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Chapter 1070 - Undying Mountain

The mountains were majestic, the reddish-brown color carrying a hint of sinister feeling. Not a single blade of grass grew here, and even the stone steps carried a faint red blood color.

Shi Hao ascended the mountain, searching stone walls for engravings one after another, hoping to find history's truths.

He already examined more than ten diagrams, on all of them recorded these so-called saviors, or the undying beings many people spoke of. Those creatures were blurry, a wave of sky shocking killing intent seeping out of those stone walls.

Shi Hao's expression became serious, more fearful the more he saw. This diagram was definitely not left behind by an ordinary person, simply having a soul. Otherwise, how could it still be so intimidating after all these years?

The mountain was steep, the further up he went the greater the pressure he felt. Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao felt a stifling feeling when he made it halfway up the mountain. What kind of place was this?

Meanwhile, during this process, he saw a few other stone engravings, his expression becoming more and more grave.

It was because according to the records, those undying beings were unmatched experts who previously killed the so-called devils of another world, saving all of the creatures in this world, providing for them. 

This toppled everything Shi Hao knew, he definitely didn't believe it!

The higher up he climbed, the more closely he examined them. These stone engravings became more and more striking, making Shi Hao's body go cold. Just how powerful were the methods used, to overthrow history's truth?

He felt this entire time that the so-called undying beings were related to the enemies that slaughtered their way into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. It should be them!

Yet now… they were regarded as saviors!

Shi Hao's mind went cold, releasing a wave of powerless feeling.

He was getting close to the mountaintop, but when there was still some distance, Shi Hao stopped. It was because he saw a few people, all of them covered in sweat, seated on the floor.

Even though he also felt tired as well, he could still continue on. However, he didn't continue, stopping here.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. The ones here were all at the prime of their lives, more than ten of them in total. All of them cultivated immortal energy, using this to support themselves. This was the reason why they could reach this place!

Soon afterwards, he thought of those rumors. This was a place of great natural luck. Each time the Undying Mountain revived, many of the most stunning youngsters under the sky would come here to obtain great natural luck.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. Could it be that he could also get something from this place?

Those people looked over. When they saw Shi Hao's condition, they were all astonished, a few of their pupils even rapidly shrinking.

"You… never activated immortal energy, yet could directly walk up?!" Eventually, someone cried out in alarm. 

Shi Hao was shaken up, understanding why ascending this mountain was so difficult, making him feel a bit suffocated. Turns out those who wanted to ascend this mountain had to cultivate immortal energy.

Sure enough, when he released a strand of immortal energy, the pressure he faced lessened greatly.

"Who are you, actually able to climb the mountain without releasing immortal energy!" One of them asked bitterly, feeling that this was extremely unfair.

A middle-aged man sighed and said, "Let's go, there's no hope even if we reach the top. The experts this year are too many, we should give up our hopes on the undying."

After saying this, the middle aged man got up. A strand of immortal energy swirled around his body, his gait unsteady, head covered in sweat as he headed down the mountain, feeling incredibly dejected.

"I came from the great wastelands, remained in the mountain forests, far from society, so I do not understand too much about this great mountain. Can dao friends help clear up my confusion?" Shi Hao spoke in a rather humble manner.

He wanted to know what kind of place this was exactly, what kind of natural luck there was, why they came. 

"This is Undying Mountain, as well as the place where the saviors recorded in the great holy lands' ancient texts appear. We came here naturally out of hope that the undying beings would appear, so we could follow them." A young lady said.

She also cultivated a strand of immortal energy, quite stunning and extraordinary. She didn't leave, because she was still young, her potential greater than that of the middle-aged man who left the mountain earlier. She still had the 'plasticity' to reach even higher.

It was because according to the ancient holy lands' records, the undying beings liked younger heroes. They were easier to foster, more easily moulded!

Shi Hao's mind felt as if it a tornado swept through it. This place… was going to have an undying individual?

Was this information true? If it was, then that was too shocking!

Shi Hao discovered that the bits and pieces he had collected up until now were all true. When strung up together, it really was cruel and terrifying.

Of course, this type of coldness was only something he alone felt. The creatures in this world wouldn't feel such a thing. 

"What kind of place did I arrive in? The undying enemies have become saviors!" Shi Hao sighed.

He hoped that his judgment was wrong, that everything was fake. Otherwise, it was just too terrible.

The people who reached this place were all stunning individuals, every one of them with astonishing backgrounds, all of them top level heaven warping figures from various holy lands. Of course, there were loose cultivators too!

They didn't speak much, every single one of them calm and unflustered. They could sense that Shi Hao was strong, inwardly sighing, feeling that the competition was too fierce.

"The most powerful have all ascended, you should hurry and make your move too." Someone reminded, revealing good intentions. Perhaps this could be considered a type of investment too.

It was because once one was brought away by an undying being, their accomplishments in the future would become limitless, destined to shine brilliantly.

Shi Hao offered his thanks, and then climbed the mountain again. He displayed immortal energy, surrounding himself with it, advancing towards the mountaintop.

The pressure became greater and greater. Later on, when he was close to the top, Shi Hao felt like it was a bit strenuous even when using two strands of immortal energy, almost unable to support himself. 

He shivered inwardly. It seemed like none of the ones who were able to reach the mountaintop were weak, all of them ridiculously powerful. This was a path prepared for those with three strands of immortal energy.

However, just how many people like this could there be?

He narrowed his eyes. There were people on the mountaintop. Sure enough, there were powerful individuals who had long arrived.


Suddenly, he saw a diagram on the stone wall on the side of the road. This time, aside from an undying being, he also saw the Kun Peng and Willow Deity's stone engravings!

"Are they going to fight against the undying beings?" Shi Hao stopped, looking at the experts on the engraving.

After looking at it for a long time, Shi Hao continued up the stairs, finally arriving at the mountain top. He felt a tremendous pressure here.

It was also precisely at this time that he saw a young man whose entire body was shining, walking midair towards a stone wall. Golden light released endlessly, a path appearing.

He following a golden path, suddenly disappearing from this place!

Shi Hao was stupefied. That person disappeared just too quickly. Was this to see an undying being?

At the same time, he was shaken up. That person cultivated three strands of immortal energy, he saw this clearly. He was extremely powerful. Unfortunately, he only had time to see his departing figure.

He couldn't help but release a sigh. The natural laws of this world and other things were unordinary, terrifying as expected. Their cultivation level was a notch above the three thousand provinces.

"You are quite formidable, coming up only by relying on two strands of immortal energy. Why are you not displaying your third strand of immortal energy?" A melodious voice sounded, extremely pleasant to listen to, as if orioles were chirping.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise, because he felt that this voice was a bit familiar. 

It was a young lady who sat at the mountain top, currently looking at a stone monument, as if pondering and studying it. She didn't turn around, but was clearly talking to Shi Hao.

It was because right now, only the two of them were left.

Shi Hao laughed, releasing three strands of immortal energy around him, decreasing the pressure he faced sharply, immediately feeling much better.

Soon after, he knew who this young lady was. That aura, that voice, were things he had previously felt.

Several months ago, when he first arrived in this world, he had seen eight silver centipedes pull a carriage, the one carried precisely this woman.

The young lady got up, three strands of immortal energy swirling around her, displaying that she was an exceptional genius, someone comparable to Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, and Ning Chuan!

When one first gave this girl a look, they would only feel that she was pretty, but not stunning. However, the more one looked at her, the more it would feel as if she carried a type of immortal dao aura. Her eyes were intelligent, aura extraordinary. 

She was extremely unordinary, her entire being giving off a restrained elegance. The more one looked at her, the more one would feel as if her style was unmatched, transcending this world, far greater than those so-called beauties.

"Yi, it's you, we met before." She was shocked, her charming face revealing a look of surprise.

Shi Hao was shocked. Back then, they only hurriedly passed each other, and he hid to the side, yet was unexpectedly still sensed by this woman. The other party was formidable after all!

"It's a small world." Shi Hao calmed down, asking her how many people entered.

"Currently, only two entered. It is unknown if there will be any more." The young lady replied.

There were a few monuments here with inscriptions and stone engravings on them. If one's strength was great enough, they could activate immortal energy to activate the monument, open up a passage to see the undying being.

"Why haven't you gone on your way yet?" Shi Hao asked.

"A bit reluctant to leave this world." The young lady said, feeling a bit emotional. She looked at the scenery below the mountain. A small carriage appeared in her hands, supported by her palm. There were eight small silver centipedes as well.

Shi Hao was shocked. Even someone like this still carried traits of a young girl, feeling reluctant to leave home.

"Once one goes to see the undying being, how long will it be before one can return?" Shi Hao asked.

"A long time, all the way until one's cultivation succeeds." The young lady said.

Shi Hao asked her for guidance, claiming to have lived in the wilderness' deserted mountains this whole time, not understand these things too much.

He obtained some astonishingly valuable information from this young lady. Once this Undying Mountain activated, it could connect to another heaven and earth, forming an ancient path. Only those who cultivated immortal energy could enter.

That was a pure land where undying beings resided, the world where unmatched creatures lived.

Having the qualifications to enter, being guided by undying beings, this was undoubtedly tremendous natural luck!

Shi Hao gasped inwardly. If he had recklessly entered, it was hard to say what would happen.

"I've talked quite a bit, it's time for me to head on my way as well, even if I still feel reluctance." The young lady gave the distant mountains and valleys a look, and then turned around, preparing to open up a path and leave. She gave Shi Hao a look and said, "You aren't going? Let's go together."

Shi Hao's mind was in complete chaos. If this young lady went to that world, when they met again, they might be great life and death enemies.

This young lady was incredibly breathtaking, natural talents exceptional. When she grew up in the future, heaven knew just how terrifying she would become.

Meanwhile, she was a human race young lady, not someone who should be an enemy. This was just too great of a pity!

"Dao friend, take care!" Shi Hao finally said, making her stop her steps.

"Do you have something to take care of?" The young lady asked him.

"Do you believe that the creatures of the other world are devils? That our homeland was invaded by them?" Shi Hao said.

"Isn't that the truth?" The young lady's pupils flickered.

"I previously understood a few things from some ancient texts and stone engravings. In the other side of the world, those creatures are just like us... also of the same race." Shi Hao said.

"Their bodies are those of people, but their hearts have already turned evil." The young lady shook her head.

Shi Hao frowned. He really wanted to stop this young lady from meeting the long life beings, hoping to be able to rope in a powerful helping hand. However now, this seemed impossible.

It was because there were some views that were deeply rooted, difficult to change.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. If what he suspected was true, then reality was too cruel. The undying beings were fostering exceptional heroic talents to attack the same races, this was just too infuriating.

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