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Chapter 1078 - Archaic Ancient Mine

Shi Hao didn't fight a bloody struggle because he had his cultivation sealed.

In addition, this three-headed six-armed creature truly was powerful, not someone he could defeat.

This powerful creature's entire body was covered in silver scales, including its face, as if it was a demonic god stone engraving. Its blood energy was restrained, making one feel pressure.

Not long afterwards, they arrived at a part of the void. There was a large scarlet boat here, something used when crossing the sky domain.

One could imagine how long this journey was going to take.

Only, Shi Hao felt as if something wasn't right. After coming here, the three-headed six-armed silver creature unexpectedly placed him on the ship, and after obtaining a few heavenly treasures from an expert, turned around to leave.

It wasn't the silver three-headed six-armed creature who was going to personally see him off to that ancient mine! Shi hao discovered that he seemed to have been… sold!

When he thought of this, golden light erupted from Shi Hao's eyes. He was actually purchased by someone at such a low price?

This really was a hateful and shameless thing. He had just arrived in Immeasurable Heaven, yet he encountered this type of disaster, in the end even sold like this.

This large scarlet ship definitely had something greatly wrong with it.

It was several tens of thousands of zhang long, extremely large, entirely scarlet red as if it had been soaked in blood. It looked a bit stifling, even more so releasing a type of bloody fiendish aura.

Generally speaking, part of the owner's style can be sensed from the magical artifact. This enormous ship was dark red like blood, carrying thick killing intent, the owner clearly not of the kind sort.

Soon after, he knew that this was a pirate ship full of crime and blood. It moved through the cosmos' starry sky, its reputation notorious.

Shi Hao felt a wave of pent-up frustrations. He had just arrived in the Nine Heavens, yet he already encountered this type of thing, being sold off to this type of vicious place, becoming a captive.

The scarlet red pirate ship was extremely well known in Immeasurable Heaven. The captain of the ship was a formidable expert with tremendous strength, someone who always acted viciously, traveling domineeringly between heaven and earth. However, he had been living well this entire time, not being eliminated by anyone.

In reality, the reason this pirate ship could remain unharmed was also because it had secret dealings with many great powers, with mutual interests involved.

For example, it often sent slaves with decent cultivation levels to Origin Ancient Mine, selling them to great powers to have them excavate divine materials.

There were many people on the ship, extremely crowded. Most of them were slaves, all of them locked up in a designated area.

Unfortunately, Shi Hao became one of them. He looked at these creatures with lifeless expressions, spirits numb, and then he suddenly felt that he was still quite lucky. At the very least, he was still full of vigor, not tormented to this level of dejectedness.

Only, soon after, there was an elder that dealt him a heavy mental blow. "Youngster, you should relax while you can. Once you enter the ancient mine, you might die at any time."

The blood-colored ship took off, the destination outer space.

It was because the so-called Origin Ancient Mine floated in the sky above, long moving into outer space, adjacent to a few large stars.

Aside from the endless space all around them, there were many formations along the way, requiring one to be careful when moving. That was why the Scarlet Blood Ship didn't move too quickly.

It was black and ice-cold in outer space, even the areas with stellar radiance appearing quite desolate.

It had to be said that this area was extremely frightening. There were all types of skeletal remains, all of them drifting through the dark cosmos, extremely shocking.

Apart from his, there were enormous meteors that that rushed past from time to time.

Of course, the most dangerous were still those damaged weapons, banners, and other things. Those were all left behind from ancient wars, covered in ancient formations and other things.

As a result, this region was extremely special. One had to carefully move through this place. If an accident happened, they would be consigned to eternal damnation.

Things like this had happened before. When a few large ships traveled through this area, bashing left and right as they advanced, some of them exploded, some of them were transported into the depths of the cosmos, thus never seen again.

Several days passed. Shi Hao was quite shocked. This scarlet ship slowed down its speed, not daring to move recklessly, carefully making its way through many damaged formations.


Not far out, a small banner swayed back and forth. It released ripples, shattering a comet that flew past into pieces. 

This was quite striking. Even though this place was like ruins with all types of damaged things, it really wasn't a good place to provoke. All of these things could easily turn into great killing weapons.

However, the scarlet ship's people's eyes didn't become glowing hot with greed, because lessons had previously been taught through blood. There were those who had previously tried to obtain these damaged artifacts, but as soon as they approached, a formation was activated, tearing apart flesh and bone.

Those things, even though they had drifted in the cosmos' void for endless years, they were still dangerous. This was especially the case if contact was made, which would very likely trigger their explosion.

"This was a killing formation set by an unmatched expert to begin with, known to be able to kill gods and wipe out immortals, forcefully oppress everyone, omnipotent. That was why this place ended up like this, only the damaged artifacts from when the formation was built left behind."

Between these words, a ship arrived from the distance. The people on that ship saw a shining pearl, and then they couldn't hold back, wanting to seize it.


As a result, Scarlet Blood Ship's people all trembled. The ship in the distance exploded, turning into pieces. Everyone died, buried along here.

"This is a curse land… no one can display greed towards any of the ruined artifacts here, or else a great disaster would be incurred." Someone of Scarlet Blood Ship sighed.

Finally, they arrived, approaching their destination.

That was a star, extremely massive, and also extremely desolate. There were no plants, grit everywhere, as well as a scorched blackness.

When one looked down from above, this star was extremely ugly, not a single blade of grass growing, lacking life. Everything was just that drab and gray.

The Origin Ancient Mine was precisely on that star.

It was rumored that it was originally above Immeasurable Heaven's great earth, but it attracted too many cultivators, and each time, many people died as a result, including heroes of different clans.

In the end, left with no choice, after the different clans discussed among themselves, great figures joined up and refined that area into a star, sending it into outer space.

Of course, during this process, they didn't dare touch the ancient mine in the slightest, but instead moved everything within a range of a hundred thousand li, then refined it into a star.

Everyone knew that this star was extremely special, yet no one was daring enough to truly explore its contents. It was because there were too many uncertainties with that place.

Finally, they arrived.

Suddenly, the void trembled, earth quaking and mountains shaking. The stars were resonating in response as well.

"Not good!"

Many people on Scarlet Blood Ship cried out, even the captain of the ship appeared for the first time. His entire body was surrounded by divine multicolored mist, body trembling slightly, doing everything he could to move the precious ship away.

An unexpected event happened today, a terrifying aura rushed at them. 

On Scarlet Blood Ship, everyone was shocked, as if they were facing hell, on the verge of death. The feeling that star gave them wasn't too good.

At this time, including Shi Hao, many people saw a scene they would find hard to forget for the rest of their lives. They were all still like wooden chickens, as if they became stupefied.

There was an ancient mine on the star's surface. It released auspicious multicolored radiance that affected the stars in the heavens, forming a vast and boundless domain.

It seemed to be breathing, rising and falling, releasing streak after streak of ripples that engulfed the heavens.

"That is… Origin Ancient Mine?" Many people's voices were trembling. There was this type of immortal mine on that great star, this type of scene. It was too shocking.

"The ancient mine has revived again. We are quite lucky, coming here when it is devouring heaven and earth spiritual essence!" Scarlet Blood Ship's captain said.

Soon after, everyone understood what was happening.

That ancient mine continuously changed, immortal light shining brilliantly. Now, it returned to its natural state, black holes occasionally forming.

"Heavens! There are stars falling!" Someone cried out loudly.

When the Origin Ancient Mine became pitch black, it became like a black hole, devouring stars from all directions, truly powerful and terrifying.

Compared to the enormous Origin Star, that ancient mine wasn't that large, but it devoured all of those stars. This space immediately became incomparably brilliant. Great stars fell, drawing out brilliant tails in the void, all of them entering that cave entrance.

This… was truly hard to believe!

Everyone became stunned, all of them dumbstruck. This type of scene was too terrifying.

Only Scarlet Blood Ship's captain was still relatively calm, because he had heard before that this ancient mine was reviving, replenishing its spiritual essence, needing to devour a large amount of stars.

"This is just… too ridiculous!" While feeling fear, everyone could only sigh with admiration like this.

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, understanding that that ancient mine seemed to be breathing. As it inhaled and exhaled, great stars from outer space fell one after another, absorbed by it. While breathing, auspicious multicolored light surged, brilliant colors flowing about.

Finally, Scarlet Blood Ship made it to a safe region. The main reason was because the captain was powerful enough, forcefully moving it far into the distance.

"Each time Origin Ancient Mine moves, there will be a long period of calmness. This really is quite the luck. You all might be able to pick a few pieces of Life Stone!" Scarlet Blood Ship's captain gave the ship's people a look, saying it like this.

Finally, after who knew how much time had passed, Origin Ancient Mine calmed down, no longer devouring the sun, moon, and stars, becoming extremely quiet.

"Alright, we can go over now." Scarlet Blood Ship's captain said.

The large ship began to move, slowly descending towards that star, eventually making contact with its surface.

Meanwhile, a few other large ships appeared, descending on this star. They were all cultivators that escaped during the previous danger, now returning.

There were quite a few people from great powers, coming here all for the sake of digging up supreme treasures and other things from around the ancient mines' vicinity.

"Did you all not see? Before the ancient mine revived, there were many figures inside, just too terrifying. Every single one of them carried primal chaos, exceptionally powerful!"

Why were there many people inside? Many of the creatures on Scarlet Blood Ship who was coming here for the first time were puzzled, faces full of shock.

"Those are skeletal remains. They were nourished by the life essence energy within year in year out, thus developing intelligence."

"That's incorrect, there are many Immortal Kings buried inside. Perhaps there is All Life Earth that can ensure that all things remain in an undying state. After endless time, they returned, who knows, they might have revived!"

Everyone discussed among themselves, all of them extremely shocked.

"Immortal King?" Scarlet Blood Ship's captain laughed coldly, shaking his head, saying, "This ancient mine is ancient to an unimaginable degree. In Immortal Ancient Great Era, it had previously been filled in, yet in this era, it was unearthed again."

When the others heard him say this, many of them revealed unusual expressions. This was especially true for the experts of a few great sects, they were even more surprised.

It was because these people more or less knew some secrets. They had their suspicions that this ancient mine was terrifyingly ancient, some of the ancient corpses inside possibly even older than Immortal Ancient Great Era.

"Immortal energy!"

Someone cried out like this at this moment.

At the entrance of the ancient mine, strand after strand of immortal mists pervaded the air. That type of energy was incomparably holy and peaceful as it scattered out from the ancient cave.

Everyone's eyes became red. This place was too mysterious. If they could cultivate here… it was simply unimaginable, the natural luck too great!

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