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Chapter 1071 - Paths Different

"I see disturbance in your eyes, and a type of regret, even sorrow. Why is that?" This woman who looked more and more stunning asked.

"Cannot be explained clearly, cannot be understood, impossible to communicate with, the past unknown… with all of these added together, how can one's mind not be in disorder?" Shi Hao released a light sigh.

When one reached their level of cultivation realm, they were naturally able to see through many things. The young lady clearly sensed his great helplessness.

"You wish to speak about the devils of the other world?"

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He knew that it was too hard to explain, these types of deeply rooted thinking, how could his one-sided story change anything? It wasn't realistic at all.

What could he even say? Even if he tried his hardest, it would most likely still be ineffective. He couldn't pull back this young lady, unable to make her turn around.

It was to the extent where he felt that even if he released his divine senses, allowing the young lady to observe his memories without any misgivings, it would still be too difficult.

What was wrong wasn't her, but this entire world.

Even if Shi Hao produced something as proof for this world's people to see, he might still be treated as a lunatic and not be understood.

"Your mind is clouded with thoughts, seemingly hesitating. Don't tell me that it is because of the devils on the other side?" The young lady asked with a smile. She was rather sharp.

Similarly, she also didn't understand. This was something everyone in this world was familiar with, so what was there to feel conflicted about, what was there to doubt?

"Once one cultivates to our level, producing three strands of immortal energy, when one's mind is calm, I believe all different matters of the mortal world will be understood. You do not need to feel distressed." The young lady continued to advise.

When Shi Hao heard this, he could only release a heavy sigh.

"I wish to tell you a story." Finally, he still couldn't hold himself back, wishing to tell her the truth. As for whether or not it would prove useful at all, he didn't worry about that anymore, only acting to feel at ease.

This female genius was just as strong as him, able to face Ten Crown King. If she reached the other side and they fought each other when the time came, that would be too much of a pity.

"Oh? What kind of story? Is it something you saw from ancient texts?" The young lady asked, clearly guessing at something, helping him continue this conversation.

"Yes, I saw it within an ancient text." Shi Hao nodded. He spoke about the past events of the other side of the world.

"There are no devils, only a ruined world that had been beaten down. An entire great era ended, all of the creatures buried." Shi Hao said.

There was no way he could speak about this through the status of someone with personal experience, only claiming to have seen this from ancient texts. He spoke about everything from the destruction of Immortal Ancient up until the present, speaking about everything.

"Quite interesting, but I still just feel as if you are making insinuations. Are you hostile against this world? There is no need to believe the ancient texts, no need to treat it as true." The young lady said.

Then, she thought for a bit before saying, "I wonder, could it be that someone from that world came to our side and left behind this ancient text?"

When Shi Hao heard this, his mind beated crazily. This young lady was just too sharp right? Could it be that she directly suspected him just like that?

"That world's creatures are quite lamentable. They are servants of devils, yet unaware. When they wake up, they will definitely feel great grief." The young lady released a deep sigh.

She unexpectedly said this. In Shi Hao's opinion, if those sinister words were used to describe this world, then that would make perfect sense.

However, Shi Hao thought things over from a different perspective, and then he couldn't help but feel stunned. In the end, his scalp felt a bit numb.

It was because if things were reversed, it also made sense. 

He was certain that this world was being deceived, the truth buried in the past. It was extremely shocking and horrifying.

The so-called Immortal Ancient Great Era's destruction, it was all fake? Shi Hao said without thinking.

Soon after, he shook his head, not willing to be in a tangle with this issue anymore. Since the young lady didn't have anything else to say, then it was best to leave and separate here.

Furthermore, there was another path, which was to kill or seal this woman, eliminating this worry here so they wouldn't have to deal with her on the battlefield.

Even though only a hint of killing intent surged within him, not displaying anything on the outside, the young lady still revealed a strange expression, staring at him without saying anything.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Shi Hao asked.

"Just now, your emotions were quite chaotic, but it was quite candid, yet now, there is killing intent. Could it be that you wish to take action against me?" This young lady was extremely calm, not showing any fear.

Shi Hao was greatly alarmed. She was just too sharp, right? She can even guess at the things at the bottom of his heart?

"You misunderstood." Shi Hao said. How could he admit this? At worst, he would just walk away, meet again in the future.

"I cultivated Mind Connection." The young lady said.

Shi Hao was shocked. Mind Connection, even having this type of ability unearthed, it truly was admirable.

This was the second person he had met who grasped Mind Connection. Those who had these types of methods were destined to become unmatched heroes, extremely rare. 

In the past when he was in the lower realm, the gray clothed, appearance unmatched dual-pupil woman had cultivated Mind Connection as well.

While panicking, Shi Hao opened his mouth to ask if the other party knew everything he was thinking. If that was the case, then there was no need to use words, perhaps they could understand the truth from his mind.

However, the young lady's next sentence left Shi Hao disappointed.

"Our strengths are similar, both cultivating three strands of immortal energy. Even if I grasped Mind Connection, it is too hard to seize your memories." The young lady said frankly.

Mind Connection sounded mysterious, there was a limit as well. Their strength was similar, and most importantly, there was immortal energy to protect the body, difficult to display its use.

However, they could use this to observe a person's emotions, able to tell if they feel happiness, anger, sorrow, or joy. Even then, this was already extremely crucial!

That was why the young lady could sense his bit of killing intent, but not knowing why it arose.


At this moment, the mountain peak trembled. Auspicious light blossomed. A blue-armored male walked over, looking not over twenty years of age. However, he was extremely powerful.

It was clear that he cultivated three strands of immortal energy, his bearing unordinary. Long hair scattered down to his waist, the blue armor on his body shining brilliantly, pupils deep.

When he saw the two that were on the mountaintop, his eyes immediately released brilliance. He then walked over, greeting the young lady. They had already been acquainted previously.

"Let's stay together and head on our way." He looked towards the young lady and said.

"I do not wish to move yet, wish to chat a bit more about an interesting topic." The young lady said.

"Oh? Is that so?" The young man smiled. He looked towards Shi Hao and said, "May I hear about this?"

"We are talking about the devils, as well as the matters of the other world. It is quite interesting, this dao brother discovered an ancient text, the things recorded on it possessing content that overturns everything we know, completely different from the history we are familiar with." The young lady said.

"Interesting, I am also quite interested." This young man spoke. He was an extremely outstanding young supreme being. He was definitely a formidable opponent in Shi Hao's eyes.

Shi Hao spoke, talking about that book, about the story. He wanted to have that young man truly understand.

It was clear that for the creatures of this world, the things Shi Hao spoke about were extremely absurd, mentally rejecting it.

"You think quite highly of this book. I can feel that you are trying to absolve the devils, or maybe trying to sing praises of them?" The young man's eyes immediately flourished with radiance, extremely expectant.

"I merely speak of a story, there is no need for great criticism." Shi Hao said.

"Who are you? Why haven't I met you before?" He was quite sensitive.

Even though this place was vast, the connection between great sects was quite close.

"Let me test you out a bit." That youth took action, about to directly size up Shi Hao, saying coldly. "Why do you feel so strongly about the matters of the other side of the world? I have reason to believe that you are a descendant of the devils."


That young supreme being flicked his finger. A green divine light flew out, shattering the heavens, stabbing forward like a war spear.

This young expert took action while having the young lady leave the battlefield, acting quite carefreely.

Shi Hao understood. This person was interested in the young lady, and they were acquaintances to begin with, which was why he cared so much. He saw that Shi Hao was chatting with her, so he couldn't help but want to take action.

As a result, this situation appeared.

Shi Hao raised his hand, also releasing light. There were also white mists that pervaded the air. 

This battle was extremely intense, but it didn't continue for long. After just ten or so blows, the two of them separated.

It was because the mountain activated. It was named undying, able to link up to another realm, quite unordinary. Right now, a great pressure was released.

"Don't tell me you really came from that world, a devil?" This young supreme being said, his eyes cold, carrying killing intent.

When Shi Hao heard this, he felt some anger. The other party didn't truly believe this, but only said this because of the young lady beside him.

"Don't fight anymore. We should head on our way." The young lady spoke, her voice pleasant to listen to, as if small pearls fell into a jade plate.

"We'll fight next time. At that time, there won't be anyone to stop the battle, so we'll decide who is superior then." That young man said. Everything before him was blurry, the radiance next to him dazzling.

He walked forward, stepping into a golden ancient path. It withdrew into the void, quickly disappearing.

"Dao brother, you still aren't going to go?" The young lady asked.

"There are some things I wish to understand, need to think some more about them." Shi Hao shook his head. He sat down on the mountain now, not wishing to immediately continue.

"Alright then. If fate allows it, we will meet again. I hope we do not become enemies then." The young lady said, and then she turned around. A golden passage appeared. She walked inside.

Shi Hao's mind jumped. From start to finish, this young lady's divine awareness was extremely strong, as if she understood something.

However, she didn't say too much, leaving just like that!

Shi Hao paused momentarily, and then he quickly descended the mountain. He did not wish to enter that ancient path, immediately leaving.

Along the way, the others were shocked. Why did this ridiculously powerful fella return? Could it be that he was injured along the way, unable to reach the summit? This was a bit unrealistic!

"After those two entered, will the undying beings come out after learning of the situation, coming to this world to kill me?" Shi Hao's mind was heavy. He hurriedly left.

When he left the mountain, he directly cut apart the void, disappearing from this place.

"I have to go back, return to my world. I learned too much in this world, easily coming into conflict."


When he left Undying Mountain, a voice sounded, as if great waves struck the heavens!

Moreover, there was a great roar that shook heaven and earth, truly a bit frightening.

"The undying appeared?" Shi Hao's face became pale, blood and qi surging.

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