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Chapter 1069 - Searching for Truth

Shi Hao really wanted to ask why the elder roared like this. This was completely different from what he understood, to the extent where it was basically the direct opposite.

The city was extremely large, piled up with black enormous rocks that flickered with cold radiance like metal. It was a bit suffocating.

However, the city was quite lively, people coming and going, and endless stream of horses and carriages coming and going, extremely bustling.

When that topic was mentioned, many people became stirred up, feeling quite unsatisfied. Based on what they said, they were the true owners of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. They were forced to leave against their will, chased out from their homes by devils.

Shi Hao carefully examined them. These people were indeed no different from the human race, not different species.

Since they were the same race, why did they call the people of the other side of the Desolate Border devils?

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths' geniuses should be the ones with the right to call the people here this term, because once these people crossed the Desolate Border, it represented destruction, the end of a great era.

They all said that there was an Immortal Ancient, who knew if there were other great eras before then? They were all destroyed, forever buried.

This was like a reincarnation, but also a type of predestination. Now, it was this era's turn, everything destined for destruction.

When he thought this situation, Shi Hao was a bit angry. It was clearly these people who wanted to destroy the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, so why did they play the victim?

At the very least, from what he understood, the three thousand provinces had always been on the defensive, never attacking this side of the world, the situation miserable.

As a result, Shi Hao began to move secretly, capturing a few people and searching their consciousness. He discovered that all of them were of the same beliefs.

"Just where does the problem lay? Which world is speaking lies?"

Shi Hao firmly believed that the three thousand provinces were the victims. After all, even now, they were about to face a fate of death.

In the following days, Shi Hao continuously investigated. He blended into these natives, interacting and understanding the situation from them.

"There are some that are strong, but there are also those that are weak. Generally speaking, they aren't too much stronger than my three thousand provinces, so what are they relying on to destroy the Nine Heavens Ten Earths?" Shi Hao asked himself.

It was because he had traveled through many mountains and valleys, entering many enormous cities, coming into contact with powerful clans on after another.

He couldn't help but admit that some of the clans were ridiculously powerful, but they still didn't possess the power to overwhelm the other side of the world, right?

Many of the great clans were clans that had existed since Immortal Ancient Great Era. Now, they had long disappeared from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. The appearance of any of these clans in the other world would trigger an uproar!

This really was something that toppled everything he knew. The so-called extinct, so-called no longer existing was all fake. They were still quite prosperous!

Shi Hao had a strange feeling. Just who were they fighting against, who was their enemy?

One had to understand that in the last great era, these creatures existed in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, forever buried by the enemies on this side.

Only, he didn't see the corresponding enemies, only seeing the originally extinct ancient creatures.

This made him shiver inwardly. He recalled the scene of his mental journey back to Immortal Ancient, these were all creatures that had been targets of destruction. Even though those enemies were wrapped in mist, he could see that some of them were large, some of them humanoid, all of them with their unique characteristics.

Where were those enemies?

Shi Hao stared blankly. After coming to this side of the Desolate Border, he had never seen any enemies, only seeing ancient people that should have originally disappeared from existence.

"I am going to get to the bottom of this." Shi Hao said.

Then, he began to wander about, visiting many ancient lands. As for those public libraries and others, they were almost completely rummaged through by him. 

For an entire month, Shi Hao immersed himself in a special state, continuously searching about, hoping to find the truth.

His search wasn't completely fruitless. He finally saw a line of text on a steep cliff: The truth has been destroyed in history!

Towards the creatures of this world, this didn't count as much, because it was just a line of complaint. They assumed it was something left behind by some experts who weren't content, letting their emotions affect their decisions.

However, for Shi Hao, it crashed down like thunder!

He was different, his background different, so the feeling he got from this wasn't the same.

"I have to investigate further, have to get to the bottom of this!" Shi Hao began to roam about all different places.

He discovered with astonishment that this world really was too large, definitely not smaller than the three thousand provinces. It was vast and boundless without limit, allowing him to travel as he pleased. 

Moreover, there really were many cultivators in this world, seemingly having to do with the world's laws and other reason. They were a notch better than the three thousand provinces in this regard.

Just like that, Shi Hao visited ancient tribes one after another, all for the sake of learning the truth. After using up several months of time, he finally obtained some clues.

This world's history was a bit unclear. The records of what happened before the archaic era wasn't clear.

In addition, in the most ancient tribes he traveled through, some of the historical sites had a few weapons and artifacts left-over that drew his suspicions.

This was especially the case with a few stone engravings, a few copper cauldron engraving patterns. The damaged images recorded on them were extremely strange, and also left others puzzled.

Shi Hao was careful, paying more and more attention.

He searched about like this, seriously exploring, as a result discovering that there were a few people in this world who were searching for answers as well. They were people who 'searched the past'.

These people were mainly bards, wanderers, and others.

Of course, these people weren't looking for the great mysteries of past and present, purely doing this out of interest, just to answer some questions about the ancient era.

However, this was good news for Shi Hao. He needed these types of people, wishing to exchange and interact with them.

He encountered some people like this, and through interacting with them, learned their habits and characteristics. He continuously came into contact with similar people, and as a result obtained great returns.

No matter how hard a single person worked, the effects would still be limited. After all, he didn't belong to this world, only looking around right now. He couldn't compare to these people.

"Wu, some people claim that there was a period of darkness in the ancient era that was full of bloodiness. In the end, for some unknown reason, that piece of history was erased, as if there was a page forcefully turned."

This was what a bard told him.

"In the distant past, our world seemed to have some other creatures. They were too powerful, high above, but later on, it was unknown what happened, but they disappeared."

This was what another elder said.

Shi Hao's heart pounded with peng peng sounds. After using up several months of time, he finally learned about a few important situations, feeling great joy inside.

"Those were the saviors, the paramount unmatched existences!" Another added.

Of course, these were all legends passed around on a small scale. Normal people didn't know about it, they were mostly things that were deduced after organizing the ruined diagrams from the stone cliffs and other places off the beaten path.

Shi Hao's mind felt a bit of pressure. He just felt like this shattered past, once it was truly deciphered, the truth clarified, it might be extremely cruel, unendurably heavy.

"I want the truth!"

He went on his way again. He interacted with these people, and frequently entered historical sites alone in search of clues.

Finally, he made a new discovery, unexpectedly obtained a new term -- Undying being.

These creatures were incredibly powerful, appearing before in history. When matched up with the fragmented clues he previously understood, he believed that they should be the ones who previously affected the world.

Only, when they disappeared, they could no longer be found.

"Youngster, this world will always have truths we cannot understand, too many things shrouded in mystery. However, sooner or later, they will come to the surface and no longer be secrets."

This was what an elder told him. He also gave Shi Hao an important clue, that not everyone forgot about the past events. At the very least, the most powerful inheritances of this world should understand what happened in the ancient past. Only, they guarded their secrets, not willing to speak about it.

"Those most ancient inheritances understand the history and truth?" Shi Hao's eyes lit up.

"I presume so. I had previously heard from a holy land's great elder that this world truly has undying beings who protect us." The elder said. 

When he heard the first half, Shi Hao was still excited and moved, but when he heard the last part, he immediately felt his body go cold.

That Undying Being was protecting them?

Shi Hao felt a deep coldness, a chill running down his back. If he were looking from what he understood from the three thousand provinces, those should be enemies!

Why was it that in the mouths of the people of this realm, they became saviors?

Shi Hao understood clearly that the creatures of Immortal Ancient Great Era were the targets of destruction. The battle back then definitely happened, he even personally witnessed it.

But now, there were actually descendants of those who were destroyed still alive, but they had long forgotten the past.

Soon after, Shi Hao learned of a fact. Great waves were stirring in this world, great ancient sects mobilizing forces, perhaps about to launch a great battle.

However, the creatures of this world often fought between themselves too, so it wasn't much different from normal. 

Only, this time, a few great sects transmitted outwards that the great battle this time was unprecedented. If they succeed, they might be able to overturn the Nine Heavens Ten Earths and leave this place.

Shi Hao's mind trembled. They were finally going to come, the creatures of this world also starting to prepare for war.

"Undying Mountain has revived, the great opportunity has arrived!

Moreover, right at this time, someone spread this information.

Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. He had long heard from a few bards' mouths about that mountain peak. It was known to be great and boundless, able to get close to the undying.

Only, normally it was extremely peaceful without anything special. Only during special times would it revive.

Now, it was reviving, meaning that he could go take a look. There was a portion of the 'truth' there.

From what he understood through others' mouths, after reviving, Undying Mountain would display large amounts of engravings, rumored to possibly be truths of the ancient era.

Shi Hao moved, using up a long time, arriving after hurrying for many days.

This was a great mountain that was entirely reddish-brown in color, as if it had been soaked in blood and now dried up, the color not fading much.

When he arrived here, a boundless pressure surged, simply unimaginable, pressuring everyone until they couldn't breathe. It was as if an enormous hammer smashed down on the pits of their stomachs.

Shi Hao was moved. This mountain really was too terrifying.

He looked at it. It stretched into the clouds, incomparably massive. He couldn't help but sigh. There were no great peaks in this world taller than this one.

Shi Hao approached. As soon as he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he was shocked. It was because on a few of the stone walls, there were some damaged diagrams, traces left behind by ancient people.

"Undying beings!"

Shi Hao saw a few ancient diagrams. His expression immediately changed, because according to the truths the diagrams portrayed, there really were unmatched terrifying creatures in this world.

They were exceptionally powerful, truly undying!

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