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Chapter 1080 - Conditions

"Long life family?" Shi Hao looked at them. He always had a feeling that this clan had quite the experts. This was just a mine, yet there were several extraordinary figures overseeing it. He now understood a bit.

An elder laughed and sid, "My clan had a long life being in the past, but that is already something of endless years ago, this founder long dying in battle."

He didn't feel sentimental. Even though they felt some regret, a bit unwilling, time could erase everything, the past glory still something of the past.

"Then that is to say, your clan's young miss can be regarded as an immortal descendant, also one of the fairies[1] not only in name but also in reality?" Shi Hao asked, his eyes revealing a strange expression.

In the past, when he had opposed Lin Tian and the others, he had previously brought up these types of families.

Meanwhile, the blue-pupiled woman Lan Ling had mocked him, saying that if he was powerful enough, he could interact with true fairies in the heavenly deity institution, perhaps even taking them as his wife.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt quite strange. He never expected there to really be these types of families, moreover meeting them like this. Only, his status was just too embarrassing, unexpectedly only a slave.

"Youngster, your ambitions don't seem to be that small huh? Already ended up a prisoner, yet your eyes are still flickering with divine light, you actually set your eyes on my clan's great daughter? Do not overestimate your worth." A middle-aged individual ridiculed.

"I do not have such intentions." Shi Hao shook his head.

"Haha, if you don't then that is best." Someone nodded with a smile, and then looked at him, saying, "We can send you into the heavenly deity institution, only, their disciple selection has ended, so another method has to be used."

Based on what they said, they could send Shi Hao in, but there was some issue with his identity, He had to join as their young miss' battle servant.

When Shi Hao heard this, his eyebrows immediately stood up. To enter with the identity of a servant, how could he accept this?!

The reason he revealed two strands of immortal energy was to expose his own potential, precisely to draw enough attention and have these people regard him as important.

However, in the end, he still had to continue with the identity of a servant. This was a type of humiliation, something he definitely couldn't compromise with!

Shi Hao became silent. He carefully thought to himself. Ever since he arrived in Immeasurable Heaven, he continuously encountered setbacks, unexpectedly becoming a captive, taken prisoner, turned into a slave. It truly was infuriating, leaving him feeling wronged.

However, he couldn't roar outwards right now. He could only wait for an opportunity.

"You are not willing? There is no need to take offense." An elder continued to explain.

This was just a plan of convenience. From what they said, every single heavenly deity institution disciple could bring a few servants.

If Shi Hao entered with the status of a servant, the day would come when he would shine again. When the time came, there would be a chance to truly join the heavenly deity institution.

Of course, this was on the premise that he agreed to follow at the young miss' side. Even though he could free himself from the status of slave, he couldn't betray them. He had to move together with the clan.

In reality, there were many young experts who were moving. The heavenly deity institution had immortal caves, Phoenix Blood Pool, and other things, any one of them great natural luck, things that would allow one to be born again. Many people wished to enter even if they had to become a servant.

These people included the clan's most powerful young experts, powerful exceptional talents and others, willingly becoming temporary servants.

It was to the extent where the pearls of clans, individuals with exceptional appearances, were willing to head there, establishing agreements with others.

"Of course, before setting out to the heavenly deity institution, you need to do one thing. Perhaps… only you can do it now." An elder spoke.

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He already felt that these people wouldn't show goodwill for no reason. These people valued his potential, but it was unlikely for them to selflessly help him.

In the end, his strength was to help make their clan's young miss look even better, to protect and follow that young lady. They would view him as one of that woman's strong 'subordinates'.

"The competition in the heavenly deity institution is fierce, even our clan's pearl faces great pressure, requiring assistance, needing opportunities." The clan's people said.

Shi Hao learned about some of the heavenly deity institutions' current circumstances from their mouths. He couldn't help but feel astonished.

Presently, the heavenly deity institution gathered the Nine Heavens Ten Earths' heroes, all of them incredibly stunning, the outstanding talents of various ancient worlds. None of them were weak.

With this group of heavenly talents gathered, regardless of whether they were children of emperors of immortals, they all felt a tremendous pressure. It was because a single mistake would result in them being overtaken by others.

In that place, falling behind meant a loss of immortal dao resources.

Phoenix Blood Pool, immortal caves, long life medicines, dao comprehension platforms, and other things were given to the most powerful individuals first. There was no line for the others to wait in.

This made the experts more and more powerful, the distance pulled greater and greater.

Shi Hao frowned, his eyes revealing cold light. At this moment, he finally understood the intentions of Yuan Qing. This was to purposely suppress him, leaving him in this ancient mine region to use up his time. This was simply slowly erasing him from the rankings!

Currently, the geniuses were struggling against each other, the best time to rise up, but he was suppressed and sent to a land of death, making him lose out on the opportunity to compete and truly rise up in the heavenly deity institution.

Without a doubt, even if he continued living, he would lose out on those scriptures, immortal medicines, rebirth precious pools.

Yuan Qing's mind was extremely ruthless, making Shi Hao feel a great hatred!

"What do you all want?" Shi Hao asked. He finally spoke.

There was something the clan's young miss needed here, so it would definitely suit him as well. Instead of resisting, he was better off hearing them out first, see if he could directly make use of it himself.

"Inside the heavenly deity institution, heavenly talents compete against each other. Now, not only did they show their aptitudes, the strength of various families' support is also clear."

An elder from the clan immediately spoke of the nature of the problem.

They wished to find a piece of Life Stone here and then deliver it to the young miss who had immortal blood, have her walk at the front, come out ahead in the great clash between geniuses.

"Life Stone?" Shi Hao said to himself. He had heard about it before, but he didn't know about its concrete effects.

He only knew that this thing could help extend the lifespans of sect master level and stronger figures, help them seize the natural luck between heaven and earth, a priceless treasure.

"You do not need to understand too much, only need to bring back one or two pieces, and then you can immediately leave this place. We will send you to the heavenly deity institution." An elder said.

This was their condition. If he wanted to free himself from his slave status, Shi Hao had to show his sincerity and bring back a Life Stone.

If it was anyone else who heard this condition, their expressions would definitely change. This place had Life Stones, but it was extremely rare. Moreover, who dared enter the Origin Ancient Mine?

What Shi Hao was thinking right now was that this heavenly treasure was definitely extremely useful for him and the young miss, worth obtaining.

He already missed out on the first opportunities inside the heavenly deity institution, needing to make up for it through other means, closing the gap and then overtaking them. This place was worth the risk.

Origin Ancient Mine, if it was without danger, it would be a place extremely suited to cultivation. There was true immortal energy there, not something other pure lands could compare to!

Of course, if others knew what he was thinking, they would definitely curse him as a madman. How many people dared to set their eyes on the ancient mine? Who would dare come here to cultivate? That was definitely some madman who didn't value his life.

"You wish to collect Life Stone?" The clan's people were shocked, originally thinking they had to speak quite a few words of persuasion, needing to make threats and promises, but they never expected Shi Hao to agree just like that.

One had to bear in mind that those who had dared take the risk have pretty much all died. It was extremely difficult to succeed here.

"You've cultivated two strands of immortal energy, of the same origin as that ancient mine's immortal mist, so it should be comparatively safer for you than for others, so there is no need to feel too much worry. This is the best time to search for Life Stone!" A middle-aged man encouraged.

"I do not need to hear these words of comfort, please give me the corresponding secret treasures and others, bring all of the things that will help me survive." Shi Hao said.

Since he couldn't leave, Yuan Qing sent him here, these people wouldn't let him go either, then he was better off just taking the risk.

"Youngster, you are quite courageous, I am quite optimistic about your future. If you are stunning enough here, it isn't that there is no chance for you to walk side by side with my clan's pearl, at that time…"

It was clear that the elder was exaggerating, trying to encourage Shi Hao, not hesitating to throw out sweet bait.

However, his efforts were used on the wrong person. Shi Hao directly cut him off, saying, "Please help me prepare precious artifacts and other things!"

The expressions of the experts here felt a bit embarrassed, but they returned to normal soon after.

"We are quite delighted to see you agree. Little friend is a bright and open-minded person. We won't say too much about other things and will quickly make preparations for you."

They undid all of Shi Hao's shackles, undid his restrictions. However, an elder produced a diamond band, requiring him to wear it on his head.

This was their clan's secret treasure. Once it was worn on the head, it was extremely difficult to remove, binding tighter and tighter.

They said candidly that they had to do this. After all, with all of Shi Hao's restrictions undone, what if he ran?

The diamond band was bright, resplendent with silvery-white light, unknown what type of material exactly was used. It was extremely brilliant and flowing with all types of mysterious bone texts.

It looked like a bracelet, but now, it was enlarged, wrapping around Shi Hao's head, turning into a suppressing magical artifact.

Origin Star, this was a place without plant life, only dry and withered mountains, extremely desolate.

However, despite this being the case, it was still divided up by many great powers, each occupying a region.

During these days, all of the great powers were moving, sending slaves and others, dispatching experts to look around the ancient mine entrance's vicinity.

The so-called vicinity was still several hundred meters out. If it was too close, it would be extremely dangerous. Who knows, they might just be sucked in by that ancient mine.

However, each time Origin Ancient Mine calmed down again, it would be comparatively more peaceful, and bloody events would rarely happen.

This was precisely the reason why only in recent days did everyone display more activity.

Shi Hao made his preparations. Even though he was forced to wear the diamond band around his head, making him feel rather indignant inside, he still endured it.

He couldn't help but sigh. After arriving in Immeasurable Heaven, everything went badly, actually being taken prisoner like this. He was waiting for a chance to erupt, rush through all obstructions.

During these days of preparation, he also understood how powerful this clan was. This clan took on the surname Wang[2], rumored to be a clan that had survived from Immortal Ancient!

Their ancestor's strength was profound, previously an immortal dao figure, long life and undying, but died in battle during the Immortal Ancient years.

Wang Clan, using this as their surname, their ancestor was rumored to have touched the Immortal King domain.

Shi Hao went on his way. The clan prepared all types of corresponding secret treasures for him, everything in order. He was going to enter Origin Ancient Mine!

1. This term can also mean immortal child

2. This character means king

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