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Chapter 1057 - Immortal Egg

An egg, sparkling and translucent, five-colored divine light rushing into the heavens. 

Shi Hao truly suspected that this egg might have something to do with phoenix girl, because it gave off a familiar feeling. It seemed real yet fake at the same time. 

However, in the dream back to Immortal Ancient, he clearly saw that the phoenix girl with three strands of immortal energy was killed, falling like that, turning into blood and bone. 

How could an egg appear?

"You recognize it?" The witch's looked over with widened eyes. Who was she? She was extremely sharp, able to guess at many things from just a few words. 

"She is a friend of mine." Shi Hao sighed. He thought back to that person, thinking back to those matters, back to the mental journey into the last great era. That young supreme being died, leaving him feeling great regret. 

It truly was too much of a pity, so many great heroes, some of them even cultivating three strands of immortal energy!

After associating with them for a few months, he found them extremely agreeable. Even though they had only interacted for a short white, he felt as if he had become intimate friends with these people, greatly enjoying each others' presence. 

When they reached his level, wishing to find similar opponents to exchange pointers with wasn't easy. Meanwhile, there was a whole group of people in that glorious era!

What a pity, they fell just like that. Shi Hao could only watch helplessly as they died.

"Your friend? When did this kind of thing happen?" Even the sharp witch couldn't guess at what happened. After all, a mental journey to the last great era was too strange, difficult to believe, let alone be guessed at.

"It's been a long time, but it feels like yesterday, those people… they were true supreme being heavenly talents, every single one of them with great prospects. They were all peaceful without any evil thoughts, associating with them felt extremely joyful and comfortable." Shi Hao said. 

He just always had the feeling that those people were the true dao seekers, their temperaments extraordinary. Only, they were born in that era, for them, this was a great tragedy. 

Perhaps their greatest regret was being born too late. If they were given time and grew up, the battle in Immortal Ancient might not have ended the way it did. 

"You are speaking quite mysteriously, don't tell me you can't tell what kind of place this is? This is a cave left behind from Immortal Ancient Great Era, something left behind from countless years ago, how can it have anything to do with your friend?" The witch rolled her eyes at him. Even though she was intelligent, she still wouldn't think about such ridiculous matters. 

"Perhaps." Shi Hao said, declining to comment on this subject.

"If it was true, then what era are you from? Do you not belong to the present, this world?" The witch revealed a smile that was yet not a smile.

"Who could say for sure? Perhaps some day in the future, the great dream ends, and it turns out that I truly don't belong to this place." Shi Hao said with a laugh. 

The witch pursed her lips and laughed, obviously laughing at him. 

Shi Hao also laughed loudly, shaking his head.

Soon after, he temporarily put away his melancholy and regret, surrounding this egg and giving it a look. It was extremely bright and brilliant, nurturing powerful life spiritual essence. 

"The phoenix can undergo nirvana and be reborn, is this legend reliable? Should be true, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

When his mental journey brought him back to Immortal Ancient, even though he saw phoenix girl collapse into a pool of blood, and then everything exploded, wiping out body and spirit, she was a phoenix, known to have an undying body! She could be reborn through flames, so there might really be a gleam of hope for resurrection. 

Shi Hao's mind was jumping with peng peng sounds. For some reason, he sensed phoenix girl's aura from this egg, and apart from this, he couldn't find any suitable explanation. 

"Wu, correct, the phoenix is the most terrifying type of existence, fighting strength tyrannical, absolutely unstoppable. Back then, it was the greatest race, supreme being regardless of where it went." The witch nodded. She naturally wouldn't doubt the legends about phoenix's rebirth. 

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, carefully looking at it. He wanted to see if there was a soul inside this divine egg, the phoenix girl he had met in the past. 

His eyes formed symbols constructing the most fantastic natural laws, and then they produced ripples, moving outwards, all of them entering the egg. He was searching for something.

He wanted to know whether he could see someone from the past in this world. This might be able to overturn something!

Even if it wouldn't completely overturn anything, it was still a type of hope. 

However, soon after, Shi Hao was left in despair. This egg shone like a sun, incomparably brilliant, fiery light overflowing, containing within it world shocking life spiritual essence.

However, upon closer inspection, there were no soul imprints. 

It had life spiritual essence, able to nurture a life. To speak bluntly, it was better than most divine medicines, perhaps even comparable to a long life medicine!

Only, inside of the brilliance, it truly lacked a soul, not having any imprints left behind. 

For an immortal egg like this, this should have been something completely impossible. Normally, regardless of whether it was a phoenix giving birth through an egg, or when a Heavenly Phoenix underwent rebirth, there would always be imprints without exception.

Shi Hao was stunned, feeling incredibly dejected. 

"Why is it like this?" He said softly to himself. It was different from what he had thought, lacking phoenix girl's imprints. 

This life object had her aura, yet didn't have her soul. What was going on?

Soon after, the witch knew something was wrong with this egg. There was no soul imprint, only an egg that was lacking. There was no way it would produce a true divine phoenix. 

"Wu, I understand. Someone underwent rebirth, but failed, in the end, the soul disappeared, only the divine substance that merged with the egg left behind." She came to this conclusion. 

Phoenix girl failed, died just like that? 

Shi Hao was shocked. He originally thought that he would see this egg, a chance for her to be reborn, never expecting reality to be this cruel. 

"This egg has great use, equivalent to long life medicine, a priceless treasure!" The witch said, her large black gemstone-like eyes flickering with light, putting on a miserly look.

"This egg can't be touched." Shi Hao said, his voice quiet, but resolute. Regardless, he wasn't willing to destroy phoenix girl's final hope. 

The witch opened her mouth, but nodded in the end, saying, "Alright, this egg is yours." 

She was quite sensible, not willing to fight against Shi Hao. She had guessed at his mood too, therefore rather generously moving to the side, not asking them to divide it evenly.

Moreover, the witch had some other suggestions. "If you really carry a last hope, you can hand it over to a fire attribute expert. By carrying it at their side, cultivating together, it will be beneficial for both the egg and the cultivator."

From what the witch said, if this egg still had a bit of true spirit, perhaps it could be awakened, moreover bringing the one who cultivated with it tremendous benefits, their fire attribute skills advancing by leaps and bounds. 

Shi Hao immediately thought of Huo Ling'er. She was fire attribute, wishing to give her this egg, but now, there was no time to return, and he had to go to the heavenly deity institution soon, unknown when they would meet again. 

It was to the extent where if they fought in the Desolate Border or even left the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, he wouldn't even know what it would produce. When would he be able to see it again? 

The entire country was going to be covered in blood and flames, not even sect masters able to preserve their lives, let alone others. 

"Why do I feel like this egg matches Huo Ling'er?" Shi Hao said softly, suddenly feeling a flash of realization, an instant of intuition. He seemed to have grasped time fragments, but soon after, it escaped from his grasp again. 

"Let's go, we'll search through this place again, and if there's no more secret treasures, then we should leave." The witch said.

This cave was quite vast, chaotic energy rich, even more so having immortal dao energy. However, it was quite the pity, not having any artifacts and other things aside from this. 

The so-called immortal artifacts, secret treasures and other things were similarly lacking, only a single egg here. 

In the end, Shi Hao put this egg away, walking out from the cave with the witch.

With a shua sound, they discovered with shock that they were standing outside the ancient city, freed from that city. 

"That cave was precisely in the city, but it couldn't be seen, only able to enter through special karma." The witch muttered. 

Shi Hao stared blankly. No one else saw this when they came? Why were they able to find it then and even able to bring this egg away? After carefully thinking about it, the only thing special about him was that he had spent a few months with phoenix girl during the mental journey back to Immortal Ancient. 

Could it be that it had something to do with this? 

He couldn't help but think back to the scene of when they separated. Those people were full of sadness, previously saying that they hoped that after endless years passed, in a certain era, some of them could still appear again and meet him. 

Was this what they meant when they said that back then? And now, could it be said to have been fulfilled?

Shi Hao and the witch made a circle around the ancient city, and then walked down from this dusky and overcast great mountain, once again entering the sea of magma, making their way to the other shore. 

This sea really was too big. Only after using up another half month of time did they truly cross it.

One had to bear in mind that they were extremely fast, and used up such a great amount of time, so one could imagine just how vast the scarlet red magma ancient land was. 

During this process, they encountered danger several times. There were mysterious things inside the ocean, for example, dead departed spirits and other things that were still roaring after endless years, as if they wanted to exterminate all creatures. 

Finally, they arrived at the other end of the scarlet great lake, going ashore. 

"Sigh, after being trapped for so long in the ancient city, there's definitely people who made it there before us." The witch said, feeling quite discontent. 

They were originally definitely at the front, yet in the end, they were trapped for such a long time, so there were definitely people who passed them during this period of time. 

"Let's go, we should head into the forbidden region depths a bit earlier to give this so-called emperor city a look, understand what kind of thing the Archaic Contract of Alliance is." Shi Hao said. 

Just like that, they continued along, unexpectedly traveling another three months!

"We were told that we were almost there before, so why did we use up so much time again?" The witch grumbled.

"En, we truly arrived!"

That day, Shi Hao was shocked, because he could already feel a mysterious aura pervading the air that made one feel reverence and shock. 

In a daze, they seemed to have returned to the opening of the world, witnessing the birth of all creatures. 

At the ends of the great earth, there seemed to be an incomparably magnificent scene waiting for them, as if it was calling out to them.

"Forbidden region emperor city, it is definitely this place!" Shi Hao said with a confident tone. 

"Finally! I want to see just what kind of place it is, what kind of final point we made it to." The witch shouted happily. After using up all this time, experiencing so many dangers, they finally made it here. It truly wasn't easy. 

When they got closer, Shi Hao's body suddenly trembled, because there was something on him that was reviving, releasing a mysterious aura, colors shining brilliantly. A tremendous aura surged, as if it could link up the past and present!

A drop of blood!

It appeared from his body, illuminating the bright colors of endless time, indescribably mysterious. 

The witch recognized it with a single look. This was definitely not something she was unfamiliar with. This was brought out from Immortal Ancient Remains, previously buried in the All Life Earth. 

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