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Chapter 1065 - Entering the City

Yue Chan's expression was unpleasant, feeling more fearful the more she thought about it. If Qing Yi, Shi Hao, and herself entered the heavenly deity institution, that would truly be a result beyond terrifying. 

"Qing Yi, last time, we separated without seeing each other, could it be that… you have one?" Shi Hao asked. His skin really was as thick as the Emperor City's walls, even daring to ask this.

Before Qing Yi even said anything, Yue Chan was already so angry she was shaking. If that day truly came, then it really would be unimaginable. 

In that instant, Yue Chan seemed to have seen a terrifying scene, the three of them entering the heavenly deity institution together, and then something like what this thick-skinned bastard said really did happen. At that time, because the main and second bodies were extremely intimate, wouldn't she feel as if it she personally experienced it?

Yue Chan almost collapsed on the spot. This was just too scary!

Regardless, she had to stop this from happening. She definitely couldn't allow this type of situation to happen, or else it will feel even worse than death. 

"You should stop speaking nonsense!" Qing Yi berated, finally speaking.

"Alright, we'll talk about it in private." Shi Hao laughed loudly. 

Sure enough, they began to transmit sound. Qing Yi really was scared that this guy might shoot off his mouth and speak nonsense, to the point where she couldn't endure it any longer and putting her in an awkward situation. 

It was also precisely because of this that the nearby Yue Chan released a breath of relief. Otherwise, she felt that if that fella continued speaking, she would definitely be so angry she would start shaking.

"Qing Yi, how come you ended up coming here? Yue Chan, why are you walking together with Shi Hao?" Cao Yusheng giggled. He was intentionally stirring stuff up, calling Yue Chan Qing Yi and Qing Yi Yue Chan. 

Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl smiled, watching the show from the side.

"Hey, you two really are twin sisters. Younger sis Yue Chan, you have to help this little sister of yours out! Staying with that fella really will be endless suffering." A foreign young lady spoke, her opinion of Shi Hao extremely unfavorable, because he had previously greatly defeated Immeasurable Heaven's people. 

At this time, the others also looked over, for example, Zhen Gu, Teng Yi, Feng Wu, and the others.

Shi Hao was quite stirred up, saying, "If we can all enter the heavenly deity institution, leaving this realm, then we'll definitely have to take care of each other. After all, we came from the same place."

"We naturally ought to do this." The others also nodded.

"Younger sis Qing Yi." Feng Wu's relationship with Qing Yi was extremely good. They reunited here, chatting with each other in a friendly manner. 

It was clear that this place was immediately divided into several small powers.

For example, the Exiled Immortal's side, Ten Crown King's side, Shi Yi, Three Stone Heavenly Monarch, and others. There was also Shi Hao's group here.

"Older brother!" Suddenly, a voice sounded. A silver-armored young man appeared, walking over.

Qin Hao, he also came!

"You came! How are father and mother? Did they agree?!" Shi Hao was extremely shocked. He didn't expect his little brother to enter the uninhabited region depths, arriving here.

He didn't really want things to be like this, hoping for one child to remain at his parents' side and not completely leave.

However, he released a sigh. He himself recklessly ran over, so how could he require anything of Qin Hao? Only, when he thought of his mother and father, he felt a bit ashamed. 

It was because leaving them like this, it was unknown when they would be able to return, unknown how much time would pass in between.

Qin Hao walked over, causing the foreign cultivators to start discussing among themselves. After learning that they were blood brothers, a few people's expressions became strange. 

Shi Hao gave them a look, saying, "If anyone wants to stir up trouble after entering the heavenly deity institution, I will personally keep you all company one by one!"


Several figures appeared in the void. The three great supreme beings returned, at their sides also the Lunar Jade Rabbit and the little Qilin.

It was clear that they definitely left just now to discuss things with the young beast. 

"It's about time. We should decide the candidates, and we should also head on our way." A middle-aged man said. 

The three powerful individuals muttered to themselves. They sat in the void, primal chaos surrounding that area, creating an indistinct and hazy expanse. 

"Ought to just bring everyone. You all are already biased towards the foreign cultivators, bringing them here, all just to give them another opportunity. Our three thousand province cultivators all hurried here, so we should have already passed." The little rabbit muttered. 

Because she obtained the little White Qilin, they attached great importance to her, standing right by the three great experts' side. 

"Makes sense. There aren't many cultivators from the three thousand provinces who have made it here to begin with. We'll just consider you all to have passed then, let's set out!" One of the middle-aged men nodded, unexpectedly agreeing. 

They were actually all considered to have passed, all of them able to continue on their way!

Everyone was shocked and happy. They almost died on the way here, now not wasting all that effort and time. They were quite fortunate, because there were over a hundred thousand when they first set out, but now, only this many people succeeded. 

"You all should experience this world a bit for the last time, we are about to leave the Three Thousand Dao Provinces!" One of the supreme beings said. 

When they heard this, everyone became silent. They really were going to leave this great world and enter another heaven and earth. 

It was unknown how long this journey would take, unknown how many years it would be before they could return. It made them feel sentimental. 

After all, this was the place where they were raised, but now, they were going to leave!

"How will we leave?" Not everyone felt reluctant to leave, there were some who were impatient already, wanting to immediately leave to see long life beings.

"There is a path. You all will first understand the Archaic Contract of Alliance, we are departing soon." One of the supreme beings said. 

This time, under these three powerful individuals' lead, they advanced towards Emperor City, seemingly about to enter the city. 

These young geniuses were all stirred up. They already came here a long time ago. When they looked at the ancient city made of star bricks, they felt a great sense of longing, yet couldn't enter.

Forget about entering the city, there were many ancient formations outside that prevented normal people from even getting close. 

However, this time, under the guidance of the three great experts, they arrived by the city gate. Only, it was too tall, towering into the heavens, accompanied by stars. 

"Senior, are we going to enter the city?" Someone asked with a trembling voice.

"Correct!" One of the middle-aged individuals replied directly.

The city was too tall, the great gate thick, who could push it open? Endless stars were embedded within, shining brilliantly on this enormous door!

The expression of one of the middle-aged men became grave. He produced a damaged bone, holding it in his palm. The other two were also like this, spreading their palms, within each of them a piece of damaged bone. 

The damaged bones were all of the same color, pure white like jade. 

When the three of them were combined together, it unexpectedly formed a miniature altar, one that was extremely small and simple. It released faint luster.

Everyone was shocked when they saw that this altar needed all three of them to operate together. One could see just how important this matter was!


This small altar swayed back and forth, releasing a mysterious aura. It floated in the air, only around the size of a fist, yet right now, it collected everyone inside. 

Everyone was shocked to find that they all shrunk, now standing on that altar.


Light shot into the heavens. The group of people were carried by the little altar, disappearing from this place, entering the city.

When they reappeared, the world was dusky. They could only see blurry scenes all around them.

These were plains, vast and boundless, dusky and deathly stillness forever the theme of this place. Aside from their group of people, there wasn't a trace of life. 

On the ground were many bones that had long grown dim, all of them dried up. 

What was this place?

It was incredibly dusky for as far as the eye could see. This area was completely scorched, as if it encountered lightning tribulation, but also as if it had been set aflame. 

Was this the ancient battlefield?

No one knew, only the three great experts would be able to explain, but they didn't say anything. 

Dried bones were everywhere. As they walked on them, kacha kacha sounds rang out. Where did the end of these plains lead to? 

"Seniors, is this the inside of Emperor City?" Someone asked. This was just too barren, no protectors to be seen, only a grim scene. Just how many creature had died back then, yet were left unburied?

No one expected to see this type of scene. Was this really the inside of Emperor City?

"It is, yet it isn't." One of the middle-aged men spoke.

A bone mirror was produced, reflecting scenes of the distance. Everyone looked at these scenes with shining eyes. 

"There are more city walls?"


In the endless distance ahead were city walls that blocked off all of the outside world. 

"There are a few stone monuments here. You all can search for them yourselves to see the Archaic Contract of Alliance recorded on them." A middle-aged man said, releasing a sigh.

Only, this place was too large, no end to be seen. Where were they supposed to go to find these monuments, to read the Archaic Contract of Alliance?

Great waves stirred within Shi Hao, feeling greatly shaken up.

Those people back then, were they unable to leave because they signed the Archaic Contract of Alliance?

One of the archaic Six Great Celestials, War Clan's ancient ancestor, these people were all over there. Could it be that they were all dead?

Everyone dispersed to search for the stone monuments. 

Only, this place was too vast, finding a stone monument was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Everyone immediately disappeared from this place like ants across a great desert. They were too insignificant, no end in sight.

"All of you should watch yourselves, do not walk along this ancient battlefield. A single mistake and you will enter a strange great crack, and thus be directly sent beyond the border, entering the enemy's world." One of the great experts reminded. 

Everyone already had their suspicions about the Archaic Contract of Alliance. Searching like this was for the sake of verification, to truly understand the secrets it contained. 

Unfortunately, they didn't see it in the end. Moreover, the further they went, the less people there were around them, becoming more and more desolate. 

"Yi, not good, there really were people who went missing!"

Right at this moment, the three great experts' expressions changed. Their divine senses were extremely terrifying, always paying attention, locking down this place. However, despite this being the case, they still lost someone. 

Based on normal reasoning, with them here, nothing bad should have happened. However now, there really was a great issue.

"Who is it? Who went missing?!"

They stood up, quickly rushing towards the ends of the dark great earth.

Shi Hao felt strange. He walked and walked, time seemingly coming to a standstill around him, suddenly freezing. It was as if he entered a strange place.

Then, he discovered that he was currently walking on a black passage, disappearing from this ancient battlefield. It was too late to turn around. 

Stars moved, time passed, it was as if an eternity passed.

He discovered that he had completely freed himself from that battlefield, leaving the bone-covered remains, entering an unknown region.

"Where is this place?" Shi Hao asked himself.

It was still dusky, the visibility even a bit lower. A black haze floated about, no grass and trees visible between the mountains and valleys, only endless white bones and other things. 

Shi Hao sized up his surroundings. He was then shocked!

It was because he discovered an artifact -- the three-footed two-eared cauldron.

This was not the first time he saw it, but before, it was always a void figure, this time a true artifact!

That cauldron had blood sticking to it, source energy swirling about, releasing an astonishing aura. It floated there, not moving at all. 

"Desolate Border, why is this cauldron here? Is this really the Desolate Border?!" Shi Hao asked himself.

His heart was beating crazily, feeling extremely nervous. He now saw the real thing. What kind of information was this cauldron going to transmit to him?

Also, what exactly was inside of the cauldron?

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