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Chapter 1084 - Disorder in the Institution

Heavenly deity institution, this place was not peaceful at all.

Forget about those heaven warping geniuses, even the people who came from the three thousand provinces found it hard to believe that Huang died just like that, falling in Origin Ancient Mine.

White clothes fluttered about, quiet and exquisite. A green moon suspended above the black hair. Qing Yi was currently absent-minded, tears carried in her eyes, full of sadness.

She suddenly raised her head towards Yue Chan who wasn't far out, saying, "I agree, let's merge. However, there is one thing you have to promise me, and that is that in the future, we have to kill Yuan Qing!"

Yue Chan turned around, looking at her, saying, "You really have set your resolution?"

The two of them had fought for who knew how many times, yet never merged together. Now that they received news of Shi Hao's death, Qing Yi came to this type of decision.

"I am sure!" Qing Yi said. Qing Yi floated in the sky, scattering down gentle lunar splendor, making her look increasingly extraordinary and aloof.

She gave up on her biased views and struggles, deciding to merge together. This was all for the sake of growing stronger, cultivation path becoming more smooth.

When Yue Chan heard this, she shook her head, saying, "After coming here, I've examined many ancient books, right now isn't the best time to emerge. For the sake of becoming stronger, we still have to cultivate to a high level. Once we both attain higher cultivations, both of us with become female sovereigns. Once we merge together then, who will be able to face us?"

"Are you sure you wish to give up this chance?" Qing Yi looked towards her.

Yue Chan revealed a rare emotional fluctuation, saying, "You are already no longer clean, I really want to kill you immediately. However, when considering the most powerful path, for the sake of the future's unpredictable changes, I can barely accept it. Only, I hope that you mention Huang less before my face. Even after merging together in the future, I still wish to remove the old memories of him!"

Even though Qing Yi carried watery mist in his eyes, she couldn't hold herself back from retorting, saying, "Am I not you? If I am unclean, can you call yourself pure and holy? That day…"

"Shut up!"

The two fairies unexpectedly began to argue, drawing attention.

"How could he die like this? I really can't believe it! What kind of blasted place is that Origin Ancient Mine? Is it a grave? Just because he got stuck inside doesn't mean that he is definitely dead!" Cao Yusheng mumbled.

Someone sneered, saying, "Dao brother here, you really don't understand Origin Ancient Mine! Once one enters that place, no one can come out alive. Only when unexpected things happen, can a few lucky individuals escape. However, now, many days have already passed, yet he hasn't shown himself, he is undoubtedly dead."

On the other side, the little rabbit hung her head, her head of bright silver head dropping. She was currently hugging a Golden Ginseng, nibbling on it, depressed, chewing on it like it was eating a radish.

When she heard that person's sneer, her large ruby eyes immediately widened. Then, while carrying the young Qilin beast, she fiercely attacked that person.


"Aiyou!" That person released a miserable cry, feeling extremely puzzled why he was suddenly attacked, his body now in great pain.

At the same time, a faint cry of pain sounded. That little White Qilin actually had its beautiful dream ruined, smashed out like a rock, making it cry loudly, incredibly pitiful as it looked at the Lunar Jade Rabbit.

Everyone became stupefied. Even the Qilin was thrown away, treated like a weapon like this, it really left others a bit speechless.

If it was not the heavenly deity institution, the others' eyes would have long gone red, fighting over the White Qilin.

"My big brother won't die!" To the cultivators of the Three Thousand Provinces' surprise, Qin Hao clenched his fists tightly, face sinister, expressing his opinion on this matter.

Many people already knew that there was a bit of awkwardness between these two brothers, Qin Hao always wishing to surpass his older brother, wishing to prove something.

However now, he displayed this type of reaction, leaving a few people somewhat shocked, not quite the same as the situation they had previously thought of.

"I am not willing to believe brother Shi has died either." Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl said, the two of them sighing.

"Haha…" Someone laughed, clearly not a cultivator from the three thousand provinces. This was a young supreme being from a different ancient land. "Already entered Origin Ancient Mine, yet still want to return alive, what, are you going to ask the sun to rise from the west next?"

"Wu, rumors had it that Huang had a few methods, strength unordinary. What a pity, I won't be able to fight and suppress him." Another person said.

"What are you all saying?!" The little rabbit cried out, holding that White Qilin beast in her hand again, looking like she was going to smash it outwards.

Even the others were stupefied. This little girl's temper really was great, even daring to treat the Qilin beast treasured by the heavenly deity institution like a rock.

"What is so special about Huang? Died in Origin Ancient Mine, having a few mysteries is his luck. If he came to heavenly deity institution, I promise he'll be knocked straight down!" Someone secretly sneered.

"Who?" At this moment, a youngster opeend his eyes, coldly saying. He had dual-pupils, this person precisely Shi Yi.

Even though he stood against Shi Hao, regardless, the two of them had fought a life or death battle together, fighting until they were inseparably close, in the end, because of this, everything was pretty much let go of.

At this moment, someone looked down on Shi Hao. Not only was this doubt towards his strength, this was also a type of contempt.

"Hah, just a dead person, what is there to discuss?!" Someone else sneered.

"Just come at me then, I'll fight against you!" At this moment, Qin Hao spoke, glaring as he shouted.

"Brat, you are still too far off. You can jump out when you reach heavenly deity level. Otherwise, you won't even know how you died!" Someone was quite direct, speaking like this.

This place became noisy. A few people began to argue because of this, disputing over someone who they thought to be dead, drawing attention.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. "What is the point of all this ruckus? It is just a death person, not worth discussing further. If anyone is unwilling, they can come challenge me. If Huang really survives and is confident, he can come fight me!"

That was a green-haired individual. He sat on a wondrous rock, surrounded by primal chaos, hazy and indistinct, voice like thunder, shaking up many people's bodies until they trembled, unable to support themselves.

"It's him!"

Many people felt restraining fear, not daring to face this person. It was because he was just too well known, an ancient immortal's descendant, someone who came from a long life clan.

In this place, he defeated experts from all sides, difficult to face head on, definitely one of heavenly deity institution's most powerful disciples!

"I will fight against you!"

Someone shouted from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces side.

Suddenly, an aged voice sounded. "This is the heavenly deity institution, a cultivation holy land, not a place for you all to make a racket. It is beneath your identities!"

"Exchange of pointers is allowed, but quarrels and murderous enmity is not!" There was another person that spoke fiercely.

"If you are unwilling or unconvinced, then feel free to go to Origin Ancient Mine and look around. We currently have this type of intention, permitting disciples to go out to train. That Origin Ancient Mine is quite strange, if you all do not fear it, then you may go there to sharpen yourselves."

Someone from heavenly deity institution's higher levels came to this type of decision, immediately triggering a great commotion.

Of course, this was not forcing the students, but giving them the choice. If any disciples wished to challenge the limit, they can go there. The institution would grant them some powerful assistance and other things.

"Alright then, let's see what that Origin Ancient Mine really like. If there is an opportunity, if I can have the academy's secret treasure's assistance, I am willing to look around inside that ancient mine!"

A few people were extremely strong-willed, replying like this.

These creatures came from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, belonging to other ancient lands, all of them the most powerful young outstanding talents of their respective clans. Right now, they couldn't remain calm, really wishing to go there to prove themselves.

"Really going to Origin Ancient Mine?" Ten Crown King who came from the three thousand provinces suddenly spoke, drawing attention.

This was a powerful figure. He wasn't that high-profile in this institution, but there were definitely but a few people who dared provoke him. He always walked at the very forefront on the road of cultivation.

Soon after, everyone sensed that he had a World Tree sapling, perhaps able to suppress all abnormalities, protecting him in that mysterious mine.

"I lack Life Stones, need to head there. If there is an opportunity, who knows, I might find some." Someone said.

Soon after, a few people wished to stay together, not necessarily entering Origin Ancient Mine, but instead to search for heavenly treasures in the outer regions.


Origin Ancient Mine, within the cavern depths.

This area was overflowing with light and colors, the pool water surging. Shi Hao sat inside, the effects he received truly great. He was currently comprehending the dao and cultivating.

Shi Hao's previous injuries had already healed, his dozen or so broken bones currently connecting. 

This was long life liquid, able to mend his flesh, nourish his primordial spirit, benefits endless. Soaking within, all desire for power and cultivation was flung aside, allowing him to completely clear his mind.

The pool water shone, accompanied by chaotic energy and flowing with immortal dao energy. This pool of water's effects were too great, he couldn't let it get away.

There was even more so waves of fragrance, but today, he finally couldn't smell it anymore.

All of this now belonged to Shi Hao. However, once this place was broken through, the owner could easily change.

It had already been more than ten days. Shi Hao's foundational energy was flourishing, extremely powerful, trying to transform himself the entire time.


Shi Hao released a breath , this was natural essence, giving people a strange type of feeling that the energy turned into a pure and holy True Dragon, that it was actually immortal energy.

Great dao divine sound rumbled!

Shi Hao cultivated in seclusion here. Not only did he recover from his body's injuries on the first day, his body was still continuously being refined, obtaining many, many benefits.

Half a month later, the entire pond began to boil.

Shi Hao was operating a type of bone text, training his flesh, making this place look more and more holy and divine.

Later on, three strands of immortal energy all appeared, all of them rushing to his head. They turned into all living things, and then it was as if ten thousand dragons were competing for supremacy.

Moreover, during this process, astonishing changes took place. One of Shi Hao's original strands of immortal energy already changed into a great dao flower, floating near him.

But now, the feeling he got was different. After obtaining the nourishment of this pool of precious liquid, it was absorbing immortal dao energy!


It was as if a great dao thunder struck down!

Shi Hao sat in the precious liquid, not moving an inch. However, there were strange scenes that happened above his head. A strand of immortal energy formed a great dao flower, creatures seemingly contained within it.


Several days later, when a great dao flower bloomed, a small figure appeared within. It sat on the flower petal, vivid and lifelike, appearance dignified.

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