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Chapter 1060 - Test

A blurry figure appeared in midair, precisely one of the three middle-aged men Shi Hao had previously met. He was still wrapped in chaotic energy, appearing extremely indistinct. 

He personally came here, about to lock in the candidates entering the heavenly deity institution. 

"Senior, if I may ask, aren't we selecting cultivators from our three thousand provinces this time? Why are there people from Immeasurable Heaven here, as well as even people from other ancient lands?" Someone asked. 

It was because if these people participated, they would take a few quotas from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. 

Anyone could see with their own eyes that just now, that blonde male and the others weren't weak, every single one of them extremely frightening. 

"Ah, these people, because of a few reasons, missed the selection competition in their own ancient lands, some cultivating in seclusion, some in historical remains, not able to make it. However, these people are all indeed unordinary, so that is why they are given an opportunity, transported here." The middle-aged man explained.

When he spoke like this, the faces of the cultivators of the three thousand provinces fell, feeling even more nervous. This group of people were even stronger than they had thought. Even the middle-aged supreme being cherished their talents, not stinting to give them a chance!

"All of you, don't worry. Even though the Three Thousand Dao Provinces are weaker, we won't go so far as to lower the number of slots. Everyone who meets the conditions can pass, there will be no restrictions in the number of places."

This sentence was added, making a few people feel a bit more at ease.

"I must ask senior, is the decision going to be made now?" Someone asked, feeling nervous, fearing that he would miss this opportunity and be eliminated. 

"Not yet, since we came here, there is naturally a need to understand the Archaic Contract of Alliance. For the sake of deepening your understanding, all of you have to participate inside of it!" That middle-aged supreme being said. 


Everyone rose into an uproar. This was not some good place, only the most powerful able to enter the Emperor City and participate in the great battle, protect this place. What qualifications did they have? How were they going to carry out this task?

They might have great repulations, known as geniuses in their respective ancient lands, but when they truly enter the Emperor City, they might be worth less than even cannon fodder, the difference in cultivation realms too great.

Before growing up, they didn't even have the qualifications to fight. 

"We naturally do not wish to send you all to your deaths. Recently, the Desolate Border has become unstable, a few small fry starting to appear, even crossing over. These are who you all need to kill."

The middle-aged man spoke, revealing a serious expression, as well as helplessness, and even more so a concealed dejectedness.

"Crossing over, the creatures from the other side are coming?!" Everyone couldn't help but cry out, unable to calm down. 

"Only the lower cultivation level creatures are trying to cross over." The middle-aged man said. 

The higher the cultivation realm, the more difficult it is to cross realms. Only after expending great strength did a few lower cultivation level individuals cross over and carry out destruction. 

Despite this being the case, it was still extremely difficult, the price too great. 

According to what the middle-aged supreme being said, currently, only a few people had a chance of crossing over. As long as they were kept in check, all of their efforts would be going down the drain, taking on a loss for nothing. 

Towards this, Shi Hao inwardly agreed, because both him and the witch had already experienced this. That person personally admitted that he might be the first young supreme being who descended into the three thousand provinces. 

"En, what I wish for you all to do is to kill those who were infected. The Desolate Border has a mysterious aura that made a few people forever fall into darkness, completely turning to the other side. They are hiding among us, hiding in the different ancient cities, only the most powerful divine senses can detect them." The middle-aged man mentioned this matter. 

This was an extremely important test, a test of whether or not their divine senses were sharp enough, at the same time eliminating this unsettling element. 

When he heard these words, Shi Hao released a sigh. Seems like it wasn't that the great figures didn't have any preparations, they had long been aware of this situation.

"Wu, there are a few others who, due to unexpected events, have been delayed. I will give them a chance." The middle-aged man said quietly. 


Suddenly, a bugle horn sounded, shaking up heaven and earth. It was as if an unmatched demonic beast was roaring, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths seemingly resonating in response. 

However, that Emperor City still remained unmoved, deathly still without a bit of reaction. 

This made others even more suspicious if it was just an empty city. Otherwise, even though they already got this far, why was it still this quiet without any activity?

There was no sign of its greatness in defending the Desolate Border, protecting the three thousand provinces!

At this moment, the middle-aged man's expression changed, not even someone as powerful as him able to remain calm, saying to himself, "Is that day finally going to arrive again? Is Immortal Ancient's tragedy going to replay itself?"

The expressions of the other young geniuses were even more ugly. Only by really standing in front of the Emperor City could one further understand and experience the pressure. There was a type of stifling feeling. 

"Only a bugle sound, no shouts of war, so we shouldn't have reached the most dangerous step yet." Someone said softly. 

"Once war cries can be heard, it'll already be too late. Those creatures are likely truly going to cross over…" The middle-aged man said with a sigh. He looked towards the heavenly dome, feeling a wave of disappointment and frustration.

It was because he knew that day wasn't too far off, the cruelest events finally about to play out. However, on their side, were the Nine Heavens Ten Earths' creatures' preparations complete yet?

"Are the creatures on that side that strong? Why are we always on the losing side? Can we not stop them?" One of the geniuses felt unconvinced and unsatisfied, tightly clenching his fists. 

The middle-aged man sank into a moment of silence. The chaotic energy around his body moved slowly. As if he remembered something, he said, "If the day comes when the Emperor City is broken through, I hope you all can heroically participate in the battle, or withdraw to defend other lands. You absolutely must not lead the wolves into the house like those condemned by all of history, turning around to attack our own side."

"There are those who helped creatures on the other side cross over? Too disgraceful, we wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Were there really people like that?"

The group of youngsters were extremely excited. 

The middle-aged man said, "When the final days of an age descend, what most people think about is only how to continue living, it won't be unusual for any of these things to happen. I am just warning you all before hand to guard your hearts and not become a sinner!"

Everyone became silent. This type of situation really was likely to happen.

If they fought against the enemy, even if everyone died, it would still be heroic.

However, if they died under their own side's hands, then just how sorrowful would that be?

"After so much time had passed, I reckon their preparations should be pretty much complete. They really are going to come." The elder who had previously advised against Shi Hao and the blonde male's battle spoke. 

"It's been silent for too long, I just fear that once it erupts, the sky and earth will be turned upside down. Perhaps they are secretly plotting, not attacking through normal methods." The middle-aged man said with a sigh. 

Shi Hao thought back to that eyeball. It had previously said that the Desolate Border's people might be using the second plan. 

This affected too much, he felt like he had to tell this to the middle-aged man. 

Shi Hao didn't hesitate, secretly transmitting sound, not holding back the information about the eyeball that had laid dormant for ten thousand years, as well as talking about the events of destroying an altar that connected the two realms. 

Sure enough, the middle-aged man was shaken up, remaining silent for a long time in his thoughts. 

Then, he didn't make any movement, secretly telling Shi Hao to keep these things secret, not spreading them out to avoid panic. 

"Alright, you all should head out on your own!"

The middle aged man spoke like this, meaning that the requirements weren't that strict, rather lax, having them settle the various problems on their own.

"Acting together is fine, but one group cannot exceed five people!" He added.

Everyone began to think to themselves. What did this mean? Was this also a type of test?

Were they trying to test their coordination with others, or were they testing if any of them had the strength to fight one versus five? It was worth keeping in mind that everyone here was extremely powerful, with some who cultivated more than a single strand of immortal energy. Fighting one versus five would be incredibly difficult, but it would leave behind a legend. 

With a ao lao sound, the little fatty Cao Yusheng rushed over, standing together with Shi Hao.

Those who understood the situation were all envious, Huang's reputation definitely provided some extent of guarantee. 

Soon after, Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl also joined.

Shi Hao gave the witch a look, but she waved her hand and revealed a faint smile, indicating that she was going to stay together with Exiled Immortal. 

"Hello? You're going to run just like that? Did you forget how we faced life and death together on the way here, the joys and sorrows we shared?" Shi Hao said noisily without any shame. 

"Can you not act so sickening?!" The witch turned around and rolled her eyes at him. 

Exiled Immortal remained calm, the sleeves of his clothes perfect and pure. Both him and the witch disappeared into the distance. 

"Sigh!" The little fatty Cao Yusheng released a sigh, and then he clicked his tongue, ridiculing Shi Hao.

"What do you understand?!" Shi Hao shot him a look. 

"Of course I understand, that girl isn't simple." Cao Yusheng said. 

"Heh, dog poop brother, are you going to come over?" Shi Hao enthusiastically called out. 

As a result, Heavenly Evil Ge Qian was so angry that he directly ran. He originally still wanted to find companions, but he really didn't want to deal with Shi Hao who always unveiled that secret. 

"Chanchan, you wanna come with us?" Shi Hao looked towards Yue Chan.

The expressions of the surrounding people were strange. This fella truly dared to provoke anyone, even teasing Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady. Could it be that the rumors really were true?

Yue Chan's clothes were white like snow, hair pitch black, entire being full of spiritual essence. Her expression was calm, eyes like limpid autumn waters. Only, she didn't even give Shi Hao a look, not paying him any attention. 

"Hello? Chan'er? Where is my family's Qing Yi? You didn't attack her, right?" Shi Hao was completely shameless, continuing to call out to her.

Yue Chan ignored him. She was pure and perfect, skin radiating sparkling white luster, hair fluttering about. She already turned around to leave.

"Where's our family's kid? Where did the child end up being born?" This earth shattering sentence made Yue Chan's figure stagger, tightly clenching her fists, not able to maintain her pure and holy appearance anymore. Her complexion was a bit flushed, truly angered badly. 

Fortunately, she discovered that the rascal was transmitting sound, not publically teasing her this time.

Of course, her state, in everyone's eyes, made her not much better off, still the same as falling down to the mortal world by that scoundrel, lacking her ordinary calmness and otherworldliness. 

Just as everyone was about to scatter, the two other great supreme beings arrived. They also transmitted sound for everyone to hear. 

They told everyone that a White Qilin child appeared near an ancient city. If anyone could bring that back, the heavenly deity institution would give everything it had to foster that individual.

Of course, everyone knew that the White Qilin would also receive meticulous fostering. 

This time, no one could sit still, all of them wishing to head there and look around. 

In reality, they had heard rumors when they were arriving as well, but they all hurriedly passed by, not having the patience to search. Now, they were really going to try their hands at it. 

When everyone scattered, the three great experts began to discuss among themselves.

"Not even we could see that Qilin child, it has an immortal treasure on it!"

"Wu, what do you all say? Will that young beast truly be able to wait until that young lady from the past appears again? This is simply trying to validate reincarnation!"

"I suspect that the reason why this White Qilin was able to live might be precisely because of the Reincarnation Immortal King back then, all for the sake of verifying his own insights."

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