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Chapter 1066 - From the Future

This cauldron left Shi Hao with too deep of an impression. It was something he had never forgot ever since he first saw it on the damaged altar at the bottom of Immortal Ancient Remains' Black Abyss. However, what he saw back then was only a void image, an imprint previously engraved in the void.

He finally saw it again, and this time, it was a concrete object. 

This was a dusky world, a spacious and empty battlefield. The great earth was scorched black, dried-up bones covering everything. 

The three-footed two-eared round cauldron released all types of Immortal Gold radiance, and there was even more heaven and earth source energy circling about. As for the inside of the cauldron, it was primal chaos that couldn't be seen through, as if it held the cosmos. 

There was blood on the cauldron, dark red and sparkling. Every single drop contained a great world, profound and mysterious, impossible to see through. 

Shi Hao believed that this blood was the same as the one he carried, all of them left behind by unimaginable experts!

At the same time, when he closely examined them, he discovered there was more than one type, originating from at least a few people. They were all the essence blood of the most powerful creatures, left behind by unrivaled experts. 

This cauldron looked extremely ancient, the diagrams on it extremely blurry, but he could still make out some of them. From the stars to lightning, to divine birds, vicious beasts, and poisonous blood, everything that should be there was there. 

Only, quite a few of those creatures were unfamiliar, creatures he had never seen before.

Shi Hao walked towards it.


The entire world seemed to have exploded, all because this cauldron moved. 

In that instant, Shi Hao felt as if he was almost smashed to pieces, heading towards the end together with this world, destroyed here. 

He was shocked. What kind of cauldron was this exactly? It only trembled a bit, yet it seemed like it was going to destroy heaven and earth!

This wasn't a misconception, but rather a true experience. Shi Hao felt that his own mind didn't waver. Just now, there really was that type of bizarre divine awareness. 

Fortunately, that was just a momentary pounding of his heart. He didn't die, because this cauldron became silent and still, restraining its aura, locking down heaven and earth. 

Exactly how powerful was this cauldron? Who exactly refined it?

Shi Hao stared at it, not speaking a word.

Exactly what kind of person was searching for him, urging this cauldron over. Could it be that an exceptional expert was sleeping inside?

Unfortunately, the cauldron contained heaven and earth source energy, and even more primal chaos. It was incredibly deep, he was unable to see what laid within its innermost depths. 

"Why did you look for me?" Shi Hao asked. Right now, he was strangely calm. He didn't show any excessive emotions when facing this unmatched precious cauldron, looking at it calmly. 

This vague change left even him even a bit baffled. When facing this unmatched immortal cauldron, he unexpectedly didn't show the slightest bit of reverence.

This cauldron shone, bright colors appearing. Nine types of Immortal Gold interweaved to form this brilliance, and heaven and earth source energy was also released, making it look more and more mysterious and unfathomable.

Inside the cauldron, it was as if a creature rose up, but ultimately dissipated again. 

Those drops of blood, the ruby-like emperor blood were extremely brilliant. At this moment, they moved, ultimately releasing sound here. 

"I... came early." There were only these words, but it carried the feeling of endless time. There was a sense of loneliness and desolateness, and even more so helplessness, as well as a type of beaten feeling. 

He couldn't tell if this was a male or female, because it was better to call this divine will instead of sound.

"Who are you?" Shi Hao asked.

However, this cauldron became quiet, no longer releasing any sound. 

It was because right when they exchanged this simple dialog, this heaven and earth erupted. Endless lightning interweaved, accompanied by an unsurpassed aura, about to descend. 

Shi Hao was shaken up. What kind of lightning tribulation was this, suppressing all heavenly dao, was it going to wipe out the world?

All of this was only because of their words. 

In the sky, lightning radiance hacked down, exceeding everything he had ever seen before. It was even more frightening than the tribulation those trying to ascend to immortality faced.

This cauldron moved, facing the sky. The cauldron shone, nine colors shining brilliantly, guiding over all of the lightning, containing the All Dao Lightning. 

An intense sound rang out, heaven and earth collapsing. All of the lightning was absorbed, erased by that cauldron. 

At the same time, it released a bit of source energy that spread towards the void, erasing all of the great void cracks, moreover seemingly severing all types of karma.

Shi Hao was shocked as he watched this. What was the meaning of this?

He recalled that in the bone books, it was recorded that unless an unimaginable great change was about to be produced in the universe, unmatched lightning tribulation wouldn't descend. 

Just now, he only tried to converse with the cauldron, the other party merely saying a few words, yet there was already this type of scene. It was just too terrifying, impossible to comprehend. 

Could it be that if he tried to interact with this cauldron, it would affect the stability of heaven and earth, moving the foundation of this world?

How could this be?!

If a single person talking to him could create this type of scene, Shi Hao really wouldn't know how to think. Just how terrifying were these mysterious principles?

"Where do you come from?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I do not belong to the past, do not belong to the present." A voice sounded from the cauldron again.

However, precisely because of its words, the changes to this world became even more shocking. Immortal light appeared streak after streak, the lightning even more so falling like a waterfall by the hundreds and thousands of streaks, unknown exactly just how much there was. All of it hacked over.


The cauldron shone, countless patterns appearing on the surface, all of them like formation diagrams, flying up one after another, sealing the sky here, refining the unmatched lightning tribulation!

Shi Hao sighed with astonishment. Who could match this type of method?

The lightning that was accompanied by immortal dao aura was completely refined. Was this cauldron comparable to an Immortal King?

When heaven and earth became calm again, everything calming down, Shi Hao began to think to himself. It was as if there was a great sea raging in his mind, surging violently.

From the cauldron's voice, it was implying that it… came from the future?!

Shi Hao was shocked. Even though he previously already had his suspicions, when he truly faced it, he still couldn't help but tremble in fear.

"You do not belong to the past or present, so you came from the future world?" Shi Hao did his best to calm himself down, but how could he remain calm right now?

When these words were spoken, that cauldron remained silent, not producing any sounds, not replying, remaining deathly still.

However, the the lightning in the void became several times stronger than before. Immortal energy pervaded the air, great dao oppressing the world, as if it was going to destroy everything!

Were the effects of this sentence too great?

It was to the extent where that cauldron couldn't even reply as to avoid an immeasurable disaster from descending. 

Shi Hao was truly shocked. If nothing unexpected happened, this speculation was true. It was because the other party didn't speak, so this was tacit acknowledgment, right?

Heavens, he was going crazy! Was this really a creature that came from the future? This was simply unimaginable. 

What exactly happened? The future actually had this type of unforeseen event that led someone to come here, talk to him.

He still remembered that the first time he saw this cauldron in the Black Abyss, the engraved message he unexpectedly obtained was that this cauldron came to seek help!

If all of this was linked up together, he truly found it hard to believe. What was going to happen in the future to cause this type of matter to appear?

Shi Hao felt more terrified the more he thought about it. Was the future an expanse of darkness? He couldn't see through it, everything was surrounded by fog. It left him feeling a deep sense of uneasiness, unable to calm down.


That lightning finally descended, all because of Shi Hao's questioning.

As a result, that cauldron moved again. This time, it was hacked until it trembled greatly. The dark red blood on its surface shone, producing large amounts of scarlet multicolored light, neutralizing the dangerous situation.

Shi Hao didn't move at all. His eyes widened, his back cold. He couldn't even say anything, unable to converse with this cauldron. 

If he said something, it would provoke a huge disaster!

It was because he saw that even this cauldron became quiet, not saying a word. It clearly felt restraining fear, fearing that an even greater problem would arise.

In this type of situation, Shi Hao could only think about it himself, guess at what would happen in the future. 

In that instant, his thoughts flew about, not only thinking about the future, but also about the last great era.

"If I was in the future and looking to the past, what would I want to do?" He asked himself. 

What happened already couldn't be changed, impossible to alter, so returning to the past from the future, what exactly did the cauldron wish to accomplish?

Shi Hao thought for a long time, saying to himself, "If I returned to the past, I would only wish to understand my enemies, understanding the termination of Immortal Ancient Great Era, to see if there is a way to suppress those enemies."

Shi Hao was trying to use an analogy, using this type of method to guess at the motive behind those of the future returning to this time, taking a guess at what they needed. 

"Could it be that our great era was destroyed, reaching its end, various creatures all dying? A new great era started in the future, and they wished to understand the circumstances here?" Shi Hao said to himself.

When he thought of these things, Shi Hao felt a wave of disappointment and frustration. Were they still going to follow the same path as Immortal Ancient Great Era? Was this world going to be defeated, all of the creatures about to reach their end?

In the outside world, the three great supreme beings were searching about. This type of circumstance was too strange, a genius disappearing just like that, mysteriously going missing right before their eyes. 

Even though their divine senses were exceptional, able to look down on the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, right now, they were left rather embarrassed. This situation left them rather frightened. 

There was definitely a mysterious wave of power that appeared, bringing away that youngster. It was more powerful than the three of them, or else it definitely wouldn't have escaped their detection.

"Could it be that a creature in Emperor City took action?"

"Are those people still alive?"

They said to themselves quietly. They looked towards the second set of grand city walls, their hearts pounding. Otherwise, how could this be explained?

"Regardless, that type of power definitely exceeded ours. If someone intentionally interfered, then it is still best if we do not go to test our luck."

After discussing this matter, they came to this decision.

"Let's go, we ought to return and leave the three thousand provinces, depart from Emperor City."

The three great experts came to this decision, and then they began to transmit sound, summoning those geniuses, informing them that they were going to cross over great worlds. 

Only, there was still one person missing. The three great supreme beings felt inwardly ashamed.

Finally, they left!

Meanwhile, in that dusky world, Shi Hao was still talking to himself, trying to communicate with that cauldron, wishing to understand everything.

Only, that cauldron no longer released any sound, while Shi Hao also carried restraining fear, unable to smoothly understand those matters. 

As for whether that cauldron came from the future, after calming down, Shi Hao already believed it. He knew that there were definitely creatures with this type of great divine ability in this world, able to temporarily disturb the flow of time.

For example, Without End, Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King, when these two worked together, they had previously sent him on a mental journey to the past. It was unforgettable, the experience deeply engraved in his heart!

Since it was possible in the past, then this type of matchless expert could definitely appear in the future as well!

Shi Hao sighed, and then said, "In the future, where am I? Could it be that I no longer exist, falling along with the end of this great era?"

He looked towards the cauldron, and then into the distance. The world became overcast, black haze spreading. The white bones on the ground were like snow, piling up everywhere. 

Did this foretell his future in this great era? Lonesome, dark, lacking hope.

"I refuse to believe it!" Shi Hao said coldly. "I won't die, I will definitely transcend and become undying, killing all enemies from past and present!"

Following these words, that cauldron shook, shining with incomparable brilliance, as if it was resonating with him, feeling deeply happy.

"What exactly do you wish to tell me?" Shi Hao asked. 

Regardless of whether it needed help or was trying to communicate with him, this cauldron should have something it wanted to tell him, only, it was unable to say it clearly.

"That battle, I wish to see you!" Suddenly, a sound was transmitted from that cauldron again. At this moment, it used up a tremendous amount of power, holding back the profound and hidden natural laws, telling him this!


Shi Hao's entire body trembled greatly, as if he grasped something, about to see a mysterious scene. 

At this moment, between heaven and earth, endless natural laws interweaved. Lightning accompanied by immortal energy began to frantically surge.

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