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Chapter 1047 - Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest

How could he not be suspicious? Why was he able to meet these types of creatures in this era?

"What is it, fellow cultivator?" That phoenix girl in five-colored clothes asked, seeming quite concerned.

"I just feel a bit dizzy." Shi Hao supported his head. He felt extremely confused, everything he saw was incredibly suspicious, difficult to comprehend. What kind of time were they in now? Yet he still saw a White Qilin and other creatures. 

Following a pu chi sound, the phoenix girl laughed. The others were also astonished, and even the white little Qilin blinked its large eyes, muttering, "Definitely crazy."

As cultivators, how could they be dizzy? Unless they were seriously injured, otherwise, they were full of vitality, shining with the sun and moon, always at their most optimal state.

The five-colored feathered clothes were bright, the sparkling battle clothes produced by the phoenix's true feathers. As it rested on the phoenix girl's body, it looked a thin as a light muslin, dazzling and bright. Even her hair was flickering with five types of multicolored light, her skin snow-white as if carved by spotless white ivory. Her eyes were large and full of life, long eyelashes moving.

"Dao brother, could it be that you just started to close your dao, so you are feeling a bit out of sorts, thus becoming dizzy?" She teased. 

The others all laughed as well. This place was completely free from worldly affairs with immortal dao aura everywhere. It truly left Shi Hao shocked. He knew that he came to an unimaginable place. 

Shi Hao was embarrassed. What close the dao, he had never heard of it. His current cultivation method was definitely different from that of the others here. 

"Brother, I feel like your aura is a bit different from ours, your cultivation totally different. What kind of immortal seed did you obtain? Did you completely merge it into yourself?" The male with the Radiant Immortal Gold sword said gently. 

"A type of ancient flame." Shi Hao said, bracing himself for retaliation. He really didn't understand anything about the enlightenments of the Immortal Ancient era, so he could only reply like this. 

"It must be a flame seed left behind by a great older generation figure. It seems like once you merge with it, this world will have another powerful expert." The youth nodded.

"Yi, you also have a sword on your back, it seems quite special!" The young lady who was holding the White Qilin said, staring at that sword core.

Before entering the purple bamboo forest, Shi Hao brought out the Everlasting Immortal Sword to defend himself, then later on carried it on him, which was why these people now noticed it. 

"This is strange, why does it seem a bit familiar?" Someone muttered.

"Is it? This sword is so dim without luster, looking quite ordinary." The phoenix girl spoke. When her eyes opened and closed, they flickered with five-colored brilliance, exuding a type of dignity, and even more a type of transcendence.

The youngsters here all gave that sword a few looks, then a few people felt that it was strange, directly muttering, saying, "It is quite similar to that legendary sword the ancestral master has spoken about, definitely an imitation."

The others all laughed, because many of their weapons were cast in imitation of the older generation great figures.

"My sword is also an imitation, within it six taels of Radiant Immortal Gold. Even though it doesn't look bad, it is far inferior when compared to that immortal king's weapon." The young man with the precious sword on his back said with a smile as he shook his head.

The others all spoke, all calm, aloof from worldly affairs, lacking the ambition and passion of the clans in the three thousand provinces' great lands. 

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. These were true immortal cultivators right? A group of peaceful, otherworldly individuals who didn't seek conflict, different from the other cultivators he had met before.

At the same time, he was moved inside. Could it be that the sword core on his back had some other type of astonishing background?

It was because he knew that this sword core was extremely mysterious.

"This isn't a good place to chat, let's head to the meeting site."

This was a distinguished meeting. According to what they said, many people from all different clans came, all of them powerful individuals, the meeting representing a group of stunning youngsters. Aside from this, there were some giants who also came here to discuss the dao. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he was happy inside. Regardless, he had to go take a look, who cares if he had something strange about him? He still had to gain some experience before he would understand things.

It was because he felt that the things these people were talking about, for example, the inheritances, dao methods, and other things weren't fake. Just now, they only mentioned a few things, yet he was already moved inside. 

If he truly could discuss the dao with peerless experts in this distinguished meeting, learning about different cultivation methods, it would definitely be greatly beneficial to him, worth looking forward to.

Along the way, these youngsters talked in groups of twos and threes, all of them speaking freely, not a bit of worry, let alone exerting any intimidation.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. These people were too aloof from worldly affairs, completely different from the cultivators he had met before.

"We're here, this is Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest, the residence of a great senior. The distinguished meeting is held precisely here."

An Eight-Headed Great Snake flew over, every head as large as a small mountain. Behind it was a jade palace that swirled with brilliant colors, the building reaching into the green jade sea behind it. 

"A true immortal came!" Everyone was shocked. They watched as the figure disappeared.


A long and drawn-out bell sounded. A great bell moved through the horizon, entering the Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest. The bell sound was peaceful, making one feel as if they were going to enter a state of dao comprehension, all of them feeling some type of deep realization. 

"Even this type of great figure came, it truly is shocking!"

"Heavens, even this 'Without end' great figure came, what kind of occasion is this? They all said that his comprehension of the dao was unmatched. However, there were some issues with his body, causing him to remain in seclusion for many eras. I never expected to see him appear again today!"

Even that phoenix girl was pleasantly surprised, revealing a look of excitement, jumping and crying out here, fully displaying the liveliness a young lady should have. Her eyes erupted with five-colored brilliance, the previous dignified aura disappearing.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately shaken up. Without end? This name was definitely not unfamiliar! The three thousand provinces had his damaged bell! This immediately threw his thoughts into disorder. 

This person didn't die yet? He had been hiding inside an immortal residence until now, was his true body going to appear?

He looked forward to this more and more. Shi Hao felt that being able to enter this Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest was definitely great natural luck. Regardless, he should be able to learn about a few secrets.

The jade-colored sea was endless, stretching as far as the eye could see, as if it was a piece of beautiful jade itself, sparkling and brilliant. Waves of white mists even rose from the surface, immortal dao energy pervading the air.

"Good place…" Shi Hao sighed in admiration. This was a cultivation holy land, better than cultivating in seclusion within any place in the three thousand provinces, making one's mind feel at peace. 

They flew outwards along the way. Soon after, they saw stalk after stalk of purple bamboo that took root in the jade sea, every stalk extremely thick and lush. 

Shi Hao was completely at a loss for words. Were these still bamboo?

They were just too thick, all of them more like mountain peaks. 

The most important thing was that they all grew in the sea, their roots below the ocean floor, most of their bodies exposed above the ocean surface, standing tall and sturdy, the ocean waves that occasionally rose up unable to break their bodies. 

This was Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest? It was simply like something out of a fantasy! Shi Hao had never seen this type of bamboo.

Sparkling purple radiance stretched as far as the eye could sea, every single stalk seeming  like it was cast from purple gold, sparkling and translucent. Each segment of the bamboo was beautiful, leaves flowing with purple multicolored light. 

"Truly a good place!" Shi Hao couldn't help but say.

The jade sea stretched without end, purple enormous bamboo everywhere, the scene magnificent and beautiful. Rich spiritual essence wafted outwards, a sight others truly couldn't help but exclaim in admiration upon seeing. 

"Yi, that's a dragon?!" Shi Hao pointed at the ocean surface, his eyes widening greatly. He couldn't help but feel shocked. 

Great billows rose, jade waves surging as if an enormous hatchet hacked down, rising towards both sides. Water raged from within, forming a path into the water.

There was a white dragon that rushed through the wind and waves, incredibly powerful, giant horns like trees. It carried sky shocking draconic aura as it arrived. 

"This isn't a dragon, it is White Flood Dragon Monarch, a step away from a complete transformation. However, he is still extremely strong." The young man with the Radiant Divine Gold Sword on his back explained. 

"Really a good place…" Shi Hao said to himself. He even saw a creature that was a step away from becoming a dragon, this world definitely didn't lack True Dragons. 

In reality, when he turned around, he was stunned again. It was because at his side was a phoenix girl, and there was even more so a snow-white little Qilin.

Soon after, Shi Hao and the others passed through the great purple bamboo forest, arriving in the depths of the southern sea, finally seeing land. This was a beautiful dao earth with flowers and birds. 

The jade sea was all around them, as well as the enormous bamboo forest. At the center was an immortal island that floated in midair, white mists pervading the air, immortal energy rising, incredibly pure and holy. 

This might really be a true immortal's residence. Shi Hao could only sigh in amazement towards all of this. 

The others revealed looks of surprise, expressing confusion. 

It was because in their eyes, this was an immortal's place of seclusion to begin with, his immortal dwelling. What was so special about it?

Shi Hao laughed awkwardly, inwardly mocking himself. He came from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, so he had never seen long life beings at all, immortals too far away from him.

To see this type of bizarre scene here, he instinctively felt shocked, naturally finding it a bit hard to calm down. 

There were already many people who came to the island, with male and female, old and young, all of them peaceful without killing intent or disputes. They all carried smiles of satisfaction, currently discussing with each other. 

On the island, jade tables and chairs rested one after another, all types of fruits and fine wine arranged. They were all rarely seen things.

White mists swirled about, reaching everyone's knees. Lotus flowers were in full bloom, rooted in the void. Regardless of whether it was their leaves or flowers, they were all golden, special and extraordinary. 

A Five-Colored Divine Deer carried a jade plate above its head, offering fruit to everyone. A White Ape was moving about, pouring wine here for everyone. 

Regardless of how one looked at it, this was a distinguished meeting of true immortals, far from the clamoring of the mortal world. There was only a type of otherworldly aesthetic. 

"This is how immortal cultivators should be…" Shi Hao sighed inwardly. He suddenly became a bit jealous of these people, envious of this place. He really wanted to take residence here for a long time and not leave. 

Suddenly, immortal multicolored light shone beautifully, auspicious light shining in tens of millions of streaks. 

Outside the southern sea, a purple-golden streak extended over from the distance, stretching from beyond the sea to this island. A middle-aged man who was hazy and indistinct appeared. His true appearance couldn't be made out, but there was a great dignity and awe to his appearance. He walked over on the great purple-golden path.

Many people got up to greet him, calling out. 

"Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King has come!" The young lady who carried the little Qilin was shocked, as if she never expected this person to come.

"Is he well known?" Shi Hao asked.

"Are you a cultivator or not? Do you not even know about this Immortal King?" The young lady rolled her eyes at him. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He really didn't know. 

However, soon after, his eyes shot open. Above that Immortal King was a magical artifact, or to be more precise, several broken pieces of a magical artifact, leaving him greatly shaken.

"Reincarnation Disk!" His mind couldn't help but tremble.

When he was in the lower realm, he had already seen it. It was operated by that male surrounded by that mysterious flame, but that was just a corner of the Reincarnation Disk.

Meanwhile, above this person's head were several pieces!

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