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Chapter 1061 - Qilin Appears

They went on a journey once again. They didn't move through the mountain forest, but rather by borrowing formations. 

This was permitted by the three great experts, otherwise, if they traveled through the mountain ridge, it would exhaust too much time, a few months passing by easily. 

Soon after, Shi Hao and the others returned, arriving at the city where the young Qilin beast disturbance originated from. 

Shi Hao didn't actually believe they could find the little Qilin, because this little fella was extremely stubborn, not willing to come out at all unless the young lady from the past came back. 

But how could something like this happen? Unless, of course, there was reincarnation.

Of course, there was one other possibility, and that was if someone extremely similar to the young lady from back then appeared and tried to deceive it that way. 

"There are people infected by darkness here. Shi Hao, you previously killed a group of heavenly deities and destroyed an altar right? Really don't know if we'll be able to uncover more of these vermin." The little fatty Cao Yusheng said. 

"Everything was by chance. If we enter the city and try searching one by one, it really will be too difficult." Shi Hao said. 

What he said were facts. If those people didn't become corrupted, not taking the initiative to reveal killing intent, it would be extremely difficult to find any clues. 

A wave of coldness could be felt from the distance, originating precisely from Immeasurable Heaven's blonde male. He glanced over, giving Shi Hao a cold smile that made one's heart beat faster.

"This person isn't weak, you have to be careful." Chang Gongyan said.

In reality, which one of these foreign experts were ordinary? Otherwise, there was no way they would have the chance to come here. All of them had their exceptional aspects. 

"Don't get in our way, or else you'll see what happens!" That blonde male didn't hide his hostility at all, speaking from the distance just like that. 

"If you want to die, then just come !" Shi Hao only had these words. 

This was just the start, yet they were already standing against each other, fated to clash, only, now wasn't the time. As long as the opportunity presented itself, there would definitely be a battle between them. 

"Hold it in, the three great experts do not wish for us to engage in internal friction. If you confront him like this, it won't leave a good impression at all." Someone advised the blonde male. 

The city was just like before, people coming and going, all of them descendents of exceptional experts. As endless time passed, more and more creatures gathered here. 

During these past few months, that little White Qilin would show itself from time to time, but no one could capture it, only able to see it move about occasionally, leading everyone on. 

Soon after, Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal and the others arrived one after another. 

This naturally included Yue Chan, witch, and the others. Powerful groups of people appeared one after another, entering this city. 

"Brother Ning, this is your natural luck, I feel like everything was prepared for you!" Gu Jianyun said. He was an ancient freak, but he had always admired Ning Chuan greatly. 

Ning Chuan's silver hair fell down to his waist. His white clothes fluttered about, even his socks and shoes were white, incredibly pure and holy. His expression was calm as he observed this city, not saying anything. 

In reality, everyone who understood him even somewhat felt that his opportunity might have arrived!

It was because the patterns on his forehead had always been misunderstood by the outside world as dragon patterns, but they were actually Qilin imprints!

When he was born, divine patterns appeared on his forehead, the irregular scenes astonishing. It was the same for the heavenly diagram on his back, triggering a huge commotion. 

Moreover, there was a legend within his birthplace, that a White Qilin was laying low there. All of this seemed to be foretelling that the White Qilin young beast was compatible with him, as if they were destined to be together. 

It was because ever since his birth, he had fate with the Qilin, the two's destinies intertwined. 

Shi Hao naturally saw Ning Chuan. This was what he wanted to prevent the most, because when he went on a mental journey back to Immortal Ancient, he had previously seen who the owner of the little Qilin was. It was a young lady, and not Ning Chuan. 

In this world, if it was because he had some Qilin aura on him that made him end up becoming intimate with the little Qilin, that would truly be a regretful thing.

"Yi, there is a situation!"

After entering the city, the little fatty Cao Yusheng displayed his specialty, secretly learning about different situations, discovering a few abnormalities. 

"That young Qilin beast projection is a bit strange, intentionally concealed by someone. Most of the people here can't see it." 

They attached great importance to this information, but it was clear that as time went on, the so-called secret couldn't be considered a secret anymore. 

Half a month later, many people all knew about it. When the little Qilin appeared again, it was cheerful and lively, not quite the same as before. 

This young beast was too inexperienced, whether it was happy or not completely written on his face. Everyone noticed this change. 

Even though that was just its projection and not his true body, it was enough to display its mood.

"Someone is getting close to it, moreover gradually being acknowledged!"

In the end, someone came to this conclusion. 

This news was like a clap of thunder, shocking many people. 

Was the little Qilin going to recognize an owner? The entire city erupted with commotion, none of the creatures able to calm down because of this. The news was just too shocking.

Many people came for the little Qilin, so this piece of information was too important for them.

This was especially the case for the few who knew the inner details. They were even more shocked. 

"Is this going to prove that reincarnation exists in this world?"

"That little Qilin is waiting for someone, and now, that person appeared. What does this mean? Does this mean that Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King's suspicions were true?"

This triggered a huge uproar, no one able to sit still.

Who exactly was it that drew the little Qilin's attention, finally obtaining its recognition and about to come out because of it?

Shi Hao's mind was pounding intensely. He was looking forward to this, but also apprehensive, feeling extremely nervous. It was because if there really was that person, then he might be able to meet an old friend. 

Even though that old friend was someone he had only associated with in his dream back to Immortal Ancient, the emotions he felt were the same as if they had met in the real world. That experience was too realistic. 

"Ning Chuan has gone missing, Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King are in pursuit!" Dragon Girl said. She had an ancient horn on her that was spiritual, displaying a few scenes. 

"We will go as well!" Shi Hao released a low roar. He truly couldn't sit still still now. 

In reality, this was not only the case for them. The blonde young man and the others from Immeasurable Heaven also moved, turning into an expanse of light, rushing towards the limits of the great earth. 

Everyone became a bit stupefied. Could it be that the one the little Qilin was waiting for was precisely Ning Chuan? Now, the two of them displayed some type of response towards each other, thus starting to get close to each other?

"Brother Ning, there is no mistake with your reaction, right?" Gu Jianyun asked, following along. He sped along together with Ning Chuan. 

"There is no mistake. It is the one, a true Qilin. The divine patterns on my forehead have sensed that it is going to appear in this world!" Ning Chuan said. 

Normally, he was extremely cool-headed and calm, but today, he found it hard to maintain that state. He looked stirred up, his current temperament a bit different from the past. 

The distance was extremely far. They moved in the boundless uninhabited region, not letting anything stop them as they continuously ran for several days, long entering the primitive great wilderness. It was incredibly dangerous. 

One had to understand that when they entered the forbidden region from the three thousand provinces, they followed an ancient road, so it was comparatively safer, yet even that took the lives of many. 

Now, they left that road, entering the most terrifying region. 

If they encountered danger, a single bit of misfortune and their bodies and spirits would be wiped out. 

In reality, not only them, Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, Shi Hao, and the foreign experts all moved, following over. 

"Brother Ning, they are all following us. They have secret treasures, able to find our traces. If this continues, they will definitely struggle fiercely with you over the little Qilin. Is there a chance that the hard work will end up all being in vain?" Gu Jianyun reminded. 

"That won't happen!" Ning Chuan was extremely self-confident, saying, "As long as I can meet that little Qilin first, it will be too difficult for anything afterwards to change anything!"

As long as he received the little Qilin's approval a step before, he didn't fear anything that came afterwards. No one else could seize the little Qilin from him, he had confidence that he could obtain the young beast's trust.

Ao wu...

Up ahead, a black-colored tornado swept about, waves of howling noises sounding, making Gu Jianyun shiver inwardly, his scalp feeling numb. His expression was incomparably pale. 

"What is that thing?" He vaguely saw a few shadows rush out from the mountain valley ahead, turning into black gales. 

"Heroic spirits who died in battle!" Ning Chuan said. He was now scared as well, because the shadows were too strong, exceeding sect master level. When they rushed past this place, a few mountains and valleys collapsed. 

Meanwhile, this was just the strong winds they raised while running normally, yet it already displayed this kind of power. 

"Don't move, ignore them, pretend you never saw them!" Ning Chuan reminded.


Suddenly, in the mountain forest, muffled sounds rang out. A rotting corpse with enormous black wings on its back walked over from the distance, its body in tatters, feet trampling mountain peaks. 

"A supreme being corpse?!" Even Ning Chuan's expression changed. 

What kind of place did they arrive in? Why was there always these types of things? It was too strong! He was sure that that rotting corpse was incredibly powerful when it was alive. 

Even now, no one would dare provoke this type of existence. Its body still carried a terrifying aura, and once it erupted, it could strike down the sun, moon, and stars from the skies. 

"We arrived, this is the place!" Ning Chuan suddenly stopped his steps. He looked at the mountain forest ahead, not advancing any further. 

That place was extremely peaceful, but also extremely strange. There was no wind in this forest, not even the slightest bit of sound. 

On the ground were many puddles. Upon closer inspection, they were scarlet in color, pools of blood. It was unknown just how many years had passed, yet they still hadn't dried up. 

Apart from this, there were also a few corpses here, some on the ground surface, some underneath the soil, only parts exposed. 

Was this an ancient battlefield? They didn't know!

"Is this the place? I'll have a look myself!" It was clear that there were foreign cultivators with sharp divine senses as well, feeling that the little Qilin was nearby. They wanted to seize the initiative, rushing into the mountain forest depths. 

Suddenly, the many blood pools on the ground shone, displaying a heaven devouring force, immediately dragging him down from the air.


That genius who cultivated immortal energy directly landed on an extremely small blood pool on the ground. His body melted in an instant, becoming viscous blood.

"What?!" All those who saw this scene cried out in alarm. 

A powerful genius died just like that! It was just too easy, leaving everyone horrified. 

Everyone became silent, not uttering a single sound. This result was extremely cruel, and also extremely shocking. 

However, at this moment, Ning Chuan maintained his cool. His forehead shone, becoming more and more hot. The Qilin patterns appeared on their own, resplendent like a blazing sun. he couldn't hold himself back any longer, because he could sense that the little Qilin was right here, about to appear. 

"Qilin!" He released a great cry, activating the patterns on his forehead, resonating with the mountains and valleys here, releasing a great dao divine sound.

As a result, this place immediately became different. Chaotic energy appeared, immortal multicolored light surged into the sky. Everything became hazy, covering this place, wrapping everything within. 

In addition, a large mountain in front of them split open, erupting with overflowing holy aura. 

Everyone could vaguely see a snow-white little Qilin rush out!

Moreover, what was shocking was that there was a young lady at its side who carried immortal dao aura. 

Shi Hao was immediately shocked. The little Qilin really managed to wait until that young lady from the last great era appeared? How could this be possible?!

If it was true, then did this prove that there was reincarnation in this world?

He opened his Heavenly Eyes, wishing to see who exactly this young lady was, if he had ever met her in this world before. 

Soon after, Shi Hao became petrified, becoming as still as a clay statue. He stood there, completely at a loss for words.

Only after a long time had passed did he say with a trembling voice, "It's her… it's actually her! Could it be that she underwent reincarnation in this world of mortals?!"

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