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Chapter 1082 - Exploring the Unknown

The singing voice was faintly discernible, as if it sounded from a fairyland.

Inside the ancient mine, there were dark areas, places with flowing light, areas that had primal chaos condensed, regions that had immortal mists rising, continuously changing.

The ancient mine was brightly colored, accompanied by this singing voice, making it seem more and more mysterious.

Shi Hao calmed his mind, restoring himself to a cool-headed and calm state. He carefully sized up the surrounding scenery, searching for Life Stones and other things here.

In reality, no matter how calm he was, there was no way he could remain completely calm, mind completely clear. There was no other reason needed, it was only because this was Origin Ancient Mine.

From past to present, too many secretive things had happened here. Even the greatest heroes might die after entering this place.

Shi Hao was convinced that if not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram around him, he would most likely be in danger. The aura naturally released by that ancient corpse was too frightening.

He moved forward in an agile manner, avoiding this ancient corpse, walking towards the cave. He opened his Heavenly Eyes, searching for the so-called Life Stones.

The ancient cave was dark and remote. After just walking a set distance, he discovered all types of side paths, stretching out like a labyrinth. He finally knew why even though so many people came inside, almost none of them could return.

Just this type of labyrinth alone might force ninety percent of people to stay behind, let alone other dangers.

Shi Hao thought for a bit, in the end deciding to continue along the most spacious path. Along the way, there were figures everywhere. He saw a few ancient corpses, none of them rotten.

During this period of time, he even saw a few ancient corpses walking, their faces pale, eyes a deep green.

In that instant, Shi Hao's scalp went numb, hurriedly evading, fearing that he might encounter them. It truly was horrifying.

It was because he knew that the corpses in this ancient cave hadn't rotted even now. They definitely had tremendous origins. This type of expert's remains developed intelligence, definitely terrifying.

Soon after, Shi Hao discovered that his choice in taking the most spacious ancient cave was a mistake. It was because it was just too dangerous.

However, he also knew that this should be the main path.

A black-colored large spider walked over, its movements slow. It was a zhang in height, completely silent, carrying a thick deathly energy. The eight spider legs were like black war spears, brandishing about and releasing kengqiang sounds, even penetrating through the void.

The ground surface was extremely hard, protected by the power of mysterious symbols. When the large black spider's legs landed on the ground, sparks flew in all directions.

In that instant, a spider leg swept towards Shi Hao. It moved absentmindedly, advancing forward, releasing deathly energy, brushing right past Shi Hao.

This spider's strength definitely exceeded sect master level! Shi Hao began to shiver inwardly.

Soon afterwards, he saw a large golden spider that was even bigger, ten zhang in length. It formed a web in the ancient mine, golden spider silk weaving about, blocking the ancient cave.

This was still a dead spider. Even though its entire body was golden, regardless of whether it was the powerful death energy or rigid movements, it gave away the fact that it had already been dead for many years.

However, this large spider really was extremely powerful, not inferior to the old daoist by the entrance.

Shi Hao could clearly sense that if not for the Ten Thousands Spirit Diagram protecting him, he would not even be able to stand here. He tried throwing a heavenly deity magical artifact onto the ground.


As a result, that dagger shattered on the spot, splitting apart under the golden large spider's corpse energy, turning into powder, completely obliterated.

One could imagine what the results would be if a true heavenly deity stood before it. There wouldn't be any exception.

This place truly was too dangerous!

Shi Hao's expression became extremely gloomy. He looked at this large golden web, and then at that enormous spider, feeling his heart pound greatly. Fortunately, it was a dead creature, only having a muddled consciousness, just a bit of awareness the corpse developed after its death.

This place was extremely special. Even though the ones who died were all exceptionally powerful individuals, it was just too difficult to truly revive from death, producing creatures similar to those from Underworld Earth.

The ancient mine was a bit strange, suppressing this type of reversal and transformation.

When Shi Hao saw the great golden web, he was greatly shaken up. He saw the truth. This spider silk was all produced by this golden spider king when it was alive, not produced after its death.

This left him feeling a wave of horror!

There were creatures that survived in Origin Ancient Mine? Even though it died later on as well.

He couldn't help but think of the things the Wang Family told him. This ancient mine was incredibly ancient, to the extent where it was even older than Immortal Ancient Great Era. It had been filled in by someone unknowingly when in the last great era, but in this great era, someone once again dug it up.

Shi Hao felt a chill run down his back. This place was too sinister, and it was extremely terrifying even in the past, even a spider that used to live here in the past becoming an exceptional expert.

He suspected that a long time ago, such a long time ago that the world already had no records left, even more distant that Immortal Ancient, there was an inconceivable wondrous land here. Even a little spider that lived here grew up to become a great expert in the eyes of later descendents, but due to various reasons, this place became a land of death. When later generations excavated it, it became an ancient mine. 

Shi Hao felt that it was quite absurd. Why did he suddenly think this kind of thoughts? He forcefully shook his head, continuing forward.


Suddenly, he stared at the spiderweb, his heart tempted. This was definitely a rarely seen wondrous substance among heavenly treasures. If he could obtain a bit and bring it back, it would definitely have great uses.

Only, this ghost spider crawled on top, a bit frightening.

Shi Hao tested it out, but he discovered that the spider web was too sturdy, unable to tear down a small piece no matter how hard he tried, unable to bring it away.

Moreover, he ended up provoking this ghost spider in turning its head, rigidly moving its body over. He immediately panicked, hurriedly rushing past the spider web towards the depths of the ancient mine.


Right at this moment, the golden spider moved, terrifying beyond Shi Hao's imagination. It was clearly a corpse, only having a bit of muddled awareness. However, once it displayed power, it was still terrifying beyond compare.

This large golden spider's casual attack alone collapsed the void, that type of aura giving one the feeling that it could easily blast down the sun, moon and stars!

Even with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram protecting him, even though he already ran far into the distance, Shi Hao still felt as if an archaic barbaric ox rammed into him.

WIth a hong sound, he directly flew outwards.

He slammed firmly into the ancient mine's stone walls, his entire body almost deforming. The rocks here were too sturdy, covered with mysterious power.

Blood trickled out from the corners of Shi Hao's lips, receiving serious damage!

It was because in that instant just now, he sensed that the mysterious power in the ancient mine was unexpectedly able to resist the Ten Thousand Spirit diagram, weakening its defensive power.

This was something that had never happened before. The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was always extraordinary, even though it didn't possess offensive power, its defensive force was extremely great, generally speaking, no one could break through.

Yet now, this type of thing happened, leaving Shi Hao horrified.

He quickly left the stone wall. He saw an expanse of light recede and disappear.

Shi Hao turned around, seeing that the great golden spider was moving in his direction. He quickly ran, escaping from this place.

"More than ten broken bones, inner organs all injured." Shi Hao wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth. The impact from slamming into the cave wall just now left him with such serious injuries.

Were they all dead things?

The enormous ancient mine didn't have anything else, all these dangerous things, making him feel waves of fear. He always felt this feeling like he had entered a country of death.

Moreover, there were no small soldiers in this country, all heavy hitters, all produced after the most powerful beings of the past died.

Right at this moment, immortal mists swirled about. Shi Hao quickly rushed over. Even if he couldn't obtain Life Stones, he still had to find the source of immortal energy, cultivate there for a period of time.

It was because this was too important. For cultivators of this period, that was the most precious dao.

"There is a strand of life energy?"

Shi Hao was shocked. In this lifeless place where the corpses of exceptional experts could be seen from time to time, he actually sensed a type of life fluctuation.

Even though it wasn't that concentrated, it gave others a special feeling, incomparably peaceful and divine. That type of life energy made one feel as if they would ascend and immediately become an immortal.

The injuries on his body seemed to immediately make a turn for the better, as if they were going to heal right now.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. He slowed down his footsteps, using his powerful divine senses to capture it. Then, he followed a mine tunnel, wishing to get to the bottom of this.

When he first entered the ancient mine, he had previously heard a woman's singing voice. Could it be that this strand of life energy was released by her?

Shi Hao began to suspect this, but then he didn't feel like it was quite right.

Just like that, he continued forward, encountering great danger. If he didn't have the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, it would definitely be hard for him to move even an inch, unable to walk through this place at all.

It was because the aura these skeletal remains released was fierce and oppressive, able to easily kill heavenly deities!

Just how powerful were these individuals when they were alive? They had already died for endless years, yet the fluctuations their bodies naturally emitted was like this. It truly was ridiculously powerful.

Shi Hao didn't relax. Even though he had the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram on him, he knew that it was extremely dangerous right now, terrifying things definitely still waiting.

A single mistake here would result in eternal damnation, body and spirit erased.

There were dangers everywhere, and even more abnormalities. For example, he saw countless heavenly troops and generals walking into the distance, appearing incredibly sinister.

He wanted to try and get closer, but in the end discovered that it was pretty much impossible.

That path connected to the void, and it was a broken road accompanied by primal chaos. Those ancient soldiers wore ice-cold armors, walking on broken roads, accompanied by primal chaos as they directly disappeared.

"What kind of blasted place is this?!" Shi Hao was a bit stupefied.

Fortunately, the life energy ahead was even more thick, and there was a medicinal fragrance that wafted over, making him startled. Could it be divine medicine?

This ancient cave was unimaginably long, weaving and bending. Shi Hao moved about underground, unknown just how many li he traveled. Finally, he smelled a strong medicinal fragrance.

He knew that this was definitely a world shocking divine medicine. This type of fragrance was too special, a single whiff making one's body feel extremely uncomfortable, as if they were going to float into the air.

Moreover, after arriving in this place, there were much fewer corpses, eventually none in sight.

After traveling another few li, Shi Hao felt as if he was going to ascend. His spirit was full, body feeling more and more comfortable. A hazy rain of light rested ahead, everything indistinct.

This type of scene was too astonishing, making this entire ancient cave surge with vapors, clouds tinged with sunset hues everywhere.

However, even though he knew that there was endless death energy, large amounts of exceptional experts buried within this ancient mine, there was also a stalk of undying immortal medicine!

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