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Chapter 1056 - Phoenix Mountain

These creatures really were powerful. Shi Hao looked at these skeletal remains at the bottom of the magma sea. Just the blood energy that remained alone shooting out from the crown of their skull was powerful enough to blast down stars. It was too shocking!

This magma sea was extremely vast, just the region Shi Hao and the witch walked through alone was already who knew how many tens of thousands of li. Stars fell, blasting against the sea of magma, creating enormous rumbling sounds, ocean waves blasting the skies. 

However, there were several sets of emperor bones here, so the ocean wasn't allowed to stir about too violently. 

One of the emperor bones was smashing apart the stars. The great stars that fell turned into broken pieces, becoming a part of the magma. 

"This…" Even the witch was stupefied, her bright red little mouth widened, charming large eyes round. Her tall and graceful figure moved about as she stared forward, her chest rising and falling as she breathed heavily. 

Just how great of a divine ability was this, how heaven defying?

Shi Hao raised his head towards the starry sky, and then he looked towards the skeletons in the Emperor Bone Ocean Region. The blood energy that was was left of their consciousness was heaven defying, blasting down suns and moons, it was too shocking.

He began to wonder just how powerful these creatures were when they were still alive. 

Unfortunately, there was no way for him to even try to gauge their strength, because their level of cultivation realm was beyond what he could comprehend. Without truly reaching it, it was impossible to understand.

The main thing was that his present cultivation wasn't high enough, not transcending above. Otherwise, he would definitely understand what kind of individuals these were.

"Sigh, I've heard a long time ago that those who dared call themselves Great Emperors were existences that shocked past and present, turns out this really was the case." The witch released a great sigh, feeling shock for their strength, but also feeling sadness for their conclusion. 

Even such a powerful creature died in battle in the end, just how intense was the battle back then? Simply unimaginable. 

"Is there an emperor treasure here?" The witch's eyes moved around, looking like she wanted to do something bad.

The so-called emperor treasures were definitely all artifacts that left their names in history. The power of an entire clan was used to cast an artifact, so if any one of these appeared, it would definitely shake the world under the sky. 

The so-called Great Emperor, some of them possessed immortality, while some stood at the peak of the mortal world, every single one of them overlooked their era, unmatched during their period. Together with great fate added, the treasure that was refined would naturally be insurmisable. 

Shi Hao was also looking around. He opened his Heavenly Eyes, sweeping them over the magma sea floor.

"There really is something!"

Soon after, Shi Hao saw the damaged weapons on the magma floor. Even though they were still extremely far away, there was still an ice-cold aura that could be felt. That damaged artifact seemed like it could tear apart the stellar domain. 

"Sigh, I think it might be better if we just forget about it. There's no way for us to obtain it." The witch sighed, accepting reality. 

It was because the strand of blood energy the damaged bones shot out just now could even hack down the sun, moon, and stars, so if they tried to touch their emperor treasures, they would likely be bringing a great disaster upon themselves. 

They observed here for a long time, surrounding this region and watching it closely.

"This place might not be used now, but it might become a battlefield in the future." Shi Hao said. He gazed into the Emperor Bone Sea Region, and then looked at the endless starry sky, his mind drifting a bit.

"What do you mean?" The witch asked. 

"Sooner or later, a battle will start. These people were killed in battle back then, their hearts still carrying unwillingness, emperor bones still here, so in the future, if enemies are guided here, who knows, they might be able to help us out." Shi Hao said. 

Even people as powerful as the two of them made their way around this ocean region, continuing forward, speeding along. They wanted to reach that enormous city in the innermost depths as soon as possible.

"Yi?" The witch was shocked. 

After traveling several million li across the scarlet magma, they felt a wave of pressure, and even more a feeling of vastness.

In the depths of the magma sea, it was dusky and overcast, as if a massive island rested before them. Even though it was still at the limits of the sea level, he could already vaguely make out something.

"Is it an island or did we reach the ends of the sea?" The witch askeds. 

"We are still in the ocean!" Shi Hao said. 

The two of them quickly proceeded. That overcast scenery gradually became clear, and the two of them were stunned.

What end of the sea? That was an enormous mountain that was incomparably majestic. It reached into the clouds, appearing more majestic and magnificent the closer they got to it.

It became more and more clear, no longer blurry, now already clearly visible. 

This mountain was just too large, almost not like a mountain but instead a great continent that was merely mountain shaped. It towered in the magma sea. 

Not a single blade of grass grew in this place, dusky and overcast, incredibly silent. It was like a dead volcano.

The two of them opened their Heavenly Eyes to observe the situation, this… really did seem like a volcano, only, it was ridiculously large, simply unimaginable.

This mountain seemed to have reached into outer space, it was just too massive. 

It was to the extent where both of them suspected if this sea of magma was released precisely by this massive volcano. 

The mountain was too large, its height who knew how many li tall. Towering into the clouds, bordering the stars of outer space. 

"Phoenix Mountain!" 

Shi Hao was shocked. There were three ancient characters on the mountain, causing him to reveal a look of surprise.

"Aiyaya, can tell it's a good place just from the name. We have to go take a look!" The witch cried out.

True Phoenix, what kind of existence was that? That was a creature ranked at the forefront of the Vicious Ten, its power oppressing ten thousand clans, in the past unmatched in the heavens above and the earth below, known as an undying creature. 

Now, there was a mountain peak named after it, so it naturally made one's imagination run wild.

This was especially the case with how magma roiled here, gathering into a sea, making one develop even crazier fantasies. Legend had it that the phoenix underwent rebirth through flames, and now, this sea was overflowing with fiery light. 

The two of them gave each other a look, and then they both ascended the mountain. 

Instead of saying it was a mountain, it was better to call it a great continent. When they truly approached and walked on its surface, they felt that it was just too massive.

Only by going into the sky and looking down could one appreciate the magnificence of this enormous mountain. 

It rose up from the sea, forming an enormous and majestic tall mountain that towered into the sky domain, truly astonishing. 

"An ancient city!"

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, they found that this place was extremely level, and there was also an enormous city here. One easily associated this place with the possibility of it being a True Phoenix ancient city.

One had to bear in mind that there were pure-blooded phoenixes in the past that resided in immortal earth.

Now, being able to find their historical ruins wasn't that uncommon either. 

The witch released a sigh of admiration, because she saw many Parasol Trees inside this city. Even though they had long died, naked and bare, they still didn't rot, flickering with luster as if cast from gold.

The enormous mountain was gray, the ancient city deathly still, as well as the withered Parasol Trees, all of these things pointed at what kind of place this was.

The phoenix rested above Parasol Trees; there were too many of these types of legends .

Only, this place was too quiet, a deathly still expanse, nothing left behind. 

"Yi, something's not right!" The witch was inwardly alarmed.

Shi Hao had long discovered that something wasn't right as well. He pulled on the witch's snow-white wrist, quickly jumping backwards.

Mists rose, everything became blurry. 

In a flash, he stood on the street, entering the city.

"Not good, we've accidentally entered the ancient city!" The witch's expression changed.

They were originally outside the city, but just now, they ran in too much of a rush, activating a formation, mysteriously entering this ancient city.

It was clear that there were exceptional great formations here. 

The two of them attacked several times, but in the end, they found that they couldn't leave at all, to the extent where even if they found the city walls, they couldn't climb out, instead be blasted backwards.

As soon as they tried to rush into the skies, they were suppressed by a wave of power, blasted back.

The two's expressions changed. Three days passed just like that, trapped here. 

This True Phoenix ancient city was a bit strange, difficult to escape from. 

Suddenly, on the fifth day, an enormous sound rang out from this city, from a deathly stillness to a great vibration. It was extremely sudden, making both of them quickly raise their heads, turning towards the source of the sound. 

Vaguely, there was an enormous monster that only had a single foot, moving about there. However, the mists were too dense, covering the Heavenly Eyes, preventing them from seeing it clearly.

They could only tell that it looked like a human, yet wasn't. It was several thousand zhang tall, in its hands a wolf teeth club.


It smashed it downwards. The houses, Parasol Trees, and other things in the ancient city were all blasted apart. 

Shi Hao and the witch were alarmed, because they had previously tried to collapse the ancient city and escape, yet all of their efforts failed, unable to destroy the constructs with formations protecting them and other things. 

This single-footed monster was extremely powerful, at the very least, many times stronger than the two of them.


Another expanse of structures were collapsed, sending rocks and rubble everywhere. Smoke and dust rushed into the sky. This monster continued walking, destroying everything in sight.

However, this True Phoenix ancient city was extremely strange. After those structures were destroyed in large amounts, when that single-footed creature left, they would restore themselves. 

Shi Hao and the witch hid themselves, because they saw that the monster was rushing in this direction.


The several thousand zhang long wolf teeth club swept right above their heads, smashing all of the buildings apart. This fella was too strong, incomparably terrifying.

Finally, after going on a rampage for a long time, it slowly disappeared, evaporating into thin air. 

Shi Hao and the witch looked at each other in dismay, but they saw everything with their own eyes. In the end, that enormous monster disappeared just like that, as if nothing had ever happened.  

Then, after another half month passed, the two of them were left extremely helpless, silent and speechless. It was because they couldn't find a way out. 

Shi Hao wanted to ask the Divine Striking Stone to come out, but this fella was sleeping, forming a stone cocoon around itself, currently undergoing a crucial transformation, impossible to wake up.

Being trapped in this city of death for more than ten days left them extremely anxious, fearing that they might miss the opportunity to enter that heavenly deity institution. This time, they were a bit careless.

"There's someone!"

They finally saw another strange scene, vaguely seeing a person.

They turned around, climbing onto the tallest building to look in that direction.

He was like a ghost, drifting about, silent and and taciturn, not carrying a bit of divine force fluctuations, as if a blade of grass was blown up, leaving the ground surface. 

This was an elder, shriveled and wrinkled, his eyes caved in, eyes closed. 

He was all skin and bones, shriveled skin yellow, as if forged from brass. 

It was as if an ancient skeleton walked out from the earth.

"He's already dead!" The witch said softly. 

Even though this person was moving, he was like a ghost, without a bit of aura, only cold and terrifying. 

"En?!" Soon after, Shi Hao and the witch's eyes widened.

This elder raised its head. When it looked into the skies, it reached out its hand, plucking two stars, directly refining them into two pearls, placing them in his palm, letting them swirl in place.

Shi Hao and the witch were stupefied. This was just too ridiculous!

This was a dead person, so how could he still possess such great divine might?

In reality, this person really had died, the space between his brows pierced through, connected front to back as if he had been stabbed by a sharp weapon there. 

Now, he was moving on a type of instinct, still appearing in the True Phoenix's ancient city. 

An ancient corpse!

However, it was different from Underworld Earth's creatures, from its appearance, it was quite special. It seemed like it had a spirit, yet it also seemed like it didn't, it was dead, yet could still move. 

"A type of instinct, this is a will left behind before his death, preventing his flesh from decaying, still wandering about like a ghost. However, this creature is definitely terrifying! If there is a battle in the future, he might be able to display unimaginable power." Shi Hao said. 

Fortunately, this creature roamed about, not noticing Shi Hao and the witch. It moved along an ancient path, wandering about like a ghost. 

"What kind of person do you think he is? Don't tell me he is precisely that phoenix of the Vicious Ten?" The witch asked. 

Shi Hao's mind jumped. This might very well be the case. 

"I actually saw one of the Vicious Ten today?" 

"It's hard to say." 

The two of them muttered. 

A month passed by in a flash. The two of them had been trapped for thirty days, truly making them feel anxious. By getting caught in this place, it was the same as wasting time and life. 

"Neither of those two monsters injured us, it's quite strange." The witch said. 

Finally, after another half a month, they found a few clues. When they were roaming about a few ancient buildings, they came into contact with a few great formations that might be able to open up this place, allowing them to leave the ancient city. 

However, in the following few days, when Shi Hao and he witch tried to activate the great formation, their bodies suddenly became dim, transported away.

This was a cave that was filled with chaotic energy, immortal light shining everywhere.

Was this still in the city?

Or was it to say that this place was only connected to that ancient city. 

The most shocking thing was that this cave had an egg inside. 

Soon after, they sensed a wave of powerful life force. Inside that egg was a sea of life spiritual essence. 

"En, this shouldn't be a phoenix egg, right? Please don't tell me that we ended up running into some tremendous luck, that we are going to bring out an unmatched True Phoenix!" 

Shi Hao thought of many things. In a daze, he felt as if this egg that was suspected to belong to a phoenix indeed had been hungry for many years. 

The egg shone brilliantly, and it was large as well, but Shi Hao seemed to vaguely sense the phoenix girl's aura from the dream back to immortal ancient, the girl who cultivated three strands of immortal energy.

"There's no way it's her, I clearly saw her fall myself." Shi Hao shook his head. 

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