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Chapter 1072 - Return

Just how powerful was the so-called undying? Shi Hao didn't know for certain, but he knew that if this person wanted to kill him, it was too easy.

He had long traveled who knew how many tens of thousands of li, stopping on a grassland, but he still sensed a bone-chilling coldness. His blood was surging, body about to collapse.

"It really is an undying being?" He was rather alarmed, feeling that it was too terrifying.

All of the creatures in this realm were shocked, not a single great holy land unshaken, many of their experts making a pilgrimage over to Undying Mountain. Even larger amount of experts were hurrying towards this direction.

"Is it an unmatched existence who came?" Someone said with a trembling voice.

When they approached Undying Mountain, human figures were everywhere, all of them experts. They were all powerful individuals, the leading figures of every sect rushing over as soon as they could.

"No one came across, just a divine will that swept out, issuing a decree." The master of an ancient land said.

"What? It was just a divine will?" Many people were shaken up, their eyes full of shock. A single divine will that swept across the world already left everyone trembling in fear, just what kind of power was this?

In reality, it was precisely as that person said. Undying Mountain had its peace restored. After the powerful aura disappeared, only a golden magical degree descended, appearing before everyone's eyes.

"The immortal battle is about to start!"

Someone's face became pale as he spoke.

Even though they had long received news, this time was the most direct. An undying being released an unmatched degree, informing the cultivators of this realm that the peace of an entire great era is about to be broken.

The so-called immortal battle would leave long-lasting effects!

"There is no need to fear the so-called Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the unmatched great ones can defeat them. Only, those creatures will likely come to stir up trouble." A female sect master said.

"The storm is about to start, the next great era has arrived. We have to make preparations to fight the Nine Heavens!"

"Correct, slaughter our way back and seize everything that should belong to us, blood purge the nest of demons!"

"This is fated to be an era of great heroes, those stunning and dazzling experts are going to rise up, distinguish themselves from millions and millions of creatures, slaughtering out their reputations!"

This realm could not calm down, already clamoring with noise.

In the grasslands, Shi Hao was shocked. The slaughter he had anticipated didn't arrive, it was just a divine will, just a will that crossed realms, not targeting him alone.

Soon after, he laughed self-mockingly. Perhaps in the eyes of the undying beings, he was nothing more than a weak insect. There was no need for them to find and kill him.

It was because his weight was too light, not fit for an undying being's attention and slaughter at all.

Despite this being the case, he still left quickly, continuing on the way, following the path that he had previously traveled to return to his own world.

Several days later, Shi Hao found that mountain range, coming back again. He found that spatial node.

"I hope this spatial node can still be used."

However, if he could still use it, wouldn't this be a secret passage? Regardless of which side of the two worlds discovered it, there would definitely be terrifying consequences.

Shi Hao took action, about to blast through the void and follow the spatial node back.

However, he was left disappointed. He couldn't move it at all, unable to blast through it.

"Could it be that I have to stay in this world, unable to return?" Shi Hao panicked. He didn't wish to stay here, wishing to return.

Right when Shi Hao's expression became unpleasant, ripples moved through the void, rays of light flew out. It split apart, revealing a passage.

He didn't even take the time to think again, immediately rushing in. He saw that a cauldron was waiting for him to return, and then he broke free from this place.

He returned. This was a dusky place. A cauldron with source energy all around it brought Shi Hao away from that strange and powerful world. 

This wasn't Emperor City yet, just the space the mysterious cauldron had previously stopped in.

"Senior, that spatial node." Shi Hao turned around, looking towards that hazily lit passage.

"It no longer exists." The cauldron said. The void behind it disappeared, becoming a hazy expanse. It was as if karma was severed, as if natural laws were destroyed.

Those types of methods were too terrifying. It forcibly erased all traces, not leaving any traces.

It was to the extent where during this process, Shi Hao noticed that his own brain became vacant, the experiences he had not too long ago becoming blurry, about to disappear as well.

This left him horrified. He broke out in cold sweat. What kind of methods were these?

That cauldron didn't take action against him, only doing something to that spatial node behind him, yet it made him like this as well. This type of method was truly world-shattering.

Severing karma, erasing the dao diagram!

This was forcibly erasing imprints of things that ought to have happened.

"I've even begun to question my life!" Shi Hao became silent for a long time, releasing a light sigh.

He began to wonder if life could be revised. Did someone do something like this during some unknown time, wiping out the imprints within the hearts of those of the present world?

If that was the case, then were the people of this world living in ignorance, living in a world altered by another?

He felt a great headache, feeling as if things were incredibly complicated.

This wasn't a baseless speculation, because he had now entered that world and saw Undying Mountain. He thought about too many things.

Every creature in that world thought of the people here as devils who invaded their home, not believing the theory of Immortal Ancient Great Era being buried.

Was there anything more frightening than this?

This was an entire world that was like this! Were their mind's imprints chopped up into a mess?!

This type of life was too terrifying!

That type of expert was too pitiful, to even be able to do this type of thing!


That cauldron trembled. The void was blasted apart, and then Shi Hao was sent out from this space, returning to the true outer world.

The word goodbye was its final parting word.

Shi Hao had a feeling that it might be an extremely long time before they met again. It might be as long as a thousand years, ten thousand, or maybe almost endless time later!

"Goodbye." Shi Hao said softly, saying this word. He returned, somewhat distracted, feeling as if everything he experienced just now was a bit unreal, leaving him a bit stunned.

After saying this, he didn't feel that carefree. His mind was heavy, feeling a greater pressure the more he understood.

He knew that a great age had arrived, changes about to take place. No one could stop it.

Those undying beings, just how strong were they, how many of them were there? How would they resist?

They had previously buried all of Immortal Ancient. Now, who could match them?

"I hope these undying beings are only those past individuals' descendents, that generations have replaced generations." Shi Hao said.

Otherwise, if it was still the enemies of the last great era, just the thought alone would make one's breathing stop. After all this time had passed, their cultivation definitely increased. Just what kind of even more terrifying height did they reach?!

On the dusky great earth, white bones piled atop each other, this place deathly silent. Shi Hao returned. He should still be within a certain area of Emperor City.

Only, several months had passed. The three great experts should have long left, bringing those geniuses with them to Immeasurable Heaven, heading towards the heavenly deity institution.

Shi Hao felt a bit regretful. He most likely missed out on this chance.

After mysteriously disappearing for a few months, who would wait for him?

This place was deathly still without light, only the withered bones of those who died here.

Shi Hao continued on his way. He had to think of a way to get out, or else he would likely be trapped to death here.

Suddenly, a powerful divine will swept out like a sharp sword, simply about to tear apart one's body. It made Shi Hao's expression turn pale, his body flying outwards with a hong sound.

He suffered a tremendous force, as if a giant mountain smashed into his body.

His flesh's intense pain was still tolerable, the shock to his soul what was most difficult to endure. That person was ruthless, almost breaking his primordial spirit and inflicting serious injuries upon him.

Shi Hao already cultivated to the Holy Sacrifice Realm, his strength comparable to heavenly deities, can now also be considered a powerful individual, yet before an individual at this level, he was still far inferior.

The more he understood the more he felt as if his cultivation was far from enough. In reality, now that he reached his cultivation realm, it could only be considered starting his journey. It was because the future enemies were too powerful! 

A figure flew over, the spacious gray clothes covering him fluttering about. He looked extremely young, or at the very least, this was true for his appearance. His face was pale, as if he hadn't gone out into the sun for a long time. His eyes were deep like a night sky.

Shi Hao knew that this person looked young, but he had lived for an endless amount of time, a powerful older generation figure.

It was because he was confident that no one his age could send him flying with only a divine will, almost inflicting serious injuries on him.

"You… where did you go these past few months?"

This person spoke, not asking his name or his origins, acting directly like this. It was clear that he understood Shi Hao's identity.

"I entered a dark space." Shi Hao said.

"Nonsense, this is Emperor City. Even though it isn't the heart of the city, just a desolate land outside the city, despite this being the case, you don't have the strength to open up space." The one who came said with an ice-cold voice, not all that kind.

"Then where does senior feel like I was?" Shi Hao asked. He felt a slight wave of anger. He had just emerged, yet he was being criticized by another, just now almost being seriously injured.

As a result, this person became silent. It was clear that Shi Hao entered a different space, or else how could he have disappeared for several months?

The three great experts had previously searched around, but they discovered that he seemed to have disappeared into thin air, unable to find him no matter what they did.

"Why have you only appeared just now?" This gray robed 'young man' asked, eyes cold like two frozen pools.

Shi Hao understood that this was Emperor City in the end, one of the world's most important places. It defended the Desolate Border, so it wouldn't tolerate anyone going missing.

He calmly replied, "I couldn't break free, only when that space mysteriously opened up could I come out."

"Is that so? I don't believe you too much. Let me search you primordial spirit." This person said.

Shi Hao's expression immediately changed. How could normal people do this type of thing?

For a cultivator, unless it was a mortal enemy, they definitely wouldn't say they would search the primordial spirit. It was because not only was this wronging him, it was also a humiliation.

"Senior, you and me aren't enemies, so doing this is equivalent to humiliating me." Shi Hao said.

"Humiliate?" The gray-robed individual laughed, carrying a bit of disdain. His young and pale face carried cold intent. It was clear that he didn't attach much importance to Shi Hao's words, because the strength gap between the two was too great, not on the same order of magnitude.

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