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Chapter 1083 - Long Life Liquid

Shi Hao sped up his footsteps, rushing over.

Sure enough, he saw a strange scene. There was a pool there that wasn't that large. Auspicious energy surgeds within, a sweet fragrance wafting out!

Moreover, he vaguely saw a stalk of medicine, barely sticking out of the pond, possessing an indescribable type of spirituality.

Even though it was indistinct and there was primal chaos all around it, he could still roughly make it out. That sparkling and translucent plant unexpectedly jumped out, turning into a little beast and quickly running!

Shi Hao released a large cry, using great divine abilities, wishing to stop it from leaving.

Unfortunately, the little beast was surrounded by immortal mist, too fast. It rushed into the depths of the ancient cave like a streak of flowing light, along the way even more so tearing apart the void.

Shi Hao felt rather dejected and disappointed. That was a long life medicine! He had the luck of encountering it, yet it actually escaped just like that.

He knew well that once the long life medicine was disturbed, wishing to capture it again was too difficult. This type of thing was extremely sensitive, able to flee through the sky or earth, difficult to truly capture.

When one examined all of history, how many stalks of long life medicines were there?

These things, forget about an era, it might be hard to see one even within several hundred eras, let alone picking and capturing one.

Based on what Shi Hao understood, the three thousand provinces only had one stalk, and that was buried in the lower realm, later on brought back into the higher realms.

Of course, if Immortal Ancient Remains' White Tortoise Carrying Immortal was included, then that would be two stalks.

One could see just how rare it was, an ancient land only having two stalks.

Shi Hao was unwilling to give up. He chased after it, but just like he had suspected, it was completely futile. This type of long life medicine didn't have any fighting strength, but if one were judging by its ability to run, they were all at the top of the world.

"What a pity, what kind of beast is this?" Shi Hao was regretful. He couldn't even see that little beast's true body clearly before it ran.

Inside this ancient mine, he finally saw a living creature, and it was a stalk of immortal medicine. His emotions rose and fell greatly, yet he still ended up with nothing.


Shi Hao released a rare sigh. He really found this hard to accept…

This Origin Ancient Mine actually had this type of long life medicine, yet he had no way of capturing it.

"Why is there still this type of fragrance?" He was shocked. He turned around and walked back, seeing that pool.

The pool wasn't that large, roughly five square feet. The liquid inside was sparkling and translucent, accompanied by wisps of primal chaos. Apart from this, there was auspicious light that rose from time to time, turning into a rain of light. A sweet scent entered his nostrils.

"En, this pool is quite special!" Shi Hao was both shocked and surprised. He immediately thought of something.

Back then, he had heard that Divine Temple's Ancient Holy Child had great natural luck, discovering a primal chaos pool in Immortal Ancient Remains, within it mysterious liquid that allowed his flesh to undergo a transformation.

Back then, there were people who suspected that the so-called precious liquid might have been left behind after an immortal medicine melted.

Shi Hao seemed to have realized something, immediately becoming excited.

He cupped his hands and raised some of the water, placing it into his mouth, carefully tasting it. This was the fragrance of medicinal herbs, extremely fragrant, immediately making his seriously injured body become a bit better.

Upon closer inspection, he saw damaged leaves at the bottom of the pond, broken stems, even roots. However, they were all melting, becoming one with this pool of water.

"This is it!"

Shi Hao cried out in alarm, finally understanding that this was related to that long life medicine.

"That has to be it. The long life medicine underwent rebirth, the new body removed a layer of old skin, acquiring new life, escaping as a result."

He immediately understood. The divine effects of the liquid left behind after long life medicine melted in the divine spring was incredibly shocking!

In this world, it was hard to find undecaying existences, but this long life medicine was definitely one of them. Each time their lifespans were reaching their end, they would undergo rebirth and come back to life.

The little beast that transformed from the immortal medicine just now was like this. It released a few leaves, shed some old skin, directly becoming nourishing holy substance.

These things became one with the divine spring, turning it into a natural precious medicinal liquid!

Shi Hao quickly set a formation to prevent the spiritual essence from leaking out, causing this place to surge with mists, the fragrance even more rich.


Shi Hao drank a large mouthful of the sparkling liquid. The broken bones, inner organs, and other things quickly healed, simply miraculous effects.

This pool of precious liquid with specks of light flickering about, chaotic energy pervading the air, the value was definitely tremendous.

Shi Hao believed that this was even rarer than Life Stone, obtaining this pool of precious liquid was worth more than anything else.

Unfortunately, this still didn't match true immortal medicines. After all, it had only shed a layer of skin like a snake, only the outer shell. 

"This place isn't bad. There is a pool of long life liquid, I can cultivate here! There is no rush to leave!" Shi Hao said softly, feeling incredibly satisfied.

Even though Origin Ancient Mine was dangerous, for him right now, this was a cultivation holy land.


Immeasurable Heaven, heavenly deity institution.

In this region, purple energy surged, the land rising and falling like dragon veins. Divine birds spread their wings, auspicious beasts moved about, this place withdrawn from worldly affairs like a true immortal cave.

This region was extremely vast, impossible to see the limit from a single look.

From the outside, this place looked auspicious and peaceful, but it was full of competition, incredibly fierce, not an easy and comfortable place.

Today, a few youngsters paid a visit, entering the heavenly deity institution, bringing a piece of news that triggered quite the commotion.

"Huang is still alive, didn't die, he arrived alone from the three thousand provinces to Immeasurable Heaven!"

News quickly spread, triggering great waves, many people attaching importance to this.

It was because Shi Hao cultivated three strands of immortal energy, this fact something people had been aware of for a long time. Even though he never came here, others already took note of his name.

"Didn't he disappear in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces forbidden region depths' Emperor City battlefield?"

There were some who were confused, because they had personally experienced that trial.

In the past, the three great experts had searched again and again, roaming about for three days, but they didn't find him, all of them assuming something unexpected happened to him, that he was no longer in this world.

Who would have expected that he actually arrived in Immeasurable Heaven, appearing alive.

It was clear that the ones who sent over the information were the geniuses who came out from the Ascension Platform. They came from great families, now hurrying over to the heavenly deity institution to bring Shi Hao's news, informing them that Yuan Qing sent him to Origin Ancient Mine, treating him unfairly.

"Yuan Qing, someone on that side!" There were higher level figures talking softly, eyes revealing divine radiance.

Time was pressing. Heavenly deity institution's experts immediately moved, heading to Origin Ancient Mine.

Soon after, the geniuses in the courtyard all heard the news, all of them appearing.

Cao Yusheng, little rabbit, Chang Gongyan, and others were worried, fearing that something unexpected happened to Shi Hao, hoping that he could return alive.

"Hah, heaven really is jealous of heroic geniuses… someone with the so-called three strands of immortal energy was actually sent to Origin Ancient Mine!" There were also those who took joy in his disaster.

"This person was rumored to come from the weak Three Thousand Dao Provinces, but he himself isn't simple. What a pity, it will be hard for him to rise up. Even if he returns alive, what can he do?" Someone laughed coldly.

It was because Shi Hao was already a few months late. Saving him will take some time, and by then, it will already be hard for Huang to stand out from the others.

Not being able to rise up in the beginning within the heavenly deity institution mean that he would be left hopeless later on as well. It was because the best immortal dao resources were already received by the most excellent, used up already.

Not far out, Emperor Clan noble ladies arrived, vigorous and strong young outstanding talents emerged. They were all supreme beings of their generation, their accomplishments immeasurable.

"Wang Clan's young miss, you are an immortal descendant, divine senses sharp. What do you think, will this Huang be able to return alive?" Someone asked.

The atmosphere quickly calmed down, because a long life family's noble lady arrived at the Path of Awakening, just coming out from seclusion, invited over to give her opinion.

"He missed out on the decisive opportunities, a pity!" This exceptionally beautiful woman said, gently shaking her head.

Everyone understood. The so-called missed decisive opportunity she spoke of was Shi Hao coming a few months late, unable to fight for the rare precious medicines, Phoenix Blood Pool and other things.

"Correct, Huang missed out, losing out on his opportunity. The Phoenix Blood Pool has already dried up, he has no way of using this to undergo transformation!"

A young supreme being walked over and said.

"He can slowly try to catch up, but the opportunities in heavenly deity institution are unrelated to him. Even if he hurries over, he wouldn't be able to compete with the other individuals who cultivated three strands of immortal energy." 

The others weren't very optimistic about Shi Hao, feeling that fate was playing a joke on him, having him miss out on heavenly deity institution's greatest opportunities.

"Unless he can find a long life medicine, only then could he compare to the Phoenix Blood Pool, Immortal Caves and other opportunities. Otherwise, everything has already been set in place."


Origin Star, several experts descended.

They were the heavenly deity institutions' experts. After receiving news, they immediately hurried over, wishing to rescue Shi Hao.

"Yuan Qing has crossed the line. Does he not fear being suppressed?"

"He is someone from that side, that is why he dares do something like this. There was definitely someone who stirred him on, allowing him to act fearlessly."

They discussed among themselves, quickly arriving near the ancient mine.

They didn't expose their identities, walking about in secret in search of Shi Hao's whereabouts.

Soon after, they understood that Shi Hao purchased by someone as a slave, and then sent into the Origin Ancient Mine.

"Aiya! How could it end up like this?!" An expert from the heavenly deity institution cried out, face becoming pale. This time… they actually came late.

"This is a great genius, yet he died just like that, it is too much of a pity… he hadn't even had the time to dominate the world yet!"

The experts who came from the heavenly deity institution all felt their faces lose color. They were a step late, feeling anger inside. Their eyes that looked at the people here were ice-cold.

Those people really wanted to take action and directly suppress all of the creatures here.

However, they endured it. If they unleashed a massacre like this, it wouldn't change Shi Hao's fate.

Then, they didn't immediately leave, instead waiting outside Origin Ancient Mine, just waiting for a miracle to happen, wait for Shi Hao to come out.

However, day by day passed, most of a month continued without Shi Hao's appearance.

With things already like this, their minds were heavy, faces unpleasant. A great genius withered away just like this, unable to rescue him, this was a tremendous loss.


In the end, those people left, returning to the heavenly deity institution, going to report to the higher levels, tell them what happened, as well as ask for instructions, whether they needed to attack or not.

When news reached the heavenly deity institution, forget about the higher levels' reactions, just the geniuses from various clans discussed passionately, clamoring everywhere.

"A heaven warping genius fell just like that."

"I originally thought that he might be able to return alive… even though it would have been hard for him to rise up, suppressed by some people, who would have thought that his life was directly lost?!"

"Is Huang's legend going to end here?" At this moment, even Yue Chan's expression was complicated, saying this softly.

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