves at Shi Hao.

Moreover, in the fiery light, chaotic energy surged, powerful and terrifying to the extreme!

When Shi Hao saw this scene, he felt like he was suffocating. This was an indescribable type of pressure, an unmatched supreme treasure after all, power exceeding his imaginations.

His expression became grave. He activated the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, throwing it forward against the expanse of fiery light, striking the Nine Phoenix Furnace!

It was difficult to say what kind of great artifact the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was. One could call it a true record or scripture, but calling it a precious artifact wasn't a bad choice either.

It was spotlessly white like jade, carrying soft radiance. It actually rushed into the nine True Phoenixes like that. After it was suppressed by them, it passively released endless brilliance.

In that instant, countless creatures appeared, including immortal birds, divine beasts, and all types of plants, even more so heavenly starlight and other things!

Those nine divine phoenixes couldn't destroy it, and at this moment, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and Nine Phoenix Furnace collided.


The sound was sharp and clear, as if two pieces of jade were striking against each other, unexpectedly pleasant to the ears, carrying a lingering sound. It rang lightly through this place, shaking up one's soul.

The five individuals' expressions changed. This was the Nine Phoenix Furnace! It actually collided with an artifact, releasing a light sound, but not blasting that bone to pieces.

What kind of unexpected thing was this? It gave the five of them a powerless feeling. Chills ran down their backs.

They knew that they encountered a freak. Not only was he powerful, he also had a strange magical artifact on him, able to temporarily stop the Nine Phoenix Furnace's power.

"Not good!" Moon Rhinoceros Clan's girl was the first one to release a cry of alarm.

It was because she discovered with alarm that that white bone perfectly struck the Nine Phoenix Furnace's weakest place.

There was a hole on the scarlet divine furnace, something left behind from the Desolate Border's battle. It had been struck, leaving behind a scar that connected from front to back.

And now, this white bone just happened to strike it right there.

Sure enough, the Nine Phoenix Furnace's radiance immediately dimmed quite a bit. It swayed back and forth, almost falling. The nine True Phoenixes immediately returned to the nest, entering the precious furnace.

"How could it be like this?" Those people couldn't help but cry out in alarm. This was just too much of a coincidence, right? Weren't they just too unlucky?

At the same time, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram grew dim, the various creatures disappearing, falling out of the sky.

Shi Hao naturally didn't let this chance go. He rushed up, grabbing the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, as well as taking action decisively against those people.

He felt some confidence now, because he sensed that the divine furnace, despite being frightening, unexpectedly didn't have an artifact spirit. This made him feel more at ease than anything else!


Shi Hao was like a demonic beast, immediately slaughtering his way forward. His palm descended, overturning heaven and earth, domineering and tyrannical, surrounding them here.


This palm carried Kun Peng power. If one examined it closely, it was like a Kun Peng spreading its wings, covering them. The five of them took action together to resist, activating their immortal energy, but they still coughed out large amounts of blood.

This type of opponent simply left them in despair. What kind of monster was this?!

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