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Chapter 1064 - Candidates

Shi Hao faced Ning Chuan, both of them young overlords with three strands of immortal energy. They were stunning figures even if one searched through all of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!

The two had already fought many great battles, so they could be considered old enemies. Now, they clashed again, this could be considered opposing each other with equal harshness!

"Huang, I am going to wipe out my previous humiliation with today's battle. Last time, you came to disrupt my tribulation, so today, I demand an explanation!" Ning Chuan shouted. He was normally aloof and free from vulgarity, yet now, he carried killing intent. 

In the eyes of everyone, Ning Chuan was like fine jade, his white clothes exceptional, even his hair silver. Together with his ridiculously beautiful appearance that was superior to many females, he looked incredibly outstanding.


The heavenly dome was struck by him until there was a hole, the handsome and exceptional Ning Chuan erupting with power, different from before. He took action in a domineering manner.

His head of silver hair scattered down, eyes forming symbols. He condensed the Qilin imprint, heaven diagram appearing on his back as he slaughtered his way over, fighting intensely against Shi Hao. Brilliant bone texts erupted between the two. 

How many people now dared to face Shi Hao head-on? Forget about everything else, just their physical bodies wouldn't be able to hold on, forcibly suppressed by him. 

Not many individuals of the same level could compare to Shi Hao's physical body. Facing him head-on was like porcelain smashing into divine steel, they'll instantly shatter. However, Ning Chuan dared to do this.

His bearing was domineering, white clothes fluttering about. It was as if an unmatched Divine King was patrolling the heavens, carrying a type of great dignity in his transcendence, overlooking the human realm.

At this time, when Divine Kings were angered, winds naturally swept about, heavenly dome splitting apart. The great battle was intense.


Divine rainbows shocked the skies. These were streak after streak of bone texts, looking like rainbows as they danced about, illuminating the universe. 


A resplendent great sun exploded, heaven and earth gorgeous, incomparably dazzling. That was a release of precious techniques. When they smashed together, it was as if a heavenly sun collapsed, just too brilliant. 

All sides focused their attention on this, their breathing even stopping. Quite a few people trembled in fear. A confrontation between powerful individuals like this made them see their own inferiority. 

If they went up, how could they stop those two? Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Ning Chuan, they both possessed the conviction of those unmatched!

Suddenly, a streak of light flew over, severing the heavenly dome, locking down the void, as if time froze still here. 

Shi Hao and Ning Chuan were separated, divided into two sides, unable to approach, unable to exchange attacks.

The three great middle-aged supreme beings all came, seated in the void. One of them pointed out, triggering this result, separating the two exceptional geniuses. 

"Even in the last great era, people like you two were few. With chaos of war impending, how can we allow internal strife like this?" One of them spoke. 

"Chaos of war? I am a sinner's blood descendant in his eyes, so today, I really want to ask him what exactly that means!" Shi Hao said. He didn't stop.

The reason he spoke like this was also to hear the three great supreme beings' opinions. Did they understand the Desolate Border, the sinner's blood ancestors matter.

"These are all old matters. As for who is what, do not bring them up again." One of the supreme experts spoke. 

"Why?!" Shi Hao really wanted to get to the bottom of this.

The others were also shocked. These two great young supreme beings were competing, yet after they were separated, they mentioned this issue. Moreover, Huang still clung onto it like this.

"There are a few powers that this involves, some of them still alive, previously bearing witness themselves. We will discuss this in the future!" An expert said, seemingly unwilling to continue this topic. 

At this moment, great waves stirred about in Shi Hao's heart. It was because he sensed that this expert seemed to be feeling great restraining fear, attaching great importance to this issue.

"Is it because of those who are still alive, or because of what happened back then, to make him like this?!" Shi Hao was shaken up inside. 

When this issue was unmasked, the three great supreme beings treated this matter with silence, not willing to say much, so Shi Hao couldn't ask about it again.

"Alright, to the Emperor City!"

The three of them spoke, expressing that they completed the task, their performances all very good. They found a few creatures that underwent demonization, and even found the young Qilin beast, so the three supreme beings were extremely satisfied. 

It was clear that they had a few things to say, but this wasn't the place for it. They were going to return to that Emperor City.

The three great experts really were too strong. With a wave of one of their sleeves, regardless of whether it was Ning Chuan, Exiled Immortal, or the foreign geniuses, they were all surrounded. 

Immediately afterwards, they disappeared from this place together, not a single one remaining. 

Emperor City, this place was majestic, boundless, and full of prestige. It was as tall as the heavens, around it the sun, moon, and stars. It was too enormous. 

The city walls were made of stars, currently fully displaying their profoundness and vastness. There were even more so the most powerful natural laws flickering, suppressing heaven and earth. 

Shi Hao and the others returned, descending here once again. This time, even though they still couldn't enter the enormous city, not having the qualifications to enter, it was still incredibly vast, quiet without any sound. 

Since the ancient times, only emperors or talents who had signed the Archaic Contract of Alliance could enter!

Only, when these people entered, they could never return. No one knew what ended up happening to those who disappeared. 

Mysterious, boundless, unknown, these were the best words to explain this city. 

The group of people returned to the open markets. The cities here could be entered. 

"You all may act freely here, inquire about the situation from the creatures living here. We have a few matters to discuss." The three great supreme beings spoke. 

They directly brought the Lunar Jade Rabbit and young Qilin beast away, not giving anyone a chance to say anything more.

Not even Shi Hao had a chance to speak to the little rabbit in detail. 

All of the geniuses agreed by chance to enter the city.

Soon after, Shi Hao discovered a few familiar people. Zhen Gu, Teng Yi, Feng Wu, Zuo Xiaodi, Mu Zixiao, and others appeared. These people unexpectedly also hurried over to this place.

Zhen Gu had the Spirit Race's Golden Bloodline. He had the congealed blood that could form a war spear, this weapon known to be unstoppable. When fighting against others at his level, there was nothing that spear couldn't pierce through in this world. 

Teng Yi, the Firegold Clan's most powerful young expert, his clan previously one of the archaic ten great races, a previous era Emperor Clan!

Feng Wu was Goddess Academy's most outstanding inheritor, an extremely powerful exceptional talent, close sisters with Qing Yi. 

As for Zuo Xiaodi and Mu Zixiao, they came from Divine Cliff Academy. They came from Flame Province, a place that was extremely close to Goddess Academy. 

Aside from them, there were others, all of them old acquaintances he had met. Shi Hao walked forward to greet Feng Wu and the others. 

Then, hii Hao revealed a smile, because he saw Qing Yi. She also came.

Qing Yi did have the strength. Even though she was only a second body, she had long cultivated a strand of immortal energy, obtaining the benefits of the Green Lunar Flame. Her strength was difficult to measure, hard to predict. 

It was because the flame hadn't left her even now, fusing with her.

"Qing Yi, we finally meet again." Shi Hao walked forward, his face carrying a gentle smile. 

When they were in Immortal Ancient, extremely intimate things had happened. Ever since they separated then, they didn't meet again until now.

In reality, Qing Yi was intentionally hiding from Shi Hao because of embarrassment. The events that took place back then left her ashamed, finding it difficult to accept. 

The city was extremely large, people coming and going. However, the reunion of old acquaintances wasn't drowned out by the clamoring of their surroundings. 

Of course, for Shi Hao, it was quite joyful, but for Qing Yi, she didn't know what was good. 

"Aiyaya, younger sis, you two are twins, I only discovered it now!" A foreign young lady laughed, roping in Yue Chan, and then looking towards Qing Yi. 

Yue Chan didn't speak, but she looked at Qing Yi, light flashing past her pupils. She didn't wish to explain anything to the foreigners here. 

She couldn't calm down inside. Reuniting like this left her quite conflicted. She really wanted to immediately merge with the second body, becoming one. 

However, she knew that it was too difficult. Defeating Qing Yi alone was hard, and then with Shi Hao and the others here, there wasn't much hope.

"Qing Yi, how have you been? Where have you gone?" Shi Hao walked over, staring into her eyes, not avoiding her. He didn't care about what others thought, asking in this manner. 

"I've been alright." Qing Yi said. She was quiet and exquisite, extremely beautiful. Her clothes fluttered about, as if the goddess of the moon descended into this world. 

Waves stirred in Shi Hao's heart. He thought back to many things in the past, from being enemies to moving side by side, and even more so the various things that happened in Immortal Ancient, his expression becoming strange. 

That day, after the intimate relationship, they directly separated. They had previously given each other a hurried glance from the distance, but only now could they be counted as truly reuniting. 

"How can you look at me like this?" Qing Yi felt a bit uncomfortable from his fiery gaze.

The city was extremely large, creatures numerous.

They were standing on the street, quite close to each other, but the other geniuses were also nearby. 

"Did you forget what you said to me before? We had an agreement." Shi Hao smiled.

"What agreement?" When Qing Yi heard this, her face immediately became red, because she recalled what she had previously said, not forgetting it. Only, now that it was mentioned by Shi Hao, she felt extremely embarrassed, not knowing how to deal with him, pretending to have forgotten.

"Let me help jog your memory, you said that if I entered Immortal Ancient Remains and came out on top, becoming number one under the sky, what was it you were going to do again?" Shi Hao laughed, his face full of radiance, teeth extremely white, smile brilliant. 

Qing Yi's face became slightly red. She truly didn't wish to face this situation. This was especially the case in front of Yue Chan, making her feel even more worried.

In reality, Yue Chan felt even more uncomfortable than her, because they had main and second body relationship, able to sense each other's emotions, knowing the other party's thoughts. The emotions Qing Yi produced when facing Shi Hao right now felt as if Yue Chan was experiencing it herself.

However, Yue Chan should hate Shi Hao bitterly, the two sides enemies. 

Now that Qing Yi appeared, standing with that fella, it gave Yue Chan a strange and weird feeling, clashing with her own feelings, her emotions complex.

"Don't stay so close to me." Qing Yi said, jabbing Shi Hao's shoulder. It was because the air this fella breathed out almost reached her face. 

"Can't you see that I'm waiting for a reply?" Shi Hao said. 

"What reply? I forgot what happened back then already." Qing Yi acted shamelessly, a bit different from her usual otherworldly fairy appearance. Right now, she wasn't ice-cold, nor was she otherworldly, instead more like a younger goddess, rolling her large eyes at him.

"You previously said before that after I seized the number one under the sky title, you would devote your life to me." Shi Hao said while giggling.

"As if!" Qing Yi glared at him. 

"Hey, you can't just go back on your words." Shi Hao looked at her.

"Back then, it was you who acted like a rascal!" Qing Yi argued. 

"What acted like a rascal? It was clearly you who said it." Shi Hao grabbed her jadelike arm, because Qing Yi already turned around to run, about to leave.

"Let go!" Before Qing Yi even said anything, Yue Chan already spoke out, berating in a low voice. 

It was because they were just too close. She felt as if it was happening to herself, as if she was the one interacting and talking to Shi Hao.

"What does it have to do with you? Are you sure you want to enter the heavenly deity institution with us?" Shi Hao said. Moreover, he put his arm around Qing Yi's small waist, turning around to look at Yue Chan. 

This… really was torture. Yue Chan found it difficult to endure. At the same time, she felt that if she entered the heavenly deity institution and those two stuck together like that, it would truly be like hell's torment. 

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