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Chapter 1067 - Other Side of the World

An expanse of lightning immediately hacked down, heaven and earth blasted through. The boundless battlefield was drowned underneath, everything about to be destroyed. Shi Hao felt that this type of lightning was too terrifying, any streak enough to blast through a great province. If it happened in the three thousand provinces, the results would be too horrible to even contemplate. 

The cauldron rushed over again, and as if it was severing karma, cut down natural order, eliminating something. 

In the end, the most terrifying immortal dao lightning Shi Hao had ever seen disappeared, all of it turning into a rain of light, thus scattering. 

However, this cauldron became a bit dimmer, the blood beads on its surface rolling about, strange brilliance shining, but ultimately returning to darkness. 

This cauldron was too powerful, hacking away the lightning. However, it also paid a great price!

Shi Hao knew that the reason why destructive power appeared was completely because of him and the cauldron's conversation. The great mysteries affected the world's balance and stability.

He felt a sense of uneasiness inside. What exactly was the future going to be like? This cauldron came from the future to find an 'ancient person' like him, proving the severity of the situation. It reached an unimaginable degree. 

Right now, they only spoke a few simple sentences, not touching the core matters yet, not conversing without any restraint, yet there was already this type of scene. 

Shi Hao understood that they couldn't truly communicate. Even this roundabout, barely touching upon the topic way already created this result.

If they really spoke what they wanted, that would definitely cause devastating effects!

Doing things like this will change history. It affected too much. 

It was because this cauldron came from the next great era, returning to this so-called past. The cause and effect this produced was great to an unimaginable degree!

For later generations, now, everything already happened, impossible to change. Forcefully sending a cauldron back like this would only allow them to watch, unable to change anything.

Otherwise, there was no place for it in the heavens or ten thousand worlds.

The things that already happened couldn't be changed, time long announcing its verdict.

Even if the future people's magical force was heaven overflowing, they were still helpless to change anything. They sent this cauldron back, but if they tried to forcefully interfere, even if this cauldron was the number one artifact throughout time, it would still be destroyed. 

"They carried great hope, but in the end, still couldn't tell me everything, having me slowly guess at the truth." Shi Hao looked at the cauldron, releasing a light sigh. 

Even though this cauldron said that it hoped to see him in that battle, this information didn't really allow him to decipher the most important things. 

Meanwhile, he believed that this cauldron couldn't release anything more, only able to guide him like this. 

"I already saw a corner of the future, an endless desolateness, a bleak world, accompanied by the divine dao alone, that is my situation. Nothing existed any longer, even Willow Deity dead, turning into scorched wood behind me, my back facing it as I sat there." Shi Hao said to himself. This was the scene he previously saw. 

"Is this the end? If you come from the next world, those of that era should understand these things right?" Shi Hao asked, his face expressionless. 

However, this time, the simple and ancient cauldron didn't reply. This wasn't a tacit acknowledgment, nor was it opposition. 

It seemed to be in doubt, analyzing something. 

It was because the emperor blood on the cauldron walls were shining, flickering about rhythmically, continuously fluctuating. 

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes. Even though he felt unwillingness, he didn't feel dispirited. He was feeling out what the future was going to be like!

However, because of this cauldron, he found it a bit difficult to calm down. 

The matters pertaining to him, to this great era's situation, could it be that even the later generations were unclear?

After this great era ended, where would he be?

Would he be dead? Or would there be some type of unforeseen event?

Shi Hao said to himself, "It seems like there are many things that should be spoken to me, or else there wouldn't be a need for you to come this far."

Only, he saw a corner of the future. Was that the final result? He clenched his fists tightly, unwilling to accept it. 

If everything became deathly still, the entire world destroyed, leaving only him behind, what meaning was there left in survival? His friends, loved ones, and even enemies would all be dead. A gloomy world like that was too frightening.

"I can change everything! That isn't the future, not the end!" Shi Hao said.

This cauldron swayed about, as if nodding, but also like it was withstanding tremendous karma. 


Suddenly, it moved, tearing apart this void, rushing forward, thus disappearing from Shi Hao's sight. 

This made him stare blankly. This cauldron led him here, but left without any reluctance in the end, everything happening so suddenly.

He released a sigh. In the end, he still wasn't strong enough. If his strength shocked past and present, then he could grasp everything, perhaps even forcefully making that cauldron stay behind.

"Right, it said that it came too early. What it wished to meet, to wait for is naturally not my current self. It is definitely the most powerful me." Shi Hao understood.

Only, how was he supposed to go back? This shouldn't be the region he was at before. 

Shi Hao's divine senses were extremely sharp. He knew that the path he followed to arrive in this strange and spacious battlefield was likely inside Emperor City, but he was now too far from the three great supreme beings. 

"It left, but the crack is still there, not closing."

Shi Hao saw the radiance ahead. This was the aftermath left behind after the cauldron disappeared, multicolored light shining brilliantly. That place's void had a crack that was unexpectedly still vibrating. 

Shi Hao knew that this cauldron wouldn't harm him.

If there was danger, it wouldn't leave this path behind. Was this to guide him?

Perhaps this was all it could do. If it forcefully interfered any further, it might just trigger karma not even the Immortal  Cauldron could counteract.

Everything was dusky, not a blade of grass growing on the scorched earth, dried-up bones everywhere. They were left behind from endless years ago, unknown just how many heroes ended up dying in battle here. 

In the darkness, only that brightly colored brilliance was the most striking, bringing light to this world of death. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao rushed through. 

Immediately afterwards, he smelled the fragrance of flowers, heard bird cries. The grass and trees were fresh, a place of green hills and clear waters, spiritual essence undulating about. 

Shi Hao was stunned. This type of scene was completely different from what he expected. It wasn't deathly still, not a scorched earth, no corpses, only thriving life force.

The cauldron disappeared. Shi Hao was faced with an expanse of lush greenery. Auspicious light flickered about, appearing extremely auspicious and peaceful. 

"What kind of place did I enter?" Shi Hao felt a wave of distractedness. The difference between the previous place and this one was just too great. Just now, he was still in an ancient battlefield, and now, he was in a pure land. 

The brilliant light behind him disappeared, that void crack closing, thus disappearing.

Was this a spatial node? Shi Hao glanced backwards, remembering this place. He might have to make use of this place to return. 

He wanted to see just what kind of place he ended up entering. He didn't fly out of fear of being suppressed by mysterious laws. It was clear that this world was extremely unordinary, bringing him a sense of vastness and grandness. 

It was as if a great dao had descended, bringing him a great pressure within the auspiciousness and peacefulness.


Suddenly, a little bird that was still crying out turned into a streak of green light, flying towards Shi Hao, its speed just too fast. 


Shi Hao blocked with his arm. Sparks unexpectedly flew out between his palm and fingers, keng qiang sounds released, as if metal was striking against each other.

This left him shocked. It was just a palm-sized little bird, so how could it have such strength, moreover such a tough body? It was inconceivable.

With a green flash, this bird withdrew, leaving behind a string of afterimages like a ghost. It landed on a mountain peak not too far away, staring fixedly at him.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, opening his Heavenly Eyes to stare at it. 

Its speed just now was too fast, so he didn't notice anything before. Now, he saw everything. Soon afterwards, Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. This was a species that did not exist in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces!

It wasn't large, but its appearance was rather strange. Its bird beak was like a True Dragon, curved and shaped like a dragon, too abnormal!

Apart from this, there were a few vague skull-like diagrams on its green wings. They were naturally formed and not artificially produced. 

"Dragon-Beaked Death Bird?!"

Shi Hao didn't dare believe what he was seeing. He recognized it, but this was a species that didn't exist in the present world, long going extinct. This was a demonic bird recorded in bone books.

It was too archaic, so ancient that only a few could be found at the start of this great era. However, they became extinct soon afterwards.

Yet, it was rumored that in the last great era, they were a powerful race. Even though they weren't large, they possessed rather terrifying comprehensive strength.

"What kind of place did I end up running to? Why am I seeing this type of creature?" Shi Hao was confused. 

It was because from what he understood, the world in this great era had long undergone a great change, the laws and order different. Many creatures couldn't adapt, disappearing along the great river of time.

Many of Immortal Ancient Great Era's creatures went extinct, unable to adapt to this world. 

Even after the Three Thousand Great Dao Flower Petals linked up Immortal Ancient Remains, this type of Demonic Bird had still disappeared, not adapting to the world's changes, the entire species wiped out. 

It could be said that this type of bird shouldn't exist in this world at all.

Yet before his eyes, this notion was toppled.

This Dragon-Beaked Death Bird was clearly ridiculously powerful!

However, Shi Hao also noticed that its eyes were red, different from the emerald green that was recorded. It was too striking, flickering with a type of strange and terrifying radiance. 

This made Shi Hao's mind jump. He couldn't help but associate this with Immortal Ancient Great Era's battle.

Back then, those intruders were just like this, their eyes scarlet red like blood, as if they had undergone demonization.

Shi Hao was shocked. He made a terrifying association.

"This place I came to, don't tell me it's that world?!"

If that was true, then it was just too shocking.

However, he then shook his head with all his strength. This really was a bit too unrealistic. The Desolate Border was difficult to break into, not easy to cross.

However, that cauldron… perhaps had this power, this was what he thought.


Green multicolored light flashed. That bird flew over again, inconceivably fast. Moreover, at this moment, it displayed a dao method, draconic cries sounding unendingly. The bird beak shone, releasing dragon-shaped light blades, hacking murderously towards Shi Hao.

Normal heavenly deities would die on contact! Shi Hao sighed.

He used all of his strength, finally using the Kun Peng Technique, suppressing this bird. He was going to get to the bottom of this, ask it about this place. 

However, something shocking happened. When the bird was suppressed, its blood pupils went dim, and then its body began to rot. Then, its feathers turned into ashes.

Not long afterwards, it completely turned to dust.

It seemed to have experienced an eternity in that instant, body and spirit erased. 

Shi Hao searched around this place, discovering that this demonic bird was the nearby overlord. All of the creatures survived under its rule.

However, this region was extremely strange. All of the vicious birds and ferocious beasts that lived here had scarlet red eyes, impossible to tame. Once they were injured, they directly turned to dust.

"The other side of the world, did I end up in the enemy's territory? I am going to get to the bottom of this!" 

Shi Hao's heart was pounding. The unexpected trip made it hard for him to calm down. He had been speculating what the enemy was like this entire time, what kind of backgrounds they had. Now, he might have found a chance, perhaps able to learn about a few things soon. 

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