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Chapter 1081 - Entering the Mine

The mountain region was dried-up, scorched black. The rocks were blood colored.

This was Origin Star. Shi Hao walked forward step by step, already approaching that ancient mine.

It had quite the reputation in history, taking the lives of who knew how many powerful individuals. Nowadays, pretty much no one dared take the risk, only slaves being sent out.

Of course, the lives of slaves were still lives, no one willing to waste them. Normally speaking, the slaves purchased by great sects were only used nearby to extract ore and not to enter the ancient mine.

Currently, there were figures everywhere, all of them slaves, their clothes ragged and shabby, working hard here every day, all for the sake of being able to continue living.

Shi Hao became one of them. However, he didn't stop, not cutting open the mountain range like the others, but instead heading directly towards the heart of this place.

This mountain region was extremely strange, incomparably sturdy, difficult for even heavenly deities to dig through. That was why for ordinary cultivators, this was extremely difficult work.

As he continued, many holes could be seen on the ground. There were figures everywhere, quite a few people busying about.

This was the result produced after slaves tried their hardest. The rocks were sturdy, comparable to powerful magical artifacts.

There were people who felt that the rocks here were extremely astonishing, definitely fine material for refining artifacts, able to be sold for great prices after being brought back to the outside world. However, when they left this place, everything changed, the rock material easily smashed to pieces.

Only in this place did the rock pieces, granules, mountain ranges, and other things remain outstanding.

Later on, everyone understood that this was because of the existence of Origin Ancient Mine, the secret force it constantly released affecting everything around it.

As Shi Hao headed further in, the ground became more and more quiet, and it became increasingly desolate as well, because there were less people the further in he went.


A black-colored whirlwind blew past, turning a stone mountain into dust, filling the mountain range full of holes, the scene horrifying.

Fortunately, it didn't last too long, disappearing soon afterwards.

Shi Hao's eyes widened, a bit stupefied, finding this hard to understand. He saw it clearly with his Heavenly Eyes, that black whirlwind appeared from thin air, rushing out only after the void warped slightly.

"That is the power of the domain. It isn't unusual for anything strange to happen in Origin Ancient Mine's surroundings!" Someone warned.

Shi Hao became silent. This was precisely Origin Ancient Mine, just the outside abnormalities already like this. If he truly entered, what exactly was going to happen?

He began to worry a bit for his own life. However, did he even have a choice now?

The Wang Family was forcing him forward from the rear. If he turned around, there was no way they would agree.

"Dao brother, wait a minute!"

Someone transmitted sound from behind, quickly catching up.

These were experts sent by another great power, coming from different influential families and ancient sects, unexpectedly quite a few people. There were several dozen of them in total.

They were going to explore Origin Ancient Mine, the great influential families and ancient sects working together to head there.

It was clear that these were Death Knights raised by the clan after using up great resources. Now, it was the time to make use of them.

Only, Origin Ancient Mine was just too infamous. Even if these people didn't fear death, they were still feeling a bit nervous now, thus moving together.

Finally, they were but a few dozen li from the entrance of the ancient mine.

This group of people stopped, their minds all shaken up. While looking at that dark black entrance, their hearts were all shoved up to their throats.

The ground surface around here wasn't digged into that much, because few people could walk here, let alone dared to act in such a risky manner.

By now, this group only saw a few slaves scattered about, searching for divine materials in great cracks.

In this area, one would occasionally find Life Stones, as well as some other rare heavenly treasures, all things that the various sects desired, to the extent where even Immortal Gold could be found.

Only, now, those things were just too hard to find.


Suddenly, a miserable cry sounded. A streak of rainbow light flashed over from the distance. Several slaves turned into bloody mist, and then evaporated into nothingness.

That was the radiance revealed after the void warped.

It was clear that it still originated from Origin Ancient Mine. This place was extremely unstable, occasionally releasing mysterious energy.

This seemed to be foretelling something, warning everyone not to take risks.

When there was still a thousand zhang distance between them, they could see the ancient cave clearly. It was pitch-black like ink, as if there was an abyss there.

What was shocking was that there were still slaves in this place. Even though it was just a few people, they were still working hard to search this area.

Shi Hao sighed. Even though these were slaves, they were actually all powerful individuals. For the sake of survival, they could only make a hard living here, only having a chance to live after obtaining some type of harvest.


Miserable cries sounded. Heaven and earth source energy surged from that ancient mine, appearing on the surface of the earth, so several individuals wanted to go excavate that area, but in the end, they were all blasted apart.

It had to be said that even though these people had long made their preparations, this still dealt them quite the mental blow.

It was because even though the ones who died were slaves, they were all powerful individuals. However, they couldn't even take a single blow here!

This place became quiet, only Shi Hao and the several dozen people behind him left. They looked at the black cave a thousand zhang out.

That ancient mine was too deep. They could vaguely hear a breathing sound.

Those several dozen individuals' faces changed. That cave seemed to be accompanied by a faint rising and falling sound.

Shi Hao walked forward, starting to advance again. The others' expressions were serious, following afterwards one by one.

"Do we really have to enter? Not many who entered Origin Ancient Mine have been able to return alive!"

There were people who swallowed with difficulty, shaking with fear now. However, they didn't have a choice. There were people watching behind them, so if they didn't advance, they would be dealt with later.

"What is there to be scared of? I'll go first!" There was someone who was rather bold, quickly rushing forward. He wore black-gold armor, turning into a streak of dark light, entering the ancient mine.

This triggered cries of alarm. Not only were the creatures here shocked, even the powerful individuals watching in the distance became incredibly nervous.

In that instant, bloody light surged, blood blooming, extremely striking. He directly died, unable to live.

Shi Hao felt a bit strange. This ancient mine was too frightening, simply the most powerful archaic vicious beast, bloody mouth opened wide, waiting for creatures to jump in.

At the same time, he sensed an auspicious and peaceful aura. That was immortal energy!

Perhaps it really was as the Wang Clan's people said. Only those with immortal energy could return alive.

"There is no way out! A wave of mysterious power from this ancient mine has locked onto us!" Someone cried out in horror.

"Stop speaking nonsense. This is just a normal domain, all of us within its effective range. It isn't something a creature has released." Someone corrected, expression severe.


The void warped, an expanse of ascension light suddenly appeared, drowning out everything nearby.


Large amounts of miserable cries sounded, more than twenty individuals blasted through. Bloody holes appeared all over them, including the space between the brows, dying with their eyes still open.

It was because in that instant, they couldn't hide even if they wanted to. Their bodies were restrained by the domain, helpless as the rain of light scattered down, piercing through their flesh and primordial spirit.

Half of them died!

Shi Hao became vigilant. There were specks of light that flew towards him as well, but a strand of immortal energy within his body stopped it.

Then, he didn't hold back, releasing two strands of immortal energy, walking forward. He already came here, there was no way out.

When the others saw this, they clenched their teeth and followed.

Even though the following individuals didn't have immortal energy, they were comparatively luckier, not within the range of the light rain.

One step, two steps...

Shi Hao advanced, finally arriving before the black ancient mine. He raised his foot, entering inside, falling straight in.

"He… entered!"

The others' expressions changed, feeling hesitation.

"Just stake it all, we're dead even if we back out. As Death Knights, we should have this type of realization!"

The group of people all jumped down after him, but halfway down, large amounts of miserable cries sounded, falling while carrying horror and unwillingness.

In the distance, many people stood in the sky, watching the circumstances here. Those great figures' expressions all changed. This was too miserable, watching as those people exploded.

Shi Hao entered the ancient mine, falling for a long time before stopping. Then, what fell was a rain of blood, as well as white bone pieces. He knew that the creatures that followed him had pretty much all died.

He sensed a tremendous killing intent here. If not for the immortal energy around his body, he would have been immediately crushed to death.

Inside the ancient mine, there were some areas that were extremely dark, while there were other places that were brilliantly colored. There were also places where immortal mists swept about, making the scenery rather indistinct.

Not too far from Shi Hao, a human-shaped creature could be seen, incredibly aged. He wore a daoist robe, white hair scattering down to the floor, just too long.

At this moment, he confronted Shi Hao, a pair of pupils golden in color. They were like two small suns, releasing a terrifying aura.

Shi Hao broke out into a cold shiver. He had just entered, yet he already encountered a creature from this ancient mine?

He discovered with shock that the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram had appeared on its own, releasing a hazy light, protecting him within, resisting this elder's aura.

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He had a feeling that if not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram stopping this aura, he might have directly exploded before this elder!

"A corpse?!" He discovered with shock that even though this elder's eyes were like golden lamps, as if looking at him, he was actually an ancient corpse who had long died endless years ago.

This left him even more horrified. What kind of powerful figure was this, to be so lifelike even after death? Moreover, the aura this corpse released after death was enough to crush heavenly deities!

This… was unimaginable!

If this person was alive, just how frightening would he be?

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This ancient cave was unimaginable.

This was only the entrance. This cave was extremely deep, and also extremely vast, only heaven knew what else rested inside.

"What era's creature is this?" Shi Hao's mind was shaken. This elder's daoist robes were ancient, and it was refined from the legendary Heavenly Cicada Shell.

Exceptional precious clothes!

This type of heavenly cicada clothes' value was immeasurable, difficult to find even a piece of!

Would he be able to obtain these Heavenly Cicada precious clothes?

After thinking about it, Shi Hao gave up.

This elder's strength was too great. Even though he died, he was still incredibly dignified, like a Great Emperor whose might crushed the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, overlooking the common people.

One could imagine that if there was no Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram protecting him, Shi Hao would undoubtedly be dead, unable to approach at all.

At the same time, in the depths of the ancient mine, singing sounds could be heard, melodious and pleasant to listen to. It was like sounds of nature, as if there was a fairy singing in disappointment and frustration.

"This singing voice seems to be from a living person, not imprints, not an ancient corpse. It is accompanied by an auspicious and peaceful aura. Who is she?!" Shi Hao could not calm down inside.

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