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Chapter 1062 - Contest

Mountain peaks collapsed, auspicious light surged, chaotic energy rising.

The young lady walked over in a quick and skillful manner, following behind that little Qilin. It left its place of hibernation.

The immortal dao energy here was extremely thick, white mists surging, clearly a formidable precious land. Even though it had been sealed for endless time, it still looked extremely extraordinary and free from vulgarity. 

Shi Hao wasn't the only one, there were others who recognized that young lady. They all revealed cries of alarm one after another. 

"Why did this girl end up running here?!" Cao Yusheng widened his eyes, looking like he was staring at a living ghost. 

"Did she enter the sealed land ahead of time?" Dragon Girl frowned. 

As for the others, for example, the foreign geniuses, they had never met that young lady before. Every single one of their eyes widened as they stared at the little snow-white Qilin, as well as that young lady.

"Great Immortal King! Could it be that the young lady was sealed from Immortal Ancient Great Era, living all the way until now to reappear with the White Qilin?"

"Heavens, a long life being, someone who didn't die all this time, is she going to revive in this world?"

Many people cried out in alarm, finding this result difficult to believe. 

She wasn't that old, only looking around thirteen to fourteen, her figure tall and elegant, the silver hair soft and glossy like silk, hanging down to her waist. Her large eyes were like rubies, sparkling and translucent, intelligent as they spun around, sizing up the surrounding situation. 

This was a young girl who looked full of life, extremely lively, her expression somewhat playful. She was currently contemplating how to leave this place.

Soon after, she saw the stupefied Shi Hao, and then her large red eyes immediately released radiance, grinning from ear to ear as she said loudly, "Hey, hey, hey, why aren't you hurrying up and saving me? I'm right here!"

She was the little rabbit. For some reason, she ended up running here, moreover right to the little white Qilin beast!

At this moment, she saw the situation clearly, discovering that many enemies' eyes were burning red-hot, so she immediately sought help from Shi Hao. 

In that instant, everyone looked over towards Shi Hao. 

"There was assistance, this is exactly what I was saying. How could a little girl obtain the White Qilin?" A foreign cultivator said quietly, not fearing that little girl, but they didn't dare look down on Shi Hao. 

"How did this little girl obtain the White Qilin's recognition? That is but an existence at the same level as a True Dragon and a Heavenly Phoenix!" Cao Yusheng was the one that found this the hardest to understand. 

This pretty rabbit normally always mumbled noisily about how she was a vegetarian, yet in the end, whenever she got drunk, she would always eat meat. However, generally speaking, she wasn't a bad person, and quite cute.

Now, she accomplished this great feat, a bit hard for others to accept. 

Cao Yusheng was stupefied, not daring to believe this. 

In reality, Shi Hao was even more shocked than him. How did the little rabbit succeed? Could it be that she was the reincarnation of that young lady from Immortal Ancient?

However, he really didn't see how the little rabbit was like that young lady! Their appearances were completely different, and their soul fluctuations were different as well, two completely different people.

If one had to point out how they were similar, then it would be their temperaments. They were both young girls, appearing lively and active, a bit strange, but in the end, their souls weren't the same. 

Did the little Qilin make a mistake? Shi Hao began to greatly suspect this. That little beast was muddle-headed, confused by a little rabbit, this was probably why it jumped out. 

"Hey, Uncle Shi Hao, did you hear me or not? I've been shouting your name!" The little rabbit was clearly extremely discontent, directly giving him this nickname.

Shi Hao's forehead immediately became covered in dark lines. How old was he? Only around twenty years of age, how did he end up being called uncle?

Even though this rabbit had always been naughty and mischievous, she had never called him this before, so she was now definitely doing this on purpose to anger him.

Dragon Girl laughed up her sleeve, her pretty body moving, giving off a feeling of a lotus swaying in the wind. Chang Gongyan also smiled, waving his hand in that direction. 

"It is still Uncle Chang Gongyan who is good, hurry and save me! Right, there's that damn fatty, get your butt over here and save me too!" The little rabbit called over in this direction, revealing her snow-white little teeth as she jumped and shouted.

Chang Gongyan was stunned, Cao Yusheng grinded his teeth in anger.

The Lunar Jade Rabbit was obstructed. Ning Chuan was right at the very center, his expression unkind. He definitely couldn't let her go. 

As for the foreigners, they gradually understood from the mouths of the three thousand provinces' cultivators that this young lady wasn't someone of the last great era, but rather this era's Lunar Jade Rabbit. As a result, they also pressed forward to stop her.

At this time, more and more people came. They weren't the only ones, there were also the Exiled Immortal and witch, even more so Ten Crown King. There were also Yue Chan, Shi Yi, Three Stone Heavenly Monarch, and others. All of them now appeared.

It could be said that outstanding heroes had gathered, the young supreme beings that could come were pretty much all here. 

"Save me! Don't try to steal my little guy!" The little rabbit shouted, putting on a pale expression. She rushed pitifully towards Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng and the others for help. 

The witch laughed with a pu chi sound. Both her and Yue Chan knew that Shi Hao had been called the little guy by the people of the lower realm, yet now, this rabbit gave the Qilin this name, truly hilarious. 

"Rabbit, what nonsense are you saying? We're going back, not saving you!" Shi Hao said while pointing at her. 

"Did I speak any nonsense?" The little rabbit became unhappy, using her large red eyes to stare fixedly at them!

"Take action!" Someone took action, rushing forward, wishing to capture that young Qilin beast.

Enormous mountains already collapsed here, immortal mist pervading the air, primal chaos spreading in all directions. It looked peaceful, but no one dared to act carelessly. It was because there were still many blood pools here. 

There was already someone who ended up falling into the pool of blood, turning into viscous blood. 

A Heavenly Wolf surrounded by green light reached out its claws. It tore through the void and leapt over, throwing itself at the little Qilin, wishing to capture it. 

It was clear that this was a foreign expert. For the sake of accomplishing its goal, it directly turned into its original body, using its most powerful flesh and magical force to succeed in one go.

Shi Hao moved forward. Dragon Girl and Cao Yusheng also took action, while Chang Gongyan even more so drew his bow, preparing to immediately shoot down the other party. 

However, something unexpected happened. There was someone who felt even more worried than them. Ning Chuan took action, pure white radiance erupting from his entire body. Heaven overflowing blood energy surged outwards. 

Qilin patterns spread outwards, surrounding his entire body!

At this moment, he produced the Qilin imprint, quickly rushing over. His fist smashed out, collapsing heaven and earth, striking towards that green divine wolf. 

"You dare act viciously!" There was someone who assisted the Heavenly Wolf from the side, stopping Ning Chuan. 

However, before the Qilin imprint, that person wasn't a match. The Scarlet Blood Sky Spear it produced was blasted apart, breaking into several pieces. 

The sky spear's sharp blade even flew back in reverse, entering that person's body with a pu sound, creating an extremely bloody injury, inflicting severe damage.

When one cultivated to this cultivation level, how could they be injured by their own weapon? It was completely avoidable. 

This result could only mean that Ning Chuan was too powerful, his natural laws suppressing the other party. His true body was locked down, unable to escape, almost dying as a result. 

"Ning Chuan, you are about to enter my Immeasurable Heaven, are you going to stand against us now?" That Heavenly Wolf shouted. This was a reminder, as well as intimidation.


Ning Chuan didn't reply, only releasing a fist that contained the Qilin imprint.  Blood energy overflowed, an enormous White Qilin rising up into the air from his fist, throwing itself at the green Heavenly Wolf. 


That Heavenly Wolf released a great roar, its voice fierce and noble, as if it was leading its clan to war on a boundless grassland. 

Irregular scenes appeared in the void. An endless grassland appeared, blood flowing about. An enormous Heavenly Wolf roared towards the moon, releasing the stellar light of the heavens, suppressing and killing all enemies in this world. 

An enormous sound rang through the air. Ning Chuan's fist blasted outwards, his strength too great, blasting through heaven and earth, the space around it vibrating intensely. 

The White Qilin that rushed out from the fist imprint trampled the grassland apart, shattered the divine moon. That enormous Heavenly Wolf was even more so thrown down and then forcefully suppressed!


A great explosion sound rang out through heaven and earth, everything shaking intensely. Ning Chuan stood there alone, blasting that Heavenly Wolf apart. Chaotic energy surged from all directions. He was like an unmatched supreme being, incredibly divine and holy. 

White clothes fluttered about. His body wasn't tainted by any blood, killing a powerful foreign genius with one strike. 

At this time, everyone couldn't help but feel shocked at his fighting prowess, feeling even more moved by the precious technique he grasped. It was because this was the Qilin Technique!

Many people's expressions changed, because just ahead, the young Qilin beast became confused, tilting its head over to look at Ning Chuan, its large eyes full of curiosity and puzzlement.

Everyone knew that things were bad. If the young Qilin beast felt a sense of intimacy, it might just run over and completely go over to Ning Chuan's side, walking together with him. 

Quite a few people felt like Ning Chuan was a much greater threat than that ridiculously pretty little girl, because he had a tremendous relationship with the Qilin Clan. 

Ning Chuan's lips moved, transmitting sound with that little Qilin.

"Little White, come over here!" This time, even the Lunar Jade Rabbit was a bit worried, no longer calling it the little guy, directly calling it Little White, about to carry it. 

This little beast was less than a foot in length, entirely snow-white like jade. Its scales were sparkling, even the horn on its head white. It looked tender and innocent, its large eyes blinking about. It was extremely cute. 

Only, right now, the little Qilin hesitated a bit. It looked towards Ning Chuan, and then looked at the young lady. It reached out a little claw, having second thoughts. 

"Come here!"

A foreign individual shouted. Someone took action, palm and fingers like a mountain, incredibly massive as it reached through the air, grabbing towards the little Qilin. It was precisely the blonde youth from Immeasurable Heaven. 

How could Ning Chuan let him get his hands on this? He was also moving, no longer trying to communicate with the little White Qilin and instead directly grabbing towards it. 

The young Qilin beast finally made a decision at this moment. When it saw both of those people grabbing towards it, it turned around and ran, entering the Lunar Jade Rabbit's arms with a sou sound.

The young lady smiled happily, its large ruby eyes blinking, extremely proud of itself. She hugged this sparkling white little beast with all her strength.

"Let go!"

Ning Chuan and the blonde young man both shouted, suppressing at the same time, walking forward.

"Get lost!"

Shi Hao roared. His speed was too fast, arriving by the little rabbit's side with a flash, standing there like a majestic archaic demonic mountain. 

Then, his left hand produced the Reincarnation Fist, right hand displaying the Willow Deity Technique, simultaneously facing two great opponents. 


It was as if a heavenly drum sounded, as if the heavenly dome exploded.

This place was immediately in ruins, mountains and valleys collapsing, great void cracks extending outwards. All types of scenes became blurry, no longer existing. 

When the smoke and dust scattered, Shi Hao still stood there, unmoved. Only his long black hair fluttered about, eyes deep as he stood in their way. None of the enemies could rush over. 

Ning Chuan and the blonde male both frowned. They knew that this enemy was too strong. If they really were going to clash, then it would inevitably be a life and death battle!

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