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Chapter 1063 - Suppressing Foreign Enemies

A group of people gathered here, fighting over the White Qilin young beast!

Shi Hao stood in their way, facing Ning Chuan, the blonde male, and others alone. 

"I've decided, this Qilin is already mine!" The blonde male spoke. He declared that he had to have it, that he was going to bring it back to Immeasurable Heaven. For the clan's ancient ancestor, Qilin blood had unimaginable uses. Apart from this, if he became the master of a Qilin, what did this signify? The future would be too brilliant!

"Who do you think you are, that you can have it just because you want it?!" Shi Hao sneered. Even while facing powerful opponents, he didn't seem concerned at all, appearing extremely calm and collected. 

"Return to your Immeasurable Heaven, this Qilin and I have karma together!" Ning Chuan also spoke directly towards the blonde male. 

"Haha…" The blonde male laughed, not getting angry, instead speaking in a rather carefree manner, "You all should know that the heavenly deity institution will likely be built in Immeasurable Heaven. I really do hope to get along with you all."

"Are you threatening me?" Shi Hao spoke, his expression calm. Even though he didn't show any anger, a formless pressure began to spread. 

He hated being threatened by others. It was obvious what the other party was implying. In Immeasurable Heaven, their clans and sects were extremely powerful. If their relationship was bad, there might be various 'accidents' that might happen. 

"Aiyaya, too hateful, too shameless, trying to steal my Little White and threatening us, go die!"

The little rabbit stared with its large ruby eyes, brandishing its little fists from behind them. She shouted noisily at the blonde male, her little chin raised as she shouted to beat him.

The atmosphere right now was extremely heavy. The foreign cultivators pressed forward, walking over one by one, standing together with the blonde male to join this battle.

Of course, Immeasurable Heaven had some experts who didn't move, standing in the distance and only watching. 

As for Ning Chuan, Gu Jianyun appeared from his side, in his hands a divine sword. There were a few others who walked over as well, wishing to stand together with him. There were ancient freaks among these people!

This place became more and more tense. 

Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl, and Cao Yusheng also walked over, standing with Shi Hao, facing all of these individuals. 

Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Shi Yi, witch, Yue Chan, and the others didn't move, standing calmly in the distance, preparing to watch this battle. 

"Rabbit, you really know how to stir things up. How did you end up running here, even capturing a little beast?" Cao Yusheng asked. Even though the little fatty looked delicate and pretty, right now, he behaved rather carefreely, saying, "is it a Qilin? When we go back, should we steam it or roast it?"


The snow-white little Qilin released a miserable cry, almost running frantically for its life, squirming about in the Lunar Jade Rabbit's arms.

Everyone in the surroundings became petrified. This fatty really dared to say anything, going to eat a Qilin, this joke was just a bit too much. Many people revealed strange looks. 

Of course, the surrounding atmosphere loosened up a bit because of this. 

"Damn fatty, what are you randomly spouting? Don't scare my family's Little White!" The Lunar Jade Rabbit was unsatisfied, pouting and glaring at him. 

"Really should consider it. This is an immortal beast, if it's eaten, it'll definitely be a great mending medicine, comparable to long life medicines." Cao Yusheng giggled.

"Sigh!" Shi Hao sighed. He was also a foodie, but he knew this little Qilin. If it weren't because they were old acquaintances, he really might just express his approval of this thought.

"Fatty, when I grow up, I'm going to feed you to the Heavenly Horned Ant!" This time, the little Qilin spoke, its voice soft, extremely tender. It stared with its two large eyes. 

The Heavenly Horned Ant it was talking about was one of the vicious ten, extremely powerful. If it was just physical strength, no race could compare to in in all Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, number one under heaven!

"Why did you end up coming out? Do you think this rabbit is that girl from the past world?" Shi Hao asked the little Qilin.

"I…" The snow-white little Qilin was less than a foot long. It gave the Lunar Jade Rabbit a look, and then looked towards Ning Chuan, its expression a bit strange and complicated. 

Before Shi Hao could hear its reply, he had no choice but to take action. It was because those two were pressing forward, this place no longer being calm.


The blonde male was the first to attack. A golden pike appeared in his hands, erupting with a great aura. He held it with a single arm, and then with a fierce shake, the speartip shattered the void!

An expanse of brilliance erupted, shooting out from the golden speartip. It was even more terrifying than sword radiance, producing an expanse of brilliance with a single sweep. The speartip vibrated in a berserk manner as it rushed at Shi Hao. 

This spear was powerful enough to kill a heavenly deity. It was too sharp, the sharpness of its tip piercing through space, incomparably terrifying!

This was the blonde male's attack!

However, when faced with this attack, Shi Hao only used his bare hands. He avoided the golden speartip, using his palm blade to hack down on this divine weapon.

Sparks immediately flew in all directions, dao sounds rumbling.

All types of law and order chains interweaved. From the distance, it was as if lightning surrounded this place, sealing that area down.

Several sparks few out, landing on the distant mountain range. As a result, a large expanse of mountains exploded, turning into ashes. 

Everyone's expressions changed. This was just too astonishing. 

Just the sparks created from the collision of the palm blade and golden war spear was already like this, so how powerful then were the divine chains of order that truly took form between the two?

Both sides were astonished after this exchange. The blonde male was greatly shocked, the other party actually clashed with his exceptional divine weapon with his bare hands, just how terrifying was he?

The reason Shi Hao was shocked was because this golden pike was too unordinary, mixed within it was Immortal Gold!


Shi Hao directly produced the Everlasting Immortal Sword. It wasn't that he wasn't a match bare-handedly against the blonde male, but rather that he felt this was a rare opportunity to further refine the sword core in his hands. 

This sword had a great thirst for Immortal Gold, already absorbing several types, for example, Radiant Immortal Gold, Seven Colored Immortal Gold, and others. 


The dusky sword core began to shine. As Shi Hao brandished it, it immediately shone with everlasting brilliance. A human figure appeared, ascending to immortality. It was accompanied by specks of light, clouds and mists pervading the air, extremely pure and holy.

At this moment, heaven and earth seemed to have become connected. This figure sprouted wings and ascended, the scene too realistic!

Meanwhile, everything was directly produced by the diagram on the sword core. 


The two weapons collided. Divine radiance erupted, thunder rolling. Divine chains of order interweaved between heaven and earth, immediately rushing out who knew how many li. 

Meanwhile, in the void, there were even more densely packed laws and order tearing everything apart. 

Everyone, including Ning Chuan, the little rabbit, foreign experts, and others backed out, moving away from the shockwaves. 


"No!" The blonde male cried out. It was because he heard an ear-splitting sound. His weapon cracked open from that sword.

Weapons that had Immortal Gold mixed in were incomparably sturdy, impossible to stop. How could they be cut apart by other weapons?

Yet this was reality. That sword core hacked the pike apart, moreover attaching itself to its surface, taking in and sending out sword radiance, starting to absorb the golden pike's essence -- Ecliptic Immortal Gold

"Ah…" The blonde male cried out loudly, activating his precious techniques and attacking forward, wishing to seize back the long pike. This was a but a rare secret treasure that couldn't be lost. 

However, everything was too late. That sword core was too fast, absorbing the golden pike's essence in the blink of an eye, only leaving behind useless residue.


The pike shattered, turning into tattered metal fragments, falling onto the ground.

After that sword core absorbed the Immortal Gold essence, it became even more brilliant. Golden lightning appeared above the ascending immortal, tearing apart the void!

That was lightning tribulation, this scene appearing after absorbing the Ecliptic Immortal Gold!

As a result, another type of Immortal Gold was now added to this sword core, or maybe it already had this type, but now had more added. Scenes of tribulation were engraved, appearing more and more realistic.

Everyone became stupefied. This sword core was too strange!

At this time, even the other foreign experts moved. They originally wished to help the blonde male steal back the pike, but they were a step late. Now, they took action with him against Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao loosened up his body. He put away the Everlasting Immortal Sword, wishing to use his bare hands to size up how powerful these people were, also using this opportunity to size up Immeasurable Heaven's combat strength. His fists shone, lightning released in ten thousand streaks. He was clearly using the Lightning Emperor Technique!


As if a drum was struck, as Shi Hao brandished his fist, this place rumbled, heaven and earth shaking. 

Shi Hao fought against those people, facing them all by himself, his figure like a war god. Symbols appeared densely, holy light overflowing, his valor unstoppable.


One of them was struck by Shi Hao's fist, his entire chest blasted open as a result. Even though he was wearing precious armor and used body protecting bone texts, he was still struck until he almost exploded on the spot.

This was the still the result of Shi Hao holding back, because he didn't know what kind of attitude those three great supreme beings would have if he killed the foreign cultivators like this. They had said not to engage in internal struggles before. 

The expressions of the foreign cultivators all became ugly. Shi Hao was just a single person, yet he was suppressing all of them, this made them look extremely bad. 

Even the powerful foreign cultivators watching from the distance were startled, really wanting to come over and fight to end this type of embarrassing situation. 

Shi Hao unleashed his power, precious techniques continuously changing. Kun Peng wings spread, cutting one person in half at the waist, sending him flying out while releasing a large expanse of blood.

Shi Hao didn't continue to chase after his primordial spirit, so this could already be considered showing mercy.

"Why is he this powerful?!" The foreign young ladies' expressions all changed. They hurried over to provide assistance. Previously, they were still unconvinced, but now, all of their expressions became grave. 

The blonde male released a great roar. His body underwent a transformation, his flesh becoming metallic, forming a golden body.

This was the Gold Clan's secret method, their ancestor an Ecliptic Immortal Gold who developed sentience and turned into human form. As a result, his descendents also had this ability.


However, even though he formed this golden body, he still couldn't suppress Shi Hao, the battle between the two more and more intense.

Right at this moment, Ning Chuan took action, rushing towards the little rabbit, his speed as fast as lightning. It was because he was worried that after Shi Hao suppressed the foreigners, if he wanted to seize the White Qilin then, it would be too difficult. 

"Since this is the case, all of you can just come at me together!"

Shi Hao released a shout. He gave up on the foreign individuals, withdrawing to the little rabbit's side to stop Ning Chuan. 


Apart from Ning Chuan, the blonde male led the other individuals, also rushing over murderously. 

This was a battle between giants, incredibly intense.

After all, there was a Six Crown King, his strength alone enough to shake all sides, able to fight a great battle against Shi Hao.

Chang Gongyan and the others were going to take action, but they were stopped by Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao attacked selectively, eliminating the weaker individuals first.

With a peng sound, he kicked a foreign cultivator flying, half his body exploding bloodily.


Then, Shi Hao's fist smashed out, blasting two more people until they coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, bodies rupturing, becoming like blood people. 


The blonde male also felt as if he was struck by lightning, his back struck firmly by Shi Hao's fist. This fist shook the heavens until it even split apart, let alone the power it released on one person.

Even though the male had a golden body, having some of his ancestor's Immortal Gold ability, his entire back was still blasted through, immediately exploding apart.

He was struck flying, blood flowing out from all seven apertures. 

The foreign cultivators all shivered inwardly. This kind of expert was defeated by Shi Hao just like that, too terrifying. Meanwhile, Shi Hao should have still held back somewhat.

The few foreign females didn't participate, but all of them turned pale. If this type of young man entered the heavenly deity institution, clashing with the great true immortal's descendents, what kind of dazzling sparks will be produced?


Shi Hao faced Ning Chuan, appearing more and more calm.

"Ning Chuan, when we were in Immortal Ancient Remains, you were beaten until you ran frantically for your life. Do you wish to follow the path to your own doom now?!" Shi Hao shouted. 

When these words sounded, regardless of whether it was the three thousand provinces' cultivators or the foreign experts, all of their expressions changed!

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