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Chapter 1079 - Slave

Immortal mists rose, the cave entrance faintly discernible and massive. A grand scene appeared there.

"Yi, why is there a singing voice?"

An expert cried out in alarm, his scalp immediately going cold, feeling a deep sense of disbelief.

Then, the others also heard it. Singing voices sounded from the originally peaceful ancient cave. Even though it wasn't that clear, it was definitely real.

That was a woman, her voice elegant and graceful, sinuous and melodious, extremely pleasant to listen to, but also carrying a mournful type of feeling.

In a flash, an exceptional beauty appeared before their eyes. She stepped on moonlight, ascending, snow-white clothes fluttered about, style exceptional. At her side, blade radiance and sword shadows could be seen, heroic figures fought against each other, matchless heroes falling, collapsing into pools of blood.

Everyone fought for her sake, struggled for her.

"Is this an illusion?"

Forget about others, even Scarlet Blood Ship's captain felt a wave of shock, fiercely shaking his head, forcing himself free from this type of singing voice.

He discovered that his entire body was already covered in cold sweat, his battle clothes drenched, only now snapping back to reality, freeing himself from that mysterious state.

This really was a bit frightening. Someone as powerful as him who could travel unhindered through Immeasurable Heaven, someone who rarely had enemies, was like a lost youth here, his emotions rising and falling from someone's voice, losing himself.

"How shocking!" Someone said with a sigh.

This was just a song, no one actually walking out from Origin Ancient Mine, but it made one feel as if they personally experienced all those scenes.

"I don't think that indistinct white-clothed woman was an illusion. Everyone 'saw' her just now, right?" A great expert said.

In reality, the ancient mine was peaceful, immortal energy pervading the air. There wasn't any white-clothed woman who walked out, all of this a strange type of reaction.

"Right, I saw an exceptional beauty. Even though I didn't truly see her, she was definitely the most beautiful woman throughout eternity!" Someone said, almost deliriously raving.

"Exactly, I also saw her. She moved under the moonlight, many heroes engaged in a bloodbath!" Someone added, revealing a fascinated expression, almost at a loss.

The experts here were all silent. There were ancient corpses in this ancient mine, but why did a living person now appear as well?

All of the extremely powerful individuals opened their mouths, but then closed them again, not saying anything. This place appeared more and more strange, mysterious and unfathomable.

Shi Hao saw it clearly just now as well. In reality, no one appeared, those were just imprints produced by that pleasant singing voice, making people feel as if they really did see those scenes.

Everyone knew that Origin Ancient Mine was a dangerous place, with most who entered dying. Only those with tremendous opportunities had a chance of returning with their lives.

However, the people who went inside had never seen any living people, all of them ancient corpses, so what was going on with these scenes?

"Don't tell me that there are still pure lands we haven't discovered, a few other unknown areas…" Someone said quietly, expression serious.

This was definitely not impossible.

Moreover, even before, those who were lucky enough to come back alive only gave this place a hurried look, completely unable to find out just how many mysteries the ancient mine contained.

"There is likely someone who revived!" A great figure said.

The scene just now wasn't an ancient corpse that developed sentience, no malicious energy or deathly energy to be seen. It wasn't quite the same as what they saw just now, different from the ancient mine recorded in bone books.

"Could it be that there really is an immortal king buried inside, reviving with All Life Earth?" Someone said, breaking out into a cold shiver.

FInally, everything calmed down again. The singing voice had long disappeared, even the immortal energy released by the ancient cave starting to receded. A vast expanse of darkness could be seen when looking from the distance.

The ancient cave was faint and indistinct, no one daring to approach it.

At this point, all of the experts felt a bit of fear. If an existence with complete intelligence emerged from the ancient mine, no longer an ancient corpse who only had vague instincts, that… would be incomparably terrifying.

There was immediately a group of experts that left, fearing that staying here further would result in problems.

Fortunately, the supervisors of the great powers that remained were still relatively calm, quickly stabilizing the situation.

Then, they observed the situation for several days, discovering that it was just like before, not any bad changes happening because of this. Only then did they release a breath of relief.

As for Scarlet Blood Ship, it had long taken off, escaping that very day.

Shi Hao and the others totaled to eighty to ninety thousand. They were treated as slaves and sold to these great powers. If nothing unexpected happened, then they would die while excavating divine materials.

His face was calm without any fluctuations, treating this with silence. Waves of killing intent towards Yuan Qing surged within him, this person actually dealt with him like this.

The Scarlet Blood Ship left into the distance. Many days later, when Yuan Qing obtained news, his expression remained calm.

"Suppressing you for ten years, seems like I worried too much. Abnormalities appeared in Origin Ancient Mine, so those powers will likely search frantically. You should just first think about how to survive!" Yuan Qing said to himself.

He acted on his own accord, suppressing Shi Hao for ten years, but now felt that insteads of doing this, he might as well have just directly killed him.

However, he was still worried that someone would investigate into this. If he acted too directly, it would be making things quite difficult for him. Even though this was also crossing the line, he at least had a reason.

Half a month had passed. Shi Hao and the others were all strictly guarded, close watch placed over them.

Even though close to a hundred slaves were transported over, they were sold off separately. He was sold off to an ancient family together with several thousand others, used to excavate heavenly materials for them.

Even though they already had restrictions placed on them, these ancient families still wouldn't feel at ease unless they set their own restrictions.

Of course, they didn't invite experts to restrict everyone one by one, as that would use up too much time. Instead, special magical artifacts were used to control these slaves.

For example, when it was Shi Hao's turn, he first had shackles placed on him, and then they used a piece of mysterious stone to examine his potential and fighting strength. That strange rock immediately flourished with radiance.

"Yi, we picked up treasure! This slave is extremely formidable, not ordinary at all!" Someone cried out, drawing the attention of this ancient family.

They had a mysterious strange stone that could examine one's strength and potential. Even though it wasn't that accurate, generally speaking, it would still do its job.

That strange stone flourished with radiance, alarming a group of people. It had been many years since they saw someone like this, let alone a slave like this.

"Truly unexpected, one can even find a good successor after purchasing a slave!"


Soon after, this rock shattered, smashed apart by the multicolored light Shi Hao's body emitted, turning into broken pieces.

This left them even more shocked. With a hu la sound, this ancient family's people all swarmed over, ordering people to seal this place, not letting anyone else approach.

"Formidable, even breaking the examining stone, this brat is a bit strange!"

"Bring the Seven-Colored Wondrous Stone to examine him. Let's see how formidable his potential really is." Someone said, eyes brilliant.

"There aren't any left, the Seven-Colored Wondrous Stones have already been exhausted. We won't be able to get our hands on one for some time." Someone replied.

When Shi Hao heard their conversation, he didn't say anything, facing them silently.

"Youngster, what is your name?"

"Di[1]!" Shi Hao replied.

The group of people looked at each other in dismay. This name really was domineering, someone actually truly dared to take on this name.

"Actually daring to use this name, a single character Di, hah!" Someone said like this. They looked at him, saying, "Regardless of whether this name is fake or not, it'll do as a code name for now. It's beneath us to bother investigating. What I wish to ask is what inheritance you are from, what kind of background?"

"I grew up in the great wasteland from my youth, only joining the world now, but was deceived and captured by a scoundrel." Shi Hao said expressionlessly.

"Lies. Speak of your background!" Someone shouted.

In addition, an elder directly took action, placing his palm on Shi Hao's forehead, wishing to explore his sea of consciousness and directly acquire his memories.

Shi Hao glared at him. His identity was about to be investigated, resulting in him having no secrets to speak of, even his supreme powerful precious techniques were going to be seized.

"Yi?" Immediately afterwards, the elder was shocked, hurriedly retracting his hands. It was because he had just operated bone texts, yet the space between Shi Hao's brows was splitting apart, blood starting to flow out.

"There are restrictions. Once examined, the primordial spirit will rupture." The others' faces fell.

This was the restriction Shi Hao placed on himself previously. Willow Deity method, Lightning Emperor's symbols, Kun Peng imprints, all of them were protected. He tried to imitate other archaic vicious beasts, doing this to prevent the inheritances from leaking. His primordial spirit had restrictions, so even if he became a captive, he wouldn't have to worry much.

Of course, this also meant that if others forcefully searched, his soul would explode, falling here.

These people stopped, not continuing.

"Youngster, you have to let us see your value, how you are different. Otherwise, you will only be regarded as a normal slave and die in the mines." One of them said.

"Undo the fetters." Shi Hao calmly said.

These people were quite straightforward, all of them experts. There were sect master level figures here, not fearing that he would act out.

When Shi Hao recovered, he directly released a strand of immortal energy. It surrounded his body, auspicious energy pervading the air, great power spreading.


These people gasped. This youngster was powerful after all, leaving them greatly shaken.

"Cultivated immortal energy, this type of aptitude is not ordinary after all. He should have entered the heavenly deity institution!" An elder sighed.

"Just one strand of immortal energy, entering the heavenly deity institution will be too difficult." Another person shook his head, likely the number one expert of his clan in this ancient mine region.

Shi Hao didn't hesitate. Right now, he needed to display his strength, and only then would he attract their attention, thus being regarded as important, increasing his chances of freeing himself.

The second strand of immortal energy appeared, but it was a bit faint, not that distinct. This was done intentionally.

"Good, good, good!" These people were pleasantly surprised.

They never expected that a random slave they purchased would be so outstanding!

These people looked at each other, revealing strange looks, revealing a radiance from Shi Hao's eyes he couldn't really understand. It flashed past their eyes.

Two strands of immortal energy, this was an outstanding genius even in Immeasurable Heaven, a rarely seen talent that would be chased after by all sects and protected.

It was because once someone like this grew up, they would inevitably become a great expert who would inspire awe throughout the empire.

"Youngster, Di, do you wish to enter the heavenly deity institution?" An elder asked in an amicable manner.

"I heard about it. If I can go and take a look, then that's naturally not a bad thing." Shi Hao acted in neither a servile nor overbearing manner.

"Wu, my clan's young miss is there. If you are willing to follow by her side, we can consider sending you over." An elder said.

"Follow a woman?" Shi Hao raised his head, purposely showing a look of disdain.

"Haha…" Someone laughed, and then said, "Youngster, do you think that cultivating two strands of immortal energy makes you unmatched under the sky? My clan's young miss could suppress you with a raise of her hand. She wishes to seize the number one fairy position in Immeasurable Heaven, her cultivation profound, not something you can even imagine."

"Don't tell me she cultivated three strands of immortal energy?" Shi Hao asked.

"Even more formidable than what you are thinking. The young miss carries unmatched immortal blood within her. She is not only my clan's, but all of Immeasurable Heaven's most brilliant pearl." The elder said.

1. means emperor

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