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Chapter 1068 - Desolate Border Creatures

Shi Hao walked forward, leaving this primary area. He felt rather nervous. Did he really end up on the other side of the world?

This place was lush with plant life, spiritual spring murmuring, the cliffs steep. 

When Shi Hao rose into the air, he discovered that the natural laws of this world were different, vaguely suppressing him, but it wasn't that big of an issue. 

"The world is different, the natural laws of heaven and earth different, I… really crossed the Desolate Border?!" He couldn't believe it. 

Numerous purple mountain peaks appeared. The spiritual essence of this place was especially rich, some of the springs and pools made completely of spiritual liquid, sparkling and translucent.

A fragrance assailed the nostrils, many medicinal herbs he had never seen before growing in this region, releasing their sweet fragrance. 

"Don't tell me that I ended up barging into a great figure's medicine garden?" Shi Hao said to himself. It was because he could clearly smell the aura of holy medicines, with a chance of even divine medicines being here.

Sure enough, after walking into this purple mountain region, he immediately saw a stalk of Golden Ginseng. It was as thick as an arm, golden and shining, flowing with holy light.

"Really as the radish! It that little rabbit saw this, she would definitely be crying out." Shi Hao thought of the Lunar Jade Rabbit, that young lady loved to chew on holy ginseng the most. 

When he thought of her, he naturally couldn't help but think of that young Qilin beast. What exactly was going on? He still never had a chance to ask her.

Following a light sound, Shi Hao gently removed the Golden Ginseng. Not including the golden lateral roots, just the main root was two feet long, surging with spiritual essence, golden radiance shining brilliantly.

A rich fragrance wafted outwards. When one inhaled this scent, it would make them feel extremely comfortable.


Soon after, he discovered that something wasn't right. Relying on intuition, he fiercely dug up the soil.

"Ah…" Shi Hao released a cry of alarm. For him, this was an extremely rare thing. It was just too shocking.

He directly threw aside the Golden Ginseng, feeling sick, extremely uncomfortable. He immediately rushed over to the spiritual spring to wash his hands, regretting his action just now greatly. 

Below the soil was a corpse. Even after endless years, the bones still haven't decayed, the flesh dried up, a layer of old skin wrapped around the bones.

It was clear that this was an expert, moreover an extremely powerful figure. 

It was because Shi Hao could tell with a glance that this was a great figure from the archaic era. Even after endless years had passed, his corpse was still preserved, truly not simple. 

This Golden Ginseng took root precisely on this corpse, growing on top of it.

Shi Hao felt extremely strange, at the same time unwell. Holy medicines usually grew on spiritual and refined places, how could it take root on a corpse?

The only fortunate thing was that he didn't randomly eat it. If he truly took a bite, then he would really feel regret then. 

Shi Hao studied it a bit. This golden holy ginseng root wasn't much different from that of the three thousand province's, similarly rich with spiritual essence. Based on his suspicions, the medicinal effects shouldn't be much inferior.

Shi Hao walked to the mountain region, and then he immediately became petrified. He saw stalk after stalk of holy medicines, their numbers not few!

These holy medicines were a bit familiar, but he had never seen most of them before. At the very least, they had long gone extinct in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces!

Shi Hao carefully analyzed them. These were all rare species, if he didn't guess wrong, they should be holy medicines that had long become extinct in Immortal Ancient Great Era.

The era was different, the laws of heaven and earth changed. Many creatures became extinct, this naturally included medicinal herbs and others. 

They still existed here!

He became more and more certain that this might be the other side of the world he resided in. 


With a light stamp of his feet, the ground surface ruptured, the earth and rocks flying up. Shi Hao could clearly see that what rested beneath a stalk of holy medicine was a skeleton, terrifyingly sinister.

Could it be that they were all like this? This was a bit terrifying!

Sure enough, when Shi Hao brandished his palm, causing the mountain region to split open, he was stunned. There were skeletal remains everywhere underground, especially the places with holy medicines, all of filled them with ancient skin and bone corpses.

All of the holy medicines took root on their bodies, absorbing spiritual essence, growing like this.

In reality, these skeleton remains didn't only produce a single batch of holy medicines. They had always been used like this.

Shi Hao researched these ancient corpses seriously. His mind pounded. These creatures were just too powerful when they were alive. Just how many years have passed? Yet they still carried divine force fluctuations. 

"How cruel, unable to obtain rest even after death, used like this!"

Shi Hao clenched his fists. It was because he saw that these corpses were the same as the races he had seen in bone books, belonging to Immortal Ancient's people, originally people from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces!

Only, it was unknown if they were captured or if they died in this world, ultimately becoming nourishment for growing holy medicines. 

Just how cruel of a thing was this? They were originally the most powerful experts, yet they had this type of lamentable conclusion.

Shi Hao left this purple purple mountain region, entering an even more vast mountain range. Ancient trees were everywhere, ancient vines coiling around mountains.


Shi Hao sent a palm out. Mountain peaks collapsed, rocks flying into the sky. Immediately afterwards, his pupils rapidly shrunk, revealing murderous intent.

His suspicions were true; there were white bones everywhere even below the ordinary mountain region. There were several hundred zhang tall giants, a foot long purple golden rat, but they had already become dried up bones. 

What kind of place was this, for there to be skeleton remains everywhere beneath the surface?

Was this a past battlefield?

Shi Hao's face fell, because these creatures should originally all belong to Immortal Ancient Great Era, that world's creatures, yet now, they were all lying here.

Fortunately, there weren't many formidable creatures here, only that Dragon-Beaked Death Bird who ruled this vast mountain range.

Shi Hao continuously examined this place, verifying that this mountain was full of white bones. 

Then, he went on his way, sticking close to the mountain forest. He turned into a streak of lightning, rushing into the distance.

He wanted to find a city in this realm, wishing to see what kind of people resided here.

Finally, he left the mountain range region, entering a field, seeing signs of activity. There were creatures moving about here.

Shi Hao immediately moved. He really wanted to know what the enemies that were trying to invade his world were like. He didn't believe those red-eyed creatures were the only enemies.

The main culprits!

He wished to see the main culprits, the ones known as the most powerful enemies, just what kind of races they were!

"En?" Soon afterwards, Shi Hao seized a figure, a humanoid creature. 

He really wanted to take action and capture this person and carefully study it. However, the sound of space shattering transmitted from the distance. Eight hundred zhang long silver centipedes pulled a war chariot, rising up into the air, incredibly grand and imposing.

Shi Hao was shocked. Those eight centipedes were unordinary, their hundred zhang bodies surging with poisonous mist. Their silver shells were awe-inspiring, all of them heavenly deities. 

"How powerful!"

Shi Hao really was quite shaken up. To have heavenly deities pull the carriage, this was just too great of a display of extravagance, right? He definitely never saw someone act like this in the three thousand provinces!

As a result, he didn't act too recklessly, allowing them to depart into the distance.

"Hehe..." He heard a young lady's laughter from that war chariot, leaving him stunned.

The expert that had eight heavenly deities as servants was a young lady? This was a bit hard to comprehend.

"Or is this to say that she is a servant girl, and there's another powerful individual?" Shi Hao wasn't sure.

Only, based on his intuition, that young lady was likely the master of the carriage, because that laughter carried self-confidence, not the laughter of a female servant trying to curry favor.

"This place has powerful individuals, definitely a special place!"

Shi Hao didn't stay here. When that war chariot left, he appeared again, and then quickly rushed into the horizon.

Soon after, he saw a city that was extremely large, towering in the limits of the horizon. 

This was an ancient city, the style a bit oppressive.

The entire enormous city was a pitch-black color, made from a type of mysterious ore. It was as if a black-colored vicious beast was laying dormant, its aura majestic and boundless. 

"En, what kind of race is this?" Shi Hao narrowed his eyes. He didn't recognize them, never seeing them before in the three thousand provinces. 

They weren't humanoid, similar to reptile people. Their lower halves were like Flood Dragons, scales a deep color, claws sharp, their upper bodies humanoid. There was also a pair of black wings behind them.

It was precisely this type of creature that guarded this city. In addition, when Shi Hao looked into this city from afar, he saw many similar creatures inside.

This was a city that belonged exclusively to this race, unfortunately, Shi Hao didn't recognize them. There were no recordings even in the bone books. 

"Could it be that these are the terrifying enemies that stand against us? They seem to be of the more vicious sort, hard to reason with." Shi Hao said quietly, observing them a step further.

When those creatures opened their mouths and spoke, they used an ancient language that was rather complex, carrying coronal consonants, impossible to understand.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, carefully thinking to himself for a long time. He didn't enter the city, deciding to leave.

It was because he was just too different from these creatures in appearance. Even with the Seventy-Two Transformations, they might still be able to tell if he entered rashly.

It was because some species were too sharp towards creatures of other species.

Shi Hao left this region, crossing the plains, heading on his way again. As a result, he discovered another city, the scale even larger, even more grand.

Soon after, Shi Hao's eyes widened!

It was because the species in this city were too familiar. They were just like him, human race!

There was definitely no mistake. It was to the extent where he could even see their flesh, blood, and bones with his Heavenly Eyes. There wasn't the slightest bit of difference.

"The so-called enemies, they are actually the same species as us?"

There were quite a few experts in this city. As a whole, they were more powerful than the race he saw just now.

Shi Hao became momentarily absent-minded. A moment later, he disappeared from this place, quickly moving through these plains, wishing to fully understand the situation.

Soon after, he discovered more than ten ancient cities, all of them with powerful experts overseeing them. There were seven or eight races, half of these cities grasped in the hands of the human race.

The relations between these cities were still rather peaceful, all of them speaking the same type of ancient language.

Shi Hao's brows locked together deeply. This was a bit different from what he had imagined. This was the enemy? He found it a bit hard to believe, feeling like there was something wrong!

Soon after, Shi Hao took action, catching one or two creatures outside the city.

These two creatures' strength wasn't great, only ordinary humans. Shi Hao wasn't really willing to take action against those with strength that was too great, because that would easily cause trouble and problems.

Meanwhile, even if these small figures disappeared, it likely wouldn't draw too much attention.

He frowned, because these were the lowest level creatures who didn't understand the fundamentals of this world, unable to provide Shi Hao with any valuable information.

However, his return was still acceptable, because after reading these individuals' divine senses, he learned their ancient language, as well as understood a bit about this world's social customs.

Shi Hao changed into this world's clothes, and then swaggered towards a giant city belonging to the human race.

He was quite successful, not drawing any suspicion. Shi Hao smoothly entered the loud and bustling streets.

Shi Hao took up residence, not immediately searching around.

Only a few days later when he completely familiarized himself with a few issues he had to pay attention to did he start to take action.

Through indirect approaches and casual chatter, Shi Hao obtained extremely valuable information that left him shocked.

"We have to fight our way over sooner or later. After losing most of the spiritual earth, we have to defend our honor, seize it back!"

"I heard that nowadays, those places have been beaten quite badly, now called the Nine Heavens Ten Earths."

When he heard their words, Shi Hao's mind went cold.

"Hey, we are the fiends? Bullshit, they are the real monsters. That world originally belonged to us, but was invaded and occupied!" An elder roared in grief.

Shi Hao was stupefied. What kind of words were these? It was completely different from what he had imagined!

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