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Chapter 1077 - Censure

Shi Hao didn't say anything, looking at him coldly. This person truly carried malice towards him, about to treat him unfavorably.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" That person acted calm and casual, already walking forward.

Without a doubt, the passage of time didn't leave much imprints on his face. It was still young, looking heroic and flourishing. Only, when his eyes opened and closed, there was an ancient feeling that did not possess any trace of youthfulness.

This type of great expert definitely had a great lifespan, already living for a long time, an older generation figure.

"What can I say? You and I have no grudges, yet you wish to directly send me to a dangerous place. Could senior's intentions be any more clear?" Shi Hao said rather impolitely.

At this point, even if he said nice things and bowed his head, it wouldn't do much. He would only be letting others mock and show contempt for no reason.

The geniuses that didn't leave yet all felt upset for Shi Hao's sake. That expert bullied others too far, making a youth head towards Origin Ancient Mine, wasn't this just sending him to his death?!

Forget about them, even if the senior powerful individuals entered, they would still die without exception.

Since the ancient times, only during set times and with ample preparations would one be able to enter and excavate Life Stones. Otherwise, it would undoubtedly result in death.

"Haha, your temper doesn't seem to be small. Say, would you rather I directly slap you with a palm, or do you want to be sent into Origin Ancient Mine?" This person said with a smile, only it was a bit cold.

This made everyone's minds jump. This person didn't disguise his hostility at all. He wasn't even going to wait for Shi Hao to enter the dangerous land, just taking action right here?

"Senior, doing things like this, it's a bit inexcusable, wouldn't you say?" Those from the side spoke.

"Oh? Then what do you think I should do? You are the Chen Family's youngster right? Can be considered a genius. However, it is unsuitable for you to step in here." This person was confident in his backing.

"Senior, you are in charge of protecting the important land, while he didn't do any wrongs. You don't have a reason to deal with him!" Another person stepped out, saying like this.

Shi Hao helped them break out, so these people naturally felt gratefulness, especially the geniuses who came from a few great families, their backings great enough to speak here.

"Wu, you all have a point. Everything should be done by the established standards." This person laughed, his handsome face full of indifference. "He was originally chosen to enter the heavenly deity institution, but ended up delaying his entrance. After showing up late, he even absurdly activated a transport formation alone. How can this not be punished?"

"There has to be a reason for this, right?" Someone spoke, arguing for Shi Hao's sake.

"Do you know how much heavenly materials are needed to activate that Realm Transporting Formation? That is a heavenly amount! There aren't many of them left, yet just for a Holy Sacrifice Realm cultivator, it was activated once? This is a waste, asking to be killed! You all don't know how great of a use the transport formations will be in the future. For it to be wasted once, increasing the load on the Five-Colored Altar, it is simply a great crime!"

This person's voice was domineering, loudly berating.

Everyone understood. He purposely exaggerated things to denounce Shi Hao.

"That is why, based on the rules, I didn't come to kill him, but he needs to be punished. I censure him to head towards Origin Ancient Mine and mine materials for a set amount of time!" He spoke like this, eyes carrying cold intent.

Everyone's hearts immediately became cold, because they knew that Shi Hao would undoubtedly die if he went.

According to legend, Origin Ancient Mine had skeletal remains that were so ancient it was impossible to deduce how long they existed. They all died mysteriously.

It was to the extent where some of them said that the skeletal remains inside were more ancient than even the most ancient era.

There were sect masters who joined hands and entered, yet in the end were directly choked to death by a corpse wearing ancient daoist robes, not a single one of them able to escape.

This triggered a huge uproar in this world. One had to understand that those were all great figures, yet they didn't die under precious techniques or unmatched methods, directly strangled to death by an ancient corpse.

This was a bit ridiculous, making all those who heard it stupefied.

If a small Holy Sacrifice Realm cultivator entered, there was simply no chance of surviving at all.

"You cannot do this, this isn't punishment, but harm! All those who head there have died! Even if long life beings were to appear in this world, they would still feel restraining fear!"

Someone spoke, arguing strongly for what was right. Otherwise, they would be watching Shi Hao send himself to the death.

"If heavenly deity institution's people were to find out, they would definitely stop you! Harming a genius like this, you've gone too far!" Someone said loudly.

It was clear that their families and clans were all unordinary with great experts overseeing them, which was why they disputed forcefully for what was right.

"I never expected all of you to be so stubborn." This person laughed indifferently, and then nodded, saying, "When I, Yuan Qing do things, I never feel any restraining fear. So what if I want him to enter Origin Ancient Mine? I want to see who will stop me."

When everyone heard his name, they all gasped. This was quite the vicious character. Even though he had lived for an endless amount of time, he definitely couldn't be considered an ancient figure.

If one were to use the archaic to present as the axis, then this person could still be considered 'young and robust'!

Yuan Qing, this was an expert with renowned reputation. When he was young, he cultivated immortal energy, and after the accumulation of many years, his strength erupted, terrifying without end!

The people here opened their mouth, yet couldn't say anything.

It was because this person had always acted domineeringly, definitely not someone who would change his mind because of some younger generation.

He is just one person, nothing more than Holy Sacrifice Realm, not even that important, yet used up an instance of the ancient transport formation. This has broken the rules and deserves punishment!"

Yuan Qing brandished his sleeves, sending those geniuses flying out.

Crazy winds stirred, sand and stones flew everywhere. In that instant, these people were sent several tens of thousands of li out, swept away from this place.

These people were furious, but they couldn't change much.

"Go, let's return to our families and clans. If we can do anything to help, then we shouldn't hold back." Someone said.

The meaning of this was clear. They were to go back to their own clans and discuss with their elders, doing their best to gather forces.

Of course, they knew that there wasn't much hope. After all, Yuan Qing wasn't an ordinary person, not many people willing to offend him. It wasn't worth tearing down all face for the sake of a foreign small cultivator.

"Since this dao brother we got to know cultivated three strands of immortal energy, natural talents exceptional, we should hurry and contact the heavenly deity institution. Who knows, the situation might still be reversible, with someone who could protect him coming." Someone said.

They then all went on their way. 

This place calmed down. Yuan Qing looked at Shi Hao, revealing a faint smile as he said, "I am someone who have always acted directly. You should just pay Origin Ancient Mine a visit!"

He clapped his hands towards the distance. A three-headed six-armed creature immediately walked over.

"Go, bring him away, have him enter the ancient mine."

Shi Hao didn't say anything during this process. There was nothing to say to this person. Right now, his strength was weaker, so making any disputes would only make him appear even weaker.

Shi Hao turned around, following the three-headed six-armed creature into the distance.

"Since I've been entrusted with this task, you'll be suppressed for ten years!" When Shi Hao's figure disappeared, Yuan Qing said deep and coldly.

"Pardon me, in ten years, if are still alive, then try to catch up then!" He added like this.

Ten years, for a currently rising genius, was extremely important. Being a step behind might result in a huge gap between him and his rivals.

If it was in other areas, it wasn't much, but in heavenly deity institution, this was absolutely vital!

All of the dao books, immortal medicines, and others there had to be strove for. This was especially the case for the immortal caves and other things. Each time they opened, the number of slots was limited.

One had to understand that cultivating in those type of places would bring too much benefits. It would nourish immortal energy, forge sacred bones, reconstruct flesh and blood, allowing for continuous transformation.

However, the competition was fierce!

After entering the heavenly deity institution, if one wanted to obtain the best cultivation environment, everything had to be fought for. They had to compete over everything.

Those with higher rankings would obtain more things, thus become more powerful. Meanwhile, if one fell behind from the beginning, it would only end up worse for them later on.

"Heavenly deity institution, when those geniuses first entered, the most powerful people already obtained the qualifications to baptise themselves in the Phoenix Blood Pool, obtaining tremendous benefits. Meanwhile, you're already a few steps behind. Now, if you are suppressed for another ten years, I want to see just how you will rise up!"

Yuan Qing said unsympathetically.

He knew that the the heavenly deity institution was only going to foster a select few seeds, not everyone treated favorably. If the distance was pulled apart from the beginning, the disparity would grow greater and greater!

"Heaven and earth have already changed. There are some enlightenments, some divine abilities that can't be cultivated just because you have the talent. Large amounts of immortal dao resources are required!"

These words scattered with the cool breeze.


Immeasurable Heaven, within a divine earth, precious light rushed into the heavens, endless auspicious light releasing.

From the distance, that place was full of draconic energy, immortal mists pervading the air. The scenery was incredibly shocking, clearly an immortal residence.

In recent years, everyone knew that the heavenly deity institution was located in Immeasurable Heaven. This was a grand occasion that created great waves.

One had to understand that everything concerning the heavenly deity institution had already created great commotion, people thinking about it several years ago already.

Within the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, many great figures led the way, wishing to construct an institution, displaying within it a sea of scriptures and even more exceptional secret methods, to the extent where there were even immortal dao secret methods and other things.

This was the result of many sides' cooperation. They were going to create unmatched supreme beings!

For this reason, they naturally expended great effort, including a great scripture collection, building an immortal pool of phoenix blood, and even the caves of long life beings.

Of course, there was no lack of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths' most powerful figures here to lecture.

All of this had already been prepared, previously only the heavenly deity institution's location undecided.

And now, the institution ended up in Immeasurable Heaven, finally decided, so it was naturally a grand occasion that shook the heavens above and earth below.

Recently, the holy earth the heavenly deity institution was located in had large amounts of experts coming back and forth, quite bustling with activity.

A few of Immeasurable Heaven's great powers, ancient families, and others wanted to find a way to send their own clans' disciples over, wishing to take advantage of their relative closeness.

Unfortunately, the heavenly deity institution was unmoved, the entrance strict. All of the disciples had already been set in stone, not taking any bribes from outside.

"Yi, they came out, what powerful life spiritual essence fluctuations!"

Inside the heavenly deity institution, there were those who watched the distant spiritual mountain with envy. Blood radiance surged, divine essence rippling powerfully.

They knew that those who had the qualifications to enter the Phoenix Blood Pool had great accomplishments. They already came out. One could tell without even thinking about it that they definitely obtained great benefits.

"What a waste, there was one other person who originally also had the qualifications to enter, but he unexpectedly didn't have a chance with the heavenly deity institution, missing out."

A few people nodded, knowing that the one they spoke about was Shi Hao. With his talents, after arriving here, there would have definitely been an important role for him.

Even if there were descendants of true immortals and long life beings here.

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