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Chapter 1059 - Confrontation

"There are familiar and unfamiliar faces…" Shi Hao said as he looked at those people in front of the ancient city.

For some reason, none of these people entered the city, all of them sitting on the large bluestone, each occupying an area, forming a few groups. 

"Haha…" He laughed towards that golden male, and then he looked at Ning Chuan and the others, sweeping his eyes over their faces one by one.

"Surprisingly able to keep their composure." That golden male said, not feeling any misgivings. It was as if two golden flames were jumping in his pupils, quite intimidating. 

From his words, it was obvious that he came from the Nine Heavens in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, only, it was unknown which of the heavens. He was clearly exceptionally powerful. 

Otherwise, he wouldn't have acted so arrogantly, looking down on everyone, not attaching much importance to the people here. 

Shi Hao had never met him before. This wasn't someone who had appeared before with Lin Tian. 

There were a few people behind that blonde male, some truly deep and immeasurable. Even Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, carefully staring at them. 

Shi Hao didn't pay him any attention. As long as they didn't truly walk forward and provoke him, he would treat them indifferently. If they touched his bottom line, then he would definitely take action and suppress them. 

This was a type of confidence. Once one cultivated three strands of immortal energy, regardless of whether it was him, Ten Crown King, or the Nine Heavens Ten Earths' other geniuses, they all had this type of boldness.

"Fairy is invited to this side." That blonde male spoke, nodding and giving his greetings to the witch. He revealed a brilliant smile, inviting her over.

"Immeasurable Heaven of the Nine Heavens' cultivation pure land is most suited for cultivation. I sincerely invite fairy over to have a chat. The heavenly deity institution should be established in those places." Another person said with a smile. 

They were offering undisguised praise towards the witch's appearance. They also saw that she cultivated immortal energy, her aptitudes extraordinary, so they seriously invited her.

This really was the case. The witch was tall and slender, skin white like fine jade. Her hair was a glowing dark black, hanging down to her waist, incredibly beautiful no matter where she went. All of these traits made her someone who drew attention even if she didn't want to. 

The witch was slender and elegant, black gemstone, large eyes moving about, revealing intelligent light. She revealed a faint smile, saying, "I look forward to seeing the various dao earths in the Nine Heavens. Should the opportunity present itself, I will naturally visit them one by one, many thanks to you all."

She didn't reject them, interacting and associating with others was her strong suit. A single smile produced endless charm, bringing brilliance to this ancient land. 

Shi Hao gave her a look, and then said, "Why are the interactions between different people so different? Say, I am an expert too, so why is no one inviting me?"

"A problem of moral quality!" The witch shot him a look while smiling, directly giving this type of verdict. 

Someone laughed coldly, saying, "I heard you were quite strong, injuring Lin Tian, even saying before that you were going to suppress enemies of all sides, sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. How can we hastility invite you over?"

Shi Hao was shocked, saying, "Even though I defeated Lin Tian, I never spoke like this before, right?"

"You haven't? Didn't you say that the men had to be suppressed, while the fairies were going to be captured to warm the bed? Lan Ling younger sis has spoken about this you know? There's no way it's wrong." A young lady next to the blonde male pursed her lips and said. 

Shi Hao knew where the problem laid. His jokes with the blue-pupiled and ice-cold young lady reached these individuals' ears, stirring up great waves.

"This is the pervert who said he wouldn't marry people who aren't descendants of true immortals, no, not receiving them…" Another young lady glared at him.

The witch immediately laughed. She gave Shi Hao a look, her beautiful eyes moving about, clearly teasing him, her look carrying a bit of ridicule.

"Those were just words to lighten the mood, don't mind them too much." Shi Hao explained. 

"There are some people who you cannot joke with, because you do not have the qualifications to!" The blonde male was not polite at all, speaking coldly. 

Shi Hao's face fell. Since the other party didn't show any kindness, he wouldn't try to warm his way over, saying indifferently, "En, comparatively speaking, you don't have the qualifications to talk to me either. Just go off to the side and act cold by yourself."

The group of people were shocked, not expecting him to not be polite at all, not caring about the blonde male's status at all, let alone fearing his terrifying power. 

"Are you truly that fickle and impatient, wishing to fight against me after just coming here?" The blonde male said coldly, his eyes flickering, pressing forward.

"Who even are you? So weird, if you want to fight, then just come! If not, get lost!" Shi Hao spoke, his words just too direct, not giving the other party any face. 

Everyone was shocked. This person really had quite the temper, this was just too decisive! He didn't bother trying to explain anything, just directly sending out the challenge, about to fight here. 

There were quite a few people who belonged to the Three Thousand Dao Provines, for example, Ning Chuan, Three Stone Heavenly Monarch, Gu Jianyun, and others. They all revealed looks of surprise. This didn't seem to match the Shi Hao they understood that well. 

"You dare talk like that to me, standing against my Immeasurable Heaven's hero?" The blonde male's voice fell, jumping down from that great bluestone, looking down on Shi Hao from midair. His aura was boundless, divine force pressing.

"What do you count as? Can you represent Immeasurable Heaven? Represent everyone behind you?" Shi Hao asked indifferently. He looked towards those people, especially those females. 


Golden light surged. This male erupted with sky-surging blood energy that pervaded outwards, intimidating many people here. 

This was an open market with many creatures. Right now, quite a few of them turned around to look over in this direction.

Shi Hao raised his head, speaking extremely coldly, "I only have one objective, and that is to enter the heavenly deity institution and increase my cultivation. I don't want to waste words on someone like you. If I don't suppress one or two today, it seems like a few more people will stick their heads out after I join the academy. If you want to be the first, then I'll help you accomplish your goal!"

He was extremely 'frank', not really holding anything back.

As a result, a few people understood his intentions. 

There were some in the other party who already bore a set amount of hostility against him, so even if Shi Hao humbled his stance, it wouldn't really do anything. Instead of letting people look down on him, it was better off just using forceful methods to the end. 

Not only did the people on the other side reveal strange looks, even the cultivators of the three thousand provinces' eyes shone with divine light as they looked at the battlefield. No one dared to look down on Huang. When they saw him display might, all of their emotions became complex. 

"Accept a palm from me!" That blonde male was about to take action.

"Unbridled! How can a dispute be tolerated before the ancient city?" An aged voice sounded from within the city, shocking everyone. 

Even though it wasn't an emperor city, this city's size was also comparative. Under normal situations, it was still quite grand. 

There were naturally experts in this city, those that were native to this place. They could also be said to be the descendants of the emperor city's unmatched experts. 

That blonde male had long formed an imprint. When he heard this, his expression changed again and again, in the end forced to change the direction of his fist, striking the skies. Golden light surged, blasting open the void. 

Everyone's expressions changed. This person was too strong! Just from this casual strike, one could see his terrifying cultivation, making one feel great admiration. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything, only reaching out a hand casually towards the sky. The void immediately closed, the chaotic streams disappearing, restoring peace to this place.

The others were shocked, quite a few of them sucking in a cold breath of air. This type of method was even more difficult than destruction! It was clear that Huang's strength was not ordinary. 

"Why is there a need for conflict? The purpose this time is not to fight and kill, dao friends from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces and Immeasurable Heaven, please quell your anger." An elder walked out of the city gates, advising in this way.

Everyone was shocked. This was a sect master level figure, no one dared to act carelessly before him.

"This old one has received orders to see how many have arrived. I must ask everyone to interact with each other peacefully." A white bearded elder in purple robes said. 

When they heard him speak like this, there was naturally no objection. Who was willing to offend this type of figure? After all, they still had to enter the heavenly deity institution, so none of them wanted to fail now. 

Only now did Shi Hao restrain that wave of killing intent. Just now, he definitely didn't try to cover it up. 

After calming down a bit, on the other side, a young lady from Immeasurable Heaven smiled, gesturing towards the witch and saying, "Younger sis, you truly are stunning, too beautiful. You came from Sky Severing Sect right? I really must ask you to come have a chat. A long time ago, your sect and my Immeasurable Heaven had a great relationship."

Aside from this, there were a few youngsters who revealed gentle smiles, saying, "Fairy, please, this way."

This was clearly different treatment, pulling the witch over and having Shi Hao stand there alone. The two originally came together. 

"Is that so? My sect is related to Immeasurable Heaven? I actually never heard about this, have to consult you all for the details." The witch said while smiling.

"Younger sister, come over and chat with us." The people on the other side continued to invite her. 

Meanwhile, at this time, the Exiled Immortal opened his eyes. They shone brilliantly, the Heavenly Eyes' symbols profound and complex, as if they could see through all. He said to the witch, "You've obtained part of that inheritance, so in the end, you can be considered my junior sister, should just come over here."

When these words were spoken, everyone became shocked. 

This was especially the case with the cultivators of the three thousand provinces. They were even more shocked. This was Exiled Immortal, his origins completely unknown, extremely mysterious. 

This individual appeared to be aloof and otherworldly, but when he took action, he could massacre hundreds of thousands of talented and terrifying geniuses. When he spoke these words, mentioning the inheritance of the sect, it really was shocking.

There were no fools among the individuals present. Everyone knew that what he was talking about was definitely not Sky Severing Sect's inheritance. 

The witch had another inheritance, but no one had ever seen her use it before. This left others' minds shaken, especially Yue Chan. When she glanced over, divine light flashed through her eyes, her pure and holy face revealing a hint of worry. 

Yue Chan gave Shi Hao a look, and then she looked at Exiled Immortal. Her face became calm again, moreover gradually revealing a faint smile, the corners of her lips curling upwards. She didn't say anything, instead looking like she was watching a play.

The witch gave Exiled Immortal a look, and then looked at Immeasurable Heaven's people. With a quiet voice, she said, "Turns out that person was you!"

Then, she leisurely walked over, her graceful figure incredibly wonderful as she walked over, standing by Exiled Immortal's side. 

"Hey, witch, don't tell me this is that man you were talking about in the lower realm?" Shi Hao transmitted sound.

"Like that has anything to do with you!" The witch rolled her eyes at him. 

When he was in the lower realm, Shi Hao had previously teased to have the witch follow him, but was instead looked down upon. She had previously said while laughing that her heart already belonged to someone, that a man with matchless divine might was waiting for her. 

In that instant, Shi Hao ended up standing alone, giving off a rather lonely feeling. 

He looked backwards, because not only were there people by the city gate, there were a few geniuses in the distance as well. 

Sure enough, he saw someone he knew, Heavenly Evil Ge Qian. He immediately laughed, saying, "Yo, brother who walked in dragon poop, how've you been?"

Ge Qian cursed his bad luck. He had been trying to hide from Shi Hao this entire time, yet he was still discovered in the end. He immediately looked like he was in a bad mood, incredibly angry.

It was because that person had previously personally saw him be buried under dragon poop.

"Haha…" On the other side, Chang Gongyan laughed loudly, walking over with large steps from the distance. When he got closer, he patted Shi Hao's shoulder. 

Dragon Girl also appeared, already arriving. Sure enough, some top level figures arrived here, not a single one of them weak.

"There's still me!" The little fatty Cao Yusheng waved his hand, jolting his buttocks over, his delicate and pretty round face full of smiles.

"It seems like we have quite a number who came already. Perhaps those who can enter the heavenly deity institution should now be fixed." Right at this moment, a great dao divine voice sounded, a middle-aged supreme being appearing. 

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