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Chapter 1058 - Forbidden Region Emperor City

The drop of blood!

Mottled scenes of the past were played one after another. 

It was incredibly sparkling and resplendent, as if it would shine for all of eternity.

Shi Hao naturally knew about it. When searching for the Heavenly Deity Tree, he had previously entered a pure land, digging the witch out from All Life Earth, and at that time found this drop of blood. 

This drop of blood fell from a cauldron, that three-footed two-eared round cauldron. 

"What kind of mysteries does this drop of blood have? It even resonates with that city?" Shi Hao was stupefied. 

While staring at this drop of blood, it felt as if there was a Heavenly Emperor who descended into this world, resurrecting, overlooking endless time and worlds, seeing through the past, present and future. 

A great desolate and bleak feeling swept over from the distance. Meanwhile, inside of this drop of emperor blood, shouts of war shook the heavens, as if a great battle was being carried out, endless experts tearing at each other. 

The witch's beautiful eyes had long been widened as well. Everything she saw today was extremely strange, even more shocking than when they first discovered this drop of blood before. Why was it related to this place?

Both of them were shocked, because this drop of blood released sounds of war. It was too shocking, as if the Immortal Ancient Great Era battle had reappeared, and also as if this was the start of what was to come.

The two of them were a bit stupefied. They seemed to have seen a mottled and dismal painting from that drop of blood. 

"Entering the emperor city like this with the drop of blood isn't too good. If others discover it, there'll likely be some unforeseen events that'll happen, right?" The witch said.

This drop of blood was extremely strange, the irregular scenes too shocking. If they brought it in like this, it would definitely draw the suspicions of others. Shi Hao tried to calm down, doing his best to adjust his mental state. Then, this drop of blood unexpectedly slowly went in hibernation, the irregular scenes fading.

Luckily, it could be controlled!

Regardless, they knew that this drop of blood had a mysterious connection with that city. 

"Perhaps it might only be related to the Desolate Border!" The witch analyzed a step further.

Shi Hao nodded. This was entirely possible. Those shouts of war, the scenes of unmatched experts confronting each other, they could all be reflected from this drop of blood, where else would these things come from? Naturally the Desolate Border. 

Soon after, they arrived in the depths of the great earth, seeing a city!

"What I am looking at… is a city?" Shi Hao felt dizzy, somewhat lost in thought.

What exactly did he see? The limits of the horizon were dusky and overcast, were those buildings? It was just too enormous, massive to the point where one couldn't be sure if it was real or just an illusion. 

That dusky and overcast expanse connected heaven and earth, occupying every bit of space here. It reached into outer space, existing throughout time. 

This city was just too large, only by using the Heavenly Eyes, understanding the origin could one see through it and understand it. That was an enormous city that was incomparably vast, as tall as the heavens, reaching into the heavenly dome. 

If one only used ordinary eyes, they would only see a dusky and overcast wall that connected heaven and earth, vast without end. 

Coming here truly made one feel insignificant, because it was just too vast. 

In the city's surroundings, great stars swirled about one after another around it. It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of li this city was. This kind of place rested here just like that, towering for endless years without falling. 

The city stretched on for as far as the eyes could see, as if they arrived at a time before the heavens were opened, feeling that type of grandness and magnificence. 

"Is this still a city?" The witch also couldn't help but say quietly. 

This was just too ridiculous, a city whose end couldn't be seen. Just how enormous was this? Even the stars circled about it! It truly made one wonder just how it was constructed back then. 

"If you look carefully, you'll see that the city's bricks seem to be like…" Shi Hao was stupefied. 

"Stars, meteorite!" The witch naturally also saw this. She couldn't help but feel shock. 

This enormous city wasn't made from a normal type of brick, but rather refined from great stars and then layered on top of each other, forming this type of majestic emperor city. 

This was something of a gargantuan scale! How could ordinary people do such a thing? They wouldn't even dare think about it. 

The two of them stared blankly. Was this the emperor city in the forbidden region depths?

It protected one side, stopped a world?

One could see that this city stood guard here, not collapsing after endless years. It suppressed the entire region ahead, stretching across the limits of the horizon, as if cutting off the road ahead. 

Desolate Border?!

Was what rested on the other end of the city that terrifying world? Only with this city's protection would the peace of the three thousand provinces be ensured?

Shi Hao and the witch's hearts were rising and falling greatly. From the past until now, did all of the battles start from here? If they wanted to enter the three thousand provinces, did they have to break through this city? 

No wonder there was this Archaic Contract of Alliance. In that instant, he was able to guess at many things. 

"Archaic Contract of Alliance, those people were designated to protect this place, required to participate in the battle. What kind of people will they be fighting then?" The witch asked.

However, when Shi Hao woke up from his daze, he then frowned, thinking of some other things.

"This isn't that city!" He shouted inwardly. 

It was because he had previously chased after the 'ominous and inauspicious', getting onto that terrifying black ancient boat in the void that was dyed with blood. There was an altar there that had previously displayed scenes of the Desolate Border. 

"It isn't the ancient city the seven kings defended!"

Shi Hao said quietly. He didn't know why, but this wasn't that city. 

This was different from what he had imagined. Some of the seven great kings had already fallen while guarding the Desolate Border, he didn't know how many of them were left.

This was definitely not the city he saw on the blood-dyed black ancient boat. 

That city was far from being as imposing and large, inside only a group of sinner's blood individuals. They fought fiercely, protecting the city with their lives, not allowing those creatures to cross. 

Shi Hao sighed. It seemed like this so-called Desolate Border was even more mysterious than he had imagined. There were too many stories hidden.

What he saw right now still wasn't the very forefront of the battlefield!

"Perhaps everyone already forgot about that place, right?" Shi Hao said softly. He released a sigh, because from what he knew, there were secrets best avoided. 

"What are you saying?" The witch asked. She was extremely sharp, able to guess at many things from just a bit of information. 

"It's nothing. I was wondering how cruel the battle in the future will be. Look, this city is made from pieces of stars, incredibly sturdy with unmatched formations. One can imagine just how terrifying the enemies are. Otherwise, why would one need this type of city?"

The two of them got closer, finally about to reach their destination. However, the closer one got to this city, the more insignificant they felt. 

They were like ants gazing into the heavens, not on the same order of magnitude at all!

Moreover, as they got closer, they sensed a great pressure that was difficult to resist, as if a group of Great Emperors were standing on the city wall, overlooking the world. 

"This city is too large, the pressure extremely great, difficult to endure." The witch shook her head. Even someone as strong as her couldn't really take it, having no choice but to take out the stone bead. 

In fact, after Shi Hao moved forward a set distance, he couldn't get any closer again either. 

This place had mysterious formations arranged even outside the city, releasing a great pressure in this world. No one could easily approach. 

Then, they saw a stone monument. Only those who had agreed to and signed the Archaic Contract of Alliance could enter. Everyone else who tried to forcefully enter would definitely have their body and soul wiped out. 

This city was boundless and imposing, not many things able to compare to it. 

Were there no creatures in that city?

They watched quietly, looking into the distance with their Heavenly Eyes. That city was too quiet, not a trace of activity, no life fluctuations detectable. 

This was like a city of death!

Celestial Clan's old Celestial entered this place already. What was he doing inside now?

This place was incredibly mysterious, impossible to see through. 

"Hey, is there someone here? We already arrived!" The witch shouted in a lovable manner, her voice charming.

Shi Hao sneered, saying, "This type of voice seems about right if you are trying to entice me, we can privately interact with each other later if you want, you think it'll be useful against the people inside the city at all? If I didn't guess wrong, there is a group of old men inside, for example the last one of the archaic Six Great Celestials, or the War Clan's old War Emperor, haha."

Shi Hao couldn't help but laugh, mocking the witch.

"You want to die?!" The witch rolled her eyes at him, her expressions truly endless.

The city was silent, still without sound. Perhaps it was because it was just too large, even if they used lion roars, True Hou howls, they still might not be able to transmit any sound in. 

Only, Shi Hao still had a feeling that this place was too quiet, too lifeless.

It was truly unknown what those individuals who had to comply with the contract of alliance did after they entered. 

When he thought about these things, Shi Hao couldn't help but think about Ye Qingxian. That young lady was extremely mysterious. If she could enter the city, by what qualifications did she have to do so? Was it the 'Immortal Dao Divine Projection'?

That white-clothed woman was a great mystery!

Shi Hao knew that she was definitely someone who carried great stories, someone his age who could move freely through the forbidden region. 

"We made it here, yet no one received us and we can't enter the city. What is going on?" The witch was discontent. 

"Let's walk around the city and see what exactly is going on." Shi Hao said.

Soon after, they made a new discovery. There were a few enormous monuments along the road outside the city, a few things recorded on them. If they didn't agree and sign the contract of alliance, there was no way of entering this city, but they could head to another place.

Not far from this place rested a few small towns.

After the two of them decided where to go, they quickly rushed along. This was a place with some small towns, rumored to have developed from street markets. 

It was because the surroundings of the emperor city had previously experienced bustling times, the posterity of those exceptional experts previously living here, which was why there were open markets and small towns. 

Soon after, the two of them reached their destination, looking at it from the distance. The population wasn't that small, large amounts of open markets here. Small towns were linked up one after another. 

This place was bustling with noise and excitement, quite a lively place. 

"We finally encountered some creatures. Otherwise, it is just too primitive and uncivilized." The witch released a sigh. 

"They already arrived!" Shi Hao sensed Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and Ning Chuan's auras. There were also a few others, all of them gathering before the largest city. 

There were a few young cultivators, each of them seated on a boulder, eyes closed in recuperation.

"Yi, hateful, Yue Chan actually got here before me. How could she cross the trial? I assumed she would definitely die along the way." The witch grinded her teeth, not feeling any kind intentions for her adversary. 

There were already a few people there, but compared to the hundred thousand people here, it was too sparse.

Shi Hao released a sigh. Most of that large group should have died, only a few able to hurry here, surviving, luck definitely a major factor for this.

"Two more people came, don't seem too ordinary. However, compared to our Nine Heavens above's people, I fear they are a bit lacking."

RIght at this time, someone spoke while looking at Shi Hao and the witch.

This was a male whose long blonde hair hung down to the waste, even the pupils golden, aura oppressive. He stood in another region.

Aside from him, there were a few others who didn't seem to belong to the three thousand provinces, standing separate from Exiled Immortal and Yue Chan. 

"The girl that just came isn't too bad looking, rarely seen even in the Nine Heavens above, worthy of being called an unmatched beauty." Someone evaluated the witch's appearance.

The witch carried a faint smile, walking forward. 

At the same time, the cultivators of the three thousand provinces also looked over. When Yue Chan saw the witch walk together with Shi Hao, she revealed a look of shock, staring at them. 

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